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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14-10

14-10. Rumor about the Apostle


Satou's here. Fulfilling the promise exchanged during childhood is the standard of childhood friends, but I think remembering the promise you've made in your childhood is a tall order.

"My! You're all Satou's new wives right?"

Even though I'm aware of Aze-san's real intention now, her innocent words weight down on my heart.
With the matter yesterday, today I've brought the princess, Sera, Lady Karina, Zena-san in addition to the usual members to the tree house in Boruenan.

"I am honored to be graced with your presence, your majesty sacred tree Aialize-sama. I am Satou's fiancee, Shistina the sixth princess of Shiga Kingdom."
"U-um.... You don't need to call me 'your majesty' okay?"

Aze-san is bewildered with the overwhelming princess's greeting.
In contrast, Hikaru is acting like she's been friend with Aze-san for 10 years after she greeted her.

"That's right, Aze looks like she doesn't like such a stiff greeting, be more friendly!"

Right now she's sitting beside Aze-san, joining shoulders while being overly familiar.

--Change with me, Hikaru.

"My name is Sera, granddaughter of Duke Oyugock of Shiga Kingdom."
"I'm Ka-Karina, daughter of Earl Muno desuwa."
"E-err, my name is Zena Marientail, I'm working as Satou-san's escort."

The three girls introduced themselves after the princess, but Zena-san's introduction is too modest.

"Zena-san is the benefactor of Liza and the others, and my first friend in Shiga Kingdom."

Thus, I followed up slightly.

"If she's Satou's friend, then she's also my friend. Let's get along well, Zena."
"Y-yes! I-I'm honored to."

As Aze-san rode on it spontaneously, Zena-san rigidly replied in monotone.

"Mwu, wrong wife."

Arisa is looking at them pleasingly, but Mia began to lightly hit Aze-san with sharp eyes.
It's not like she's serious, but leaving it is not good, so I collect Mia with [Magic Hand] and put her on my lap.
Tama who was originally sitting on my lap read the mood and smoothly slid to my side.

"Do you not like to be on my lap?"
"I don't hate it."

Mia is shaking her head, swinging her twintails making it hit the back of my head, but I'll receive this much contently.

"When I look at this, Aze-tan really does have the authority huh. Everyone is rigid."

Arisa comments on the interaction between Aze-san and the others while giving me a cup of fruit water.

That serious mode will soon collapse--.

"What's wrong Arisa?"

Arisa who's letting out some weird laugh pokes my shoulder with her index finger.

"I mean, I heard about it from Aze-tan."

I can guess what she heard, but it doesn't seem like Arisa is going to say it out loud.

"U-um, I've heard about the 100 wives talk too."

Lulu who showed up beside Arisa said the thing that Arisa couldn't say while smiling.
I see, so that's why she looks calm....

I intend to seek the way to ascend the godhood during the grace period, I don't have any plan to get 100 wives right now.
However, seeing Arisa and Lulu looking so happy, as expected I couldn't say it.

Thus, the first meeting of the princess and the others with Aze-san that was filled with tension ended without any problem.
The princess and the others didn't seem like they could talk familiarly with Aze-san yet, but they're probably going to get used to it after seeing Tama and Pochi talk with her normally.

"--Among the orphanages in the Royal Capital, Echigoya Firm has sent human resources and funds to nine of which aren't being supported by the Welfare Bureau. In addition, we've let the senior orphans to do odd jobs at the nearest Firm's workshops. The details regarding the downtown's [Hello Work] and the widows' home industry project are collected in these documents."

The day after we deepened our friendship at the elf village, I received a bundle of documents from Tifaliza.

It's quite thick. I've asked her about the summary, but I have to at least skim over it.

"Next, it's about the military unit deployed to subjugate the rebellion in Bishtal Dukedom. Three orders of knight from the kingdom military have liberated three cities from the rebel army, however...."

It seems the rebel army launched counteroffensives using monsters in order to drive them out of the cities, and got them to be on the verge of annihilation.
Only the order of knight that were accompanied by Jeril of Shiga Eight Swords and mithril explorers was able to successfully defend the city they were in, it seems they're the holding the war front at bay.

"Thus, Heim-dono of Shiga Eight Swords leading holy knights will be deployed."
"Then we should deliver the magic sword that he ordered."

The magic sword that was requested half a month ago has long been completed, but since we put on the official stance, "Built-to-Order needs time", we suspended delivering it.

Heim's personal magic sword is a great sword type that's like the holy sword Durandal, and has [Eternal Blade] command word that can be used to regain its sharpness.
If the blade was just chipped, then it would work somehow, but as expected, the sword couldn't be restored if it was broken.
It's made from adamantite so I can guarantee the toughness.

Since only that much didn't have enough romance, I also put an abridged version of Lulu arm's acceleration magic circle on it.
If you stream magic power into the circuit, it's possible to do super-accelerated slashes or stabs with extreme swiftness.

When I let Pochi to try it, it demonstrated enough power to pierce through a shield made from lesser dragon's scales.
The magic sword is hard to handle, but Sir Heim should be able to master it.

The ominous-sounding Command Word which I got from Arisa was suggested to be changed, but it was too late since I had already put the function.

"Deliver it to Sir Heim before he departs."

I take out the magic sword Heim from the item box and lean it against the work desk.
Coming up the name was troublesome, so I named it by the user's name.

And then, the manager asked me when I had finished talking with Tifaliza.

"Kuro-sama, what would you like to do with the plot of land that has been given to Mitsukuni Duke House? For a mansion that's befitting of a duke house, then a request for the suitable architecture magic for a noble is--"
"I'll do that myself. I'll leave it to the manager to prepare the furniture and the garden."

I want to get some feedback of the experience I've learned from building the solitary island.

"Kuro-sama, if possible we'd like you to build the research facility for Ann and the others who have moved from the junction city."
"Okay. I'll make it a bit away from the the professor's research facility."

Ann whom Tifaliza mentioned is the one who managed alchemists in the junction city, they're the female compounders whom I named from ABCDE.
The matter about the fiend drug should be about to cool down soon, so I've made them to join Echigoya Firm.

"If something happens, get in touch with Mito with the information magic device okay."

The airship where Satou should be boarding is going to arrive this noon, so I'm thinking of completing Duke Mitsukuni's mansion until then.
I've already made the blueprint together with Hikaru and Arisa, so I just need to actualize it.

"Ell-sama, today Kuro-sama is going to come here right--Uwah Kuro-sama!"
"Calm down Aoi. Kuro-sama, please excuse us. Aoi would like to suggest a new business, would you be willing to lend us your time?"

I'd like to quickly construct the duke mansion, but I endure it for a bit and accept Aoi's new business presentation.

"--I see, reformable undergarments made of fiber that can contract and expand with magic power huh."
"Yes, please do tell me if Kuro-sama knows any good material with good cost to performance ratio."

There are many material that can expand with magic power, but materials from plant-type monster deteriorate fast, so there are many which need extra cost to preserve them.
If the deterioration can be ignored, there's something like the [Crawling Ivy] that's used in making traps, but you can't use it for undergarments.
If metal is fine, then the material used for the princess and the others' armor can be used, but that one is too costly even for a noble.

After pondering for a bit, I recalled the thing I heard from Arisa before.

"The magic cloth taught in the magic school should have such a property. Ask the manager to arrange the related book."

A large scale facility will be needed for manufacturing magic cloth, but we should be able to do it with the workshop facilities that Echigoya Firm has bought.
I decided to pretend that I didn't hear Aoi boy saying, "Now we can make stockings."
It seems he has quite the profound taste.

"Fumu, this much should be okay I think?"

When I had finished making the exterior of Duke Mitsukuni mansion, the small airship that Satou should have ridden arrived on the neighboring Earl Muno's Mansion.

I wanted to do the interior decoration too, but I can just do it after finishing my official business later.

After changing to noble clothes in the solitary island palace, I enter the gate to the small airship.

"Master! I saw it from the airship, was it alright do such a conspicuous thing like that?"
"Yeah, it doesn't matter. Kuro's and Nanashi's absurdities are widely known in the royal capital after all. That much is no problem."

Arisa asked about the magical construction of Duke Mitsukuni mansion, so I told her my opinion.
Unlike Satou, Nanashi and Kuro who have Shiga Kingdom backing them should have no opposition in wielding overwhelming power.
After showing that much magic, rather than trying to oppose Duke Mitsukuni house, people probably would try to gain their grace instead.
It should go well if I just leave the manager to deal with the aftermath.

"Leaving that aside, I'm going to meet with the prime minister, what's everyone's plan?"
"Mia and I are going to the library in the magic school."
"Nn, investigation."

Arisa and Mia answered my question first.

"I'd like to go with Arisa and Mia-sama, is it alright?"
"Yes, I don't mind. I can report to the prime minister alone."
"Then I'll go with them as a guard."

The princess is going with the library group, and Zena-san will be guarding them.

"Pochi wants to play in the knight school."
"Tama too~?"
"Okay. Don't make too much racket okay."
"Yes nanodesu."
"Then I will accompany the two."
"Please, Liza."

Looks like the beast girls want to meet their friends in the knight school of the royal academy.
I was slightly worried with just Tama and Pochi, so I was glad that Liza offered to accompany them.

"Master, I want to go to the childhood school so I declare."

It seems Nana wants to visit Shiro and Crow's class.
She'll be happy with a lot of the young organisms there.

The people who aren't here, Lulu is currently testing the menu for the cooking contest in the solitary island palace, while Lady Karina is working hard at her battle training against the combat golems in the beach of the solitary island palace.

Exchanging places with us who have arrived in the royal capital, Hikaru has gone to Fujisan mountains where the heavenly dragons and the others are.
I have asked Hikaru to check the library in the heavenly dragon shrine.

"It wouldn't be good for a vice minister if he was without his attendants, so I'd go with Satou-san to the Royal Castle."

Sera whom I thought would be going to the Tenion Temple declared so.
For some reason, the princess and Zena-san who heard that had [Oh no!] expressions on their face, but I'm only going to report the result of the small airship's test flight to the prime minister, so there's no need to regret anything like that.

"Then, let us go Satou-san."

Together with Sera who was strangely cheerful, I got on the called carriage from Pendragon Mansion to the Royal Castle.

"--Threatening mood is spread among the group of small countries to the east. Right now, we cannot confirm whether any demon is rampaging there, but someone wearing white vestment calling themselves [God's Apostle] has been making several incidents in the small countries."

While sipping the tea made from labyrinth-sourced moss, I listen about the situation at the east where I'm planning to go.
Before we got to this story, he had told me about other stories like the destruction of the demon lord and the war between Holy State Parion and its three neighboring countries.

"Is there anything in common between the incident places?"
"There is nothing that suggests it."

In addition to the [Priest massacre incident] that I've heard from the marchioness in the labyrinth city Selbira, the apostle seems to be doing actions with unknown purpose like destroying the royal villas of the small countries, or annihilating the mercenary groups who were wandering on the strife-laden lands of the small countries.

