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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14-1

14-1. Sightseeing Base


Satou's here. When I hear about personal airplane, I imagine it to be a special high performance craft, but in actuality, I think that that person in question would have customized it so much that it'd be a [hard to use by other people] airframe. Mass-produced airplanes are the best after all.

"It's the seaaaaaaaa!"
"Sea nanodesu!"

With Arisa in swimsuits leading, Tama and Pochi who are also in swimsuits run on the sandy beach toward the sea.

I see them while relaxing on a beach chair.

"Pochi Tama, Boost On!"
"Aye aye sir nanodesu!"

Pochi and Tama run on the sea surface while lifting Arisa from both sides.
Apparently, they've mastered the technique Liza used to walk on the water surface back then.

"This is fun nodesu!"

I reach my hand to the side table while looking at those energetic children.
I put the straw of the cooled tropical drink in my mouth and lightly suck it, the flavor of summer spreads in my mouth.

"Pochi, balance~"
"Ah, nanodesu."

Over at the sea, Pochi couldn't maintain her water surface float, Tama and Arisa whose legs were entangled with Pochi's tumbled together, and lastly the three made a huge water splash.

"Are you alright?"
"Uy.... I thought I'm gonna die."
"It's Master nanodesu!"

Being called back by Unit Arrangement, the three are sitting under the beach parasol in their own style each.
Tama is wearing pink-colored separate swimsuits, Pochi's swimsuit has the same model as Tama's but they're yellow. Tama's is of the skirt type, Pochi's is of the short pant type.

Arisa is wearing an old school swimsuit model.
Of course, there's a tag written with [Arisa] sewn on the chest area.
She's devoted to the cliche like always.

In addition, their swimsuits are made from the newly developed expensive synthetic fiber.
Using the information I got from Lost Knowledge skill, I made it from crude oil found in the underground labyrinth.

It seems like it'd become the target of the god's punishment, so I don't intend to popularize it.

"Satou, look."

Mia appeared wearing white and light blue stripped bikini, and twirled once.
Her hair which is usually in twintail style is bundled like Zena-san's, it feels fresh.

"Yup, you look cute."

When I honestly praised her, Mia clung to my neck.

I put the glass on the side table.

"Tama too~"
"Pochi wants to stick together too!"
"W-wait, that's unfair!"

--The children jumped at me mimicking Mia.

I stop their momentum with [Magic Hand], catching the three gently.
It goes without saying that I put Arisa in a position where she can't sexually harass me.

"Everyone, you're troubling Master you know?"

The one who told everyone to be prudent was Lulu who's wearing a monokini with a cardigan on the top.
Her back and shoulder line can't be seen due to the cardigan, but her belly button and cleavage are peeking from the gap, the immoral feeling is overflowing.

Yup, I'm glad that I stopped Arisa from making Lulu wear the [Maid School Swimsuit].

"Master, completed the transportation of the swim ring and the beach ball, so I report."

From behind Lulu, Nana appeared while carrying a large quantity of play equipment.
Unfortunately, due to the plot of the impregnable fortress pair, Nana is not wearing bikini but a one-piece type swimsuit.

Although, as the consequence of her plain swimsuit, Nana's breasts look like it'll burst open from the inside, asserting themselves.
I think they should assert themselves that boldly from now on.

In addition, Nana's slaves, Shiro and Crow aren't here since they've gone to school.
The plan is for them to commute to the school from Pendragon Mansion during our sightseeing tour. In the future, I want to establish schools in the labyrinth city or Muno city, and have those girls be the teachers.

"Ah, it's Liza nanodesu!"

Pochi who's checking the water spray at the sea shouts out while tilting her body.

Before long, Liza who's wearing a traditional sleeved swimsuit comes from the sea while carrying a yellow object. The stripe pattern of orange and white hurt the eyes.

"Master, I have completed the test run of the banana boat."
"Was there any problem with the operation?"
"Yes, despite its high speed, the retention force of the seat appears to be low. In case of a battle, I'm afraid that there's a high possibility the passengers get thrown the sea."

Liza.... That's an equipment for playing.

"Then would you like to examine it once again to improve its performance?"
"As you wish."

While giving another drink to Liza who looked satisfied, I gave her a new instruction.
It looks like she likes the banana boat, she should play it again.

