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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14-46

14-46. War Kingdom (4) Interrogation


Satous' here. Interrogation changes with time. Interrogation which involved physical pain in the past has seemingly now become something that uses truth serum nowadays. Those are all something I learned from manga and movies though.

"Now then, shall I have you answer my questions?"

After a slightly awkward breakfast, I began the weaselkin's officers interrogation.
The officer looks up at me who's wearing lizardkin suit with scornful eyes.

"Hmph, you think a soldier would easily leak information? This is why dumb lizards annoy me."
"As expected of the empire's soldier, truly excellent. Those magic beasts and tanks are also great."

The harsh words of the weaselkin gets converted in my brain as I talk to him with the [Weasel Language] that I just got.
It's hard to use the language with human's mouth so I use the usual [Ventriloquism] skill to help.

"That's exactly right! Bestowed by His Majesty the emperor, the invincible magic beast army trampled the knights, and the special vehicle corps crushed countless golems! Our Empire is truly unrivaled!"
"The speed of which you invaded Makiwa Kingdom cannot be compared to anything in the past."
"Of course! I cannot stand that bald tactician but that person is the only one that can materialize His Majesty's plan..."

I interrupt the officer, who's blabbering indiscreetly, at the right time to get the information I want.

I didn't use truth serum, it was the support from mind magic's [Honesty], [Speaker], [Foolish Field].
With the synergy of the skill [Interrogation] at max level and these magic, it's easy to make him talk about their secret.

"Hoo, what kind of plan is that? It must certainly be amazing isn't it?"
"Of course! The iron smoke car which connect cities will be used to transport goods and the soldiers to the front lines! With excellent logistics and magic beast corps as the key, and combined with the Magic Eater of the special vehicle unit, even Shiga Kingdom and Saga Empire are nothing to us!"

The special vehicle should be about the tank.

The Magic Eater is probably the magic device which generate magic nullifying field that my companions reported.
We couldn't secure it in one piece, but I can understand its structure to a degree from the wreckage.
I must quickly make something to oppose it.

Still... The smoke car must be a steam locomotive right~.
According to Corpse of the labyrinth lower layer, advancing the civilization means violating the god's taboo, so why is the Weasel Empire fine?
I remember Corpse saying, "Radio tower and railroad network had brought upon the god's wrath."

I should ask his opinion abouot it once I'm done with the interrogation.

"By the way, are you aware of the god's taboo?"
"You really are a lizard. Repeating the same ignorant things as the priests said."

The officer grimaced unpleasantly like he was a child who had got enough of sermon.

"There is no taboo."

To the officer who answered full of confidence, I make a face like I can't believe him to make him talk about the reason.

"It's been 10 years since the science began. God's wrath or whatever never befall us."

--It's already been such a long time?

He's saying that there is no divine punishment since it's not a taboo, however--.

"Did the empire advance science on the premise that the divine punishment wouldn't happen?"
"There is no way the great emperor would endanger his subject right? In order to see if it violated the taboo, we manipulated the rebels to create a puppet state, and then once we confirmed that it didn't violate the taboo, we brought it back to the empire."

I see, so they prepared a test site beforehand.
By the way, about that puppet state--Gufut Commonwealth isn't on the map of Shiga Kingdom's tourism book, not even the country's name remains in the related documents.
According to the officer, that puppet state was disposed of five years ago since it bared its fangs to the empire.

"By the way, why did such a grand empire's army invaded mid countries like Makiwa Kingdom?"
"Hmph, you lizards are clueless."

After having an expression like "You don't even understand that?", the officer lost to the allure of talking and continues to talk.

"Of course it's for the Four Treasured Wands needed for His Majesty's plan and to field test the Magic Eater and the special vehicle."

Fumu, so Makiwa Kingdom's side guessed it right.

It seems three of the treasured wands were taken by the empire, but fortunately, we were able to secure one.
I was going to hand it over to its owner, Miss Shelmina Dasles, later, but it seems it's better for me to keep it.
If I carelessly return it, the empire might re-invade or send some unit to seize it, I don't want to let the sincere girl who doesn't look like she's related to the pyromaniac noble die a meaningless death.

I--Dragon Knight Outis should grandly show off that I have the wand and then I can just return it to Miss Shelmina after some time.
I have to be careful as to not put the brunt of the attack to Silga Kingdom.

Now then, the interrogation went smoothly as such but there were some who were quite stubborn among the officers.

"Empire Army's Western Force, ID number I-0700835, Iscast Tol Usantokujo."

The weaselkin officer stated as if he was a US military captive.
After that he shut his mouth like he has finished his duty.

This officer who was the Wheel Chief of the scientific special vehicle unit isn't talking at all.
Looks like he's the type on which mind magic is hardly effective.

--Can't be helped, I'll use my trump card.

I waved my hand to give the signal, and then the excellent cold-blooded torturers showed up from the door.
They're gripping well-used torture apparatus in their hands.

"Let's start the interrogation."

The smiling torturers started their performance.

"Kocho kocho~?"
"How far can you endure it I wonder~?  Nanodesu!"

Tama quickly took off the officer's sturdy boots, and Pochi who was carrying a handmade feather duster began to skilfully tickle him.
We didn't have to wait long before he surrendered while laughing.

We didn't get much new information even with Tama and Pochi's dedication though.
Due to the first officer who chattered a lot, the new information we got from the rest weren't much.

The new information are--

Weasel Empire has closed trading with other foreign countries, they're only doing it with Dejima Island which has a labyrinth.
Science has spread on more than half of the 21 states.
The royal prince is staying in Dejima Island as a foreign diplomat.
The emperor never shows his face among the people, only a part of the senate are acquainted with him.

--Only as such.

Further, I got more information about the tactician from the elite who boarded the biplane.
Half of the army detest the tactician while there's a fixed number who worship the person.
The tactician is wearing hooded robe and a mask, their body line and voice are such that it can't be determined whether they are a woman or a man.
The origin is unknown, it's not clear whether they are a human or a fairykin, according to the rumor the emperor brought them out of nowhere 10 years ago.
It appears the tactician is the emperor's favorite, he called them [Touya] intimately.

....The name sounds like a Japanese.

I can't be sure of it though since the illegitimate child of the previous Shiga King was also named Souya.

Come to think of it, even though I know that their names are of their previous life because the gods name them, why do the reincarnated people are all Japanese?
Oh right, the Heroes were also all Japanese.

Are the gods here partial to Japanese people?

"--I don't know no god's thinking."

At the labyrinth lower layer's palace which I haven't visited for a long time, I consulted about the Weasel Empire to Corpse the King Mummy, and he replied back coldly.

"Oy oy, Corpse. Ya shouldn't be that cold to the boy who relied on the rustle-rustle you y'know?"
"Sorry for being rustle-rustle. Aren't ya clang-clang too though."

Hearing Armor the Iron Stalker's mediation, Corpse glanced at me after joking with him.

"The way gods do things are relatively haphazard. There is no clear standard. It's like 『I don't like it so I hit it』 or something like that."

He makes the god sounds like [a spoiled child who grew up being pampered].

"During the frequent happening of disasters when I made radio towers and railroad, I heard that it was 『God's Divine Punishment』 from the priest, but I never exchanged words with god myself."
"Hyo? Didn't you threaten the god with the nuclear bomb?"
"I negotiated with the 『Oracle Miko』 after doing a little demonstration in a monster's dominion ya see. Gods never once showed themselves despite their big talk, and I only ever fought with the Nopperabou god's apostles so I couldn't have a conversation."

--So apostles are [Faceless (Nopperabou)] huh. <TLN: Nopperabou can mean featureless, but it's also the name of an apparition with no face from Japanese folktales.>

Further, even though the god's apostles weren't that strong, his attacks couldn't work on them so he dealt with them using sealing-type magic tools and magic.

"Hey it's Kuro! You should come and say hello to me too if you visit!"

The one who intruded with noisy voice was a charming beauty with wavy black hair and pale skin.
She's a greater vampire who lives in the labyrinth's lower layer--Vampire Princess Semeri.

