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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13 SS1

※A short story in Liza's point of view

SS: Liza the Magic Spear


Shiga Eight Swords--.

They're the strongest swords of Shiga Kingdom that eliminate demons.

I was taught those words by my father since I was small.
I would have never imagined that I would have a bout against that Shiga Eight Swords--much less, winning against one.

I, who still can't make Master go serious....

"Liza the Magic Spear, I'll let you serve under my earl house. I'll give you the same salary as a human knight."
"Liza-dono, I wish for a match. Oneself is Kajiro of Jii Gein style--"
"Are you interested in becoming a knight of the kingdom army? We'll welcome you not as a retainer but a holy knight."

Invitations for matches and solicitations came to me one after another.
I troubled Master each time that happened, I felt as thought my body shrunk.

I wonder how will Master think about it this time?
I'm worried Master who hates to be lionized by others would hate me.

Calming my upset mind, I practice the way of spear alone in the mansion's courtyard.

The Magic Edge lights up the dark garden.
Magic Edge that was once something difficult is now as easy as breathing.

If I told this to me from one year ago, there's no doubt that I'd be laughed off.

I shake off such an idle thought and concentrate on the basic form.

--Pierce, sweep, hit.

After finishing the basic form, I continue with the self-taught style I learned during the labyrinth city's battles.

I turn my body aside and then make a leg sweep with my tail.
I sink my body with not just my leg, but also my tail, making use my whole body as a spring, and then stab with my all.

Ending the form, I felt a presence appeared in one corner of the courtyard after I made the motion of returning the sword to its scabbard.

"It's wonderful as always."

Our Master appeared from behind a grove of tree where no one should've been.
I could faintly feel Tama's concealment technique, but Master's concealment is too natural I can't sense it at all.

"Was I a bother with the sound?"
"Not at all. The other girls are sleeping with such happy faces after all."

Master talked gently to me who was being timid as if reassuring me.

And, I put out cruel words to that kindness.

"If Liza is interested in Shiga Eight Swords, it's fine if you want to accept it okay?"
"Am I already unneeded--"

--How cowardly of me.

To think I said something like that while anticipating the gentle Master to deny it.

"No way. It'd be lonely if Liza wasn't here."

I let out a sigh of relief after hearing that.

"Nevertheless, I want to prioritize what Liza wants the most. If that's what Liza really wants, then I will respect that decision."

Kindness may sometimes becomes poison.
I understand that Master does not need anyone in the truest sense.

--Even so.

Even so, I want to be with Master.

I swear to my partner, magic spear, who's glowing red receiving my determination.

Someday, an existence that can be relied upon by the aloof Master, I--.

--Will become one.

I don't remember whether I was able speak those words in the end.
However, surely.

My spear knows.

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