"Master, hoping to participate in the valuation of the battle boat."
"Tama too~?"
"Pochi wants to participate too nodesu!"

Nana, Tama, and Pochi looked at me with sparkling eyes, so I took out the second banana boat from my storage and gave it to Nana.

"You're not going Arisa?"
"Hm~, playing with those four sounds thrilling in a different meaning, so I'll go at it later."

Lulu quietly refused while smiling, so I only asked Arisa, and got such answer.

"Satou! The maidens have arrived~"

When I turn around, Hikaru who had come out of the Arabian Night-like palace shouted out loud to me.
Hikaru is wearing bikini with pareo. The bikini chest part is strictly guarded by something called tiered frills.

"Oh, it's Mito-tan. Hiding her desolate chest like that is a good decision isn't it."

Arisa pompously criticized Mito over my shoulders.

Since she stealthily stroked my chest,  I told her, "Sexual harassment is forbidden", and make her leave my shoulder.

"Arisa, come here. I have something to talk to you about."
"No nein, it was the evil concealed in this left arm..."

Led by hands, Lulu pulled Arisa away from the beach.
Recently, Lulu is strict with Arisa's sexual harassment, so she's probably going to remonstrate her.

I return my line of sight toward Mito, and greet Mito and the other four girls who came with her.
I had invited Sera, Zena-san and Lady Karina to the secret hideout before, but it's the first time for the last one.

The fourth person is not Aze-san, but Princess Shistina who's traveling together with us in the sightseeing tour.
Unlike Zena-san and the three other girls, I can't trust her unconditionally, so I've made her to rigidly keep my secret with [Contract] skill.

Actually I wanted the Princess to go indignant when I talked about [Contract] skill, but for some reason she gleefully accepted it.

Of course I haven't disclosed as much information as with the other girls.
I've talked about the fact that I'm a [Hero] and the [Owner of Echigoya Firm], so even though she's accompanying the tour, my movement shouldn't get annoyingly restricted.

In addition, about this [Contract] skill, the maximum punishment in case of violation seems to differ in accordance to the skill level, in the case of maximum level like mine, it seems that she could end up in dying state. I tried it with a death penalty crime slave, so there's no mistake about it.
Of course, I can adjust the punishment level, so I didn't set it at such a terrible setup.

While I was recalling such circumstance, a lone girl stepped out among the embarrassed group.

"Satou-san does it look good on me?"

The one who honestly asked was Sera with a slightly reddened face.
The white bikini with stringless shoulder is truly dazzling.

Her white legs that are usually hidden under the miko outfit are wonderful.
Even though they're hidden by a long pareo, they still give off neat and clean charm.

"Yes, they look really good on you."

As I praise her, her face reddens more, and let alone her ears, her shoulders even redden.

"It's a bit embarrassing, but I'm happy to hear Satou-san saying that."

If she showed such a bashful smile when it was just the two of us, I'm afraid that I'd inadvertently push her down.

Zena-san standing beside her was looking like she wanted to say something, so I praise her, "It really suits Zena-san too."

"T-thank you."

Seeing her fidgeting, trying to hide her body with her arms almost makes me feels strange.
Her swimsuit is the sharp-looking one normally used for swimming race. It looks like a high-leg leotard, so it looks really good on Zena-san and her beautiful legs.

Maybe it's my imagination, but I feel glancing eyes since awhile ago.

Apparently, these secluded young women have no resistance against males in their swim wear.
The reason why these girls look embarrassed is not because of their swimsuits, but the problem seems to be with mine.

"....I-it's shameful desuwa!"

Lady Karina who objected is not wearing a swimsuit but a normal dress.

It's a natural thing to say with the ethic of Shiga Kingdom.
However, due to the thin fabric, Lady Karina's splendid silhouette is transparent from the bright sunlight, since it looks more erotic than swimsuits, I think she lacks persuasive power.

"Yes, I only recommended it because they're convenient attires for playing by the sea. I won't force you to wear them, please don't worry."

I told so to Lady Karina who shouted more due to her shame than resentment.
Rather, I was surprised that Sera and Zena-san appeared wearing swimsuits.

"Ara? Exposing your body to your future husband is not a shameful thing to do you know?"

