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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 315

315 The Worst


"Well well well, look who finally decided to show up. Quite a tardy bunch aren't you?"

The one saying that with an exaggerated full arm spread pose was an all back blond man with sharp treacherous eyes and a sumptuous beard wearing a luxurious attire. Marquis Alestain.
Kidd replied, feigning ignorance.

"If it isn't the good marquis-sama. To what do we owe this pleasure here of all place?"

"Ah, I suppose this will be our second time meeting face to face? Is it not? Kidd-kun."

"Yes, it is. The last time was when marquis-sama came to us offering a 'good prospect'."

"Truly quite a shame of you to decline my offer, but that's all in the past now."

The battle of 'discussion' between Kidd and the marquis continued.
It's a surreal sight though. There's about 50 heavily armed men standing behind the marquis.
And those men are looking at us while glaring, smirking and with fixated gazes as if trying to pressure us.

"So you do. We're very sorry for declining your offer back then but unfortunately we deemed marquis-sama's policy runs counter to ours. We have been wondering if marquis-sama has come to hold a bad impression on us now."

"Oh it's quite all right. I simply hired the next handy adventurers I found. They were exceedingly 'usable'. Ah, did you see the fate of a used up peon?"

He asked in a roundabout way, 'Did you see Barido?' with his sharp and treacherous eyes turned here.

"Yes, we had a good look. It was a cruel end."

Mary whispered lowly, 'He's the worst'.
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"Then allow me to continue under the assumption you have got the message. I ask you 'White Fang' once again. Will you be mine? You do know what happens if you refuse, no?"

"No no, I'm completely lost here. We decline just like last time. Us 'White Fang' does not possess the strength marquis-sama seeks."

"So you won't change your mind even in this situation. Truly regrettable. You leave me with no choice but to have you lot disposed of right this instance. As a retaliation for 'Ring of Light' that is."

"We would have accepted your offer back then had we been the type of people who'd change our mind now. Did you say a retaliation, for a group of 30 people who were done in by a mere party of six? Marquis-sama is quite a bad judge of characters, aren't you. I question the extent of your caliber."

The thugs behind the marquis started taking out their weapons one by one.

"I shall let your insolence go by this time. After all, there is no next time."

"Are you sure about this? The moment you step inside a dungeon, nothing matters anymore, not your position, not your status nor prestige. Not even authority. Nobody can guarantee your life besides yourself down here. Not even our good marquis is an exception to that rule. Have you made your resolve?"

"Hahahahaha! I heard from Barido. An ambush was it? What do you White Fang hope to achieve against this many people in a head-on clash? Come now, let's end this charade already. It's such a shame, I shall extol your virtue to the association. Rest easy."

"Then we shall put up a fight until the very end. We'll show you how adventurers conduct themselves in this situation. You will be treated as a member of bandits attacking us and dealt with accordingly."

"Hmph! Dare you call me a bandit. Loathsome man to the end. Nevertheless this is where you meet your demise. Men, do it."

The thugs made their move with that order from the marquis. Attempting to encircle us using their numerical superiority.
These people seemed to have been hastily gathered here by the marquis yet their movements have no openings.
Our side is getting gradually cornered.





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