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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14-7

14-7. Holy State Parion (2)


Satou's here. There are times when I act on impulse without reasoning from myself, but when that happens I decide to obediently entrust my impulse. It's boring if it's all with reason after all.

"I can't read the name--you, speak your name."

My great master bestowed me the first order.
I cannot see his countenance below the same black clothes, but it must be a face full of dignity.

I want to apologize for my barbaric act earlier, but I must prioritize obeying the order.
I also wanted to heal his wound, but it seems he's healed himself with his magic--I mean, master has healed the wound with master's own magic.

"My name is--"

When I was about to say it, I faltered since I remembered that it's an alias.
I have to manipulate the Exchange column and change it back to Satou.

For some reason it's been locked and I can't change it--I wonder why?

"Hmph, as expected of someone at level 99 like me. I can see how you've reached the limit of men. To think that you resist my Compulsion (Geass)...."

It seems my great master has misunderstood because I faltered.

He's unexpectedly thoughtless--I mean, wary.

I negated my arrogance thought and opened my mouth to correct master's misunderstanding, but unfortunately, master continued the talk, so I hesitated to interrupt.
I wait for master to finish talking.

"I add another order! Bow before me, and speak your name! ■■■■■ Compulsion (Geass)"

After master was tinged with violet colored light like the activation of Unique Skills, master's skill was invoked.
The log said that it was resisted, but I'll keep it a secret to protect my master's honor.

Now then, it looks like it's alright to tell my name now.
Before I could do it, I should toss my violet disguise wig.

For some reason, the red cobwebs intensify in my view.

They're obstructing me from seeing my great master....
Before I take off my disguise mask, I lightly wave my hand to brush away the cobwebs--.

--I see.

"I'm Shiga Kingdom's Nanashi."
"My power finally gets through huh--that was some trouble."

While telling my name to the black clothes, I allocate points to Geass Resistance skill and Geass skill.
With clear mind after having negated his [Compulsion(Geass)] skill, I begin to check the situation and plan the countermeasure.

It seems the red cobwebs on the AR earlier were showing the [Geass] effect.

I got a terrible headache like my braincells were wounded when I negated the effect earlier.
I look at my Stamina Gauge after confirming that my Pain Resistance skill is turned on.
It's been completely recovered due to the effect of [Self-Recovery] skill.

The reason why black clothes was able to ignore our level differences and had its skill reached me is probably because of the effect of his Unique Skill, [Soul Shot].
It must have similar effect to Arisa's [Never Give Up].

Looks like I got careless since Arisa was the only one who could affect me with abnormal status so far.
After I've finished my business in Holy State Parion, I'll create some permanent defensive equipment like Raka, and for everyone's shares too.

Oops, let's think about that later and cast [Spirit Guard] that I was going to use before getting manipulated.
With this, I should be fine against his [Geass] and mind magic.

He also has troublesome sounding skill called [Counter] that I should be careful with.
It's probably the Unique Skill version of [Counter Magic] and [Counter Shell] magic in my magic line up.
It probably needs to be re-chanted every time he uses it just like with the magic, so there should be a chance I can use.

--That's right, re-chant.

Even though he has Unique Skill, he chanted it just like he did the first time.

He doesn't have [Demon Lord] title, and his name sounds like this world's name, [Sorijero].
According to labyrinth lower layer Corpse's story, reincarnated people are named by the god, and they should be named with their old name when they're born.
Therefore, he's probably neither a reincarnated person nor a transported person.

"Demon lord! Absorb this guy's skill and level, and make him into your familiar!"

Black clothes--Sorijero ordered the demon lord, but unfortunately for him, she's still fainted from my strike.

"■■■■■ Compulsion (Geass)--"

Violet ripples appeared on the body of Sorijero who heard me chanting [Geass].
He's probably invoked [Counter] Unique Skill.
Looks this skill doesn't need to be chanted.

I give him the order after confirming that state.

"--Click your fingers once!"

>Resisted Geass Effect.

Such is displayed on my log when I gave him the order, but the violet light that was running on Sorijero's body disappeared.
Apparently, [Counter] is a type of skill that doesn't need to be chanted, but it needs to be re-set every time you want to use it.

Alright, if I can resist my own skill that was countered, I should be fine against Sorijero's Geass.
I just need to be careful with the [Soul Shot].

I pick [Geass] skill and activate it.
Just like skills and magic that need to be chanted, I don't need to chant it anymore for the second time and beyond.

I saw Sorijero lifting a scepter that seems to be the City Core's terminal.

--Oops, it'd be annoying if he uses City Core to teleport away.