"Is Shin doing well?"
"Ou! I'm disciplining him with Armor y'see."

Semeri smiles brightly unlike a vampire would.
Apparently, the former artificial demon lord and a local hero, Shin boy is reforming well.

Semeri shamelessly began to put her hands on the dishes and liquors from many countries that I had bought as souvenirs.

"Oy, Semeri, don't eat them all."

Armor reproved her.
It seems they can take in and enjoy consumables despite being undeads.

Corpse only drinks the liquor, he rarely touches the dishes.

"Kuro, gods are whimsical. I only know this from reading ancient slates and documents, but it seems they've been destroying cities and countries through disasters and divine punishments until around 20.000 years ago."

Yup, I knew.
I heard such story from the matter of the Shadow Castle.

"They've been quiet recently since monsters and demon lords are acting as the disasters, but the gods here are fundamentally different than the 『Kind Gods』 and 『Guardian Gods』 that we Japanese are familiar with. Think of them as relatives of the nasty demon lords."

Corpse muttered in a way only I could heard during the party.
I etch the special advice in my mind.

Further, since Corpse shared about the magic spell and the magic tool he used to seal the apostles to me, I think I can do something about it even if the divine punishment spreads outside the Weasel Empire.

I stopped by the Castle of Perpetual Night in labyrinth's lower layer when I was going back and delivered the 『Lesseu's Blood』 wine to the True Ancestor Ban, he gave me some Blood Spheres as thanks. I was running low on it so I'm really glad.
I also visited Goblin Princess Yuika while I was at it and presented her with various products from my travel, it also served as thanks for putting up the barrier on the solitary island palace.

The Nukazuke I got from Yuika when I was returning was more well-received by the hikikomori demon lord Shizuka than Arisa and Hikaru.
I think having Nukazuke as the tea-cake is quite refined.

"So the Weasel Empire was really aiming for the Four Treasured Wands!"

I disguised myself as Dragon Knight Outis once again and went to Makiwa Kingdom's royal castle to tell the truth.
I've visited the refugee camp and told the situation to Miss Shelmina before I came here, she has agreed to entrust me with the Crimson Wand.

"Fortunately, I have the Crimson Wand with me."
"Oo! Good work defending it to the end! His Excellency Dasles truly has good eyes for people!"

The prime minister who saw Miss Shelmina holding the Crimson Wand stretched out his hand as if he was going to snatch the wand from her.
Miss Shelmina backs away to avoid that hand.

"In order to prevent re-invasion of the empire, I have decided to entrust this Crimson Wand to Outis-sama."
"F-fool! Giving Makiwa Kingdom's most valuable asset to someone of unknown origin--"

Hearing Miss Shelmina's remark, the young king made a verbal slip.

"Crimson Wand is the treasure of Marquis Dasles House. Until Uncle--Marquis Dwot Dasles comes back, I've promised Outis-sama to leave Crimson Wand in his care."
"How are you going to defend the east! If the weasels invade again, isn't Dasles Territory going to be the foremost to bear the attack!"

The young rattled on, but there's no way the person concerned didn't think of it.

"King, there is no need to worry. Outis-dono has offered to lend four guardian golems in the shape of 『Flame Dragon』, 『Blazing Giant』, 『Fire Lizard』, and 『Phoenix』."

Four level 50 class golems should be enough for defense.
I made all of them besides the Blazing Giant using golem creation spell furnished with Magic Cores, I created the Blazing Giant using a complex method I learned in the elf village.

The Blazing Giant is equipped with a structure to cope with the [Magic Eater] inside.
Just in case the golem's AI stopped, I've loaded it with a remote control function using a primitive electronic circuit which I made by analyzing the cell phone I had and Lost Knowledge skill, but it's probably unnecessary.
The supply of magic power from the [Philosopher's Stone] to the golem is stronger than the magic essence (mana) draining force of the weaselkin's [Magic Eater] from the surrounding, so the golem that uses the [Philosopher's Stone] as its core should not stop moving.

"O-Outis-dono, not only in Dasles territory, please put golems in the royal capital too--"
"I don't mind of course."

I've expected this.

"However, I require 100.000 gold coins for each one of them."

The king's smile freezes to hear me.
I don't mind providing the ones that can be made with the spell for free, but they will stop moving if the weasels use the [Magic Eater].

There were some slightly troublesome dialogs after this, but since I was under no obligation to compromise, I had the king and the territory governors to work hard for the country's revival.
Of course they have to fulfill my reward, that is supporting the people who were chased out of their lands.

"Outis-sama, are you leaving already?"
"Yeah, the next battlefield is calling for me."

Miss Shelmina sounds strangely amorous.
Does she likes lizard's face even though she's a human?

"Stay healthy."
"--Yes. I will bring every one who has been saved by Outis-sama back without missing any."

I brushed away my mantle with a thud, rode on the Evil Dragon son's back and flew away.

Once the Evil Dragon son ascended enough to be unseen from the ground, we moved to the labyrinth's lower layer - Evil Dragon area with Unit Arrangement.
For some reason, this area has fallen under my rule.

"You've done good. Here's your reward. Share it with your family."

As thanks for the Evil Dragon parents, I put a truck-sized cut block of the whale meat.
The savory smell of the grilling meat which has been put on the bedrock heated by lava spreads.


Yup, the Evil Dragon parents look happy.
Starting with the Evil Dragon son who couldn't wait anymore and bit the half-roasted whale meat, the other Evil Dragons also scrambled and began to enjoy the whale meat.

After watching them for a little, I transformed into Kuro and went to Echigoya Firm.

It's to arrange the refugee transportation.
Even though Miss Shelmina said it as she did, from the refugee camp to Dasles Territory is dozens of kilometers away, so some of the refugees are probably going to be lost if they keep at it as is.

"Kuro-sama! Two large airships have successfully departed!"

When I came into Echigoya Firm's office room with Unit Arrangement, Manager drew closer on me with eyes that were more dazzling than usual.
Tifaliza's eyes are colder than usual somehow.

"Thank you, Manager."


Manager's tension is dropping fast, perhaps the thanks weren't enough.
As I thought, it should not be just with words, I have to also present her with goods.

I've already given her an amulet, a wand and also a [Magic Bag].

"Manager, do you like sweets?"
"Y-yes. Like everyone else."

Fumu, I'll give her handmade sweets as the token of appreciation.

"I-isn't this the phantom 『Lulu Shortcake』!"
"I baked it myself, do eat it during your break."
"Ku-Kuro-sama's handmade!"

Manager is staring at the cake while posing like she's praying to heaven.
Looks like she's gotten back to good mood.

"--Elterina, me too."
"I know. But, keep it a secret from the girls okay? Those girls don't know restraint."

Manager and Tifaliza are exchanging secret talks in whispers.
Glad to see them getting along well.

I wait for the two to finish their talk and make the arrangement for the alibi and the transportation plan.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14-45

14-45. War Kingdom (3) The Weasel's Aim


Satou's here. When I went abroad, it made me realize the virtue of Japanese service, at the same time, I also felt its lack of fortitude needed to handle guests with bad attitude. Although not to the extreme as the Code of Hammurabi, I don't think there's any need to be overly polite to someone with no manners.

"Your Majesty! The scout dispatched to the east gate has found the honorable body of His Excellency Jizaros among the golem's wreckage."
"Jizaros of the earth right after Mizaras of the water...."

When I came to Makiwa Kingdom's royal castle to talk about the post-war processing, the young king was currently receiving reports about the death from his close associates.
Reading the mood, I abstain myself from butting in for a while.

I wanted to end the war right before it started, but it seems there are many deaths still.
Good grief, I just don't understand what's in the mind of the people who seek war. Is it really that fun to be the king of the hill and domineer over people?
It'll be no exaggeration to call these people who love troublesome things masochists.

This time I bent my principle and intervened since I found refugees being chased by slave hunters on my map, but I'd like to make this a special case this once.
It's better for me and my congenial friends and companions to go on a humorous pleasure trip.

