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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14-5

14-5. Yowok Kingdom (2)


Satou's here. Meeting relatives during homecoming after a long while is fun. However, according to my childhood friend, it was the penance time for marriage bashing, she grumbled.

I investigate the detailed information of the demon lord that I found in the [Goblin Labyrinth] under Yowok Kingdom's royal castle.

Besides the [Demon Lord] title, the demon lord has some other strange titles, such as [Gambling Addict], [Debt King], [Good-for-Nothing Father].
His race is [Great Oni Kin (Ogre)], level 55 and only one Unique Skill, [All-or-Nothing].
I've heard that having only one Unique Skill rarely turns one into a demon lord, so he probably had two initially, one which was given to Shin boy, [Master Wizard].

Liza alone might be able to defeat him right now.

In addition, I don't see any greater demon and there's only one mid demon on stand-by near the demon lord.
There are lesser demons situated in labyrinth management rooms located in floor 10 to 30, with each room having one demon. It's like a masterpiece dungeon game from years ago.

This labyrinth is mostly occupied by demi-goblins and rat-type monsters, there are also demi ogres, first time I've seen the type, prowling in the deeper floors.

Looking at it from an explorer's point of view, this is an extremely unprofitable labyrinth. You can only get money from magic cores and hides from the rat-type monsters.
Perhaps it's because of that the adventurers in this labyrinth generally have low levels.

Most are less than level 30, and the only ones higher than that is the party that have gotten to floor 48.
It seems that other parties besides that one are only on par with up-to level 20 enemies in floor 29. The reason is probably the level 40 Demi Ogre Rift mid boss in floor 30.

"There he is!"
"Are we really going to kill him?"
"Of course! He almost killed us y'know?"

I heard familiar voices of boys and girl from behind.
Apparently, they've resentfully chased after me.

It's probably the effect of the girl's [Pursuit] skill.
They could just have become guards.

A strong-sounding monster, Demi Goblin Berserker, is approaching from the front, but it's only one monster and its level isn't that different from their levels. They should be able to do something about it if they're really adventurers.

I teleported to floor 48 where the farthest adventurer party is before both sides could get to me.
I want to recommend them to evacuate since there's a possibility they get swallowed up in my battle with the demon lord.

The party's leader is a level 53 magic warrior with [Hero's Attendant] as the title. I didn't know that there was such an old woman among Hayato's companions who are all young beauties.
Her companions are one level 36 holy knight, six heavy knights, two magicians, two priests, one scout and four baggage carriers. Leaving out the baggage carriers ,the average level is 31, quite high.

Looks like the top rankers are reasonably high leveled even though it's a labyrinth of a small kingdom.

They'd be surprised if I suddenly teleported in front of them, so I went to the room two rooms away from them.
The reason why I didn't go to the adjacent room is because the slave baggage carriers are there.

"Did it break through master's monster barrier?!"

The moment I stepped into the room where the slaves were, I got attacked with small fireballs as though I was a monster.
Looks like they have fire wands for self-defense.

I ignore the fireballs, move before the slaves with Ground Shrink, and take the dangerous toys away from them.

"Calm down. I am a human."

Hearing me, the slaves promptly jumped back and took the short spears leaning on the mountain of baggage.
Since their levels are more than 20 and they have spear and life magic skill, they're probably reasonably confident with their skills.

I can beat them up first before talking to them, but I'd feel guilty like I'm taking their spoils in the labyrinth.

"Show us your adventurer badge."

I followed their demand and threw them the adventurer badge I just made.

"F rank adventurer?!"
"Tsk, a fake adventurer badge huh!"

Looks like they've become needlessly more wary even though I followed their demand.


The luminous point of a heavy knight in the next room has disappeared.
There were only one Demi Ogre Lord and two Demi Ogre Guards in the room they were in before but now 30 Demi Ogre Executioners have appeared before I knew it.

