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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13 SS4

※ This time it's in Pochi's point of view

SS: Excursion


Today we're having a fun excursion nanodesu.
Once this excursion is over, Pochi is going back to the labyrinth city, she will part ways with Mabudachi and Shatei, it's sad nodesu.

That's why, Master and Liza said, "Make a fun memory", while sending Pochi and her friends off.

"March stop! We will take a break here. Upperclassmen of the knight school are to take care of their underclassmen."

When the lance corporal-san with blue beard shouted out loud, Mabudachi and Shatei fell down on the ground and made huff puff gasp noise.

"Huff, I never thought that walking in a forest would be this hard."
"You're really raised in the royal capital...."
"Look at Pochi-san and Tama-san. They're fine right?"

--Pochi and Tama?

It somehow felt like we were being praised, so together with Tama, Pochi took a shakiin pose.

"Oy, first year! Don't play around and rest properly. We're going to walk in the forest until the evening. Rest your body a bit now."

The head of the upperclassmen hit Pochi's head, giving her advice.

--Pochi is still quite alright nanodesuyo?

So I thought, but Pochi saw Tama made a [Don't say it] pose on her mouth, so Pochi kept her silence.

Pochi can't get tired walking on the soft ground of the forest.
When Pochi played hopscotch, the upper class onee-san who acted as the rear guard scolded her, "Be serious."

--Something's strange?

Pochi listen with her ears twitching.
Pochi can't hear anything.


Looks like Tama noticed the oddness too nodesu..

"It's strange nanodesu."

Pochi noticed too, she nodded to Tama.

"What do you mean by strange, dogfolk first year?"

Pochi answers since the upperclassmen head-san asked her.

"The forest is quiet nanodesu."
"That's because there are a lot of us moving in it, isn't it natural?"
"It's different nodesu. The presences of the pack of wolves that were tailing Pochi and the others, and the Eyeball Hopper that was looking here from beyond the forest both disappeared nodesu."

Even though Pochi properly explained, the upperclassmen head-san whacked Pochi's head nodesu.

"Don't say stupid things--"

The one who said stupid is the stupid one nanodesuyo?

"--If such packs of monsters were really there, the knight escort-sama and the corporal-dono should have told us."

Classhead-san whacked Pochi's head once again.

"Ouch nodesu."
"Stop being rash if you don't want to get hit."

Classhead-san muttered, "Dang stone head", with teary eyes while patting the hand which whacked Pochi.


Tama noticed it first nodesu.
As expected of ninja!

"Soldier Mantis appeared!"
"Damnit! It was hiding in a hollowed tree!"
"This is bad, the mantis's eggs have hatched! It's a flock of Child Mantis!"
"Students, make a circle and protect each other's back! Concentrate on defending, do not ever go on the offensive!"

When Pochi was going to eliminate the monsters, the blue bearded corporal-san ordered her not to.

Pochi turned around, Tama wasn't there.

"Pi~ Pu~"

Tama who had come back before Pochi noticed mimicked a whistle.

--Pochi knows.

That Tama is doing some ninja thing.

The presence of the War Mantis who was stealthily creeping from behind has disappeared, so there's no mistake about it nodesu.

"Corporal! Leave the small fish Child Mantis to us!"
"Understood! Us ten will protect the students even if we were to die here!"

Don't die.
Master always said so nodesu.

"Three Soldiers, 57 small ones~?"
"There are three Soldiers, but the small ones are 59 nanodesu. The two other children are being carried on their backs nodesu."

Pochi checked her answer with Tama.
There are too few enemies, the short sword on Pochi's waist feels lonely nanodesu.

"It's not use..."
"We can never win with just 8 knights and 16 soldiers."
"It would be a bit better if there were eight upperclassmen and 16 underclassmen."

Either Pochi or Tama can win alone nodesuyo?
Shatei who noticed that and said, "If it's Pochi-san and Tama-san", but he was scolded by classhead-san.

"First year! Did you forget corporal-dono's instruction? The only thing we can do now is by not being a burden!"