While thinking like that, the talk in the audience chamber progresses.

"So, was the Roaring Vibration Wand found close by the body?"
"No.... The retainers of His Excellency Jizaros are currently searching for it."

I tried searching for it since I was bored but the item called Roaring Vibration Wand didn't exist in this kingdom.
It probably fell on the east gate and got crushed under the super huge golem.

Further, we have finished saving the people who survived with space magic and Tama's ninjutsu.

"It was probably taken away by Izukoka spies. The Roaring Vibration Wand and the Surging Wave Wand have lost, the representative of Marquis Dasles who carries the Crimson Wand is also missing. In hindsight, Earl Muzaris who barricaded himself in his own territory and ended up being safe can be called an ironic result."

The one who sarcastically and verbally attacked the young king was not this kingdom's noble but a military diplomat from Saga Empire. Looks like he's an earl for once.

"--Izukoka? You mean the Weasel Empire."
"Minister, the enemies aren't only the ones in front of you. The Four Treasured Wands are also quite attractive in the neighboring Silga and Shiga Kingdom's eyes."
"Saga Empire is--No, do you really believe the fairy tale that says 『Offer the four orbs and the sky city Nenerie from the age of gods that sleeps in the sea will be awoken.』?"
"Isn't it nice to have a dream. Moreover--"

Fumu, it's like the Shadow Castle of Rumooku huh--no wait, I thought the name Nenerie sounds familiar, wasn't it the undersea city in Marquis Ganika's trench.
Don't tell me, the huge undersea ruin I found when we were on our way to the labyrinth city from Boruenan was also a floating continent that sleeps in the sea?

Leaving aside the mysterious undersea ruin, since the undersea city [Nenerie] is vastly bigger than the Shadow Csatle, it'll be quite a mass weapon if it flies.
Since I know where it is, I'll mark it so I'll know when it moves.

I wonder if that was the reason the Weasel Empire invaded?

When I was going to mark Miss Shelmina's Crimson Wand just in case, I saw that it was moving at high speed toward the east.
Looks like it's been stolen by someone.
I'm amazed that it could happen considering I had left three Griffon Riders there.

I call Arisa through [Tactic Talk] while tying the knots.

『Arisa, there's an additional mission.』
『Okay, what should we do?』

I ask Arisa who replied immediately to recover the Crimson Wand.

I also tried searching the fourth Typhoon Wand while I was at it, but like the Roaring Vibration Wand and the Surging Wave Wand, it didn't exist in the kingdom.
Looks like it's been stolen already.
I felt like I couldn't find the wand's owner, Earl Muzaris, somehow so I ignored it.

"And, who are those Dragon Knights after all?"
"They are the heroes who saved our country from ruin."

The minister replied the young king with a non-answer.
It'll be at least an hour before the generals who departed to where Liza and the others were come back, so he's probably just answering randomly.
Apparently, these ministers are taking this young king lightly.

This is just right, since they're talking about us, I'm going to appear now.

"--That's right."
"Who are you!"
"Dragon Knight Outis. I've safeguarded Shelmina-dono."
"T-the Crimson Wand is!"

Oy oy, at least worry about Miss Shelmina formally, mr. King.

"She had it when I saved her."

I said it like such since I didn't want to tell the truth somehow.

"I-I see..."

The king who looked relieved sank down the throne.

My log indication moves at that time--.

The golem unit that was doing the rescue at the western part of Makiwa Kingdom changed to [Waiting Order] state according to the log.
Looks like the Griffon Riders that were with them have begun to move toward the royal castle where I am.
I'd have no job for them even if they got here so I made them go to other cities to save the captured people.

"Dragon Knight-dono, you've done a great job. A fitting reward for the great hero who saved our country would be--"

In place of the hopeless king, a scheming minister tried to negotiate while pretending to praise me.
I have a hunch that he'll try to make an empty promise.

I have no need of rewards, but there's no need to hold back when the other party is fully intending to shirk on it anyway.

"I have three demands--"

Thus, I thrust my demands without hesitation.

"--We will claim all the monsters and the prisoners of war related to Weasel army we defeated, and armaments we confiscated. In addition, as a reward of recapturing the western city of Makiwa Kingdom, 100.000 gold coins--"

The king and the ministers screamed the moment I said [100.000 gold coins].
I think it's cheap compared to the value of the City Core, but it seems to be excessive from their sense of value.

"--we wanted to demand that much, but if you can make a firm promise to do an all-out aid for the people who were chased out of the city, we will withdraw from that."

These demands are light, I can't ask for more than than a verbal promise since the king can unilaterally revoke a normal [Contract] using the City Core power.
Of course I can perfectly bind him with my [Geass], but he's probably going to keep the promise since it's about his own nation.
I should know whether they fulfill the promise or not the next time I visit here as Satou.
If it's not kept, then I'm sure that they'll remember about it if I just ask Pochi and Lyuryu to circle the sky above the royal castle once.

"And, the third, you're prohibited from marching your troops to the Weasel Empire as a retaliation for three years."

The retaliation is probably needed for the king to save his face, and the people probably can't endure it, so I force it as a demand from the Dragon Knights who saved the country.
In addition, in the case the Weasel Empire re-invaded, the third term would be annulled.

Although, since the fact that the Dragon Knights are allies of Makiwa Kingdom should be well known by now, there's probably little chance of Weasel Empire invading again.

Oops, even though I said three demands, I forgot one more.

"By the way, King."

Called by me, the young king replied while having a cramped smile.

"I heard that your people call us lizardkin as 『Frog-eaters』 derogatorily--"

I glare at the young king while being careful not to put Coercion skill on it.
I continue before the king whose mouth is flapping open and closed can spin words.

"--That is not true right? We rushed to your rescue exactly because of our tolerance to humans and respect to the late king. If it was a gathering of low-life who speak such a derogatory term--"

I execute [Coercion] skill this time, the people around besides the king are so terrified they forgot to breath.

"When that happens, you can imagine where the Dragon Breath which befell the weasel people will be pointed at."
"A-alright. I-I will endeavor, m-my ruling while engraving, your w-warning in my heart."

The only one whom I didn't use Coercion skill on, the king replied my threat disjointedly.
I don't think the discrimination against demi-humans will be gone with just this, but once the top people's sense change and the ones who push the discrimination are gone, the people's perception should gradually change once they get help from the demi-humans.

It might even be a good idea to visit the country as Satou and popularize a dish secretly made with frogs.

"Welcome back, Master!"
"I'm back, Arisa."

I reunite with my companions after finishing my business in the royal castle.

Oops, Arisa jumped while yelling like Pochi.
Arisa whispered "I never heard about the biplane" in my ears.

"Did the recovery go well?"
"But of course!"

After giving me the Crimson Wand, Arisa made a space from the space magic [Garage] and showed a biplane inside it.
It's certainly an airplane although it looks retro.

"You're too close."

"Carrying out Mia's instruction, so I inform."
"Ahn, isn't fine for a bit."

Mia ordered Nana to tear Arisa off me.

I extend my [Magic Hand] to Arisa's [Garage] and move the biplane into my Storage.
Surprisingly, the biplane isn't equipped with magic device but a scientific internal-combustion engine. I'll bring it to Corpse in the labyrinth's lower layer to look at.

While I'm at it, I invoke spirit magic [Misty Fog] to make a fog wall so we can't be seen from the royal capital.

"Master, Evil Dragons are watching the disarmed captives in the royal capital surrounding."
"Thank you, Liza."

The spoils from the defeated monsters and the seized things are gathered in one place, so I extend my [Magic Hand] there and put them into my Storage all at once.

"Master, the generals and officers are separated so I tell."

Nana who was next to the Evil Dragons, holding a horse-riding whip in one hand while keeping watch informed me.
I invoke [Weariness Field] and [Mass Sleep] whose range is expanded by a wand to make all the empire's troops fall asleep.

"Master, are you going to make these people into slaves and sell them to Makiwa Kingdom?"
"I'm fine with that if they're thieves."

