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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 13 SS2

SS: Satou's Inspection


With a cage filled with house mice that Tama and Pochi caught in the royal capital on one hand, I teleport to the epidemic prevention laboratory using Unit Arrangement.
This place is completely isolated from the outside world, so I can only enter here through teleportation.

I put on a white lab coat, and then take out one of the mice inside the cage with [Magic Hand].
The mouse looks around the room restlessly while squeaking.

"Sorry, but I'll have you go along with the experiment."

I open the unwary mouse's mouth, and make it drink the upper grade potion mixed with my blood--Nectar with a bulb syringe.
The house mouse screamed and then it fainted.

Its small body looks like it's gotten a bit stronger, its health and stamina are about to run out.
I put some sugared water in the mouse's mouth, and then put it in a different cage than the first one.
The sleeping face of the mouse looks somewhat happy, but that must be my imagination.

I dilute the Nectar with water 10 times its concentration, and then make the next mice drink it.
There wasn't any who disliked it, but several of the mice collapsed.

After trying it with around 10 mice, I ended the experiment and put them in the third cage.

When I was about to continue the next experiment, I noticed that the mice in the cages had gotten up and were staring at me.

I wonder if it's just my imagination, I can feel intelligence in the mice's eyes.

The AR indicator showed that the first house mouse that I experimented with had its race changed to [Sage Mouse].
As for the rest of the mice I experimented with, three out of the ten changed into [Sage Mouse (Low)]. The other seven mice remain a mouse.

I let the other mice that haven't been experimented with to drink my blood.
They lick my blood with their small tongues, but their body aren't changing.

Next, I drip my blood into a new upper grade magic potion with various ratio, and then give it to the rest of the mice.
The house mice aren't changing just like with my blood.

Apparently, the problem is with the blood coming from the arm that has been encroached with the divinity from the Divine Sword.
I'm relieved that I don't have to worry about something like high human appearing after having some night life.

Now I can visit the pleasure quarter during the journey without hesitation.

The next experiment is with the [Evil Philosophy].
I want to test what'd happen if I make a creature get close to a crystallization of miasma.

Of course, I'm doing it in a laboratory located on a different area than the earlier.
I'm using a small fly for this experiment.

When I took the small fly close to the Evil Philosophy, it quickly transformed into a huge monster.
It looked like it was going to attack me, so I created an elongated magic edge on my fingertip and cut the monster in half.

A whitish Magic Core dropped down from the cross-section.
Looks like there's no doubt that the miasma is the main cause of monster transformation.

I put the Evil Philosophy into my Storage, finishing the dangerous experiment.

There's no doubt that the ingredients of Fiend Drug, Ruin Grass and Decay Stem, are plants that attract miasma.
In other words, in the place where Ruin Grass and Decay Stem are being cultivated, wouldn't the number of monsters increase?

I'd like for someone to investigate it, but the Ruin Grass and Decay Stem are poisonous even in their raw forms, so it's dangerous for a normal farmer to grow it.
Moreover, someone could potentially misuse it if they knew that they're ingredients of the Fiend Drug.
Looks like I need to uproot these characteristics, and create ones, perhaps by selective breeding, that can't be misused.

It'll be hard if I can't find a researcher I can trust for this.
Princess Shistina probably would gladly do it, but there's no way I can let a princess of the whole kingdom to deal with poisonous plants.

It might be a good idea to ask the elf botanists.

I head to the next laboratory with Unit Arrangement.
After using space magic [Extend Space] to secure the space, I lay out three-meter thick humus on the ground.
Normally I should've created a ridge, but I don't have any knowledge in that area, so I do it like this.

The experiment this time is the cultivation of the potato that's turned huge after absorbing the blood soaked in divinity.

Even though it's a giant potato, its species is neither [High Sweet Potato] nor [God Potato], it's still a potato.
I use the leaf of the giant potato I took out of the storage as a seedling.

I plant it in the soil, and sprinkle water on it.

There's no particular change.
Looks like it's not a strange seed like the giant potato that suddenly grew big.

In order to observe it, I made a Wood Puppet with magic and ordered it to watch over the cultivation, I decided to leave it for a while.
I've put up a light source with light magic, so there should be no problem with photosynthesis.

『Master, where are you?』
"I'm in the lab."

Arisa contacted me with [World Phone].
I'm surprised that she could reach me at this distance without any relay. As expected of magic.

『Hm~m, can we go play there?』
"I don't mind, but it's a bit far, so I'll teleport you myself."
『Alright! I'm with Mia, so teleport us together okay.』

I move to the observatory room used for resting, and then bring Arisa and Mia there.

"Eh? Awawawawa--"

I receive Mia who jumped three-meter long.
I catch Arisa who's surprised with the sudden zero gravity, and lead her to the attached sofa.

"W-why is it zero gravity."
"Void sky."

Mia who was staring outside the observatory room shortly answered Arisa.
Yes, this is a laboratory I've built in the outer space to prevent disaster.

The laboratory where I was earlier is at 1G like on the earth by using gravity magic, but this is the lounge for receiving guests, so I've left it at zero gravity.

"Uhya, where can I see the earth?"
"I don't think you can see it since there's no planet in the visible distance."

I gave Arisa a drink in a tube while answering her.

"Hey hey, can I take out the juice from the tube and then drink it with a straw while the juice ball is floating in the air?"
"Yeah, there's no precision instrument here, so it's okay."

This experimental satellite is a simple structure of a mass of rock I made on the ground, put in the storage, taken out in the space, so there's no danger with just moisture.

Arisa floated the juice ball, stabbed it with a straw and then began to drink it gleefully.
Seeing that, Mia imitated her.

"Haa, with this I can cross out another one from the things-I-wanna-do list."

Arisa who had finished drinking the juice satisfyingly leaked out a sigh.
Arisa requested, "Another one!", while grinning and sending a peace sign, so I take out my latest creation, fruit milk.
I actually wanted to take out the cola, but it was a big failure when I experimented on it alone, so I took this one out instead.

As we're at it, I invite the other girls too.
While swimming in the air, everyone is drinking the juice, or playing with the zero gravity, each of them are enjoying the unusualness the way they want.

I also played around with childish innocence after a long time.
Doing something like this once in a while is nice!

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