"The royal research institute and theologians of the temples think that the self-proclaimed apostle may be using the earth magic [Stone to Salt] or the ritual holy magic [Divine Retribution] to change people and building into salt."

Either of the magic has a long chant, and I can sense the magic wave from the sign, so it should not be possible to do a surprise attack on me.
There might be other people that can use ritual magic chantlessly like me though, so I should think of the countermeasure as an insurance.

I also asked the prime minister the way to get in touch with the spies who have infiltrated the countries I will be traveling to.

After leaving the royal castle, Sera and I went around to the royal research institute and met the theologians whom the prime minister referred to gather information.
At the royal research institute we found out that the ritual magic needs some prerequisites like offerings, stars lining up and such, and while we were at it, I also got them to show the latest research, permanent defensive magic.
Leaving aside the former, the latter is extremely helpful, so I presented them some scarce materials needed for their research as the compensation.

We didn't get any new information from each temples we visited afterward, but we were referred to a person called heretic theologian when I donated 10 gold coins to the Zaikuon temple.

We were referred to the edge of the slum in the downtown.
The one we meet is an old woman who has the alias of [Heretic Theologian] that doesn't suit her.

"--It might be a skill used by the demon god's apostle called 『Calamity (Clay Merry)』."

The old woman said some disturbing things while snacking on the tea cake I brought.
Please stop with the dangerous words like "demon god's apostle."

"Yes, I've only ever seen it in an ancient Furu empire document, it's said that anything touched by the hand changes into salt pillar."

Just touching means out, the hurdle is too high.
I have to think of the way to defend against it for my companion.

"Is there no way to prevent it?"
"The demon god's apostle excessively fears dragons, so they absolutely won't get near someone who has the presence of a dragon."

I got an unexpected solution when I asked while not expecting anything.
I should not blindly believe it, but we're lucky if it has any effect, I'll create accessories made of the heavenly dragon's and the black dragon Heiron's scales and give it to everyone.
Maybe I should try using the dragon scales to make some dye?
Using the fiber in the scales to create cloth might also be a good idea.

Later, I tried talking to the reincarnated people in the labyrinth's lower layer, but they never met this [Demon God's Apostle].
Corpse had met Urion's apostle, while Yuika had met Garleon's apostle, but they never saw any ritual magic that could change people into salt.
According to Corpse and Yuika, the apostles are only about as strong as a mid demon to less than a greater demon, they don't have Unique Skill, their magic are about the same as the demon and they need to chant to use it, so there should be no need for us to be that nervous.


Late at night that day, I called to Zena-san who was practicing magic in the beach of the solitary island palace.
Her power is far superior than when she was in the Seryuu city back then.

"Satou-san, were the sounds of my magic too noisy?"
"No, not at all."

I hand over a cup of fruit water to Zena-san who's gasping from the excessive magic usage.
Next, I take out a table on the beach.

"I've completed the present for Zena-san, so I've come to deliver it."

I put magic books and several magic tools on the table.

"I-is this possibly the [Book of Wind] of the [Jib Cloud Magic Dictionary]?"
"Yes, it's something that Zena-san will need from now on. This thin book over here has selected spells of the flight magic and the explanation to control them."

This book is my own work.

"--Flight magic?!"

Hearing me, Zena-san raises her face like it was flicked.

"Yes, the Zena-san right now should be able to use it."
"W-with flight magic I--"
"Yes, once you're able to fly freely in the sky, we have to fulfill our promise don't we."

We exchanged a promise to take an [Aerial Date] once Zena-san has learned flight magic when we were in Seryuu City.

"So you remember it, Satou-san."
"Of course."

Overwhelmed with emotion, Zena-san wraps her delicate hands on mine.
Did she think that I completely forget about it?

After staring at each other for a while, Zena-san comes to her sense, separates her hands and jumps back.

"I-I'm sorry."

While her cheeks are reddening, she opens the thin book as if varnishing over it.

"There are three spells aren't there."

Zena-san muttered while turning the thin book's pages.

This book has [Practice Fly], [Automatic Fly] and [Fly] spells.

"The written spells have different degree of difficulty, so you should start with the 『Practice Fly』. I'll do it with you together if you need a model."

I recite the [Practice Fly] spell.

"This magic can only do ascending, descending, advancing, and turning left and right. It's a magic to do floating movement rather than for flying like a bird."

If I talked with Arisa, I'd call it a magic that move like a drone, rather, I can immediately imagine it.

"I've mixed in the wind magic 『Air Float』 function so you don't have to worry about falling, please get used to flying with this magic."
"Y-yes! I'll do my best."

Zena-san looks eager while having a posture like she'll fall forward.

"These magic tools are precautions so you won't get hurt during the flying magic practice. Please be sure to wear it during your practice okay."

They're for absorbing impact in case of falls.
I've put the mechanism in Lulu's and Nana's equipment, so it has the stamp of approval.

"W-wearing this, is it...."

Zena-san picks up a magic tool and blushes, perhaps because it looks like a half-transparent leotard.

"I-It's embarrassing, but since it's clothes that Sa-Satou-san has made...."


Apparently, Zena-san has misunderstood.

"It's thin, so please wear it between your underwear and your clothes."
"Th-that's right isn't it. A-ahaha, oh me--"

Zena-san cleared the misunderstanding with my follow up, but she tries to varnish over it with cheeks that are even redder than before.

"I-I'm going for a bit!"

It seems she couldn't bear her embarrassment anymore, Zena-san ran away from the beach after declaring so.
Due to her level up, her physical ability seems to have risen favorably well.

I send the equipment and magic books to Zena-san's room with [Teleport an Object], and leave a message ball for Zena-san in this place.
She'll be embarrassed even if I wait here after all.

"--Hero, how's your situation?"

After separating from Zena-san, I contacted the hero's party with the telecommunication equipment in Echigoya Firm.
This time, it's the hero himself instead of the house-watching attendant after a long while.

『Yo Nanashi, looks like you're doing well there.』
"Well yeah. I'm good at finding enemies you see. Should I go help you if you need help in searching?"
『Ah your timing is bad. The engineers of the Weasel Empire have agreed to provide us a magic tool for tracking the demon lord you see. We asked it from our side, so we can't tell them we don't need it now.』
"I see."

--Oops, I'm too late huh.

『Sorry 'bout it. When we were fighting, the demon lord itself felt far weaker than the yellow bastard we fought in Oyugock city, so I'll show you that we can defeat it this time.』

Apparently, every time they were about to defeat it, the demon lord escaped by using a dummy as a scapegoat.

"Then I'll be waiting for good news in the next communication."
『Yeah! I'm not worthy of Saga Empire's hero if I can't defeat at least one demon lord!』

He's burdening the dignity of Saga Empire and God Parion's prestige, so it seems he's a bit eager.

"Hero, 『Cherish your life』 okay."

I sent a famous words from a super popular game to the hero.
<TLN: One of Dragon Quest's AI tactics, I think it's localized as "Focus on Healing".>

『I know. Not just me, I'll show you that I'll go back without missing anyone!』
"Un, I believe Hayato can do it."

I returned words of encouragement to Hayato's powerful words, and then we finished the regular communication.

In the middle of the night, I made bracelets for everyone using the beautiful heavenly dragon's scales.
It'd be boring if they all looked the same, so I put different images as the carved seals on the plate part of the bracelets.

These equipment are countermeasures against the [Demon God's Apostle], so I've not put magic circuit on it.
For that, I've completed the simpler version of Raka's automatic defense system which is still under development, and I'm now thinking of putting space magic into it.

The next morning, my small airship departs from the Royal Capital, I choose the course that goes to Oyugock Dukedom through coastlands in marquis Ganika territory.
We're supposed to arrive in marquis Ganika's territory before noon, so we should be able to visit Capital of Ganika in the evening.

It's been awhile since we visit a new city, let's treat ourselves to a sightseeing tour together with everyone!

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14-9

14-9. Racial Difference


Satou's here. 'There is no rule in war and love', an acquaintance from my college days said so. 'You'll need faithfulness in love at least huh', so I thought when I was visiting the hospital room after the guy got himself hospitalized by his five girlfriends.

"Here I go okay?"
"Okay, come at me!"
"Yes, please."

After enjoying the delicious dinner, I called Lulu and Arisa to the soundproofed laboratory.
Of course it's not for some dubious reason, I'm going to release them from their [Geass].
I have a first hand experience in removing demon lord Shizuka's [Geass] after all, this should be fine.
Demon lord Shizuka complained about the pain when I released her Geass, so this time I've given them some painkiller beforehand and chosen a place where they won't be heard even if they scream.

I pick [Geass] from the Skill Column and execute it.

"You don't need to be a slave. I permit the cancellation of the slave contract."

After ordering them so, some red thorn-like effect appeared around Arisa and Lulu and then snapped.
At the same time, Arisa and Lulu scream and cling to me.
So the painkiller really can't completely prevent it.

And then after about one hour--.

"Fuh~, it was far better than the pain from Reset, but it felt as if my nerve had been pulled if I didn't take the anesthetic."
"I-I am also f-fine now."

After wiping their tears with a handkerchief, I canceled their slavery contract in turns.

"It feels like the coiled headband on my head has been unfastened. My head feels light, but something feels unsatisfactory."

Arisa told her impression while swaying her head.

"You're right Arisa. It feels lonely to have the connection with Master severed--"

In the middle of her monologue, Lulu noticed my line of sight and reddened.
I wonder why?

"--But on the other hand, it's possible for me to become a bride now. I'll become a good woman enough for Master to be interested in during the promised four year!"

Lulu declared to me with a captivating smile.
Come to think of it, I remember promising Lulu, "I'll marry Lulu if you don't have a partner in five years" when we were in the journey back then.

"Ah! Lulu's unfair! Me too! I'll also become a woman that will make 1001 people from 1000 people turn their head in nine years!"
"Aren't there more people who turn their head than the ones that exist."
"You see, I mean that the unborn baby in the mother's stomach even turns his head."

I'm glad that Arisa can already joke around.
After patting their heads, I brough the two to the living room while giving some vague answers.


When I told everyone in the living room that Arisa and Lulu have been released from their [Geass], they congratulated the two.

And then the brownies quietly push a cart inside.

"It's true nanodesu! Moreover it's the five stepped cuisuasu version nanodesu"

Pochi, you mean [Christmas].
The cake that the brownies have brought is a celebration cake I've prepared beforehand.
They put blue tea in front of everyone.

It's not their birthday, but we ignited as many candles as their ages, and then let them blew it.

"Tama wants to do it too~?"
"Po-Pochi too, she wants to blow candles too nodesu."
"Master, wishing for swaying the fire."
"M-me too, I want to do it too desuwa."

In the end, it's not only the youth troupe and the embarrassed Lady Karina, but everyone blew the candles in turns.

I invited the brownies since they looked restless, but they refused since they were in the middle of their works.
I'll give them some mid-sized cakes with candles on top later.

