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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 303

303 Rotten Luck


"I've got the marquis as my backer just you know!? You all won't get away killing me here! That's like flinging dirt on a noble's face! You wanna face the wrath of a marquis!?"

"An adventurer hired by that marquis tried to kill us first. Don't matter if the marquis himself ordered that or not, you still started this. Not our problem if that marquis loses face for failing to rein in his subordinates. Maybe that's just his caliber? Allow us to crush that. We'll show you what 'White Fang' is capable of!"

Kidd's roar shook the remaining five mob who proceeded to die from that lapse.
The knives Melgis threw accurately hit their vitals.

"Y-you damn useless mongrels! The hell croaked so easily! ...Dammitall!"

Barido drew his sword and charged at Firuna.
A sweet looking woman who carries no weapon. It's pretty clear that he's aiming to take her hostage due to her delicate exterior.

"A simple mind indeed. Why wouldn't an adventurer be equipped with ways to defend herself?"

A moment later, 'Guboee!', Barido got knocked down as he yelled that out.
He's not dead but he seems to be in pain rolling around on the ground.

Firuna had grabbed a short mace in her hand by the time Barido went for her.
She counter attacked by flinging that mace hard on Barido's defenseless face. Yep, she swung that faster than he did his sword.
There was nary a hint of hesitation in her motion, like she was swatting a fly.

"Agaga, Imma kilyof... all.. agagaga."

Looks like Barido's still got fire in his heart. An ugly heart.
Though he probably wouldn't find himself in this mess if not for that ugliness.
But it's no use. Barido is gonna die here. He has no power or luck to avoid that fate.

But apparently guy's got enough rotten luck, some nearby monsters came by, drawn by the smell of blood.
Tens of goblins. They're moving like seasoned soldiers under command.

"Tch! Where'd they come from. Their movement... Looks like they've got a leader."

"Kidd, it's a General! Thing's even got some fancy gear! Those goblins leave no openings!"

As Melgis reported his analysis, White Fang shifted their focus there.
And Barido didn't miss this chance. Rotten he may be, guy's an adventurer. He's still got the guts to make use of what little opening the situation created.

"I! Im nof gonnaf die! Hele! J-just you wafch! Imma comef backf and!"
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Barido ran toward the stairway to floor two while leaving that sore loser line.
All of 'White Fang' saw him off without giving chase. Partly because of the goblins, but that's not all it seems.
They could have easily gone after Barido and dealt with him. The reason why they chose not to isn't because they let him go.

"Guy really thinks he's gonna get through this vast floor alive?"
"He must have forgotten how he didn't get here alone. His head must be full of trying to survive tho'."
"Won't some monsters just gobble up that man alive? I mean he's got nothing, no skill, no wisdom, no tact or even the capability to get out of danger."
"Even if by chance he managed to exit the dungeon and tried to get people listen to him, his life would be over either way."
"Fleeing a dungeon alone with his life. That is akin to death for an adventurer. No matter what your reason may be."

To White Fang, Barido and Ring of Light are done for regardless.
The marquis has now lost his 'excuse' to mess with them.
The only low possibility left is Barido surviving and joining up with the marquis.

"I'd rather exterminate this marquis guy with them all here and now. Dealing with his schemes later on would be a huge pain in the ass."

They all got taken aback by my comment.

"You're probably the only one who can say stuff like that out loud."
"And so matter of fact-ly. Incredible."
"All thanks to your power huh!? We can count on you to protect us too right!?"
"I'd be lying if I said I'm not worried, but well just gonna press on now. Might as well give it my all."
"I do not like staying as the recipient of all this contempt and disdain. Let us show them what it's like to look down on adventurers."

Firuna was full of fighting spirit by herself. All members of 'White Fang' generally hate to lose.
They've made up their mind to respond the marquis's unjust in kind.
And not just to scare him off, but to completely crush him down to the bone.

(Welp, there's gonna be another mess waiting for sure... I bet on it...)

Meanwhile, the goblin unit led by Goblin General showed up before us.




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