"I forbid teleportation."
"Impossible! ■ Guaaaaaaaaa"

Sorijero was trying to chant while holding the Scepter on one hand, but he screamed halfway through and stopped.
He's vomiting blood and his condition becomes [Weakened: Violation of Order].
Looks like [Geass] skill is quite dangerous.

I choose [Geass] skill once again from the skill column and activate it.

"I forbid the use of every skill"
"I-if I can't teleport then--■ nuoooooo"

Sorijero who was going to use some magic skills rolls over from the acute pain.

....This guy never learns.

I can finally see his face from the unfolded hood.

He's an old apefolk kin with golden colored body hair mixed with gray hair, the left half of his face is burned, while the right half of his face has violet colored specks on it.
His right arm shown from the rolled up sleeves has dark violet hair from the wrist up.

"What's wrong? Do you find me ugly? How would you, who have been granted with god's blessing from birth, understand our craving? This color I got as the compensation for seeking god's power is the proof of my belief!"


In short, I guess it's like, "I was jealous with people with Unique Skills, so I snatched it away from other people and got my body hair turned into violet color."
I checked just in case, but he doesn't have [Snatch]-type skill.

"Don't think you can win with this!"

Sorijero lamented while shedding tears of blood.
Matching that scream, two violet light ripples appeared on his body.

Apparently, Unique Skills aren't included in [Skill].

"I forbid the use of Unique Skills."

I impose Sorijero with another prohibition.

Still, leaving aside [Counter], I don't think there's any meaning in using [Soul Shot] when you can't use any skill.

Sorijero muttered [Sword] and swung the Scepter, and then it transformed into a thin one-handed sword in the blink of an eye.
That's quite a fantasy-like weapon.

I blow away Sorijero, who appeared in front of me with a speed that rivaled Ground Shrink, with a front kick.
It seems he reflexively used evade skill, he bounced on the floor while bleeding from from his ears.

I touch the one-handed sword that got separated from him with [Magic Hand], and put into the Storage.
With this he can no longer use City Core even if he violated the order.

Sorijero who staggeringly stood up takes out a scroll from his chest while drinking a magic potion he took out from the pouch on his waist.

"If it's scrolls--"
"I forbid the use of magic power."

He finally learned after the third time, he throws away the scroll he took out.

"I forbid you to act."

Sorijero stopped moving after I gave him the last order.

....I feel like I've become kotodama god or yokai you know.

When I was walking toward him, Sorijero spat out a needle-like dark thing.
Of course I lightly evaded it, but he started to run at top speed toward the exit using that chance.

Looks like he's resisted the last [Geass].
Despite its convenience, it might be a skill that's easy to resist.

"Action is--"

Sorijero's body got tinged in dark violet light just when I was trying to add another [Geass].
Looks like he's resisted the [Geass] of [Forbidden to use Unique Skills].
I stopped talking in caution of his Counter.


Sorijero is bleeding from his ears and eyes, maybe due to the effect of violation of orders.

Nevertheless, he ran like the wind toward the exit.
Looks like he wants to escape using this chance, but I can't let him do that.

I choose [Remote Stun] from the Magic Column and strike the magic into him one after another.


Several of it were countered and came back to me, but if it's just Remote Stun, I can deal with even thousands of it no problem.

<TLN: Written in Latin on the raw. From "Baka na" meaning "Impossible", "No way", or "I can't believe this" in this context.>

Sorijero who screamed in a strange voice transforms into a distorted form.

Oh no--He has turned into a demon lord after using too much Unique Skills.
He's about two times as tall and looks more like a monkey.

"I forbid you to take any action."

Looks like it's not effective against Sorijero who has become a demon lord.
Even though the depressed female demon lord was able to be ruled under [Geass], this is somewhat unreasonable.

--Well fine.

It just means that I can't use the easy method, I can just thoroughly beat him like the usual.

It seems he's already broken off from the geass order, he can use magic and skills.
Looks like he's lost his ego, doesn't seem like he's going to teleport.

I vaporize the barrage of flame balls and lightning spheres with a holy sword.
Even if they're powered up with Unique Skills, it's useless if the magic are destroyed.

I physically knock down the demon lord who's screaming gao, gyao around and then cut his limbs to make him stop resisting.

"Demon lords really are tenacious."

The demon lord regrows his limbs even though he doesn't have regeneration-type Unique Skill.
Sometimes he used [Counter], but I tore them off just like with the attacking balls earlier.

The most dangerous one is when he used [Soul Shot] and [Geass] together, but since I could see the activation timing from the violet ripple, I evaded them by using golems and illusions as the scapegoats the moment they were activated.
It's not that scary when you know the trick.

When the monkey demon lord has been weakened enough, I scoop out the [God's Fragment] using the [Black Arm Encroached with Divinity].
After doing it for the second time, his [Demon Lord] title changed into [Former Demon Lord].