"Sheltering a demon lord?"
"Keeping a demon lord just because she's a beauty, aren't you too lustful."

After the celebration, I called Arisa and Liza and told them about me sheltering a demon lord.
I'm actually confining her in a green prison, but since that sounds like a crime, I said that it's for protection.

"She's certainly a beauty, but not at Lulu's level."
"In other words, she's at Sera and Karina-tan's level right?"

Wonder why, Arisa is awfully sharp.

"A 24 year old long earskin huh.... Don't tell me she's Aze-tan's substitute?"
"No, I don't think that at all."

I denied Arisa's suspicion with a serious face.

"Is that really so? I thought you moved on to her from Aze-tan."
"There's no way."

I shrugged my shoulder and denied Arisa's continued push.

"I mean, usually we'd have done a celebration like earlier in the elf village right?"

I couldn't reply to Arisa's reasonable words.

"Something happened right? Why don't you talk about it with onee-san?"

Arisa who's kneeling on the chair beside me tells me while patting my head as if persuading me.
I recall the time when I told Aze-san about my engagement with the princess about two weeks ago.

◇◇◇◇◆◇◇【Two Weeks Ago】◆◆◇◆◆◆◆

"Satou! Is the Royal Capital alright already?"
"Yes, I've settled the problems, I plan to move to the Labyrinth City in half a month."

While saying that I put some cakes from Royal Capital in front of Aze-san.
The nobles of the Royal Capital have been giving me box of cakes recently, so I've brought some carefully selected ones from among them.
I tell her about my new position after we're about done with the peaceful tea party.

"Actually I've been appointed to become a vice-minister of the Ministry of Tourism, and I'll be going on a journey with several of my old friends who will be acting as the attendants."
"Satou, you're amazing! To be successful as a minister this young!"

Aze-san you forgot the [Vice] part.

"So I'd like to bring new friends here, is it alright?"
"Of course! Satou can bring anyone he's accepted as many as he wants."

Aze-san easily permitted my request.
She's quick to decide as usual.

Lua-san who's acting as the watchdog and looking like she'll vomit sugar in the room also nodded.
I'll bring Zena-san and the others when I come here again next time.

Finally, I speak frankly about some slightly difficult thing to Aze-san.

"One of those attendants is the princess of Shiga Kingdom you see, and for some reason she's been pushed to me as my fiancee."

I look at Aze-san in the eyes and talk with a nuance that tells her that's it not my real intent.
However, unfortunately, my thought didn't seem to reach her.

"My! Satou's bride! Let me hold the baby when Satou's child is born okay."

Aze-san spoke of congratulatory words with higher voice pitch than usual.


"But but, is it only one? One is not--I mean, nobles of humankin take a lot of wives right? If it's Satou, you should be able to marry 100 brides and make 1000 babies! And then Satou's descendants can visit here for around 10.000 years! But don't stop with just the wives and the children, once in 10 days--"

Unlike her usual self, Aze-san continues talking like a machine-gun.

Since my marriage proposal had been rejected for three times already, I should be able to laugh off only this much, but Aze-san's words shocked me more than I thought, and I couldn't listen to most of the latter half of her talk.

◆◆◆◆◇◆◆【Present Time】◇◇◆◇◇◇◇


After listening to my story, Arisa put her hand on her forehead and let out a grand sigh.

"Are you stupiid? If you talked about that to someone who's less than a lover, it's obvious that she'd reply like that."
"I'm sorry Liza-san. I'll hear your scolding later, let me talk right now."

Liza was going to scold Arisa for calling me with [Anta(you)], but Arisa continued her words while putting her hands on my shoulders.

"And then, even though you always took your time to visit the elf village once in three days no matter how busy you were, afterward you never go there, never even send short reports through [Telephone] and even when she contacted you with Telephone, you only replied curtly right?"

She's quite well-informed--.

"Aze-tan consulted me with [World Phone] this noon. She was crying, saying 『Satou hates me now』 you know?"

--Aze-san did?

"Master, it's presumptuous of me, but would you allow?"
"It's okay."

Liza unusually participated in love talk.
Naturally, Liza talks to me with a serious face without looking like she's making fun of it.

"Master is a human, Aialize-sama is a high elf."
"Yup, that's right."
"Human and high elf cannot make a child."
"I know."

I said it slightly displeased when the truth was directly presented to me.
I wonder what's Liza trying to say?

"It seems Master and Arisa's sense of value is different, but regardless of race, the general common sense in this continent is that breeding is a matter of the highest priority. The grace period for long-lived races is long, so it appears that there are times when they have relationship with other races, but even them always end up leaving descendants when they're of marriageable age."
"You're quite well-informed Liza-san."
"Yes, master Guya and ms. Poa sometimes talked about it when I was training in Boruenan."

I see, since it's from the elf master, this seems to be the common sense among the elves too.

"And, humans have short life. The period to leave descendants is also short--"
"In other words, regardless of feeling of love, it's a recommendation to marry people of the same race?"
"--That is right."

Arisa summarized Liza's words.

"Liza-san already said most of what I wanted to say, but stop getting into misunderstanding and being indecisive like some love comedy protagonist, quickly go to Aze-san and reconcile with her with a kiss."

Arisa motivated me with some gallant words.

"Wouldn't it better for Arisa if we break up?"

I said some bitter words to Arisa after getting irritated from feeling like an idiot.

There's a limit to being uncool.
I immediately regretted it the moment I said it, but Arisa laughed it off.

"Hahn! Don't make light of Arisa-chan! I don't intend to be a hyena who preys on people's misery! If I fall in love, I'd seize it with my own charm like a lion would!"

As always, I'm no match for Arisa serious mode.

"That sure is disadvantageous."
"I'm aware of it. But, I want to always be me! That's why--"

Arisa makes a charming smile unbefitting of her age.

"--You can push me down anytime you want."

She sent a clumsy wink to me.

The part where it fails in the end is very like Arisa too.

"Good evening, Aze-san."

When I came to the tree house in the elf village with Unit Arrangement, Aze-san whose upper half of the body was sprawling on the table quickly raised her face.

"I-it has been a while."

With a teary voice, Aze-san's tackle-like intense embrace pushed me to the chair.
She's calling my name repeatedly while rubbing her face on my chest like a little child.

"Oh good, you've come at last."

Lua entered the room from the balcony while closing the window.

"It was terrible, Aze-sama kept saying, 『Satou won't come anymore』, 『Satou hates me now』."
"I'm sorry."

While brushing Aze-san's hair, I apologized to Lua-san.

"Does Aze-san love--"

This way of asking is cowardly.
I changed the way I spoke halfway through.

"I love Aze-san. There is no way I'll hate you. Does Aze-san love me?"
"Of course, I really love Satou."

--Really love. Really love. Really love.

The wonderful words become a refrain in my head.
It's enough as it is to keep me happy for three days, but I endure it and continue the talk.

"Then would you be my spouse?"
"T-that I can't do. Satou is a human, and I'm a high-elf."

So the bottleneck is the racial wall huh.

"Is it not possible with humans?"
"Un, not possible."

Aze-san flatly denied it.

"I mean, a human and a high elf can't make children together."
"Are children that important?"

I match it with Liza's story.

"Of course! Satou's children will absolutely makes the world prosperous. That's why Satou has to leave a lot of children. I mean that's the wish of Creator-sama."

Just like the monotheist of the former world, it seems the Creator that Aze-san mentioned ordered the gods dispatched to this world with, "Give birth, multiply, fill the land."

"Does that mean children from a woman other than Aze-san?"
"Eh? I mean.... I can't give birth to Satou's children. It can't be helped."

Apparently, it seems she's thinking it's good as long as I can leave children from the same race.

"Moreover, even though humans are short lived, their descendants resemble their ancestors. If you leave 1000 children, there might be one among them who's like Satou. After a long long time, wouldn't it be wonderful if I could meet a child who's exactly like Satou?"

Living at the same time as Aze-san who is 100 million year old is probably difficult even in a world with life extension methods like this.


"That's why you were saying 100 brides isn't it."
"....Un, moreover even though I don't like it if Satou belongs to other woman, if Satou has a lot of wives, then I'll just be one of them and he won't be cold to me."

--How lovable.

Aze-san, can I push you down?

"I'll never be cold to you. Even if I really have 100 wives, I won't stop coming here. As long as Aze-san doesn't refuse it."

I make sure to mix the last words with a joking laugh so that it won't be misunderstood.

Still, I feel like a husband who has been permitted to have an affair by his wife.
I don't intend to use that permission though.

"I'm glad that you two seem to have made up."
"I'm sorry to have made Lua-san worry."

I apologized to Lua-san who was putting the tea cups.

"--Marriage outlook of the elves?"
"Yes, for a future reference. Although it's fine if you don't want to talk about it."

I've learned that the trouble this time was because of the lack of mutual understanding, so I asked Lua-san about it at once.

"Right, even though it's quite different depending on the person, in general a pair who gets along with each other will be tied with 『Conceiving Contract』 after passing the lover period for about 100 years. It's what the humans refer as marriage. No one shares the same bed until the contract."

As expected of elves. To spend 100 years as pure lovers....

"Even after the contract has been made, most give birth to a child in several decades or at most 100 years, and then they raise that child as a couple until the child grows up. Once the child becomes independent, most couples conclude the contract and go back to be single. Most elves make two or three children in their lifetime, but there are rarely children who have the same parents."

I thought it was quite a dry relationship, but in actuality, they still spend hundreds of years living together even after the contract is complete.
The reason why the elves have no family name but use "■■, the child of ●● and ▲▲" instead seems to be because of this custom.

"If a couple doesn't have a child in 1000 years, they'll be forcefully separated by the Clan Assembly, but that hasn't happened here in 5000 years."
"Isn't it about to become dangerous for Lua?"
"I'm young, so it's still quite alright. Yes, it is alright."

With a cool face, Lua-san answered Aze-san's interruption about her being unmarried.

I can see slight sweats from Lua-san's side profile, I wonder if it's just my imagination?


"Do high elves like Aze-san not get married in the million years time?
"I haven't you know? We high elves can make children among the same race, but the world tree will produce a new one when there's a vacant position, so there's no one who gets married besides the ones who are that whimsical."
"Is that so."

I sip the blue tea while feeling slightly relieved.

"I mean we high elves are to be the companion of the god when they don't get a consort."

Aze-san said the important matter casually.

"God's consort?"
"Un, the present god pantheon don't have enough power to form children though, so the call for it is a story from the olden age I think."

Then, in order to prevent them from thinking some unnecessary thing, perhaps I should visit the male gods and chip off their power?

"Satou-san, you're having a scary smile you know?"
"I'm sorry, I was just thinking of something stupid."

I shake my head to drive out the dangerous thought, and then eat the portion of the celebration cake reserved for Aze-san and the others.

When I asked about it to the demi-god mode Aze-san--.