I shook my head to answer Liza's question.
As they have killed the country's lords, I have no doubt all of the demi-humans will be killed if I sell them to Makiwa Kingdom.

"I'll shut them in the Sub-space for now and release them once the time is right."
"You're soft as always~ It's better if you at least ask ransom from Weasel Empire you know."
"You're right, I'll think about it."

I agreed to Arisa's advice and started moving the captives.

I separate the common soldiers and the slave soldiers and send them to the Sub-spaces I own.
I will eventually send them back to Weasel Empire, but they'll probably do indecent things in Makiwa Kingdom if I release them here, so I'll imprison them here until I can open Gates in the empire.
There are agricultural land and dwelling houses inside the sub-space so even leaving them there for months is probably going to be fine.

Further, I send the 'Hyahha' human mercenaries to the [Wasteland] sub-space.
Once they're emotionally cornered, I'll put them into the agricultural area if they look like they can be reformed, if not then I'll take them to Makiwa Kingdom's prison.

I put the generals, officers and crew members of the modern weapons into the prison in the Blue Territory.
There are various things I have to ask them after all.

I sent back Arisa and the others to the solitary island palace, and then I ordered the Griffon Riders and the Evil Dragon family to bloodlessly suppress the remaining weasel empire troops who were stationed in the towns and cities to keep watch.

The aggressive war in this world is quite gruesome.

Several hundreds and thousands of soldiers' bodies are left in front of the cities, the bodies of noble-like and bureaucrat-like people are also swaying inside the cities.
I sent back my companions since I didn't want them to see these scenes but.... I didn't want to see it too if possible.

While feeling that it was too late, I put mosaic in my view with illusion magic and mechanically threw the captives of weasel empire into the sub-space.
There were several units who had escaped outside Makiwa Kingdom, but since the outside of Makiwa Kingdom is monster dominion stretching several kilometers wide, it seems they've become snacks for many monsters there.

I served full course hamburg steak as promised for the dinner, but since I had no appetite, I finished with cold tofu and cold sake.

"Sorrowful hero isn't like your character you know?"

When I was gazing at the swaying palm trees from the palace's terrace dead at night, Arisa appeared with oden which let out vapor and warmed Dragon Spring sake on the tray.
It seems she didn't intend to drink them herself, she put it in front of me and then picked up a cup of cola while snacking on some hampen.

"You shouldn't drink cold things when you're feeling down. Since you'd feel sad enough you'd want to die with it--it's best to drink warm things, eat piping hot Oden, and make your body and mind lukewarm!"

As advised by Arisa I sip the hot sake.
From the warmth of the sake, the mellow aroma stimulates my nose.

Bite, I chew the daikon, and then the flavors of the daikon and dashi paint the inside of my mouth with the color of happiness.

The oden and the warm sake that fell into my stomach warm my body from inside.
I feel like crying somewhat even though I don't feel sad.

"Un, you look a bit better."

Arisa moves to the top of the handrail with short-range teleport and peek at my face.

"Master might be able to do everything, but that doesn't mean that master has to do everything okay?"

She said it jokingly, but Arisa's eyes were serious.

"Master's character is not suitable to be a ruler after all. The role of defeating demon lords as hero can't be helped but aside from that, isn't it fine to just be 『I help them cause I don't want to abandon them』."

Those vaguely irresponsible lines aren't like Arisa.

"Unlike abandoned cats or abandoned dogs, they're people who have to live themselves. Save them when they can't do anything about it no matter what, after that they can manage somehow by themselves. Kings and nobles exist for that sake after all. They get the tax so they have to work, as in 『<<Noblesse Oblige>>』 isn't it."

I'm a noble for once though.

"Moreover, you know, if you help anything and everything, you'll gradually be corrupted and broke. Kindness is needed but excessive kindness is going to be poisonous. Master should just be whimsical without thinking too hard about it."

Arisa laughs with a joking tone.

"You're right--"

Sometimes saving people during the sightseeing, sometimes being a hero--having a stance like that looks good for my mental health.

I thank Arisa for cheering me up, call my companions who are peeking on the entrance with their heads looking like a totem pole, and treat ourselves with oden party under the night sky.

Together with everyone noisily like this is peaceful and nice.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14-44

14-44. War Kingdom (2) Dragon Riders


Satou's here. I think a country can feel proud just by being safe and secure. While that may be true, parading in clothes that are as good as being half-naked in a business district at night is truly sexy but cute--I mean no, for adults with good sense, I think it's necessary to be careful.
Even if I'm thinking "Nice, do it more" in my head.

『Enemies found~?』
『Master! There are bad people nodesu!』

Tama and Pochi talk through the [Tactic Talk] which is superior in counterintelligence.

As we entered Makiwa Kingdom, we caught a sight of the refugees escaping to the west and slave-hunting mercenaries chasing them.
Both the escapees and the pursuers are humans.

『I'll save that group. Everyone please stop the battle in front of the royal capital if it looks like it'll be decisive.』
『Okay, this will be a cinch with the Evil Dragons.』

As Arisa's said, I've summoned the Evil Dragon family from the labyrinth's lower layer for their coercive effect.
The father Evil Dragon was hesitating to let anyone besides me riding on them, but they were unexpectedly cooperative to act as the dragon rides after sensing Black Dragon's presence who played with everyone yesterday.

Further, since Black Dragon is too enthusiastic and prone to run amok, I'm not bringing him here.

『Lyuryu is also with us nanodesu!』


The white lesser dragon that Pochi rides on cried peculiarly.

We're equipped with the golden armor disguise version since today is an operation of absolute secrecy.
The defensive power are the same as the original golden armor, but our appearances become to look like various beastkins like lizardkin. This is not magic but special make-up technique which is also used on Satou doll.

Liza and Mia are disguising as rabbitkin, Pochi and Tama as lizardkin, Nana and Lulu as birdkin, and Arisa as catkin.
Unfortunately, Hikaru is supervising the foreign settlement, while Zena-san and the others are to stay in the airship and the solitary island palace.

We're using these kind of disguises in order to hide our identities as well as to sweep away demi-humans' discriminations in Makiwa Kingdom.

Leaving that aside, let's help the people who are being chased.

I waved my hand to Arisa and the others who are heading toward the royal capital, produced the newly developed artificial spirits [Griffon Riders] and then nose dived to the ground.
After all, if there were only a few people, there would probably be some who would guess our identities.

"Hyahha! Run, run, you garbage!"
"If you're caught by the sca~ry onii-san, you're going to become slaves y'know~?"

The mercenaries chasing after the screaming refugees are purposely not catching up to them while smiling sadistically.

"Boss, that!"
"You fools, call me captain!"

The mercenary leader who look up at us after getting urged by his friend looks terrified.
Looks like he realized that they've become the hunted now.

『Everyone, permission to trample.』


The knights riding on the Griffons' backs cannot talk, so the Griffons are abiding my order.
More than 100 [Griffon Riders] hunt the mercenaries.

Of course non-lethal is the default.

The Griffons' claws and beaks have the anti-personnel [Soft Stun] and [Paralyze] magic effect added on them, while the lances that the knights riding on the Griffons' backs hold have [Pain Force] in addition to the two above.

This [Pain Force] is a mind magic that will cause sense of pain without inflicting physical injury.
It's an original magic remodeled from the torture-use [Pain] magic exclusively for punishment, it has a limiter to limit the pain only at the level of [Tooth extraction without anesthetic] so it won't mistakenly kill people.
Rather, I think the remodeled version is better suited for torture, but all is good since I'm not going to tell it to others anyway.

Voice of suffering and dread roll up from among the mercenaries who are getting trampled down by the Griffon riders.
I can leave arresting the mercenaries to them. The automatic AI of the artificial spirits are truly capable.

"We've taken care of the slave hunt! You don't need to run away! I repeat--"

Without taking part in the mercenary trampling, I go around telling the escapees that there's no danger anymore.

--Huh? Aren't they running away more frantically compared to when they were chased by the mercenaries?

"It's the weaselkin's magic beast troops!"
"We'll get eaten if we don't run!"