Admonishing Lady Karina is Princess Shistina who's wearing a silk-made long gown.
Her statement is slightly troubling, but following after deaf protagonists' step, I wonderfully ignore it.

"Fu-future, husband--"

Lady Karina whose face is as red as a lobster seems to have reached the climax of her embarrassment by muttering that much, she runs off to the palace while leaving dust of cloud.
Of course I use my magic to put back the blown sand so it won't scatter away.

Swish, hearing that sounds, I turn my line of sight back to the princess.
The princess untie her sash sexily, her transparent silk gown drops down to the sand.

What appear behind it are tube top separate swimsuits.
When a princess wears it, it gives off the immoral feeling of corset.

I say some words of praise toward the princess who's taking a pose while emanating the [Praise me] aura, and then offer her the beach chair beside me.

When I rang the bell on the side table, little figures jumped out of the palace.

"Have you called, Master!"
"How may I help you?"
"Please order anything you want."

The little girls who look like pre-school students are looking at me while waiting for the order.

"Please get enough drinks and assorted fruits for the people here."
"Please wait for a bit!"

The little girls who are wearing Arabian Night style servant clothes go back to the palace as fast as the wind.
Those girls are the brownies I've hired to take care of the palace.

They look like little girls, but every one of them is a fully adult woman.
They're of the same race as the manager of the labyrinth city's [Ivy Mansion], Leriril. Their performances are a bit below Leriril, but since there are a lot of them, I've left them to take care of not only the palace, but this whole secret hideout.
The facilitator of these brownies is Leriril's aunt, Loriril. She looks like a little girl outwardly, but it seems she's more than 100 year old.

And then, the last guest appears together with the addition of the tropical drinks.

"Satou-san. I've finished setting up the barrier."

Yuika in a white kimono walks on the white sandy beach.
The white skin that looks like snow peeking from the kimono sleeves and the nape is dazzling.

In addition, her short horn peculiar of a goblin is hidden behind a bandana.

"Thank you. I'm sorry for leaving it all to you."

I offered her a chair while apologizing.
I asked her to set up the barrier since I heard it'd take several days to do it and there wasn't anyone around me that could do it, but it completed faster than planned.
Leaving the job to other people while I'm having something like a vacation surrounded by beauties, I feel slightly awkward.

Although, Yuika herself doesn't seem to mind such a thing.

"This wand is amazing. The range expansion performance is higher than a holy wand."
"That's because it's a specialized wand--"

I stop Yuika who's submitting the wand to me with my hand.

"--If it's alright with you, please take it. I've adjusted it for Yuika-san, so I'd be glad if you use it."
"Y-Yes. I'll be using it regularly."

Yuika smiles while holding the emerald green wand, looking so happy.

I asked her to create the anti-god barrier for three areas of the secret hideout.
Every area is a sub-space created with my forbidden spell [Another World].

One of them is this southern island where everyone is right now as the base.
At first I planned to use the island itself as the secret hideout, but dangerous creatures of the sea never decreased no matter how many times we eliminated them, so I copied that island into a sub-space.
Thus, even a defenseless princess can enjoy this beach worry-free.

In addition, this sub-space only contain the island that's as large as the Awajima island and sea that's five times the island's size.

The second area is a farm area with Oyugock Dukedom's terrain as the base.
This one has virgin forest besides the center part where the portal is, so it needs to be developed from now on.
The size is as big as the original dukedom. It also has the sea, so cultivating marine products seems possible.

And the third one is the desert area for training and experimenting.
It uses the desert to the west of the Labyrinth City Selbira as the base, so I can test magic as much as I want.
There's only a few magic among the forbidden spells that I can't use there.

Having such circumstance, we don't have to worry about the god's punishment even though we're wearing swimsuits made from synthetic fiber of modern age.
I can't thank you Yuika enough.

After introducing Yuika to everyone, Hikaru asked her doubtfully.

"I probably mistakes you with someone else, but are you maybe the 『Queen of Onikin』 Folnis?"

Apparently, Hikaru seems to know an old personality of Yuika who has multiple personalities.
Looks like that remark became the impetus, Yuika's oldest personality, Yuika 3 appeared.

If I'm not mistaken, Folnis is the chuuni name of Yuika 3.