『It is possible for a god to make a child with a high elf, but it has never happened in reality.』
"Why is that?"
『When a god creates a child, they need to give a piece of their divinity to the child. If the partner is not equal, the formed child won't be able to hold the parted power, and only weak power will dwell on the child.』

I see, looks like it needs preliminary handling indeed.
I'm slightly relieved that the needs to revolt against the god has disappeared.

For the occasion, I try asking something that's been slightly bothering me.

"Is it possible for a human to become a god or a high elf?"

Aze-san softly smiles hearing my question.

『Satou, I'm happy about the meaning of that question, but do not aim to become an Ascended God.』
"Why is that?"
『There have been ten of thousands heroes and sages who tried to be an Ascended God so far in this world, however, not even one reaches the god's throne.』
"Is it absolutely impossible?"

If it's really impossible then the term [Ascended God] shouldn't have existed.

『From the memory of the world when Creator-sama came, there were three people who reached the god's thrones. However, there are only three of them in the span of three billion years. I extremely advise against it for the transient human race.』

It's such a disadvantageous talk huh....

『Excepting the ones who are created as gods by gods of the higher order and demi-gods who are bestowed divinity, it's such a tall order that it can only be described with the cliched word of 'miracle'.』

Perhaps, I'll be like a demi-god if I let the [God's Fragment] to dwell in my body?
So I asked since that gave me hope.

『Right, it is said that a demon lord whose power runs wild and has lost its mortal reason is of the lowest seat of the demi-gods. But it is only a broken inferior good. Unfortunately, even though the [God's Fragment] itself contains the divinity, someone who let it dwells on their body won't have the divinity itself. Satou, please do not take the [God's Fragment] into yourself and goes on a rampage in desperation.』
"Yes, I do not have such a suicidal wish."

Because the marriage isn't the goal, but a start of my love life.
If it becomes an obstacle in my life after the marriage, then there's no meaning in that.

"There's no use of me asking the way to train to become an Ascended God right?"

Demi god mode Aze-san falls silent to my dumb question.

『I do not mind teaching you the way.』
"Are you sure!"

I jump to the unexpected words.
I'm restless if I say so myself.

『However, I have a condition.』
"I'll clear any condition!"

The me right now should be able to clear most difficult problems.

『Then, please make children from 100 girls of the same race.』
『Of course you can't force yourself on them okay?』
"Is that the condition?"
『That's right. If you aim for the godhood, first you have to accomplish your duty as a living being.』

Looks like it's not a joke, she's saying it seriously.

『And then, please splendidly reach the god's throne, and take me as your wife. When that happens, let's make a child with me as Satou's wife, just as you wish.』

I promised, "Absolutely", to the demi-god Aze-san who's smiling sublimely.

Now then, I promised her "absolutely" earlier, but I don't intend to do the, "make children with 100 girls" prerequisite.
In the first place, it's rude for the woman who's going to be my partner.

I myself intend to seek the way to reach the god's throne during my free time.
I'm going to travel around the world anyway, I have a hunch that I'll probably find the way during the travel.

If by any chance I can't find it until the deadline for my marriage with the princess, there is no choice but to brace myself when that happens.
The Unknown little girl from before is probably willing to tell me, but I feel that it'll be the direct flag for the bad end, so I don't want to choose it.
Thus, I'm thinking of struggling with the frontal attack until the time limit.

Now then, the airship is going to arrive in the Royal Capital soon, why don't I read some books in the Forbidden Library as a change of pace?

Previous Chapter

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14-8

14-8. Holy State Parion (3) [Revised]


Satou's here. When a punishment went too far, it became a lynching. It's important not to lose your calm in order to keep it from going too far.

"Now then, first I'll seize the City Core."

There are probably other people who can use City Core's power besides the Dark Sage Sorijero after all.

I reach my hand toward the City Core that's floating in the air while emitting blue light.

『Welcome, king of the higher domain. Would you register this land as a satellite city?』

Unlike before where it said "An exclusive user already exists", a voice that's hard to distinguish as either male or female spoke.

--Who the heck's a king.

>Title [King] Acquired.
>Title [Anonymous King] Acquired.
>Title [Hero King] Acquired.

Ignoring the retort in my mind, system messages displaying title acquisitions appeared on the log.
These [Anonymous King] and [Hero King] are probably due to my name being a blank space and my title [Hero].
The higher domain must be about the [Dragon's Valley] Source. It's a Source that was ruled by the Dragon God after all.

"Register it."

>Title [Land Lord] Acquired.

『--Do you want to let the other supporting wardens to succeed?』
"No, I don't."
『Removing supporting wardens. Do you want to retrieve the terminal interfaces loaned to the supporting wardens?』
"Please do."

After agreeing to the City Core's suggestion, seven bracelets that look the same as the one the depressed demon lord wore appeared before me.

『Unable to retrieve the first terminal interface loaned to an individual named Shizuka. If you'd like to create a new one, 20000 MP is needed.』
"No, there's no need to make a new one."

Shizuka that the City Core mentioned is the depressed demon lord's name.
Apparently, it can't retrieve items in my Storage.

『Do you want to carry over the environmental setting?』

Setting huh.... I don't want to tamper that, but--.

"Display the setting difference between the previous lord and the one before that."
『Acknowledged. Red indicators are of the previous lord, blue indicators are of the lord before that.』

It seems the Dark Sage had changed it arbitrarily, there are some large differences between the red and the blue indicators.

The magic power that should have been originally used to stabilize people's life is diverted to the lord, the Dark Sage, to strengthen himself and for his experiments.

"Change the setting to the blue ones."
『--Completed the change. Due to the insufficient magic power, the climate setting change will be reflected in the land after 21 days.』

With this the neighboring agricultural life should be better I'm sure.
Now then, it's about time to get back from the digression.

"Can you close this room?"
"It is possible. Do you want to execute it?"
"Do it. I'll be ordering it from the terminal if I want to cancel it."

I ordered the city core after collecting the seven bracelet-shaped terminals from the floor to my storage with [Magic Hand].

Now then, there's a reason why I seized the City Core.
It's in order to freely move in the city with [Unit Arrangement].

Now that I've completed the preparation, let's begin the punishment.

"Damn you false god's fanatic!"
"W-why is the 『Demon Lord of Blessing』 following the hero?"

When I went out of the room accompanied by the depressed demon lord--Shizuka, the combatants of the [Light of Liberty] were waiting as expected.

I made low leveled people to faint with the anti-personal [Sound Pressure] magic, and beat down the people who withstood that and people who were pretending to be unconscious with [Remote Stun] magic.

"Oy oy, what the heck is this?"
"That white mask looks to be the culprit."
"Can I eat that? I'm hungry."

Three men and women who acted like some big-shots appeared on the entrance of the hall filled with agonizing cries.

"I-it's the four kings!"
"T-that hero will meet his end now."
"After all the Lightning Speed--"

The mobs who were still conscious had begun to explain about the people who appeared.
It seems they were going to tell their names and nicknames, but since I don't intend to remember them, I'll make a short work out of them.

It looks like they can evade magic, so using the combination of Ground Shrink and vital point strikes, I knock down the three four kings.
Only the man called Lightning Speed tried to make an evasive maneuver while grinning, but he still couldn't avoid my combo techniques, and fell down to the floor.

I completely neutralized the tumbling man and the remaining mobs with [Remote Stuns].

Then, the last of four kings made a surprise attack.

"Got youuuuuu!"

I knock down the [Light of Liberty] executive who has appeared by smashing through the wall with [Magic Arm].
He was in plain sight since the radar had caught him.

Since there's no [Light of Liberty] magician that can use teleport here, I throw them in the [Desert] sub-space after binding them with magic.
The sand might be a bit hot, but they shouldn't die with just that much.

"I knew your skill from defeating the Dark Sage, but you're really ridiculously strong."

Demon lord Shizuka crosses her arms like she's astounded.
The hills that are probably of F cups are getting emphasized, but it doesn't seem like she's trying to tempt me.

Together with her, I advance through the corridor heading to the underground tomb.
Countless torture devices were put in a hall along the way.

"Fuhahaha, masked man! You have a bad luck coming to the room of this Bazef-sama! I'll show you the thing called true pain--"

I neutralize a suspicious looking macho who appeared between the torture devices with mind magic [Pain].
I thought he would scream, but instead he's convulsing while discharging various body fluids.
Apparently, he's not strong against pain himself.

I imprison the fainted macho to the same place as the people earlier.

Then I purge the torture devices in this room with [Disintegration].
They wouldn't be put to good use even if I left them, and I wouldn't have any use of them even if I put them in my Storage.

Demon lord Shizuka is staring in amazement at the torture devices disappearance.
While ignoring her words that are mixed with awe and shock, I go to the altar beside the pit inside the mausoleum.

"What an ominous place. I feel like I can hear the grief of those who were given unfair deaths."

An item called [Curse Pot] is left on the altar.
According to the detailed information on the AR reading, it seems to be a magic tool used to collect grudges and negative thoughts.

<TLN: Written in Latin on the raw. Means "This grudge".>

>[Soul Hearing] Skill Acquired.

Sorry but I can't stand horror, so I don't intend to activate that skill.

"I can hear the voices of souls--"

Yet, demon lord Shizuka heard some unnecessary voices.

"It seems they want to seek revenge."

I guess that's normal for people who died unnaturally.
However, I don't intend to help them in the mass slaughter--no wait.

Perhaps I can control the apparition created from soul magic.
According to the magic books I've read, it's possible to control the ghost as long as the user has higher level and high soul magic skill level.

Then maybe I can grant them the revenge while also easing my work.

I locate the spell I need from the soul magic book.

"....■■ Create Lich Lord"
『Our master, please bestow us the opportunity for revenge.』

A Lich Lord wearing a worn-out brown robe floated up from the pit.
It raised an echoing voice that chilled me to the bone, but since I don't intend to take part in murder, I rejected it.

Defiant thought flowed from the Lich Lord, but it immediately quieted down when I denied it.
I got it easily suppressed, but it feels like a balloon that's on the verge of imploding.

"I'm only ordering you to take away the skills and levels from people who killed you guys."
『....That is amusing. Truly thrilling. Pushing people who reveled in splendor down to hell on earth. Our master truly understands what revenge means.』

I'm a bit opposed to the Lich Lord's valuation, but now it should go on neutralizing the [Light of Liberty] bunch without killing them.

"Y-you damn apparition! I'll purify you with my holy magic!"
"Such thing like an apparition is no match against me who have received blessing from demon god-sama."
"G-go away! Go away, you damn undead! I-I cannot die in a place like this!"

There were some people who resisted like such, but it seemed that it was impossible to block level 50 Lich Lord's level drain and skill drain when they couldn't move.

I entrusted demon lord Shizuka to supervise the Lich Lord while I concentrated capturing people whose level are higher than 20 in the city.
There were some people who went out of the city to seek help from their friends in the Holy City's Inquisition Bureau, but I made a surprise attack with space magic's teleport and let them join their friends to become the Lich Lord's victims.