Attentive Ears skill picked up such desperate voices from the tumult.
Dang, people who aren't used to seeing Griffons will think that they're not mythical beasts but monsters huh....

I deport the Griffon I'm riding, take out a single-seater small airship from my storage and ride on it.

"We've taken care of the slave hunt! You don't need to run away! I repeat--"

This time it went well.
Several refugees stopped, and some people began to wave their hands at me.

"Isn't that elf-sama's Light Ship from the fairy tale?"
"There's no way demi-humans would save us."
"It must be the silver ship that Saga Empire's Hero-sama rides."

Looks like there are some people who discriminate against elves too in this country.
I go around and repeat the announcement to the leaders of the refugees.

There was only 5 KM wide of area to cover so it completed shortly after and then I landed in front of the leading carriages.

A woman in her twenties wearing red dress comes out of the carriage before I show my face.
For some reason, she's carrying a rod-shaped thing wrapped in cloth.

According to the AR-reading, the inside of the cloth seems to be a fire booster type of wand called [Crimson Wand].

"Thank you very much for your help. My name is Shelmina Dasles, the chief administrator of Marquis Dasles's territory."

Marquis Dasles was the house name of the pyromaniac noble who was chasing after the white tigerkin princess.
This woman brings about calm atmosphere you wouldn't have guessed that she was from the same family as the pyromaniac noble who felt abnormal.

"I thought it was an elf, turned out it was a frog-eater."

The one who exchanged insults that could be heard from afar were the young nobles behind Miss Shelmina.

"Toger, Besso, what are you doing abusing the person who saved us! Shame on you."

I was going to ignore them, but Miss Shelmina harshly rebuked them with the force of raging fire.
After the young nobles opened and closed their mouths like they had forgotten to breath, they apologized to me.
It was a completely superficial apologize, but since I'm not going to meet them again, I lightly ignore it.

"Umm, could you give me your name?"
"I'm the Dragon Knight Outis of the Lion Knight Order."

For this case, I've picked the famous name from the Greek mythology which means [nobody].
My affiliation is a bit tangled, but since my companions are going to appear as Dragon Knights, it's probably better for me to be the same as them.

"Outis-sama, it might be shameful of me to ask you of this while not even being able to reward you for saving us--"

Miss Shelmina put her hands on her chest and entreated.
She's probably going to ask me to escort them to a safe place.

"--There are several people who have been caught by the Weasel Empire slave hunters. I would like you to please help us save them."

Fumu, that one huh.

She asked me to help them, but her force only consists of 10 knights and around 50 nobles of which only five who have battle skills.

"Okay. I'll grant your wish."

I look for the locations of the captured refugees on the map and deploy the Griffon Riders there.
There are channels between the artificial spirits and the user that connect our consciousness, it's really useful in cases like this.

"Thank you very much. Please use me and the knights as decoys."

The nobles are scowling at Miss Shelmina from behind, as if saying 'don't say unnecessary things'.
I don't feel like saving the ones who run away for their self interest, but I tell her, "There's no need" briefly.

That is because the Griffon Rider unit who are moving at high speed are already infringing the mercenaries.

"Please don't belittle me just because I'm a woman! Even though I look like this, I've been entrusted with the Crimson Wand by uncle. I can't use secret art of the Crimson Wand yet, but I can handle being a diversion."

Without listening to the nobles who told her to stop, she unwrapped the cloth and showed me the wand.
The ruby-like jewel on the tip of the wand is quite beautiful, but the miasma lump that's moving like a wriggling black snake inside the jewel looks gross. It looks like it'll curse you just by seeing it.

"I already said that it's unnecessary. My subordinates are already heading there."

Come to think of it, she didn't see the Griffon Riders did she.
I let a Griffon Rider who was hunting at the nearest place to fly pass above us, showing its figure.

"Raptor head with lion body--that's the mythical beast Griffon!"
"Moreover, there's a knight riding on its back."
"It's a Griffon Knight!"

The ones who shouted were not Miss Shelmina but the young nobles behind her.
Putting aside their personalities, it looks like they're knowledgeable.

"The person just now told me. They've saved all the refugees and taken care the mercenaries--"
"I suppose that you are related to Silga Kingdom. Would you escort us to the neighboring country?"

An old noble who suddenly showed up beside Miss Shelmina demanded as such when I was talking.
The other nobles rode on his coattails, asking the same in chorus.

"Very well--however, the Griffons only allow people they recognize to ride on them, and my ship can only carry one person. Gather the people here as I will send a big airship to pick us up."
"Thank you for your kindness."

The old noble conveyed his gratitude.
The nobles who wanted to ride on my airship sighed dejectedly, but they regained their spirit after hearing that a big airship would come.

I take food out of my Storage.

They're cereal bar-like food made from a mix of Giant Kelp powder, miscellaneous dried fish and sea serpent's meat.
Echigoya Firm didn't make them, I used a personal manufacturing magic so no one can trace it back.

I distributed these in the Snow Kingdom, but they're convenient in this kind of situations.

Next, I make a huge reservoir with earth magic and put in a large quantity of drinking water from the Storage.
I can use magic to produce water, but it'll just be a waste of magic power.

Lastly, I make a clay wall covering an area wide enough for a city and exterminate some pest.
I leave behind several Griffon Riders to guard the refugees and leave the place.

"Outis-sama, could you escort me back to Makiwa Kingdom's royal castle? Now that the safety of the people has been guaranteed, I have a duty to fulfill as a noble, I've to hurry to His Majesty's side."
"I already said before, my ship can only hold one passenger. Give it up."

It's not like it's impossible if we try, but I'd feel somehow guilty to Aze-san if I were to spend some time glued with a beautiful woman with a nice body.

『Jaryuu One speaking, Guruu Head please reply.』 <TLN: Jaryuu= Evil Dragon.>
『Griffon Head speaking. Don't get the call sign wrong. Is there something wrong?』
『It's terrible!』

According to Arisa, besides the tamed monster battalions, it seems there are also tank-like armored vehicle units.
At first I thought they were manned golems, but it seems they're really shaped like tanks.

Tanks are certainly amazing, but even if they have the latest model of the modern tanks, I don't think they're that much of a threat.
However, just like Corpse in labyrinth's lower has said back then, it'll be bad if it violates the god's taboo.
If the weaselkin were to be destroyed, it'd be their own fault, but I imagine god's divine punishment to be sketchy.

From the info I got from various sources, the weaselkin troops should have been formed of tamed monsters and manned golems.
If Arisa really didn't mistake it, I might have to investigate the reason as to why these scientific weapons suddenly appeared.

Of course I'll interrogate the tanks' and the armored cars' crew members, other than that, I'll also extract information from the weaselkin merchant who should be in Silga Kingdom's underground jail.
If they don't know, maybe I'll just infiltrate Weasel Empire and directly investigate it?
It might be a good idea to visit the hero who's trying to defeat the demon lord while we're at it.

『Ah! The battle has begun!』
『Master, permission to charge.』
『Arisa, are there something like anti-aircraft gun and missile tanks?』
『Doesn't look like there's any of that. There are 20 tanks and 10 armored cars.』

I feel that the armored cars are too few.

『Don't get hurt no matter what happens.』
『Aye aye sir~』
『Roger nanodesu.』
『Nn, leave it to me.』

The youth troupe replied energetically.

『Lifting off the stealth system. Nana and Lulu, please get ready.』
『air-to-surface defense has been put into operation, so I report.』
『Liza-san, I'm ready too.』

Liza who's riding on the father Evil Dragon is taking the command.
While watching the spectacular battle with [Clairvoyance] magic, I also manage the refugees' rescue and guidance.

It might be a good idea to recapture one nearest city from the weasel force and secure accommodations for the refugees.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14-43

※ It's not from Satou's point of view this time

14-43. War Kingdom (1) Scientific Weapons


"Wheel Chief! We can see Makiwa Kingdom's capital in the front!"
"Stop. Operator, stop the followers too."