It's probably the demon lord's doing as the [Dungeon Master], but he's too eager to kill them.

"Sorry, but there's no more time to play around."

While saying that to the slaves, I neutralize them with the inter-personal suppression magic, [Sound Pressure].

I instantaneously move to the locked door that connects to the next room, and forcefully kick it.
It was a bit rough, but using unlocking magic would be too slow, so there was no helping it.

"Zana, withdraw while protecting Jeff's back!"
"Blum-baasan too, quick!"
"Who's a baasan!"
<TLN: Baasan means old woman.>

They're still struggling hard even while being surrounded by three-meter tall demi ogres wielding pitch black axes. Unfortunately, another one of the luminous points disappeared.

The old female magic warrior called Blum aims for the demi ogres legs' tendon to slow down their pursuit using a greatsword with blue blade.
I thought it was a holy sword for an instant, but since it's emitting red light, it's probably a kind of magic sword.

"Torin and Silje, fight with me against these axe monkeys."
"You serious."
"I got the short end of the stick."
"I'll give you one bag of gold coins for every ogre you defeated, get on to it!"

Now then, I'm sorry for them who have gotten fired up, but I'll clean this up quick.

I mark the positions of the demi ogres on the map.
Invoke intermediate earth magic [Iron Toss].
Telephone pole-sized iron cones appear from below the demi ogres, skewering them one after another.

Hoarse screams of the demi ogres are echoing in the hall, but it doesn't look like I'm getting any language skill.

"Wha, magic?!"

Looking at the screaming demi ogres that raised cloud of dust and the iron cones beyond the dust, Ms. Blum turned to look behind while voicing her surprise.
Yet none stops their feet moving toward here, probably to get themselves away from the carnage.

The screams disappear before long, I see skewered bodies behind the cloud of dust.

It's not a scene I really want to see, so I extend my [Magic Hand] and collect their bodies along with the iron cones into the Storage.

I left the bodies of demi ogre guards that they've defeated and demi ogre lord that should have been defeated alone.

"Did you defeat them?"
"That's right. It might have been an unnecessary meddling, but I have some business here you see."
"No, you really saved us."

Ms. Blum Julberg talks like a man, but she's quite a beauty.
She's more than 88 years old, I'd have loved to meet her 60 years ago.

According to the map info, it seems she's the mother of Zeff Julberg, the chief of Shiga Eight Swords.

"Are you the new apostle or the new hero of Saga Empire?"
"No. I have a question too, are you not the attendant of Hero Hayato?"
"Hahn? Me, that brat Hayato's attendant? What a joke."

Apparently, I've guessed wrongly.

"I'm an attendant of the previous hero."

By previous, that means the one who fought the demon lord 66 years ago.
Still being in active duty when she's nearing her 90, that's amazing.

"Hou, one of the heroes who exterminated the demon lord huh--are the others still active too?"
"No way. The only ones alive are the saintess Riri and the elf Sea. Riri has grown old that she rarely goes out of the holy sanctuary, Sea is fine but she's retired now and should be working to earn her keep. That girl never liked fighting after all."

By Sea I wonder if it's Sebelkea of the labyrinth city?
The head miko of Tenion temple said that she was an attendant of the previous hero, so the saintess Riri must be her. She probably got the name, [Yu Tenion] when she became the head miko.

When I was considering such a thing, one of her companion reservedly called her.

"Blum-baasan, Kiru and Gotz couldn't make it."
"I see.... Those two were excellent shield users."

The young male scout who checked their death companions reported with a grim face.

"There's no way we can challenge the 『Dungeon Master』 without any shield user."
"Right, even if Blum-baasan is strong--"

Two spear users made timid remarks, but I think their levels aren't enough to challenge the [Dungeon Master] even if they're at full party.

Before all that, the opponent is not a common [Dungeon Master] but a demon lord though.

"Zana, use the 『Teleport』 scroll and take everyone back."