Of course, I also handled the Inquisition Bureau guys and cardinals like so too.

Pope Zazaris is in fact not a member of the [Light of Liberty] so I'm not handing him to the Lich Lord.
I'm going to deal with him together with demon lord Shizuka later.

"--So, is it over?"
『It's over.... We deprived the power from all of the fanatics. O master, our gratitude for granting us the chance to get our revenge.』

After telling me that, the Lich Lord got wrapped in light and disappeared as if it was purified with magic.

"What is that I wonder?"
"Looks like the Lich Lord has left it."

An item called [Spirit Orb] fell on the place where the Lich Lord was.
I have a hunch that it's a crystallization of the levels and skills that the Litch Lord snatched, but since the detailed information on the AR reading is blank, I don't really know its true nature.
I'll keep it in the Storage for the time being and ask Corpse and Yuika about it when I visit the labyrinth lower layer.

"You demon! You think you can invade the holy ground of this holy city parion! ■ Divine Punish"

Pope Zazaris cut me and demon lord Shizuka with an illusion of a huge sword of light.
This is the first time I've seen him, he looks very young you wouldn't have guessed he's 150 year old. His race is human, so he's probably maintaining his youth by using god's miracle or youth medicines. His long blond hair looks very glossy.

I've come to the great shrine in the holy city of the holy state Parion with demon lord Shizuka.
In order to collect [Heal All] unique skill from Pope Zazaris of course.

"--Accept the familiarization"

Using [Geass] on the neutralized pope, I made him accept the demon lord Shizuka's familiarization.
Next we transfer his Unique Skill to a small louse.

Of course the small louse couldn't hold the [God's Fragment] and instantly began to turn into a demon lord.
Its body turned violet colored, the transparent wings turned into dark violet color.

The louse demon lord's level is 50.
Apparently, once you turn into a demon lord your level becomes 50 at minimum.

The louse demon lord that has become gigantic breaks through the sanctuary's ceiling.

"W-what an abominably colored monster! Do you want to let that monster attack our holy city!"

Leaving alone the pope who's unable to stand up, I go to eliminate the louse demon lord before it could fly away.
I finely chopped the louse demon lord with a holy sword while leaving blue afterglow, and then absorbed the emerging [God's Fragment] by cutting it with the Divine Sword.
I cut it quickly, so I couldn't hear the [God's Fragment] muttering.

I was slightly hesitant removing the useful-looking [Heal All] like this, but since the former user had been killed already, and giving it to someone would lead them turning into a demon lord if they used the skill too much, we chose this way since handling it would be too troublesome.

"Answer my questions."

I interrogate the pope about the Dark Sage and the [Light of Liberty] after hypnotizing him with mind magic.
Guided by me, the pope answers the questions intermittently.

"....It is impossible for Dark Sage-dono to be a demon lord believer....You asked the same thing as my foolish treacherous retainers....Dark Sage-dono is a pious believer of our god who has helped raising our priests using unparalleled techniques....I gave him the great priest and landlord position for his achievements...."

Surprisingly, he didn't know that the Dark Sage is related to the [Light of Liberty].

Moreover, he looks like he doesn't know about the existence of demon lord Shizuka.

"Then how did you get the 『Heal All』?"
"....The great god Parion must have bestowed it to me...."

It seems the pope doesn't remember demon lord Shizuka transferring the [Heal All] from Norio-kun.

After interrogating him more, I felt that he was like Baron Muno and the others when they were brainwashed by the lesser demon.
It seems his memories were tampered by the Dark Sage.

Disguising demon lord Shizuka's name and appearance as a caution was a good decision.
Right now she's wearing bull horns on her head and a blank mask. Her skin has also been made to look like a dark elf's.

It looks like the pope was also used by the Dark Sage.

"The interrogation is enough with these much right? What do you want to do demon lord?"
"I do not wish for anything more after taking the Unique Skill."

Then we can just leave it at this.
I cancel the mind magic for interrogation.

Demon lord Shizuka also releases the familiarization.

Managing the country should be difficult from now on since all of the high-leveled pope's subordinates are gone, but that's for the ruler, Pope Zazaris, to work hard on.

"So you won't kill me! Demon lord and his attendant!"

Leaving the screaming pope alone, I take demon lord Shizuka's hand and send her to a safe area with [Teleport an Object].

"My 『Judge Eye』 can see through all disguises! Demon Lord Ducky and his attendant Rasputin! I'll let all temples in the continent to know about you!"

[Ducky] and [Rasputin] that the pope spoke of are aliases that I just made up with [Name Order] earlier.
I have to change the demon lord's name back to Shizuka later.

Looking at him, it looks like even the rare skill [Judge Eyes] can't see through Mana Camouflage.
Feeling relieved, I moved to the desert where demon lord Shizuka was waiting.

After that, I threw the [Light of Liberty] members from this country to the underground prison of the Holy State Parion after taking away their disguise items.
Of course I've left a written board about their offenses and evidences of them being demon lord believers so that they won't be released.
The only person I've taken to Shiga Kingdom's underground prison is the cardinal who was involved with the sakuramochi incident.

"Can I really live here?"
"Yeah, I can also prepare someone to take care of you if you need it."
"Don't need--but, I'd like to keep a small bird and a puppy."

I brought the depressed demon lord Shizuka to a place in the farm area that's been covered in Yuika's barrier.
Oops, she's recovered from the depression condition, and she's promised that she won't act like a demon lord, so I should call her Shizuka.

At first I thought of taking Shizuka to the labyrinth lower layer where the reincarnated people are living, but since she wanted to quietly live in a place with no other people for a while, I brought her here.
Of course it's not for the sake of keeping Shizuka but for her peace.
I feel that the demons would meddle if she were in the outside world.

"Okay. Do you have any request for the bird's and the puppy's types?"
"Right.... I'd like a java sparrow and siberian husky."

The java sparrow is not a problem, but I've never seen a siberian husky here.
I'll bring a kind of dog that's similar to it for the time being.

To make her secluded life easier, I've prepared a splendid house on the river bank of the farm area with [Create House] and an agricultural land nearby with [Cultivation].

Furthermore, I've left several Wood Puppets for the labor works.

"Hey, can I look inside the house?"
"It's your house, so you can do as you please."

I gave an answer to Shizuka who was curiously looking at the house.
After seeing her off, I installed a freezer, a refrigerator, a washing machine, an automatic bathtub and a flush toilet magic tools.
Once I've done the one-man work and comes back, Shizuka is currently looking at the clothing on the bed while frowning.
I've put some change of clothes when she wasn't present, I wonder if it's not to her liking?

"Are these underwear made in Japan? But, my classmate said that men would give underwear because they want to take it off themselves. I'm being protected by him after all, I can't refuse if he wants me I think. But, but, doing it with someone whose face I never see is."

She's quite talkative when she's talking to herself.

No she's been freed from her depressed condition, so this might be her true character.
On top of having big breasts, Shizuka is a beauty and I don't have any complain regarding her age, but I feel that marriage or mistress routes would certainly be waiting for me if I treat her like that, so I don't intend in putting my hands on her. I'm fine with playing around limited to the professionals.

I call Shizuka after knocking on the door.

"I've put magic tools, foodstuff and flavoring needed for your livelihood for the present. You use them like you use electronics in Japan, and if you want to eat other food, you can collect fish and shellfish in the river, and fruits in the forest."

Of course I've left three months worth of preserved food and daily general goods in the underground storehouse.
The only thing missing is liquor. I've left out the liquor since there's a danger of her falling into alcohol dependency.

"Okay. I saw some shrimp when I was looking at the river earlier, the nature around her is quite rich isn't it."


I caught something off from Shizuka's words.

"What's wrong?"
"No, I was just thinking where I could get a siberian husky."
"It's alright as long as it looks similar. I just want the warmth."

After telling her that I'd get it quick, I moved out of Shizuka's house with Unit Arrangement.
I did not teleport to the solitary island palace.

I went to the abandoned fort in Muno Earldom since there's something I want to investigate.
In order to check it, I cast [Another World] on the bank of a streamlet near the abandoned fort, creating a small sub-space.

"There are really small fish and shellfish in this streamlet too...."

Looks like living beings are created along with the sub-space.
I realized that I had the wrong idea when I thought that far.

"....I should've realized it when I saw that there were plants."

Moreover this country has the alchemy technology about human body to create homonculus like Nana.
Due to the moral value from my former world hindering, I've been thinking that creating living beings is something special.

Human body alchemy huh.... If I make use of the code that creates living beings in this [Another World]....

I shake my head to throw away the inquiring mind.

"No, I really should not."

Yup, for my mental health, let's stop trying to do that.
After nodding twice, I write a postscript on the taboo entry in the memo pad, "Forbidden from developing magic that creates intelligent life."
I should entrust creating intelligent life to the god after all.

I tell the usual members about the extermination of the two demon lords and then head to the labyrinth where my companions are enjoying hunting the dinosaurs.
I've asked Tifaliza in the Royal Capital for the dog and the small bird matter.

"Sa-Satou-san! I-it's terrible!"

As soon as I arrived at the labyrinth, Sera who was resting in the shade rushed to me.

"There was an omen for the god's oracle! There might be a demon lord manifesting somewhere!"
"Not an oracle itself, but an omen is it?"

It's probably about the ape demon lord that I defeated two hours ago and the louse demon lord defeated one hour ago.

"Y-yes. In order to receive oracles, I need to be in the holy sanctuary where it's easy for god's voice to reach, or create a simple sanctuary and use a ceremonial magic."

I see. Looks like you can't receive oracle anywhere anytime.
For now, I'll calm her down.

"Two demon lords appeared in the Holy State Parion earlier, I think it must be about them."
"T-two demon lords?!"

Sera raised a voice of despair.

"Master, if they appeared in two different place, please leave one to us. We'll prevent any victim no matter what it takes until Master has finished with the other one."
"Master, permission to deploy."
"Tama too~?"
"Po-Pochi too! A de-demon lord is nothing nanodesu."

Before I could calm Sera down, Liza and the others drew close to me with determined expressions.
Zena-san and the princess fell on their knees without being able to talk.
Lady Karina looks like she's hesitating whether to participate or not.

"Everyone, calm down, I've already defeated the two demon lords, so don't worry about it."
"T-the demon lords have been defeated?"
"In such a short time, and two of them?"
"Admiring master."
"Very, very amazing nodesu!"

I lend my hands to Zena-san and the princess, lifting them up.

"A-as expected of my Sa--"
"Satou-san, you're amazing!"

Zena-san whose eyes' shines had recovered interrupted the princess and took my hands, swinging them.
Waiting until Zena-san released my hands bashfully, I took everyone back to the solitary island palace.

Now then, the airship should arrive at the Royal Capital tomorrow, I'll go visit some of my acquaintances.

The day after tomorrow is the appointed time for the contact from the hero's party, I have to ask about their progress with the demon lord extermination.
Recently, I've only conversed with the secretary lady who's house-sitting, I'll talk to Hayato directly through [Telephone] if he's still absent.