Steel box-like weapons of the weaselkin stopped on top of the cliff.
Although it looks like a golem carriage, it has a peculiar shape where there's a box on top of a flat box and a long and narrow cylinder attached to the top box.
The tiger and lionkin slaves on the vehicles are watching the surrounding.

After the slaves confirmed that there were no danger in the surrounding, the top of the top box opened, and a weaselkin man called Wheel Chief showed his face.
Wheel Chief sprawled on the clifftop and checked the capital using a magic tool that looked like two attached tubes to see from a distance.
He's not wearing armor despite being a soldier, only sturdy looking clothes.

From here to the capital, it's about half a ri in weaselkin's unit, and around 3KM in earth unit.

"The Rocket Raccoon unit and Iron Hopper Cavalry have spread out in front of the capital huh.... As expected of the mobile corps."

100 Rocket Raccoons as big as three adult men and 3000 Iron Hoppers as big as a horse are lined up in front of the capital.
Screw-like suspicious magic tools are attached on top of the monsters' heads.
The riders in the box on the back of the monsters are probably using those magic tools to control them.

"Captain, will Makiwa knights come out?"
"Oh they will."

The one next to a Wheel Chief called Captain was a young Wheel Chief of a trailing vehicle.

"--Rather, if they don't, the Rocket Raccoons and Iron Hoppers can just jump over the wall and devastate the capital."
"They're in the palm of Tacticican-sama aren't they."

Captain looks sullen, it seems he doesn't like the Tactician.

"We're a bit too far from here. We'll move to the ruins of hunting mansion over there."

By Captain's order, the vehicles move again.
Buzz, buzz, clang, clang, while spreading strange noise that won't lose to their appearances, they move while leaving strange wheel tracks.

If there were a modern Japanese man here, he surely would call the vehicles.


"Wheel Chief, we got a new message from headquarter. The scouts who had infiltrated the capital could only identify 『Water』 and 『Earth』, the 『Wind』 and 『Fire』 weren't there."

Wheel Chief grinned and struck his fist at his palm.

"This war--we've won."
"Is Fire--the Crimson Wand that Marquis Dasles had really that dreadful?"

With his military shoes, Wheel Chief trampled the bored loading officer's head who interrupted.

Marquis Dasles territory in Makiwa Kingdom is the closest to the weaselkin territory, but the weaselkin never tried to invade it even after utterly destroying Lionkin and Tigerkin Kingdoms.

And, it's widely known how the mentioned Lionkin Kingdom tried to invade Makiwa Kingdom many times only to be repulsed by Marquis Dasles for generations.
The story about how they killed enemy troops who invaded the territory but never once pursued the troops who got out of the territory out of mercy is also famous.

"Even General ordered us to retreat without attacking if Marquis Dasles appeared."
"What did Tactician-sama said?"

Wheel Chief once again trampled the loading officer's head who implied that the tactician was greater than the general.

"Listen okay? Dasles isn't someone to be afraid of. The Crimson Wand he has is."

The Crimson Wand handed down in Marquis Dasles house is famous as a treasured wand which contains flame spirit, but at the same time it's also said that it's a cursed item that makes fire monsters gather.

Including Marquis Dasles's Crimson Wand, this Makiwa Kingdom has four lords with elemental wands.

Holding the Roaring Vibration Wand that rules over earth, Earl Jizaros of the north.
Holding the Surging Wave Wand that rules over water, Earl Mizaras of the west.
Holding the Typhoon Wand that rules over the wind, Earl Muzaris of the south.

According to the contact earlier, it appears Earl Jizaros of the Roaring Vibration Wand and Earl Mizaras of the Surging Wave Wand are in the royal castle.
Their easy-to-be-confused names seem to be infamous among diplomats and young people who aspire to enter into military service.

"This tank and cannonball are weak against fire. It can't defend against Crimson Wand with just fireproof magic enchant."

The operator thought that it was just another of the mighty elemental wands of the four house with a different element, but he wisely judged that it would only bring the Wheel Chief's shoes onto his head if he said it out loud.

"A report from the ratkin keeping watch! A super huge golem three time as big as the outer wall has appeared."
"So it appeared at last. There's no water dragon huh?"
"Yes, it's just the golem."
"Good, activate the engine! Order the soldiers outside to hide in the bush! Operator, tell the other vehicles to get ready."

The soldiers get ready as the war begins.

"Is there still no signal?"
"--There it is! Two black balls, permission to engage."

Wheel Chief gave his order as a report from the observer came.

"Good! Take the aim. Gunman, you don't need to aim at the legs, just shoot at the golem's huge chest!"
"Wheel Chief, what to do with Captain's wait and see--"

The loading officer stuffs a huge long and thin cannonball into the barrel, the gunman turns the handle and adjusts the cannon's angle.

"The era of huge golems in battlefields has ended. Exposing such a stupidly huge target--"

He checks the slide rule result in the scope.

"I'm aiming, I'll aim at ya, alright, here! Aim and shoot!"

With the gunner's shout, the steel cannonball flies over one kilometer away.

The super huge golem that was peerless against the Rocket Raccoons and Iron Hoppers stopped moving with a roaring sound.
It tried to balance itself after a bit, but it couldn't stand the countless cannonballs shot at its chest as its ankle broke, and fell behind while breaking the capital's wall.

Earth, sand and dust overrun the capital with terrific force.

"Alright, you did well! The knights are coming out next! Prepare the buckshots."
"Captain, a new report from Tank #2. They want to start the 『Magic Eater』 experiment, so they ask for an escort."
"Hoo, so it's finally time for the 『Magic Eater』 experiment huh--The top might be thinking to meddle with Shiga Kingdom too eh."

Wheel Chief licked his lips when he heard the operator's report.

"Captain, how should we reply?"
"Tell them understood. Inside the 『Magic Eater』, only we, Scientific Tank Unit can fight properly--"

"Knights without physical reinforcements are just tasty meatballs. We'll run and kill them over the caterpillars."

Hearing Wheel Chief, the silent pilot laughs dryly 'kehi kehi'.
The tank corps started their attack on the capital while being wrapped in complicated mood.

"From the north gate, there's 10 knights, 500 light knights--this is bad! The water dragon appeared from the west gate!"
"We're leaving it alone, first we need to pluck the feathers of Magic Beast Units to prevent them from flying."
"You sure are some careful guy."

It seems destroying units with the ability to fly is a normal practice in this world.

"Captain, don't you think it's strange?"
"What is?"

He ignored the loading officer and asked back the operator.

"Earl Jizaros of Roaring Vibration Wand isn't summoning the next golem. It should have been about time for his magic power to recover enough with magic potion...."
"Come to think of it, that is strange--tell the HQ. They probably have realized it already, but just in case."

Wheel Chief ordered after pondering the operator's words.
It's the HQ's job to think about the whole picture--looks like that's what he's concluded.

"Water dragon's breath is coming."

The after-wave of the water dragon's breath graze the tanks.

"--Damage minimum. Several desant soldiers are deserting."
"We can collect them later. Right now charge!"

It seems the life of Tank Desant's soldiers are light in this world.

"Signal balls--three red balls. They're invoking 『Magic Eater』."
"The vibration suppression machine will stop. Careful not to bite your tongue."

A vehicle with round ring attached on it got close to the capital and shot out black ripples.
The vibration on the tanks became intense the moment those ripples touched them.

"To the front, knights are coming."
"Gunman! Rout them!"
"Ou! No need to aim! Eat this!"

The tank's barrel spouts out black smoke, a different cannonball from earlier approaches the knights.

"Advance while ignoring the missed shots!"

The knights are pressing on while ignoring the cannonball which is coming toward no one, but then the shell disperses in the air, scattering innumerable buckshot.

"Such feeble pebbles are nothing against magic armors, my 『Vajra』 and tempered muscles--"

The knight in the lead died without being able to finish his words.
They died without noticing that their enchanted armors became mere metal armor and their proud skills had been neutralized until the very end.

Even the lucky knights who survived were either ran over by the caterpillars or got their hearts stabbed by the tankmen's spears.

The magic beast corps whose movements become dull cross over the main gate to attack the capital.