"--What's this, aren't you Yamato? Have you come out of the barrier already? Didn't you say, 『I'll sleep until my destined person wakes me up with a kiss』?"
"De-destined person--"

Looks like the barrier that protected Hikaru's cold sleep was Yuika's handiwork.

Leaving that aside, Hikaru. Don't say that troublesome remark while pointing your finger at me.
See, everyone is looking at me like I'm a cheating man.

I felt like it'd be dangerous if I left it alone, so I told Yuika, "She's a childhood friend and a co-worker of mine", and ended the strange conversation.

"Fumu, if this keeps up, the current Yuika would be at a disadvantage noja."

Glancing at Lulu and Sera, Yuika 3 asked, "Satou, give me swimsuits", so I gave several that looked like it'd fit Yuika.
Yuika 3 used her barrier skill to make a substitute locker room and changed her clothes.s

"How do I look, Satou!"
"It really suits you well."

Her chest covered in a halter neck top looked clearly more filled up than her real body I saw back then, but I don't have any intention of pointing that out.
It's done naturally, so the other girls don't notice it.

"--H-huh? Eh?! Why am I in this outfit? D-don't tell me it's the first generation-sama's doing?"

It seems her personality has returned, she's trying to hide her body with her arms in panic.
I don't blame her for panicking considering the degree of exposure suddenly rose.

I put on the parka that I wore to Yuika.

....I felt that the pressure from behind rose at that moment, but it must've been my imagination.

Including Yuika who had calmed down, everyone enjoyed the swimming and the sensation of the sea waves.

For some reason the sea has waves even though this is in the sub-space.
It must be like the image of the sun in the sky, it must be a part of the magic that composes the sub-space.

In addition, according to the head maid Loriril, Lady Karina came several times until the palace's entrance while wearing swimsuits, but it seemed she couldn't make her decision, and now she's curled up in her own room in the palace.
I plan to be in the beach in front of the palace for the time being, so I expect her to show off her swimsuit sooner or later.

"U~n, when you're playing on the beach, you'd crave not only the shaved ice and soft cream but also the [Garnish-less Curry], the [Stretching Ramen], the [Violent Roasted Squid with Burning Soy Sauce Smell], the [Immoral Yakisoba], and the [Sacrilegious Roasted Corn]."

Arisa declared so while eating the shaved ice with strawberry syrup.
There were some weird ornaments in the end, but since it's Arisa, there's no deep meaning to it.

Pochi, Tama and Mia ate too fast, they're holding their foreheads in agony.
Since Lulu has warned it beforehand, the other girls are enjoying the coldness slowly.

"I didn't prepare them since they don't match the vacation in the southern island. Why don't we play in 『Beach House』 set next time?"
"Un, then, let's do watermelon breaking!"

That sounds really fun.

Some tactless beeping interrupted such fun time.
The communication linked on the Menu is coming from the trial unmanned airship.

I tap on the caller's mark and connect the call.

『Master. The target point, Labyrinth City Selbira has been captured in the visual. We will arrive in 30 minutes. Requesting your return to the captain's seat.』

I shortly replied to the [Scarecrow 10] the cruise golem that's steering the airship.
The scarecrow's voice is like the old voice synthesizer software, the intonation is awkward.

I compiled the source of the scarecrow's voice by asking one of Echigoya Firm's slave maids.
I thought of using Lulu's or Tifaliza's voice, but they were too busy it was not possible.

"It seems the airship is going to arrive at Selbira soon. Please change your clothes and wait at the entrance."

I tell so to everyone and then go back to the captain seat with Unit Arrangement ahead of them.

"Give me the steering report."
『Cruise test all green. Recorded maximum speed is 300 KM/H. It could reach higher speed, but taking account of the remaining magic power, I ended the test there. Continuing on--』

While listening to the scarecrow which I had left to take care of the bridge, I clean the ocean water with purification magic.

This personal airship is installed with the new type of aerodynamic engine that Prof. Jahad has developed, it's equipped with the function to alter the aerodynamic engine's buoyancy into thrusting force during the cruise.
Its only flaw is that the mileage is bad, so it can't be installed in an airships that use the general-purpose magic furnace.
In addition, it can go even faster if it uses the booster, but since it needs magic power supply from me, I didn't use it during the automatic test.