I also have to tell everyone about me sheltering demon lord Shizuka.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14-7

14-7. Holy State Parion (2)


Satou's here. There are times when I act on impulse without reasoning from myself, but when that happens I decide to obediently entrust my impulse. It's boring if it's all with reason after all.

"I can't read the name--you, speak your name."

My great master bestowed me the first order.
I cannot see his countenance below the same black clothes, but it must be a face full of dignity.

I want to apologize for my barbaric act earlier, but I must prioritize obeying the order.
I also wanted to heal his wound, but it seems he's healed himself with his magic--I mean, master has healed the wound with master's own magic.

"My name is--"

When I was about to say it, I faltered since I remembered that it's an alias.
I have to manipulate the Exchange column and change it back to Satou.

For some reason it's been locked and I can't change it--I wonder why?

"Hmph, as expected of someone at level 99 like me. I can see how you've reached the limit of men. To think that you resist my Compulsion (Geass)...."

It seems my great master has misunderstood because I faltered.

He's unexpectedly thoughtless--I mean, wary.

I negated my arrogance thought and opened my mouth to correct master's misunderstanding, but unfortunately, master continued the talk, so I hesitated to interrupt.
I wait for master to finish talking.

"I add another order! Bow before me, and speak your name! ■■■■■ Compulsion (Geass)"

After master was tinged with violet colored light like the activation of Unique Skills, master's skill was invoked.
The log said that it was resisted, but I'll keep it a secret to protect my master's honor.

Now then, it looks like it's alright to tell my name now.
Before I could do it, I should toss my violet disguise wig.

For some reason, the red cobwebs intensify in my view.

They're obstructing me from seeing my great master....
Before I take off my disguise mask, I lightly wave my hand to brush away the cobwebs--.

--I see.

"I'm Shiga Kingdom's Nanashi."
"My power finally gets through huh--that was some trouble."

While telling my name to the black clothes, I allocate points to Geass Resistance skill and Geass skill.
With clear mind after having negated his [Compulsion(Geass)] skill, I begin to check the situation and plan the countermeasure.

It seems the red cobwebs on the AR earlier were showing the [Geass] effect.

I got a terrible headache like my braincells were wounded when I negated the effect earlier.
I look at my Stamina Gauge after confirming that my Pain Resistance skill is turned on.
It's been completely recovered due to the effect of [Self-Recovery] skill.

The reason why black clothes was able to ignore our level differences and had its skill reached me is probably because of the effect of his Unique Skill, [Soul Shot].
It must have similar effect to Arisa's [Never Give Up].

Looks like I got careless since Arisa was the only one who could affect me with abnormal status so far.
After I've finished my business in Holy State Parion, I'll create some permanent defensive equipment like Raka, and for everyone's shares too.

Oops, let's think about that later and cast [Spirit Guard] that I was going to use before getting manipulated.
With this, I should be fine against his [Geass] and mind magic.

He also has troublesome sounding skill called [Counter] that I should be careful with.
It's probably the Unique Skill version of [Counter Magic] and [Counter Shell] magic in my magic line up.
It probably needs to be re-chanted every time he uses it just like with the magic, so there should be a chance I can use.

--That's right, re-chant.

Even though he has Unique Skill, he chanted it just like he did the first time.

He doesn't have [Demon Lord] title, and his name sounds like this world's name, [Sorijero].
According to labyrinth lower layer Corpse's story, reincarnated people are named by the god, and they should be named with their old name when they're born.
Therefore, he's probably neither a reincarnated person nor a transported person.

"Demon lord! Absorb this guy's skill and level, and make him into your familiar!"

Black clothes--Sorijero ordered the demon lord, but unfortunately for him, she's still fainted from my strike.

"■■■■■ Compulsion (Geass)--"

Violet ripples appeared on the body of Sorijero who heard me chanting [Geass].
He's probably invoked [Counter] Unique Skill.
Looks this skill doesn't need to be chanted.

I give him the order after confirming that state.

"--Click your fingers once!"

>Resisted Geass Effect.

Such is displayed on my log when I gave him the order, but the violet light that was running on Sorijero's body disappeared.
Apparently, [Counter] is a type of skill that doesn't need to be chanted, but it needs to be re-set every time you want to use it.

Alright, if I can resist my own skill that was countered, I should be fine against Sorijero's Geass.
I just need to be careful with the [Soul Shot].

I pick [Geass] skill and activate it.
Just like skills and magic that need to be chanted, I don't need to chant it anymore for the second time and beyond.

I saw Sorijero lifting a scepter that seems to be the City Core's terminal.

--Oops, it'd be annoying if he uses City Core to teleport away.

"I forbid teleportation."
"Impossible! ■ Guaaaaaaaaa"

Sorijero was trying to chant while holding the Scepter on one hand, but he screamed halfway through and stopped.
He's vomiting blood and his condition becomes [Weakened: Violation of Order].
Looks like [Geass] skill is quite dangerous.

I choose [Geass] skill once again from the skill column and activate it.

"I forbid the use of every skill"
"I-if I can't teleport then--■ nuoooooo"

Sorijero who was going to use some magic skills rolls over from the acute pain.

....This guy never learns.

I can finally see his face from the unfolded hood.

He's an old apefolk kin with golden colored body hair mixed with gray hair, the left half of his face is burned, while the right half of his face has violet colored specks on it.
His right arm shown from the rolled up sleeves has dark violet hair from the wrist up.

"What's wrong? Do you find me ugly? How would you, who have been granted with god's blessing from birth, understand our craving? This color I got as the compensation for seeking god's power is the proof of my belief!"


In short, I guess it's like, "I was jealous with people with Unique Skills, so I snatched it away from other people and got my body hair turned into violet color."
I checked just in case, but he doesn't have [Snatch]-type skill.

"Don't think you can win with this!"

Sorijero lamented while shedding tears of blood.
Matching that scream, two violet light ripples appeared on his body.

Apparently, Unique Skills aren't included in [Skill].

"I forbid the use of Unique Skills."

I impose Sorijero with another prohibition.

Still, leaving aside [Counter], I don't think there's any meaning in using [Soul Shot] when you can't use any skill.

Sorijero muttered [Sword] and swung the Scepter, and then it transformed into a thin one-handed sword in the blink of an eye.
That's quite a fantasy-like weapon.

I blow away Sorijero, who appeared in front of me with a speed that rivaled Ground Shrink, with a front kick.
It seems he reflexively used evade skill, he bounced on the floor while bleeding from from his ears.

I touch the one-handed sword that got separated from him with [Magic Hand], and put into the Storage.
With this he can no longer use City Core even if he violated the order.

Sorijero who staggeringly stood up takes out a scroll from his chest while drinking a magic potion he took out from the pouch on his waist.

"If it's scrolls--"
"I forbid the use of magic power."

He finally learned after the third time, he throws away the scroll he took out.

"I forbid you to act."

Sorijero stopped moving after I gave him the last order.

....I feel like I've become kotodama god or yokai you know.

When I was walking toward him, Sorijero spat out a needle-like dark thing.
Of course I lightly evaded it, but he started to run at top speed toward the exit using that chance.

Looks like he's resisted the last [Geass].
Despite its convenience, it might be a skill that's easy to resist.

"Action is--"

Sorijero's body got tinged in dark violet light just when I was trying to add another [Geass].
Looks like he's resisted the [Geass] of [Forbidden to use Unique Skills].
I stopped talking in caution of his Counter.


Sorijero is bleeding from his ears and eyes, maybe due to the effect of violation of orders.

Nevertheless, he ran like the wind toward the exit.
Looks like he wants to escape using this chance, but I can't let him do that.

I choose [Remote Stun] from the Magic Column and strike the magic into him one after another.


Several of it were countered and came back to me, but if it's just Remote Stun, I can deal with even thousands of it no problem.

<TLN: Written in Latin on the raw. From "Baka na" meaning "Impossible", "No way", or "I can't believe this" in this context.>

Sorijero who screamed in a strange voice transforms into a distorted form.

Oh no--He has turned into a demon lord after using too much Unique Skills.
He's about two times as tall and looks more like a monkey.

"I forbid you to take any action."

Looks like it's not effective against Sorijero who has become a demon lord.
Even though the depressed female demon lord was able to be ruled under [Geass], this is somewhat unreasonable.

--Well fine.

It just means that I can't use the easy method, I can just thoroughly beat him like the usual.

It seems he's already broken off from the geass order, he can use magic and skills.
Looks like he's lost his ego, doesn't seem like he's going to teleport.

I vaporize the barrage of flame balls and lightning spheres with a holy sword.
Even if they're powered up with Unique Skills, it's useless if the magic are destroyed.

I physically knock down the demon lord who's screaming gao, gyao around and then cut his limbs to make him stop resisting.

"Demon lords really are tenacious."

The demon lord regrows his limbs even though he doesn't have regeneration-type Unique Skill.
Sometimes he used [Counter], but I tore them off just like with the attacking balls earlier.

The most dangerous one is when he used [Soul Shot] and [Geass] together, but since I could see the activation timing from the violet ripple, I evaded them by using golems and illusions as the scapegoats the moment they were activated.
It's not that scary when you know the trick.

When the monkey demon lord has been weakened enough, I scoop out the [God's Fragment] using the [Black Arm Encroached with Divinity].
After doing it for the second time, his [Demon Lord] title changed into [Former Demon Lord].

『Gonosen, haa, ultimate techniquee』
『Hmph. Hanging it all in one attack. I don't care what'll happen next.』

I cut the [God's Fragments] who were playing around with the Divine Sword, eliminating them.

There wasn't any drama but, he should turn back into the apefolk--.

He should have, yet for some reason he's turning into black sand-like mist.
It's like with the demon.

It had strange influence on his body after all, perhaps unlike Shin boy, old Sorijero had no qualification to host the [God's Fragment].

"Now then, do you want to fight me too?"

I asked the Depressed Demon Lord who had woken up before I knew it.
After glancing at old Sorijero who was turning into mist, she slowly stands up.

"Yes, I cannot disobey the order...."

The Depressed Demon Lord affirmed while unsteadily walking to me.

"Are you still under the influence of Geass?"
"It won't disappear even if the caster is killed--"

The Depressed Demon Lord shook her head while looking like she has given up.

"What are the orders you got?"
"I was ordered to 『Do not go out of the room』, 『Do not use your power without permission』, 『Report any intruder』, and also, 『Arrest the intruder if possible, if not kill them』, those four--"

I see, it seems she has no choice but to fight me with that last order.

Come to think of it, why was my condition like I got brainwashed?
I was ordered to vaguely [Obey me], I wonder if that turned me into something like a slave?

The Depressed Demon Lord is reaching toward my neck slowly.

"--That's why kill me. If possible, I'll be thankful if you can do it without too much pain."

Even if I'm asked to, it's hard to kill a fleeting beauty who isn't even resisting.