After contemplating, Ms. Blum ordered one of the knights.
Looks like they're preparing to escape from the labyrinth.

"What's Blum-baasan going to do?"
"I'll go see the 『Dungeon Master』 with this white-haired nii-san."
"Don't be absurd, Blum-baasan. You can't win with two people no matter how powerful of a magician that person is."

Somehow they're continuing the conversation without me.

"Wait, I do not intend to take you along."
"I'm useful you know? My swordsmanship is as good as a Shiga Eight Swords, and my lightning magic won't lose to the old man Lightning from Seryuu Earldom. In addition, I can even use holy magic up to intermediate level."

Does a level 50s have that many skills?

....It might be possible with blessing orbs or gifts.

"That's amazing, but you're just a drag."
"You want to see my skill?"

She's quite quick to snap.

"Why do you want to see the 『Dungeon Master』 that much?"
"In order to ascertain whether this labyrinth's master is a demon lord or not--"
"What are you going to do once you're certain?"
"Isn't it obvious. I'll send that information to the current generation Hero."

I see, she's not someone suicidal who wants to seek her place of death by fighting the demon lord.
Looking at her level, it should be quite a close battle, but since demon lords use unreasonable cheating techniques, you can't fight them unless you have a certain leeway.
However, she did arrive here, right before the battle site after all, she has the qualification to at least see the demon lord.

"Very well. I will take only you."
"Thank you. I'm Blum Julberg. I'll thank you plenty once we get back on the ground."

Once it was settled, her companions teleported away one after another, leaving most of their baggage.
Due to the limit of the scroll, they didn't teleport to the ground, but to the safe area in floor 29.

"Now then, let's--what're you doing?"
"This is a scarecrow for scouting a bit."

Blum-baasan who came back from taking some baggage outside the hall tilted her head in puzzlement looking at a full body armor in front of me.
This armor is a spare from the time when I was making bronze golems.

I use this with [Create Golem] magic to turn it into a golem.
In addition, I put a disguise mask and a casted holy sword on it, complete.

I'm thinking of teleporting this to the Dungeon Master Room where the demon lord is with the space magic [Teleport an Object] to check the demon lord's Unique Skill.
It might be too cautious against a level 50 demon lord, but his Unique Skill's name [All-or-Nothing] sounds ominous, so this is just an insurance.

"■■■■■■■ .... ■■ Teleport an Object"

Once my long chanting is over, the scout golem disappared from the room.
Next, I use [Clairvoyance] and [Clairhearing] magic chantlessly to share the scout golem's sight and hearing.

There I see--.

"--Uwaaaaaaaa. G-go away! You damn hero! I-I'm--AAAAAAAAAH!"

I can hear the demon lord who sounds like he's gone mad through the magic.
I saw a Japanese-style ogre (oni) with violet-colored body hair shrinking away as if he was afraid of the bronze scarecrow. The demon lord's eyes are fixated on the casted holy sword.

The demon lord's body is wrapped in violet light--.

Afterward, light covers my view through the Clairvoyance, and a bursting-like explosion can be heard through the Clairhearing.

"W-what? This sound and vibration--looks like there's really a demon lord here."

Ms. Blum shows a fearless smile and then she begins to put support magic on herself and me.

However, that was a pointless action.
I look at the sentence that appeared on my log.

>Title [Demon Lord Slayer 『Great Oni King』] Acquired.

Apparently the demon lord has blown himself.
Since I saw a violet light through Clairvoyance, I hurriedly jumped to the Dungeon Master Room with [Teleport] magic chantlessly.

『Tat' old fart dun' and blew 'imself. Ya can't win if ya ble』

I cut the [God's Fragment], who was floating away toward the roof while grumbling, with the Divine Sword.
After confirming that the violet light has been absorbed into the Divine Sword, I put the sword back to the Storage.

The mid demon that was in this room seems to have been killed in the demon lord's explosion, a broken dark red magic core is lying on the corner of the room.