"Don't fall behind them! Shoot fire bombs at the royal castle from the cliff before the west gate!"

Wheel Chief is burning with ambition to leave a military record of damaging the capital, which is usually protected by defensive wall from the City Core, from outside.

However, the world is not that easy.

"Ca-Captain! It's badbadbadbad"
"Calm down!"

The head of the gunner who shouted like he was broken was kicked.


The soldiers who heard the roar stiffened from fear.
The hardened Wheel Chief forcefully moves and opens the hatch, turning his head toward the blue sky.

A flock of dragons are flying in the sky.

There's even a more than 80 meter long lesser dragon leading the four.
The white dragon in the back is only 30 meter long, but that's not a consolation.

"Why are the Silga Kingdom's dragons here...."

If the people of the country muttered by Wheel Captain heard that, they would shake their heads.
'Our country's dragons-sama are not that big', or so they'd say.


The white dragon is swooping towards the tanks.

"Rotate at once. We're escaping once we surprise it!"
"Captain, it's no good."
"Loading fool shut up. Right now our top priority is to bring the tank back to the home town."
"--Not that."
"What is not that!"
"That's not just a dragon, it's a Dragon Knight."

That's an unrealistic existence that only appears in fairy tales about heroes.
During the last 1000 years, there were only two existences that were called Dragon Knights, Shiga Kingdom's Ancestor King Yamato and Silga Kingdom's Wandering King Riui.

"All four of them are Dragon Knights?!"

There's no more reliable existence if they are allies, but they're nothing but nightmare if they are enemies.

Their only chance to win is--.

"Captain, let's do it! We have 『Magic Eater』 right now."
"That's right! If we use all the experimental anti-aircraft high explosive projectiles, even if we're up against the invincible dragons!"
"Alright, let's wait and bombard them! Gain the time for the consort plane to escape!"

It seems they're betting on the slight possibility even though there are people who are in despair.

"I'll be watching their faces the moment they're wounded now that there's no magic wall defending their proud scales."

The white dragon is assaulting while a lizardkin child on its back swinging its tail buzzingly.

"That's an awfully small lizardkin isn't it?"
"--Eat this!"

The cannonball shot at 50 meter short distance blasted in the air, scattering piece of metals.
It's a certain kill distance even if the opponent is a dragon.

"--That was surprising, nanodesu."

The lizardkin child jumped down in front of the dragon and repelled all the metal pieces.
The sword would have been broken if it was a normal sword.

"It's nothing compared to Tama's shuriken nanodesu."

Swing, the lizardkin child who landed in one revolution, shutan, takes a strange pose.

"Pochi will forgive you if you surrender nodesuyo?"

The caterpillar blows backward, and then accelerates with that recoils, rushing toward the lizardkin child.

"Pochi punch, nanodesu!"
"Not noticing the 『Magic Eater』 is your lost! Regret after getting ran over!"

In a situation without magic power, a small fist is crashing into tons of iron lump.
There is no need to narrate the result.

--Or should have been.

The next time Wheel Chief who was sure of his victory came to himself, he was on top of a mat along with the other tankmen with a burning tank nearby.
Even though the front of the tank was squashed flat, the pilot was uninjured lying nearby. For some reason he's not wearing trousers, but it doesn't seem like it's hollowed out.

"Have you come to desuka? Pochi recommends surrendering nodesu."
"Okay, we surrender. My uncle is in the senate. Please ask the ransom money to the senate."

He agreed to the advice of the lizardkin child, whose tail swings like a dogkin, to surrender.
It seems he's judged that people of a country with no science won't be able to understand the principle behind the tank with how bad it's burning.

"....Tell me one thing."
"The war is over already nodesu. Pochi doesn't mind one question nodesuyo?"
"How did you wreck the vehicle we were riding on?"
"Of course it's because of this thoroughly tempered steel body nodesu!"

It's a squishy hand that doesn't look like a steel at all--beastkin's hand?
When the Wheel Chief looked at it again, it had come back to lizardkin's hand.

"Pochi forgot that the glove was off nodesu. Pochi's identity was almost exposed nodesu. Allies of justice are better unidentified nodesu. Miserable hell where even tears of blood freeze over waits for people who know the secret nodesuyo?"

Wheel Chief shakes his head vigorously toward the glittering eyes.

"--It's fine if you didn't see it nodesu."

In order to varnish over it, Wheel Chief forcefully turned back the topic.

"Magic power?"
"That's right, how did you do it in a place where magic power is sealed."
"That's easy nanodesu! Fighting in a space where magic is nu is the basic of the basic nanodesu. If you can't do that much, you'll be toyed with by the Ropper Rokkun in the labyrinth's lower layer nodesuyo."

Wheel Chief dryly laughed at the dogkin child wearing lizard costume who was nodding.
Apparently, there are existences outside of his common sense in this world.

Thus, the battle between the first deployment of Weaselkin scientific weapons VS Makiwa Kingdom, the unreasonable fantasy victory ended.

The identity of the mysterious Dragon Knights who saved Makiwa Kingdom this day is wrapped in mystery with no one knowing.
Further, the Wheel Chief who saw the only glimpse of their identity takes the secret to his grave.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14-42

14-42. Wyvern Kingdom (9) Cleaning-up


Satou's here. Terrorism is woeful and violent. Terrorism that aims at people behind the military instead the military itself is a big problem in the modern society. And even in another world--.

"I forbid you from using skills, including Unique Skills."

I used [Geass] skill at the fake apostle who was glaring at me spitefully to nip the trouble in the bud.

The ornamental mantle of noble clothes is too small to hide her body so she's been fidgeting restlessly since awhile ago.
Looks like she even didn't pay attention to the fact that she got [Geass]ed.


I take a big shirt from my bag and drop it on the complaining fake apostle's head.

"Behave yourself for a bit."
『Don't look at me you pervert.』

She somehow feels like my little sister when she was in her rebellious phase.

I avert my gaze from the fake apostle who's having a hard time wearing the shirt to hide her body, and entrust the rest to Sera whose smile looks scary.
Her Japanese wording seems childish somewhat.
Did she have any reason to use masculine language?

The prince and Macho Warrior came here when I was thinking such.
Looks like they had sensed that the situation was under control.

"Sir Pendragon, I know that humans are in heat all year round, but understand the time and place."
"Really. If you want to strip and assault your captive, at least do it in that bush over there."

Apparently, the people of the checking station think that I stripped the fake apostle's clothes.

The soldiers look awkward, the women and children among the refugees are looking frightened.
Only the prostitute-like women among the refugees emphasize their breasts, trying to appeal to me. Very shrewd.

"It's a misunderstanding. The tool she had got out of control and turned her own clothes to salt. There's no danger anymore since the tool has been destroyed."

I took out a broken tool from my breast pocket.
Of course it's just a [looks legit] item that has nothing to do with the fake apostle.

If I'm not mistaken it's the failed creation of Echigoya Firm's Prof. Jahad who tried to make [A magic tool to mutually create magic power and electric power] is it?
Since he was obsessed with subjects that involved rotation, he had been immersing himself in that theme after completing the new aerodynamic engine model.
When I visited Echigoya Firm not too long ago, the Japanese Aoi boy who was working as the Prof's assistant grumbled that he didn't have time to do his own research.

Leaving that aside--.

The prince glanced at the item and lost interest, then he turned his sight to the agents.

"Even though I know that the captives in battlefield are prioritized to the captor, would you be willing to hand over those men to our country."
"I don't mind if you let me take custody of the girl over there."

Dealing with the agents afterward sounds troublesome, it's easier to let the people in charge to handle them.

The prince readily consented, so the fake apostle has been placed under my custody.
Now that I've sealed her dangerous Unique Skill, I'll leave her at some Zaikuon temple or monastery in some safe easy-to-live city.

An Urion priest soldier who has personal appraisal skill, [Judgment Eye] runs up to the prince and whispers something to his hear.
He reported that the agents were not ordinary mob.

