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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13 SS5

SS: Southern Island


"Eh~, the southern island isn't at the sea?"
"That's right. I haven't finished the reclamation, so if you wore swimsuits there, you'd have a bad time dealing with the bugs and the beach creatures."

When I told Arisa who came in swimsuit and swim ring like I was threatening her, the youth troupe who entered the room following Arisa turned right back to change their clothes.
I could use magic to defend against it as much as they like, but I decided not to say it.
We can play on the shore after I've prepared the sandy beach.

"Boo boo!"
"Don't complain with boo boo, go change your clothes. Once the reclamation is over, I'll prepare it so that we can have a vacation with swimsuits there."
"Ho~i. ....Don't forget your promise okay?"

Arisa went out of the room unwillingly.
It's unfortunate that I can't see the charming swimsuits of the youth troupe, but there will be many chances from now on, so let's postpone the fun for later.

"This is the southern island after all."

I think it's around 38 degree?
It's only like an extremely hot day in Japan, so I think it's actually rather cool for this equatorial island.

"I feel like eating watermelon."

Arisa who's wearing explorer-like clothes made a request while looking like a dog during an extremely hot day.
I have a lot of watermelon stocked up from Boruenan Village, I'll take some out once the preparation for the reclamation is complete.

"Pochi wants to eat pineapple nodesu."

Tama and Pochi point their fingers to different directions while their noses are sniffing.
Looking at the map, I saw that Tama pointed at bananas, and Pochi was toward pineapples. Both of them have good noses.

"Private Tama, Private Pochi!"
"Yes! Nanodesu"

When I called, the two saluted back in military style.

"Using mowing equipment, constuct the Banana Highway and the Pineapple Line!"
"Aye aye sir~"
"Roger nanodesu."

The two took out huge orichalcum sickles out of their magic bags and equipped them.
They were spirited enough it was as if there was a clink sound.

"There is no road in front of Pochi as it will be behind Pochi nodesu."

Moving at a speed that would put lawnmowers to shame, the two began to make way while pushing their way through the jungle grass.

"Isn't it faster if Master does it with magic?"

Arisa's opinion is correct, but using magic is too easy it's boring.

While chewing the cooled watermelon and pineapple, we go around the unpopulated island on an open-type flying board.
At first we were exploring on foot, but on top of not having fun obstacles like bottomless swarms or wild beasts, there were a lot of mosquitoes and bugs in the thickets, so Arisa snapped.
It would have been fine if she was just making noise while grumbling, but we had to stop the on-foot exploration since she was going to burn down the whole island.

"Swish swish~. Summer means watermelon after all."

Arisa who's spitting the seeds while biting the red watermelon has a smile on her whole face.
Looks like she's back in good mood.

"Agreeing with Arisa, so I declare. Launching the seeds is fun, delightful."

Nana bites the watermelon with a serious face.
The fruit juice running along her cheeks to her breasts looks sexy.

"Master, please wipe it, so I appeal."
"Sure thing."

Looks like she doesn't like sensation of the fruit juice, Nana asks while pulling her front neck with one hand.
I readily consent and take out a handkerchief from the Storage--.

"Sure thing. NOT!"

Arisa barked toward the sky while repeating my words.

"Arisa, you'd fall down if you stood up suddenly. Master, I'll do it for you, so please lend me the handkerchief."

While scolding Arisa, Lulu quickly took the handkerchief from my hand and wiped Nana's chests on my place.
Lulu was between Nana and me when she was wiping it, so I couldn't peek at the fascinating valley.

--Lulu, what a frightening girl.

When I was imitating Arisa in my mind somehow, Mia came to me.

"Satou, a~n."
"Thank you, Mia. The pineapple is good too isn't it."
"Nn, good."

I chew the pineapple that Mia fed me.
The pineapples in this island have pretty good balance between sourness and sweetness. I feel that it's far more delicious than the pineapples circulating in the Royal Capital and the Duchy Capital.

"Pineapples are delingerous nanodesu!"
"It is, isn't it."

I agree to Pochi who's delightfully holding pineapple skewers on both hands.
Apart from that, Pochi. You mixed up delicious and dangerous you know?

The bananas that Tama brought were still green, so I made it ripe with an original customized version of the darkness magic's [Decay]. Magic really is convenient.

"Ooh, the green banana became yellow?!"

Seeing that, Arisa raised a surprised of voice with round eyes.
She likes to exaggerate like usual.

"Pineapples are tasty, but so do bananas nanodesu."
"Nn, agree."

Beside everyone who's eating the bananas, Arisa made a cliche gag, "Do bananas count as snack?", and failed hard.

Since eating them just like that would be tiresome, I tried making banana shakes.
The shakes were very popular, but I ended up having to make watermelon shakes and pineapple shakes too.

"By the way, is it alright to leave Liza-san alone?"

Arisa asked while looking at Liza who was playing around with the sea monsters.
Looks like Liza is making use of magic armor to create magic snow-shoes to float on the sea.

It seems Liza will master Sky Drive before long.

"Strange. I asked Liza to help power-leveling Zena-san and the others on the shore."

There's no way that Liza would get tired and went to play around, she must have a reason for it.

"Ah, look look! She's waiting until Zena-san and the others have finished defeating the monster on the shore, and then lures another to them."

Arisa told the situation while pointing below.
I see, she's managing the monsters to make them fight Zena-san and the others in turn.

Liza is fit to be an excellent manager.

On the shore, Zena-san and Sera-san act as the rear guard while Lady Karina is the vanguard.
The front line can't be hold by just Lady Karina who's an attacker alone, so I've deployed 10 sand golems as their shields.

After encouraging Zena-san, Sera-san and Lady Karina who were doing their best on the ground, we went back to go around the island, I made the reclamation plan while holding the map on one hand.
There's an island as big as Awajima island in the large inlet, I'm planning to make a harbor and dwelling houses near the inlet.

"Might as well make a palace! One that's like the one in the Arabian Night."

Fumu, the one with fresh cream on top of it?
I'll ask Arisa to draw it later.

The other girls also give their varying opinion.

"House of cake."
"House of meat~?"
"House of hamburg steak is nice nodesu!"
"Master, house of stuffed toy is good so I appeal."

It's not clear which remark is whose, but they're imaginative ideas befitting of children.

"I'd like to have an oven and a steam cooker in the kitchen. I don't mind if there's no washing machine, but I'd be happy if there's a garden with roof so I can air laundry even during rainy days."

Only Lulu gave a realistic opinion.
She's as reliable as a housewife who's buying a house.

When we went back to the shore to meet Liza and the others as the sun fell, Zena-san and the others were lying on the shade of trees.
It doesn't seem like a heat stroke, it's probably the level-up intoxication.

"There's a lot of meat, it's exciting nanodesu!"
"I'll help~"
"Pochi will also help with the dismantling nodesu."

Tama and Pochi ran toward Liza who was draining blood and dismantling the large amount of monsters in the shore.
Today, the dinner changed to barbecue in the shore, we ate the fresh seafood and the marine delicacy with relish.

Thus, we forgot about the busy days in the royal capital, and fully enjoyed the vacation that harked back to summer holiday.

Now then, it's back to work tomorrow.
I'll get fired up and work hard!

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