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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 304

304 Easing Up a Bit


We took care of the goblins without any issue.
First Kidd lunged and killed one. As Danku drew the attention of three goblins, Melgis eliminated two other with throwing knives.
Mary finished casting her magic in the meantime and demolished four goblins at once. Firuna maced the head of a goblin Danku lured, leaving two.
I sliced those two goblins' heads off with a single stroke.
The only one left is the Goblin General.

"Hey, can I ask you to deal with that thing? I wanna see how you fight. No good?"

Kidd requested me. I didn't mind either way so I replied half jokingly.

"It'll cost you spectator fee. We got a deal?"

Kidd responded to my joke seriously.

"Deal, but it's gotta be 'watchable' to us or I'm not paying, alright?"

I can't tell if he's being serious or not.
This little exchange is proof of me warming up to White Fang, but it seems Kidd thinks otherwise.

I face off against the Goblin General. Meanwhile, White Fang have positioned themselves all around us with their weapons down but guards up.

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Goblin General stepped forward while yelling loudly. It used the momentum to raise its great sword up high before proceeding to swing it down.

(This thing's too slow~. Not to mention the exaggerated motion leaves way too many openings.)

Swords are a weapon made to 'put pressure'. Thus you need to gain momentum and strength to use one. Exerting all kinds of powers to unleash its full capability as a weapon.
All of that results in these exaggerated swinging motions.
Which naturally creates huge openings for your foe to easily avoid and counter attack.

But katana isn't like that. The blade is made to 'Cut'. It doesn't need all these unnecessary motions, in fact you could even say that it requires the absolute minimum.
Putting too much strength will curl up your body, shortening your instep. That'll end up in you missing the optimal fatal range.
It's the katana's blade that's doing the cutting, not the wielder's muscles. Ideally you want the blade to cut by sliding through its target without excessive movement.
This requires a certain skill since you can't just simply swing it around, hitting randomly. Gotta refine your flow of movement or else it's a waste of weapon. Such is katana, its delicate handling makes it choose its wielder. I might be exaggerating though.
I went through so many practices to learn the essence of Iai/quickdraw.

(What did my Iai sensei say again, 'One or zero' or something...)

My body had moved on its own by the time Goblin General took a huge swing.
A 'Stab'. The tip of my blade pierced through the General's throat. It was akin to reflex due to how exposed it made itself be.
My katana was drawn when the General was about to swing down its great sword.
Mana light overflowed out of Goblin General as it dispersed away.





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