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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13 SS3

※ It's not in Satou's point of view

SS: The Phantom Underground Empire


I am Chuu Fat. <TLN: Call itself using 'Wagahai'>
An excellent name given by my great master.

I said, 'chuu chuu', to gather my followers.
I distribute the cheese soufflé that the black-haired celestial maiden-sama has bestowed me to my followers.

The celestial maiden-sama is a retainer of my great master, she's an expert cook.

I take a bite too.
It's truly delicious.

This clear rich flavor melts my thought with my instinct.

--Cheese is dangerous.

When I came back to my sense, the cheese soufflé in the large plate had disappeared, and there were the figures of my followers sleeping with full bellies while looking satisfied.

I was thinking of using their favorite food to raise their morales....

Well fine, it's natural to sleep after eating something good.
I will also sleep for a bit.

It has already been 10 days since I was given intelligence by my great master.
The three of my wives who evolved together with me have all delivered children.

It is good that the Sage Mouse species increases, but I ought to increase my servant followers too.

Fighting is all about number.
Because my mission is building an underground empire in this Royal Capital and presenting it to Master!

The green devil hunted my servants yet again.
After having a fierce fight with the sewage rats in the underground tunnel, the expansion of our newly built underground empire on the surface was hindered by that guy.

In front of the devil that came sweeping down from the sky, even I, who's overflowed with intelligence, am not able to do anything.

--No, 'was not'.

It'll be different from now on.

Swoosh, I froze when I heard sounds of flapping wings, but my fear went away when I heard the 'chuu' afterward.
When I turn around, I see the figures of my sons.

I'm fascinated by my gallant sons who are riding on the back of the ravens.
They, the Raven Riders, are the elites of our underground empire.

There will be nothing that can stand against us who have attained mobility in the sky.

--How could this be!

I can't believe that more than 10 strong Raven Riders got easily crushed!
If this keeps up, my charisma as the emperor will dwindle.

I cannot fail here.
I have to offer everything in this Royal Capital to my great master.

Chuu chuu!
I make a speech in front of my followers and servants.

Gununu, looks like it was too difficult for them, not only the servants, even the followers have fallen asleep.
These guys can't understand at all that the existence of this underground empire hangs on this battle.

I have my followers who are equipped with spears and shields to ride on giant ravens, and then I order us to take off while sitting on the throne installed on a giant raven.

The green devil quickly showed itself the moment we left the chimney.
Even while flinching to the sound wave attack, pirupiru, we gallantly stay in the battlefield without fleeing.

The magic spear long chopstick didn't faze the devil, and even the magic shield pot lid couldn't withstand the devil's beak.
Before I knew it, all of my followers have been defeated by the devil, my life is only a matter of time.

How could this happen.
To think I, who have been created by my great master, would lose my life in such a place!


The devil who had caught me in its talon looked up to the sky and cried.


A giant monster bigger than the green devil fell from the sky.
The creature who landed before the devil, sat down in front of it, the reverse of what happened with me and the devil earlier.

How pleasant.
My life would end together with the devil, however, my descendants will inherit the empire.

Now, giant monster.
Eat the devil.

Covering my frightened heart with haughty words, I close my eyes and wait for my end.

"Huh? Why is the infant dragon in a place like this? What's this, Hisui is here too huh?"

This voice is of my great master!

--Pipiru! Piru! Piru!

For some reason, the giant monster and the devil were delighted like me when they saw Master.
We look at each others....

Apparently, these guys are servants of my great master too.

As expected of my great master.
I will give my all along with Royal Capital to you.

Joining hands with the green devil the ruler of the sky, and the giant monster that resembles the legendary dragon, we will dominate all.

Please wait for a little bit of time, my great master--Satou-sama.
My loyalty will forever be with the great you.

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