Two huge spheres are lying on one part of the room.
According to AR reading, they're a [Fake Core] and a [Doom Core].
Since the Fake Core is scattering sparks like it's going to explode and the Doom Core begins to spill black mist that looks cursed, I quickly stow them away into my Storage.

If I'm not mistaken according to Arisa a [Dungeon Core] should be in the room of the [Dungeon Master], but it doesn't seem to be here.

Right when I put the [Doom Core] into the storage, red luminous points lit up in the next room.
According to the map, they're a [King Mummy] and several [Mummies].
Even though it's a King Mummy, it doesn't seem to be related with Corpse who's living in Selbira labyrinth's lower layer.

....Arisa's family huh.

I set foot into the next room.

<TLN: Written in latin on the raw, it sounds like "damn you" in Japanese.>

The mummies are approaching me while letting out voices of resentment.

Unfortunately, conversation doesn't seem to be possible even though he's a King Mummy like Corpse is.
I thought of cremating them with fire magic [Fire Storm], but I should ask Sera to purify them with advanced magic.

After reporting to Ms. Blum and taking her to the Dungeon Master Room through the normal route, she believed me just like that.
She was surprised to see me using magic chantlessly, but she was convinced that I'm a reincarnated person by her own volition.

I sent her back to her companions now that she had completed her objective, and then I went away to handle the remaining business.

Now that I've defeated the demon lord who was the [Dungeon Master], it seems I've become the ruler of this labyrinth, and I can move here with Unit Arrangement.
Taking advantage of this, I eliminated the remaining lesser demons and collected the documents written in [Devil Language] that were in their rooms.

Using Unit Arrangement, I move to Selbira's labyrinth where Sera and the others are.


Sera who's noticed me gracefully steps toward me.
The princess and Lady Karina are sitting on simple chairs being exhausted from level up intoxication, while Zena-san is looking after them.

"Master, we have completed the quota of this room."
"Master, hoping for supply through magic power circulation."

Liza who burned the hiding cockroaches with magic edge cannon and Nana who smashed them with shotgun-type acceleration gun reported back.

"Thank you for your work. Let's have a lunch."

After telling that, I take everyone back to the solitary island palace.
I canceled the permanent teleport gate.

Without telling what happened in the morning, we all enjoyed a delightful lunch.

"Arisa, Lulu, and also Sera-san, can I have your time for a bit."
"This is quite rare of Master."

I show the adventurer badge to Arisa who looks curious.

"T-this is an adventurer badge! I want one too! Hey hey, where--"

Her expression froze when she saw the branded mark [Yowok Kingdom Labyrinth Bureau Adventurer Guild] behind the badge.

"So you went there. To that labyrinth..."
"Yeah, and I have something to talk about that--"

I tell her about the mummies.

"So I'd like to ask Sera-san to purify them."
"Yes, please leave it to me."

Sera who guessed the mood purposefully said it in a bright tone.

"Arisa and Lulu, what do you want to do? I'll take you along if you want to see them, but if it's hard for you, you can just visit the graves once it's all over."
"Un, I'm going. It's the duty of the living to mourn the dead."
"I'm going too. I had only ever talked with the king a few times, but he's still Arisa's and my father."

Arisa clearly asserted her wish to go with us after wiping her tears with her arm.
Lulu who comforted Arisa nodded while supporting her.

"Then, let's go."

I take the three to the labyrinth's underground with Unit Arrangement.

"Hey, Sera-sama. Could you please recite the 『Requiem』 spell once?"
"Why? I have to use a lot of magic power for 『Requiem』, so I won't be able to use it until tomorrow if I use it even once you know?"

Sera frowned to Arisa's sudden question.

"I'm asking you too."
"I cannot refuse if it's Satou-san's request."

I somehow understood what Arisa wanted to do, so I asked for her too.
Even if it doesn't turn out as Arisa wishes, I can just supply magic power and ask Sera once again.