"You do not need to kill any intruder."

I try to overlap the [Geass] as a test.

"It hurts, it's like my head is split."

The Depressed Demon Lord sits down on the floor while suffering.
I draw close to her and heal her with anesthetic magic and healing magic.

"A-are you going to torment me with torture?"
"I'm sorry, I didn't intend to.... By the way, is it alright for you not to kill me?"

Looking puzzled, the Depressed Demon Lord looks at her own hands.

"No way, the order has been canceled."

Just as I've guessed, it seems to be possible to cancel [Geass] by overwriting it.

"I have a suggestion--"

I begin to persuade the Depressed Demon Lord while eliminating the [Light of Liberty] guys who showed up on the entrance.
I somehow succeeded persuading her thanks to sacrificing the enjoyable lunch I should have had with everyone.

"Then you're fine with 『Do not make any familiar without permission』, 『Do not act like a demon lord』, 『Uphold Japanese moral standard unless it is unavoidable』?"
"Yes, it's enough if I can uphold that much."

I tie a [Contract] with her.

"I have another request, is it alright?"
"Depends on the content."

I listen to the Depressed Demon Lord.

"I'd like you to please help me getting back Norio's Unique Skill that I had given to the pope of this country."
"Yes, the boy who was reincarnated in the neighboring country...."

Summing up the Depressed Demon Lord's story, it seems the Unique Skill of a kidnapped panther-head kin, Norio-kun (9 year old) was given to Pope Zazaris through the Depressed Demon Lord's unique skill [Familiar] and [Transfer] by the Dark Sage's order.
Looks like Norio-kun whose Unique Skill was taken by the Depressed Demon Lord got beheaded by the Dark Sage afterward and died.
The Unique Skills that the Dark Sage used were also gotten from two reincarnated people whose Unique Skills were robbed and then killed.

While silently praying for the people who were killed for their Unique Skills, I have a little question.

--Does that mean the one who forced Arisa and Lulu with the [Geass] is not the Dark Sage, but a different person?

Arisa's Unique Skills are useful without a doubt.
There's no doubt that your force will be more powerful if you give them to your subordinates.

Apparently, there are other people who can use [Geass] beside the Dark Sage and the weaselkin emperor.
It's quite a rare skill, so I was under the impression that the royal court magician who forced the [Geass] to Arisa and Lulu was the same person as the Dark Sage.

I'd better prepare the way to cope against it for my companion.

"Secondly, I want to hold a memorial service for the people who got discarded in this castle's underground."
"Is it Norio-kun earlier?"
"There's a lot others too...."

The Dark Sage kidnapped people who were hindrances and high leveled ones, and used the Depressed Demon Lord's skills to level up and give skills to the [Light of Liberty]'s executives.
After absorbing them, he tortured them and used tools to create malice out of them.

They're quite inhumane.
Let's hold a memorial service and offering to not only the pope's Unique Skill, but also to the people whose skills and levels were robbed by the [Light of Liberty].

"Understood. I'll grant your wish."
"Thank you.... Hero."

The Depressed Demon Lord who showed her smile nodded powerfully.

Now then, let's commence the punishment.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14-6

<TLN: Changed Holy Kingdom to Holy State, it's more correct.>

14-6. Holy State Parion [Revised]


Satou's here. Crisis comes when I've forgotten about it. Things like finding myself not being able to answer the last question of a test that should have been easy, it was quite unnerving.

Arisa wasn't there when I woke up in the morning.
Lulu who should have been sleeping beside me is also missing.

"Ah! Master, you woke up?! And I was just going to give you a wake-up kiss!"

Arisa showed up wearing an apron on the entrance.
She looks more cheerful than usual.

"Nice smell~?"
"Smells sweet nanodesu."
"Hot cake."

The youth troupe raise their bodies on the bed.

"Ehehe~ I made hot cakes today with Lulu's help!"
"Good job~?"
"Arisa is amazing nodesu!"
"Nn, respectable."
"Now, wash your faces. Let's have a breakfast."

Arisa urged everyone to get off the bed with a theatrical tone.

"Nana, you should get up."
"Master, another five minutes."

I shook the shoulders of Nana who was still sleeping even then.
She hugged my arm to her breast while saying another five minutes.

She was clinging to Mia just awhile ago, she probably missed her body warmth.


The sullen Mia quickly snatched away my happiness.
Mia mercilessly shakes Nana to wake her up and then pulls her arm toward the washroom.
Liza did a morning practice so she looks like usual.

I fix my appearance with the personal grooming advanced magic and report the yesterday's detail to my connections.
I had conveyed "A demon lord got destroyed" to Echigoya Firm and the royal castle when I defeated the demon lord, but I didn't touch the detail.

I connected the king, the prime minister, Echigoya Firm, and me with Telephone.
The sound mode is of Nanashi. Since I previously changed my tone to sound arrogant like Kuro, I have to be careful not to mix them up.

"--Thus, the demon lord who was also the dungeon master of Yowok Kingdom labyrinth had blown himself. There were something called 『Fake Core』 and 『Doom Core』 inside the labyrinth."
『I can understand the Fake Core, but what kind of thing is Doom Core?』
<TLN: TL Mistake last chapter, 'Dummy Core' should have been 'Doom Core'.>

The prime minister asked.
I answer while reading the document I've confiscated from the lesser demon on the menu.

"Doom Core is an apparatus that can effectively produces monsters by gathering curses and grudges."

I convey the information written in the demon document.

"It seems that it had collected grudges from the former royal family before it was installed in the labyrinth. This might be groundless, but perhaps the royal capital was left in poor state in order to collect negative emotions from the surface."

In addition, it seems the Fake Core was used to cultivate Gabo fruits which were needed to breed demi goblins.
The demon document also details about the re-installation of traps inside the labyrinth, "Demi Goblin Trappers work independently."

It seems the demi goblins and the rats in that labyrinth were not all produced by the labyrinth, but some were brought in from outside.
Although it's not written in the demon document, it seems the demi ogres in the lowest floor were brought in from outside too.

From now on, Yowok Kingdom's labyrinth is most likely going to gradually decline, and will eventually wither.

I tell them my plan today once that matter is over.

"--I'm thinking of investigating Holy State Parion today."
『Then we will the necessary documents for the investigation.』
"Thanks. I'll stop by and take it later."

The prime minister said these when I was going to cut the talk after finishing the report.

『Nevertheless, it's such a pitiful end for the great demon lord who plunged the Royal Capital into chaos and created a new demon lord. As expected, there should not be multiple demon lords hidden in one country, the ploy must have been planned by the senior greater demon.』

Those words stay in mind like a thorn.

Certainly, it's quite unlikely for two demon lords to be in the same country, but if they search a reincarnated person that fits the requirement, and forcefully make them use too much Unique Skill after giving them the intended title--.

It's not impossible.

--However, that's a bit of a stretch.

I laugh away my mind that was on the verge of becoming a conspiracy theorist, and then went to the dining room with Arisa who had came back to call me for the breakfast.

"So? So? How is the taste?"

Arisa peered to my face while looking worried.

The bottom is charred black, and I can see semi-liquid dough when I cut it with a knife.
I can stealthily use heating magic here, but I'll appreciate Arisa's hard work here and put the half-baked hot cake to my mouth with a smile.

"Yup, it's good."
"Ehehe~ well~yes. This is Arisa-chan's true ability."

Arisa twists her body bashfully.
This feels like a father with a daughter who just cooked her first dish.

"Pochi's is honey-syrup-clad special nanodesu."

Looks like these girls' shares were baked by Lulu.

"Um, hey, Satou. Are we doing it too today?"
"Should we stop if you don't like it?"
"I-it's not that I don't like it."

Although this would create a misunderstanding if you only hear it, this is just a morning conversation with the princess who's reluctant with going to the labyrinth.

"That monster has the optimal reproductive power, however, should we use different monsters if you don't like it?"
"...Is it alright with different monsters?"

I affirmed the princess's question.

"Marine products~?"
"Meat is better than fish! Pochi likes the jungle area where she can collect dinosaur meat!"
"The dinosaur is good. They're rich in variety, and we can enjoy both chicken and beef flavor."

The beast girls' standard is a bit odd.

"Ara? Tama and Pochi, are you not going to the tasting festival today?"
"Pochi will go on a hunt nodesu. It's absolutely not because she's tired with Lulu's omelette rice nodesuyo?"

I see, looks like Tama and Pochi had enough of omelette rices that only provide little chicken meat.
The dishes for the cooking contest should be rice dish, meat dish and soup, so the test today is probably for the soup.

Lulu, Arisa and Mia are going to the experiment for the cooking contest.
The other girls are going to power-level in the labyrinth.

I tell Echigoya Firm to buy ingredients that Lulu requested, and send the labyrinth group.
The jungle forest has been revived in just half a month even though it was half-destroyed back then.

"Ah! There's a Tricera nodesu! The helmet grill is really delicious nodesu."
"Chief is there too~ wrapped roast~?"
"There are raptors and archaeopteryxes too. The hunt today is worth it."

The beastkin girls are staring beyond the fern forest with drooling faces.
I told them, "Don't be too hard okay", used long-lasting continuous support magic on them, and then left the labyrinth.

Zena-san's wind magic skill should be high enough soon, I'll present her with a magic book that has [Fly] magic after today's dinner.

Now then, I'm going to visit Holy State Parion, but going there through the air lane from the great desert would take too much time, so I decided to take a bit of shortcut.

First, I changed into Kuro, and moved to the relay satellite located at the geostationary satellite orbit with Unit Arrangement.
Next, after using [Astro Suit] and [Barrier of Resist Fire] magic together, I dived into the atmosphere.

It might just have been my imagination, but since I felt that the descent velocity was slow, I used Flash Drive to accelerate more.

It felt a bit hot, but since my clothes aren't burning, it should be fine.
I've never done sky diving in the former world, but this is too fun, I'll get addicted to it.

Tama and Zena-san should be willing to sky dive with me together if I invited them.

When I'm about 10.000 feet above Holy State Parion, I move to the ground with Unit Arrangement by sight.
I made use of Unit Arrangement's inertia reset characteristic.

I use [Cold Wind] magic to blow off the heat accumulated from the descent.
Due to the time difference, its still right at dawn around here, I can see the Holy City Parion wrapped in morning fog beyond.

Now then, let's gather some intelligence before the native people come here.
I get Holy Parion Kingdom information by using [All Map Exploration].

As for the highest priority question, [Holy State Parion's Pope, Zazaris, being a demon lord], it turns out to be a false info.
The pope has a Unique Skill called [Heal All], and two titles, [God's Agent] and [Saint].
Since he has Unique Skill, that means he might be a reincarnated person with violet hair like Arisa.
I'm slightly interested with him, but I can just visit Holy City cathedral later.

I tried searching for other people with Unique Skill or demons, but it seems they don't exist here.
This kingdom has no labyrinth and there's no blank zone on the map of the area that's under direct control of the pope.
At most there's only the City Core room under the Holy City cathedral, but there shouldn't be a demon lord lurking in the center of the country.

