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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 311

311 Better Not Think Deeper


Our way back is indescribable. As we keep going without stopping. Why you ask?

"Hey guys? Why's there nothing ahead of us? Where'd all the trees gone to?"

I'm the only one who can answer's Kidd here and I choose not to.
Well, the answer is that I had simply gone on ahead and removed all the obstacles in the way.
We may have conquered this dungeon, but that doesn't mean I can just leave on my own.
As a temp member of 'White Fang', I gotta stay with them until we're out.
Otherwise, there's no point of me joining this adventurer party in the first place.

The trees I cut down were made of mana thus they just vanished while leaving particles of blue light.
It happened all at once when I undid Acceleration and made for an incredibly fantastical spectacle.
By the way the stumps that should be in the way also disappeared along with the cut trees thus I didn't need to level the road.
We ran through the endlessly straight road.
Now that we have no more reason to stay in this dungeon, we're picking up the pace.

"Let us take a break once we arrive at the lakeside. We should be ahead of schedule at this pace. However, we must not rush things."

Nobody went against Firuna's suggestion. I'm a bit dissatisfied but remain silent.
I'm a man who can read the mood.

(I'm not particularly tired though, but well guess Mary and Firuna are women? There's the issue of stamina and stuff.)

We arrived by the lakeside and each did our thing to relax.
I took a sip of water and started ruminating.
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(Why was I even here anyway? Did I get dragged? Caught? Was this whole thing an unavoidable event?)

What if I didn't blissfully walk around with my katana out?
What if I just ignored Kidd and ran off?
What if I told him off and just left them then?

No matter how hard I think about it, my feeling or circumstance don't matter one bit and if I have to keep suffering through this in the future, will my 'secluded life' plan hold up?

But then I recalled some things. Minya and her gramps. Also, the Wraith King.

If I didn't go along with this dungeon expedition, this kingdom might have met its end.
The reason why I unwillingly did was because I was worried about Minya and gramps's safety. That it could end up with the worst case scenario, monsters pouring out of this dungeon and invading the kingdom.

Even a first rate adventurer party, 'White Fang' was absolutely no match to the Wraith King, they opted to immediately flee.
It shows how dangerous it was. A being not even a first rate adventurer party could hope to match.
How big of a force would be required to exterminate this being? And is the kingdom even in a state to afford that?
Say they managed to, how much time would they need? Could they guarantee no victim would fall in the meantime?
And would they even manage to defeat Wraith King in the first place?

There is no answer to all those questions. It's empty. Since the problem is no more.

(...Hm? Hold it? Didn't I cut that being down in one swing of my katana? I mean it was a surprise attack and all but still?)

I am once again confirming how abnormal my existence is.
As I was regretting thinking deeply about it, Kidd spoke up to signal the end of our break.

"Alright. I take you all well rested now, yeah? Let's make a dash for the opposite shore."

Thus we finished half of our journey back without any trouble.




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