Sera ends her requiem-like long spell.

"--Un, I've memorized it."

Arisa sheepishly muttered.

"Then, let's go."

I hold Arisa's shoulders and go to the room where the mummies are waiting.

"It's been a while Father. --Not like I've ever called you that. However, I want to call you 'father', not 'your majesty', in the end. Onii-chans too, forgive me for being late."

I hold back the mummies with the advanced force magic [Magic Arm].
I drain magic power of the mummies who are going to use magic sometimes, and destroy the attack magic that have been successfully invoked with Break Magic.

"It's fine today right?"

After finishing her farewell, Arisa looked up at me to check.
When I consented, Arisa muttered "Thank you".

Two violet light ripples ran on Arisa's body.

It's probably the Unique Skills [Never Give Up] and [Over Boost].

I also choose some support magic like [Magic Boost] and [Magic Quality Up] from my Magic Column, and use them on Arisa.

"....■■ Requiem"

The room is basked in blue light once Arisa finishes the long spell.
The mummies stop moving and begin to fall apart, turning into golden sands.

I somehow see smiles on the mummy faces.

"Ah, father, mother.... Onii-chans too..."

Figures of the king, the queen and the princes that resemble Arisa can be seen overlapping the crumbling golden sands.
A kind-looking and a cheeky-looking princes wave their hands toward Arisa and then disappear.

I couldn't hear them, but I understand that they were saying that they love Arisa.
Thet king patted Arisa's head with his transparent hand, and then extended that hand toward Lulu.

"--Your Majesty?"

The king's soul showed a slightly lonely expression hearing Lulu, but he gently patted Lulu's head.

"Lulu, say Father."
"Y-yes. Father.... It feels strange somehow. Father, I and Arisa are living happily, so--"
"That's right! We're lovey-dovey with our beloved person everyday, so wait in heaven in peace!"

Joining Lulu, Arisa put up a bravado without even wiping her flooding tears.
The bodies of the two people are becoming more transparent while looking relieved.
Before they disappear, the king made a tapping gesture on my shoulder.

As their current guardian, I nodded to the king, and then the king and the queen disappeared while looking content.

"I wonder if they get to rest in peace?"
"Un, I'm sure that they're in peace. Mother is also waiting over there, so they must be alright."

Lulu nodded to Arisa's words.
Come to think of it, they told me that Lulu's mother, Lili died protecting them when the castle was attacked.

Arisa wanted to stop by, so we teleported to the public cemetery where Lulu's mother is resting with [Unit Arrangement] by seeing it through the retreat.
After praying and offering a bundle of flowers on the public cemetery where Lulu's mother is resting, we moved to one of the ruined windowed tower of Kubooku castle.
Apparently, Arisa was living in that tower during her imprisonment.

"Then I'll go to the tower, you can stroll the town. I'll contact you with 『Telephone』 magic once I'm done."
"Should I help you carry them?"
"You can't. The tower is full of a maiden's secret."

Arisa disappeared into the tower with a bravado smile.
Her teleport destination is probably the tower's window.

I'm interested in what is left in the tower when she's down like that, but since she doesn't want to show me, I'll let her do what she wants.

"Now then, why don't we take a stroll in the town around the castle while waiting for Arisa?"
"Yes, allow me to guide."

Lulu begins to walk while leading my hand.
Sera who's grasping my other hand asks me with a low voice.

"Satou-san, is it alright for us who should be moving in the airship to show ourselves in front of people?"
"Don't worry about it."

I casually reply and pass recognition inhibition veils to Sera and Lulu.
I'm wearing a recognition inhibition bandana as Satou myself. Sera doesn't like to go with me when I'm Kuro.

"Master, this is baked soba."
"It looks like galette doesn't it."

It's a dish where soba flour is baked and then added with finely chopped pickles.
I don't think it's that tasty, but since Lulu is eating it while looking nostalgic, let's not fuss over minor details.