Next I search powerful people whose level are 50 and above.
Excluding Pope Zazaris at level 51, it's only the Inquisition Bureau director and chief who are both at level 50.
I'm bothered with the Inquisition Bureau executors who have many and varied skills in spite of their relatively low levels.
Perhaps, Holy State Parion has a peculiar way to teach them skills.

In addition, I've also searched people who belong to the demon lord believers, [Light of Liberty], but there are only around 100 people in the whole territory, unexpectedly it seems they don't have much influence.

It seems that the whole Inquisition Bureau including the cardinal who commanded the sabotage in the Royal Capital and the chiefs are all members of [Light of Liberty].
Their number should not only be 100, they might be in other parishes of Holy State Parion. Apparently the territories in Holy State Parion are called parishes.

According to the document from the prime minister, the parish under the aforementioned cardinal is suspicious, thus I'm thinking of going around all the parishes with that one as the last so I won't miss anything.

Lastly, I searched for [Army of God] but there wasn't anyone like that.
They're probably in the middle of the reversal invasion campaign against the three country union.

I'd like to sightsee the Holy City but I need to investigate the other parishes first.
I make a teleport point with [Create Safe House] in an undeveloped area near the holy city for when I'm going back here.

I get away from the point with sight-based Unit Arrangement, and then go around the parishes with Flash Drive.
I noticed that a lot of the populace here are afflicted with [Overworked], [Malnutrition], and [Illness], when I used [All Map Exploration] in each parish.
In contrast, the majority of the parishes' priests and the Holy City's populace are in good health.

It bothered me so I looked at the fields, most of them were infertile.
Looking at the split field with clover and root crops, I understand that they're using four-wheeled farming method, but both the wheat and the barely are hollow.

As an experiment, I went to an abandoned farm village, and used the advanced earth magic [Cultivation].
It's the same synchronous magic used by the royal court magicians to fix the land devastated by the heavenly dragon back then.

As the magic showed its effect, the reddish dried field turned into humus-like black soil in a blink of an eye.
Apparently it's not because the lack of magic essence (mana), but that this country lacks earth magicians.

And then after five more parishes, when I was investigating the last parish, I finally found a town that looks like it's being used as the base of the [Light of Liberty]. The majority of the inhabitants seem to be its members.
And, there are seven level 50 strong people in this parish.
The parish head, the temple knight leader, and five priests of this town seem to be members of the [Light of Liberty].

There doesn't seem to be any demon lord here, but just in case, I'll check this town's City Core.

I made a teleport point in the outskirt, and went to the town's sky through sight-based Unit Arrangement.
Of course I've hidden myself with optical camouflage skill.

"What a gray town..."

I got such an impression since the plaster used in the town's buildings are of gray color and the townspeople are all wearing undyed simple clothing.
That impression is also fostered with the gloomy expressions of the residents.

The only color comes from the colorful belts of the priests and the ornaments and the clothes of the women who walk with them.

I lower my altitude and check the downtown's condition.


>[Western Regions Language] Skill Acquired.

Even though I've got a skill, I can just use the force magic's [Translate].
I choose [Translate] magic on the Magic Column.

"--The wheat price is raised again."
"Again?! Wasn't it raised just three days ago?"
"Sheesh it's disgusting. It's going to be three times the last year's price soon right?"

The people who are rustling bags on a cart seem to be a wheat merchant and his customers.
I don't think it's strange for the staple food to suddenly raise in price during wartime.

When I randomly looked at the bag of wheat, it showed, [Wheat, low quality. 20% of the weight is of impurity.]
Looking at the price using Estimation skill, it's almost four times the price of Shiga Kingdom's Royal Capital expensive variety.

"Looks like there's little impurity this time, I'll buy one jar much."
"Ey, come again!"

Apparently, it's normal for impurity to be mixed in the wheat of this country.
I'm glad that I didn't come to this country when I first came to another world.

As I'm nonchalantly looking at them, the wheat gets exchanged for mahjong stick-like things.
That seems to be the currency of this country.

"I wonder if the living condition would improve a little once we won the war."
"Haha, only pastors-sama and priests-sama will."
"I'm alright as long as my husband who's gone to war is safe."
"Hee, wasn't onee-san's husband one of the 『Army of God』? Then there's no way he'd lose."
"Wait there, my husband and my brother who have gone to the war front won't lose too."
"Hehe, please don't compete on it."

The other wife protested to the wheat seller man.

What.... So the [Army of God] is just militia men.
It's good that they're not some dangerous folks.

"Thank you. Currently, they should be attacking the tuban guys country with the northern Magic Turtle Fortress."
"That's amazing. Doesn't it take a lot of money to move that fortress?"
"That's why we gave a lot of charity to the church, I'm worried whether we can make it through the next winter."

Found some new keyword, I tried searching the so-called [Magic Turtle Fortress].

One of it remains to the east of the Holy City.
Since [Northern] was mentioned earlier, I investigated more and found three of it including the one I found earlier protecting the Holy City at the four directions.

It looks like a gigantic turtle magic beast fitted with countless magic cannons on its back.
It seems the turtle magic beasts are not tamed, but being controlled with some kind of magic device. That control unit probably needs a lot of money to be operated.
They're level 50s magic beasts, so they're just right to become prey for our girls, but as expected, breaking military equipment of another country would be bad.

However, I wonder if these [Magic Turtle Fortress] and the militia men really pushed back army six times their size?
It seems God Parion bestows power to Saga Empire Hero, perhaps the [Army of God] also received blessing from God Parion and became six time stronger.

While thinking such a thing, I intruded Parion Temple in the center of the town.
I didn't use the mana camouflage which has bad fuel consumption, but I used every hiding skill I have.

Level 40 male and female temple knights are guarding the door that leads to the City Core.
I feel that these class of temple knights are too much as gatekeepers.

I can't teleport to the other side of the door since it's of a different map.
I think I can just beat them up and enter since they're [Light of Liberty (Terrorist)] people anyway, but let's think of other methods first.

Magic that I can spontaneously use have increased ever since I gained the ability to chant, so there's a lot of magic that I don't remember on the Magic Column.
And, I found the most appropriate magic on the Magic Column.
It's the intermediate force magic [Through Eye].

It was quite handy during the initial stage of the casted holy sword production, but recently, I haven't used it at all.

When I pick [Through Eye] on the Magic Column, I gain the ability to see through the magic metal-made door.
Before my line of sight could wander to the female knight's breasts, I teleported into the room with [Unit Arrangement]. Looks like it's usable with sight through magic.

I use [All Map Exploration] in the room.
As I thought, this area is the [City Core Space].

There's mostly no one here, but there's a person of interest in here.

--It's the demon lord.

I never thought that I would meet another demon lord in two consecutive days.

The demon lord this time has [Transfer] and [Familiar] Unique Skills. The titles are [Demon Lord], [Devotee], and [Calamity Saintess].
It's a woman, her original race is [Long Earkin]. She's 24 year old, she's young.
In addition, she doesn't have even one normal skill, only gift-like skills; [Self Status] and [Hide Skill]. Her level is only 50 too.

It can be said that she's the weakest demon lord I've ever meet.

If she's a demon lord that can be reasoned with, now is the chance to persuade her when there's no familiar.
I'm quite bothered with her [Sickness: Depression] condition, but I can just cure it with [Cure Disease] and [Spirit Exaltation] magic.

Thinking so, I changed into hero Nanashi and walked to her room.

Of course, I won't plunge recklessly.
I've taken a little "Insurance".

"Good evening, demon lord."
"Holy sword? Then you must be a hero right? You came to kill me didn't you."

When the beauty with a gloomy smile stood up, her long violet hair flowed back.
I wonder if she doesn't wear underwear below her silk priest clothing, her body line is slightly tempting me.

Looks like she's maintaining her normal ego.
It's troubling that she looks like she wishes for death, but I feel that we can negotiate peacefully.

"But, I'm sorry. I must kill you in accordance to the order."


While deriding herself sadly, she slowly lifts her arm toward me.
As if telling me to kill her first before she could finish.


When the bracelet on her arm shined, hero Nanashi and the ground he was standing on turned into black dust.
Since the City Core behind her throne lit up when the bracelet shined, it's probably a kind of ceremonial magic through the City Core.

I'm glad that I used a phantom.

I release the mana camouflage, and hit the depressed demon lord on her vital to make her swoon.
I took her bracelet the moment she fainted.

Next I'll see what I can do with the City Core.
I tried touching the City Core to see if I could gain control of it, but it was denied with, [An Exclusive User already Exists].

--Luminous point behind.

"Obey me!"

When I turned around, I saw a black clothed person casting violet light.

--Violet light?

It might be an omen of Unique Skill.   
Maybe I should fall back with [Unit Arrangement] now and confront it again later?

My thought revolves during that instant.


Hearing the chant leaking from the black clothed person, I threw away the evade option.
If the person was really a reincarnated person or a teleported person that can use Unique Skills, there should be no need to chant.


Then there's a high chance that that violet light is simply a bluff.



--I can just interrupt it if it's a chant.

I go before the black clothes with Ground Shrink and throw a kick to the person's stomach to interrupt the chant.
The black clothes tried to evade with a speed faster than Tama, but I'm not gentle enough to let it avoid easily.


Sliding using Ground Shrink while kicking, I hit the black clothes just right.


While in the middle of the Command Word, the black clothes sank into the wall with the speed of a cannonball.
Looks like the last Ground Shrink was too much, the black clothes was thrown into the wall with a higher force than I expected.

The arms and legs are bent in the wrong direction, must be my imagination.
The person must be of a race who has a lot of joints.

However, that was my blunder.


The Attentive Ears skill picked up the activation of the remaining Command Word from the man's mouth.

The skill that bounds Arisa and Lulu?

I choose the countermeasure while being surprised in my accelerated mind.
I scroll the Magic Column, and pick up the [Spirit Guard] in the mind magic category.

>Unable to resist Geass effect. Dominated.
>[Geass] Skill Acquired.
>[Geass Resistance] Skill Acquired.

Right before I can select the activation of the countermeasure magic, such logs flow in the corner of my view.
At the same time, red cobweb-like pattern emerges on top of the AR reading, my consciousness becomes turbid.

"Kneel, my servant."

Black cloth--er, the person wearing black clothing--no, my great master.

"Yes, my master."

Abiding my master command, I knelt down.

Various AR information are showed next to master.
The red cobweb displayed on my vision is bothersome, but it's not enough to hinder me from reading the information.

His title is [Dark Sage], [Ruler], [10.000-shape Magician], [Master of Demon Lord], [One who Reaches Man Limit], and [Lord]. A level 99 magic warrior with more than 100 skills, including [Geass], [Pain Resistance], and [Chanting Interruption Resistance].

He's an unrivaled being who has [Counter] and [Soul Shot] Unique Skills.

I long for the next order from my great master.

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