『Gonosen, haa, ultimate techniquee』
『Hmph. Hanging it all in one attack. I don't care what'll happen next.』

I cut the [God's Fragments] who were playing around with the Divine Sword, eliminating them.

There wasn't any drama but, he should turn back into the apefolk--.

He should have, yet for some reason he's turning into black sand-like mist.
It's like with the demon.

It had strange influence on his body after all, perhaps unlike Shin boy, old Sorijero had no qualification to host the [God's Fragment].

"Now then, do you want to fight me too?"

I asked the Depressed Demon Lord who had woken up before I knew it.
After glancing at old Sorijero who was turning into mist, she slowly stands up.

"Yes, I cannot disobey the order...."

The Depressed Demon Lord affirmed while unsteadily walking to me.

"Are you still under the influence of Geass?"
"It won't disappear even if the caster is killed--"

The Depressed Demon Lord shook her head while looking like she has given up.

"What are the orders you got?"
"I was ordered to 『Do not go out of the room』, 『Do not use your power without permission』, 『Report any intruder』, and also, 『Arrest the intruder if possible, if not kill them』, those four--"

I see, it seems she has no choice but to fight me with that last order.

Come to think of it, why was my condition like I got brainwashed?
I was ordered to vaguely [Obey me], I wonder if that turned me into something like a slave?

The Depressed Demon Lord is reaching toward my neck slowly.

"--That's why kill me. If possible, I'll be thankful if you can do it without too much pain."

Even if I'm asked to, it's hard to kill a fleeting beauty who isn't even resisting.


"You do not need to kill any intruder."

I try to overlap the [Geass] as a test.

"It hurts, it's like my head is split."

The Depressed Demon Lord sits down on the floor while suffering.
I draw close to her and heal her with anesthetic magic and healing magic.

"A-are you going to torment me with torture?"
"I'm sorry, I didn't intend to.... By the way, is it alright for you not to kill me?"

Looking puzzled, the Depressed Demon Lord looks at her own hands.

"No way, the order has been canceled."

Just as I've guessed, it seems to be possible to cancel [Geass] by overwriting it.

"I have a suggestion--"

I begin to persuade the Depressed Demon Lord while eliminating the [Light of Liberty] guys who showed up on the entrance.
I somehow succeeded persuading her thanks to sacrificing the enjoyable lunch I should have had with everyone.

"Then you're fine with 『Do not make any familiar without permission』, 『Do not act like a demon lord』, 『Uphold Japanese moral standard unless it is unavoidable』?"
"Yes, it's enough if I can uphold that much."

I tie a [Contract] with her.

"I have another request, is it alright?"
"Depends on the content."

I listen to the Depressed Demon Lord.

"I'd like you to please help me getting back Norio's Unique Skill that I had given to the pope of this country."
"Yes, the boy who was reincarnated in the neighboring country...."

Summing up the Depressed Demon Lord's story, it seems the Unique Skill of a kidnapped panther-head kin, Norio-kun (9 year old) was given to Pope Zazaris through the Depressed Demon Lord's unique skill [Familiar] and [Transfer] by the Dark Sage's order.
Looks like Norio-kun whose Unique Skill was taken by the Depressed Demon Lord got beheaded by the Dark Sage afterward and died.
The Unique Skills that the Dark Sage used were also gotten from two reincarnated people whose Unique Skills were robbed and then killed.

While silently praying for the people who were killed for their Unique Skills, I have a little question.

--Does that mean the one who forced Arisa and Lulu with the [Geass] is not the Dark Sage, but a different person?

Arisa's Unique Skills are useful without a doubt.
There's no doubt that your force will be more powerful if you give them to your subordinates.

Apparently, there are other people who can use [Geass] beside the Dark Sage and the weaselkin emperor.
It's quite a rare skill, so I was under the impression that the royal court magician who forced the [Geass] to Arisa and Lulu was the same person as the Dark Sage.

I'd better prepare the way to cope against it for my companion.

"Secondly, I want to hold a memorial service for the people who got discarded in this castle's underground."
"Is it Norio-kun earlier?"
"There's a lot others too...."

The Dark Sage kidnapped people who were hindrances and high leveled ones, and used the Depressed Demon Lord's skills to level up and give skills to the [Light of Liberty]'s executives.
After absorbing them, he tortured them and used tools to create malice out of them.

They're quite inhumane.
Let's hold a memorial service and offering to not only the pope's Unique Skill, but also to the people whose skills and levels were robbed by the [Light of Liberty].

"Understood. I'll grant your wish."
"Thank you.... Hero."

The Depressed Demon Lord who showed her smile nodded powerfully.

Now then, let's commence the punishment.

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