It doesn't seem to suit Sera's palate, her face looks complicated, so I give her leftover to a little girl who's looking at it enviously.

When I look closer, there's a lot of dirty children here.
Come to think of it, this is the capital of a defeated country huh.

I ask Lulu to guide us to the nearby temple.

"Like I said! We'll donate the pay later!"
"You can't. All adventurers are people who shirk payment, so we won't heal without an advance payment."

The badger game girl who chased me to the labyrinth is disputing with a priestess in front of the temple.
The bleeding boys who are with her looks like they don't have the willpower to participate in the dispute, they're just limping on the ground.

Looking at the AR reading, their life doesn't seem to be in danger.

"....Kuku, Jido, Bado."

Lulu muttered beside me.
I thought she knows them and was surprised when I saw the girl's detailed information. Looks like she's the little sister of Lulu's male cousins.

Since Lulu's face looks pale behind the veil, I judge that they don't have a good relationship, so I pass through them and go to the receptionist for donation.

"Oh my, to give this much donation!"

The priestess whose cheeks are loosened grips my hands and cries tears of joy.
I feel ashamed seeing her to be that happy receiving several gold coins. I'm planning to donate to other temples and orphanages, so I only give a few in each places.

"O pious people, may the god bless you! ■■■ Bless"

The priestess gave blessing to me and Lulu while shedding tears.
Sera didn't come with us due to religious reason.

>[Holy Magic: Garleon Belief] Skill Acquired.

I got a new skill thanks to the priestess's bless.
I have no plan to use it, so the point assignment is for later.

"Wait! The rich guy over there! Give some to us too!"

When we went out of the temple, the girl called Kuku who was disputing with the priestess in the entrance grasped Lulu's shoulder. Her finger caught Lulu's veil, removing it.

"Eh? Lulu?"

The two look at each other.
However, that didn't lead to a conversation.

Boom, Kuku was thrown to the ground.
Lulu whose shoulder was caught threw Kuku away with the support from her [Self-Defense] skill.

I retrieve Lulu's veil from the fainted girl and put it on Lulu.

"U-um! Any injury? Are you injured anywhere?"
"No, this girl excels in martial art you see."

The priestess from the donation desk rushed out and asked if we are injured.
She did not take any notice to the fainted Kuku and the fallen boys below.

I bid farewell with a smile and toured the town while donating.
Along the way, we heard a thunderous roar from the direction of the castle, but I could somehow guess the reason, so we continued without minding it.

『Thank you for waiting~ I've done the clean-up.』
"The roaring sound earlier was really Arisa huh?"
『Ehehe~ Cleaning up my black history was too much work, so I erased them all together with the tower with [Disintegrate]』
"No one got injured right?"
『But of course. Arisa-chan never make a blunder.』

After receiving Arisa's report, we continued the tour with four people and then we went back to the solitary island.

"It's home sweet home."
"Oh Arisa. We've only stayed here once."

Lulu retorted to Arisa's cliched words.
They looked like their usual selves, but they somehow seemed like they were forcing themselves, so I lent my chest for the two to sleep on today.

"Zzz zzz"

I catch the head of Arisa who's trying to slip into my shirt.

"--I won't sleep with you if you're going to sexually harass me."
"Non nein."

Apparently, Arisa is tougher than I thought.
After lightly whacking Arisa's head, I strongly hug her to sleep so that she won't harass me.

During midnight, Arisa and Lulu sleep talked while shedding tears.
I use mind magic's [Good Night] on them and then wipe their tears with my finger.

I send [Don't worry] hand signal to Tama and Pochi who looked really worried.
The two nodded and then sent [Understood] signal.

Judging from the futon movement, the other girls seem to be worried too.
I'll be investigating the demon lord in the Holy Kingdom Parion tomorrow, I should get some sleep soon.

I'd like to go to Holy Kingdom Parion without any trouble.

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