--He's tingling, scary nodesu.

"Senpai! We should ask the help of Kishresgalza sisters"

Classhead-san is glaring at Pochi with scary eyes.

Did Pochi do something to be scolded of?

"Hmph, not all Mithril explorers are strong. What are baggage carriers good for?"

Baggage carrying?

"Pochi is good at carrying baggage nodesuyo?"
"You heard that. First year be silence and sit down."

Even Master praised Pochi, "Pochi is really strong", nodesu.

"B-but, if this keeps up!"
"If you really want to be a knight, then know that your superior's order is absolute! Prepare to get expelled from the knight school if you get involved!"

Scolded by the classhead-san, Princess Kelten fell dejected.

"Students! Sorry! Five Child Mantis are heading there! We can't afford to turn our back to the Soldiers. You guys survive until we can help you!"


Pochi matches her eyes to Tama's and nods.
And, when Pochi was going to jump out with Tama, classhead-san glared.

"Underclassmen are to remain in the circle! Azzo, Orus, Urutz, Efna, gain some time by going one-on-one against the Child Mantis. It's alright, you guys can do it! Leave the rest to me! I'll reduce their number one by one!"

--No turn?

A shame nanodesu.

Child Mantis's small sickle ripped the upperclassman's leg.
Blood comes out, it looks really painful nanodesu.

"Dame Pochi Kishresgalza and Dame Tama Kishresgalza."

Princess Kelten looks at Pochi and Tama with a serious expression.

"I ask you in the name of the sixth daughter of Marquis Kelten, Dyumorina. Please save senpais and the kingdom's force."

Pochi also wants to help, but the order is absolute nodesu.

"Senior's order is absolute~?"

Looks like Tama is the same too.

"Please yield on that part. I will bear all the responsibility. That's why, please--"

Tears from the princess eyes are...

"Please, Pochi. I'd take the expulsion too if it meant that."
"Please, Pochi anego, Tama anego! I will also go with you!"

Mabudachi and Shatei also asked together.

--This is the time to decide.

Arisa said nodesu.
Faced with what is right, zaru soba is courage nanodesu.
<TLN: Pochi made a mistake citing Confucius's quote, should've been: "Faced with what is right, to leave it undone shows a lack of courage.">

Pochi will help everyone and get scolded by Master nodesu.
Three days without meat will be days of hell, but Pochi can't refuse Mabudachi and Shatei's plea.

"Pochi, let's do~?"
"Yes nanodesu."

If Pochi is with Tama, they're the invincible and the strongest nanodesu.

"Pochi will leave the many to Tama nodesu."
"Aye aye sir~"

Pochi will defeat the big Soldier Mantis nodesu.

"Uwoh, Pochi-san disappeared?"
"Tama-san too--there!"
"There's a lot of Tama-san?"

The voice from behind quickly drown out by the sound of battle.

"What? There's a small one!"
"Is it a new enemy?!"
"Red light?!"
"Don't tell me, it's a magic sword?"

The equipment today is the short sword [Bamboo Sword], so it's not a magic sword.
Pochi's magic bag has been left behind in the mansion.

But, it's alright.
Because Soldier Mantis is soft.

"As expected of magic sword. That hard Soldier Mantis's head was cut in one slash."

The knight person is surprised, but the only one who uses a magic sword is the knight's biggest-wig. Pochi is not.

Slipping through the second Mantis's sickle, Pochi cuts its legs, like zunbararin.
Pochi runs up its slanted body, and then pierces its head from behind, like doshu, ends.

Lastly, heading toward the hiding Assassin Mantis on top of the three, ju~mp and splash.
Green blood spreads out.

Pochi kicks the tree's trunk toward the safe area.
Pochi is already not the same from Pochi who cried from being covered in octopus's ink.

There was a bit of trouble, but we had a barbeque with the wild boar Tama caught on the camp site, and defeated flame bug and had a camp fire, it was a really fun excursion nodesu.

Pochi wants to do it together with Master and everyone next time nodesu.

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