I change to my usual noble clothes with Quickdress, and look outside through the window that's made of a thin piece of glass-like object.

"It seems there were some bird strikes, but the window doesn't seem to have any scratch."
『Yes, Master. I recommend deploying the defensive curtain [Screen Shield] during the flight.』
"Okay. I approve it."

I approved the scarecrow's suggestion.

This window is made of synthetic diamond, so it'd be fine even against normal bird strikes, but it's probably going to get damaged if it runs into beetle type monsters.

Diamond is weak against heat though, so it might be a good idea to shave the whale's crystalline lens and turn it into the canopy.

In addition, this window was made using the original magic [Charcoal to Diamond] that I remodeled from the advanced magic [Flesh to Stone].
Creating diamonds from charcoals without high temperature-pressure, truly magic.

There's also [Sand to Glass] magic sub-type.
There were glass windows in the house created by [Create House] back then, I made the magic from that code library.

Making use of this code, I also made transparent corundrum from aluminium oxide from bauxite.

Securing the bauxite was annoying, but since it's possible to mine it in the island where the palace island is modeled after, it should be easy from now on.
I should be able to make sapphire and ruby if I can add color to it.

The composition of emerald is complex, so I haven't started on that one.

『Master, entering the landing sequence. Please give me the instruction as soon as possible if you wish to change the landing site.』
"There's no change. Confirm the topography of the landing site."
『Aye aye sir.』

While confirming the ground's undulation, the airship lowers its altitude.
It's quite an excellent automatic navigation program.

Its experience level doesn't seem like it has crashed seven times near the Royal Capital.
There wasn't any dangerous scene for the past 10 days after all.

『Master, there are people in the landing site.』

It seems a lot of people have gathered to meet us before the Labyrinth City's Pendragon Mansion.
I order it to land on the farm near the mansion.

I peek at the ground using [Clairvoyance] and [Clairhearing].

"Uwah, it's an airship!"
"It's a small airship."
"I wonder if master is riding in that?"
"It's landing here instead of the usual place for the airships, so that must be true right?"
"Then, Arisa-chan is in there."
"Nana-shama too?"
"She'll call us young organisms?"
"She will surely hug young organisms."
"I'll ask Pochi-san and Tama-san for the souvenirs from the Royal Capital."
"I'll get knocked down silly by Liza-san after a long while!"
"Ah, I can finally listen to Mia-sama's music."

I'm glad that they're all welcoming. There was one strange thing mixed among them though....
There were many "Young Master~" for me too, but I'll be intruding them in the night anyway, so there's no need to pick it up.

I went back to the secret hideout's palace to pick everyone up.
Initially I planned to link the gate to five places, [Palace Island], [Workshop Satellite], [Echigoya Absolute Secret Control Room], [Labyrinth Villa], and [Personal Airship], but since I haven't completed making the golem that would controls them, I'm working as the temporary transporter.
The reason why Boruenan Forest isn't included among them is to prevent the pixies from intruding in.

And then, the airship lands in the meadow.

The plan is for the Pendragon Team and Lady Karina to get off at the labyrinth city.
After finishing our business in the labyrinth city, I, Sera, the princess, and Zena-san are going to depart for the journey.

Of course that's the official story.

In actuality, we can come and go freely using the gate, so everyone is going to raise their level during the journey, and once we arrive at the touring spots, everyone is going to enjoy the sightseeing together.
The labyrinth group will be in two different places, but this world has no real time information network like in the modern Japan, so even if the rumor spreads, using the airship to transport them during their labyrinth exploration should work as an excuse.

In addition, Hikaru, or rather, Duchess Mito is staying in the Royal Capital. Her setting is that she's a frail woman living in the Duke Mitsukuni mansion in the Royal Capital, so there will be almost no problem even if she's absence.
Since the king and the prime minister know Mito's true identity, they should understand it all as "As expected of Ancestor King-sama."

"Welcome back, Viscount-sama."

While greeting Ms. Miteruna and little girl maids, I salute to my acquaintances flooding the mansion.
I'd take the whole day if I were to great everyone, so I greet them adequately, and then go to where the authorities of the labyrinth city are gathering while only bringing Sera and the princess.

Since we're only going to stay for two days in the labyrinth city, let's do this quick!

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