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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 308

308 Wraith King


We went back to in front of the door once we got enough rest.
Thus far, there's still no sign of trailing adventurers coming.

"Okay so, let's see if we can beat the dungeon boss. Wanna bet on it? Are you ready guys?"

Kidd confirmed for one final time. Understandable. After all, it's the boss of a dungeon that hosts that unbelievably vast third floor.
Nobody can say for sure they'd be a match. At worst, they might have to retreat right away, or maybe face utter defeat and death.
Only those who have the resolve to stare death in the face are qualified to open this door.

Yet nobody uttered a word. They all nodded silently.
I spoke to Kidd trying to put on airs. I couldn't wait see what kind of boss awaits inside anymore.

"Let's get this over and done with. It's so stuffy down here, I just wanna breathe the fresh air outside."

After which, Kidd slowly opened the iron door fully.

The inside was about as spacious as a gymnasium. In the deepest part was a throne with a 'Skeleton' sitting there donning an apt attire. A crown, a mantle and a bishop's staff. It all looks so off.
Yep, this must be a king's chamber. Or perhaps more like, an audience chamber?
But the ornaments in the room are all worn out, the reliefs on pillars have all crumbled, and the floor is full of holes.
Adding to that is the dim light, it looks more like a graveyard than anything.

'White Fang' steeped inside. With stern expressions and utmost alerts.

『Fuhahahahahahahaha! Intruders are you! Oh how long has it been? Aah, how will the daredevils this time entertain me I wonder?』

The voice came from deep within the chamber. Sounding like it had been waiting for its prey all this time.

'White Fang' assumed battle positions at once. They moved uniformly.
Danku stepped ahead, ready to block any attack.
Kidd positioned himself diagonally, away from Mary's line of fire.
Melgis put his hand on his pouch, primed to deploy his various tools anytime.
Firuna took her cane into her hand in case anyone got injured.
Mary pointed both her open palms at the skeleton, seemingly to shoot out a full power spell.

They all kept their guards on their surroundings while looking ahead.

『Allow me to name myself. Consider it my gift to your journey afterlife. I am the great king. One who has transcended death. Rydas XII. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Well, it's nothing but pleasantries however, as you all shall turn into cold dead bodies soon.』

"Hey!? You can't be serious!? Wraith King!? No way, it's real!? Didn't he get eradicated in the legend!? I mean that's what's written in the books!?"
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『Oho? You woman. I perceive you are familiar with me. I could hazard a guess on the gist of the tale, however, those books of yours did not record my revival I see.』

"Mary! Nevermind that stuff! Can we beat that thing? Or can't we? Which one!?"

Kidd understood the point of things. If they can't beat this skeleton, they're dead. Running away is the only option then.
They gotta retreat swiftly. Though that Wraith King thing doesn't seem like it's gonna let us go.

"Nope nope nope! Run for it! Get away guys! We gotta get outta this room quick!"

『Fufufufu, that won't do at all. How will you appease this tedium if you are to turn tail before my presence? You have come all the way here, have you not? A moment it may be, I shall enjoy my tormenting of you to the fullest.』

The door behind us closed on its own when Wraith King said that. Proof that there's no way to run from it as long as we're in this dungeon.
There's only one possible explanation for that.

"Forget Dungeon Boss, it's an existence above that. 'Master' I see..."

Firuna calmly spoke in despair. The so called Dungeon Master huh.

"Things just went from bad to worst... I can't open the door..."

Danku tried his best to, but the door wouldn't budge. It's been locked shut.
They have to fight and beat this Wraith King if they want to survive now.

"A Dungeon Boss receives power from a Dungeon Core and acts as its guardian in exchange... While a 'Master' possesses a complete authority to do as they please to a dungeon... That's..."

Meaning, this Wraith King has double jobs.

『After suffering a grievous wound inflicted by the loathsome God's Apostle, I ran into this dungeon narrowly clinging to life. However, I lacked the means to anchor myself in this world... until my luck turned around. That is losing my way into this small dungeon. Yet what awaited me was nothing but utter boredom.』

Wraith King, no, Rydas XII started doing a monologue of himself.

『The Dungeon Core I seized was but a small fleck at that time. Through that power, I survived. However, that also resulted in my confinement in this dungeon. Indeed, the curse of becoming this dungeon's core guardian has befallen unto me. Yet, I gained the ability to freely control this dungeon's authority. For I am now the master of this dungeon!』

Rydas XII started heating up during his narration like it was finally the part where things got good.

『Afterward, I amused myself tormenting those who dared to trespass into this dungeon at first. However, due to a change in terrain, this dungeon got sealed up deep underground. At the time, I still lacked the power to connect an entrance outside, thus I chose to focus my attention inside the dungeon. The dungeon core was simply far too small to reveal itself above ground.』

The skeleton looked, uh, sad? as he recalled that time.
Looks like he couldn't contain himself after finally finding people who would listen to him. Doesn't look like he's stopping anytime soon.

『Indeed! I have finally succeeded establishing a connection outside! I find myself filled with elation to see you all standing here! Come now! Let me hear your unimpeded screams! Fill yourselves with despair as you die in agony! I offer you all as the first sacrifices to this dungeon for this step! Be proud of yourselves as you breathe your last!』

"Like hell we will! In the first place! You got your butt handed down to you by the apostle because you breached the taboo! Don't screw with us! Didn't you cling to life despite making a plaything of so many lives yourself? Tell me I'm wrong, I dare you! I mean look you even turned into an inhuman monster from sucking in dungeon's mana! You know what! You don't belong in this world anymore the moment you refuse to accept your wrongdoing! Nobody wants your research, nobody needs that! Look at you acting high and mighty when you're nothing but a loser goblin! Aren't you ashamed of yourself!? It doesn't even make for a good joke!"

Wonder if loser goblin has the same meaning as 'loser dog'?
I guess it does sound pitiful, in fact, getting likened to a goblin is pretty pathetic.
Also, even though Mary didn't delve in detail, I could make a pretty good guess what this Wraith King did in his life. Not anything decent that's for sure.

Wraith King slowly stood up and walked up toward White Fang. Meanwhile, White Fang stood their ground in front of the door.
Then he stopped in the center of the chamber before suddenly yelling out loud.

『I am absolutely not a 'Loser Goblin'! I shall expand this dungeon and invade the world above! I shall not stop until I have crushed all the powers in this world! Then I will reign supreme as the only king there is! As the one true 'master'! I am to be the king for eternity! Then at last! I shall snap and kill that loathsome god's apostle! Indeed, for I am the great Wraith King! Not a 'Loser Goblin'!』

Looks like the guy's got a pretty big ego, it's unleashing a dark red aura to signify its rage.
But that's nothing to me. It doesn't matter one bit.





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