"Incitement and Brainwashing?"
"That's some heretic skills.... Maybe there's some of their friends who can use mind magic?"
"Don't be stupid. If there's someone who can use such heretic magic, I'll feed them to the wyvern."

Looks like mind magic is more hated than I thought.
I'll keep the fact that there's someone who can use mind magic here a secret.

"Are you going to execute the ones who have Incitement and Brainwashing skills?"
"It should be fine as long as both of their eyes and mouths are blocked. Although this is the first time I meet people who have these skills, I've learned about it during my training when I was entrusted to be the person in charge of the checking station."


I'd like to receive that training.
I'll ask Silga King if I could get one once we get back to the royal castle.

"Needless to say, block their mouth and suicide attempt."
"Yes, the one with Brainwashing skill might have influenced the soldiers in the station. I'll let soldiers who have just been assigned to be the guards."

The officers in this country seem to be quite excellent.

After getting all their equipment besides their underwear stripped, the agents who are tied with [Magic Sealing Chain] are carried by the soldiers to the station.
There were some men who shouted, [Save sensei!] among the refugees, but the soldiers quickly arrest and took them to the station together with the agents.

Next, we need to deal with the refugees.
As I switched my thought to that, roaring sounds and vibrations detained it.

"What happened!"
"The checking station's gate is collapsing!"

A soldier answered the prince.

"We're asking the reason! I'm going for a bit. You wait here with Sir Pendragon."

Macho Warrior ran to the station after saying so.

I wouldn't go with him even if he asked me to.

"Suicide bombing?"
"Yeah, the station's gate has collapsed, pieces of meats are sticking to the surrounding wall and tower."

It'll appear in my dream if you explain it in detail so please stop that.
Without even listening to the prince and Macho Warrior's conversation, I know that all of the agents have died looking at the disappeared points on the map.
Looks like the sympathizer men and the soldiers who were with the agents instantly died too.

After that thorough physical check, just where did they hid the bombs.....
Good grief, please stop with suicide bombing terror in another world.

I searched [Bomb] on the map just in case and found a hit on a pregnant woman.
Looking with 3D display, I found that it was inside the pregnant woman's stomach.

I enter a bush once again and pull the [Bomb] from the pregnant woman with advanced space magic [Aport Object].
It seems the bomb is triggered when it's taken outside, it's swelling in my hand.

--I won't let it.

I put the bomb that was going to explode in my hand into my storage.

I deem [Cannibal Snake] which the agents belong to as the same dangerous organizations as the [Wings of Liberty] and the [Light of Liberty].
There's no need to be considerate with a group who made use of a pregnant woman to do bomb terrorism.

"....■■■■■■■■■ Mass Heal All"

Once Sera completed her long long chant, more than 1000 refugees are wrapped in a giant light pillar that extends to the sky.
The glittering blue firefly light heals the refugees and washes away their fatigue.

"--Ooh, god."
"Onii-chan! Mother has woken up!"
"Something feels warm."
"My legs, I can move my legs."
"Feels nice.... I feel happy somehow. Wonder if the heaven is calling me."

Bright smiles return to the refugees who have been healed with Sera's holy magic.
There was a slightly dangerous remark mixed in, but it must just have been my mind tricking me so I ignore it.

I signal to the soldiers to carry barrels put with food and water to the refugees.
I've negotiated with the prince to share the food and water reserve of the checking station.
Of course it was not free and I paid the price.

"That was Tenion-sama's holy mark--That person must be a saintess with the name."
"Let's pray to saintess-sama and Tenion-sama."

The religious officials who noticed the holy mark inside the light pillar astutely advertised and propagated it to the surrounding people.
Some people whose wounds are cured and stomachs are satisfied offer thankful prayers while looking content.
That circle spread like a chain reaction and reached the whole refugees.

Perhaps due to the effect of the people who are praying earnestly, Sera has gotten a new [Saintess] title.

『Saintess? No one praised me even though I worked that hard....』

The fake apostle who was kneeling behind me muttered her complaint with a gloomy face.
The soldiers who don't understand Japanese are looking at her weirdly.

Did the fake apostle haphazardly punish people without getting thanked by anyone?

I wanted to ask her circumstances, but since an old man with relatively good attires was coming here, I turned my attention to him.

"--How should we thank you."

The old man who introduced himself as a former representative of Makiwa Kingdom's Keldan town's governor prostrated himself before Sera and me.
It seems he was leading the refugees before the agents and their sympathizers took over.

He thanked us for giving food and water to the refugees who had been weakened.

"Give your thanks not to me but His Highness who gave his permission to share the station's water and food."

Maybe because their countries were at odd, the old man was hesitating for a bit but then he finally fell prostrate and thanked the prince and Macho Warrior.

『There were people who were happy with my salt but there were lots who accused me "A smuggler!", tried to put me into jail and profited by reselling it.』

The fake apostle muttered grudge like she had fallen ill.
In a lot of cases, salt sale's right is held by countries or land lords, so you'll get caught if you carelessly sell them.

"So, has Makiwa Kingdom lost to Weasel Empire?"
"We don't know. Two days after the news that Marquis Dasles territory at the eastern end got attacked, our town at the northwest also got attacked by the empire's monster tamer army."

I check the map while listening to the old man.
Besides Makiwa Kingdom's Royal Capital and two towns, only the territory capital of the southern Muzaris Earldom is left in Makiwa Kingdom.

The town near Silga Kingdom has also been occupied by Weasel Empire's army, around 3000 refugees are currently moving toward Silga Kingdom.
It seems they're doing slave hunting, mercenary units under Weasel Empire are moving vigorously.

....I don't intend to participate in a war.

I don't want to see places where people die and I still don't like to see corpses even now.
I'm not good against violent scenes, and I don't take pleasures in overwhelmingly infringing other people with force.

However, I don't like this even more.

After considering a bit, I've decided.

『Tifaliza, when is the fitting-out of the airships from before completed?』
『The second airships in three days, the third airships in ten days.』

I talk to Tifaliza in Shiga Kingdom's Echigoya Firm through [Telephone].
She answered without getting surprised nor paused even though I called her suddenly.

『Kuro-sama should entrust it to General Manager Elterina if you want to hasten it. She should be able to make the second to depart the Royal Capital tomorrow and the third in two days.』

She gave that suggestion taking my intention into consideration.

『Okay, tell that to Manager.』
『--Please excuse me, but I think it'll be better if Kuro-sama directly instructs her. If you whisper close to her ears "I can only count on you", the wanted delivery date will certainly be fulfilled.』

It's rare for Tifaliza to make a joke.
I change the call and ask Manager to accelerate the departure.

『Please Elterina. I'm counting on you--』

And lastly, when I tried to joke as Tifaliza said, Manager who sounded excited interrupted.

『Leave it to me! Forget tomorrow, I'll make the warships depart by today's end. The rest of the fitting-out can just be done in the middle of the flight.』

--Ooh, the effectiveness is outstanding.

Alright, now the alibi for transporting the refugees is perfect.

『The village I lived in was really really poor--』

After returning to Silga royal castle, I tried talking to the fake apostle, Kei, while waiting for the audience with the king.

I was hesitating for a bit, but I didn't call Arisa and Hikaru.
There was no danger physically speaking, but since I was slightly bothered with Kei's gloomy laugh, I decided to hear her out before the two.

『--I lived in terrible poverty, my past life looked like heaven in comparison. To be honest, it was enough to make me resent the god who reincarnated me.』

Kei talked about her birthplace while staring at the ground.
Sounds like it'll be a darker story than I thought.

『Even so you know, my parents this time were good people. They didn't hit me without reason or left me outside like my previous parents did, they didn't cull me like other families did, and they raised me who was useless.』

Looks like she loves her parents in this world.
Kei's face smiled a little only when she talked about them.

『I, who was an urban junior high student, couldn't do anything. Even if I knew useful tools, I couldn't make them, and I didn't have money to ask someone to make them. And yet, I did as best as I could with my parents--』

--Her village was attacked by thieves.

『Everyone was dead when I came back from gathering nuts. I couldn't remember well after that. I didn't know whether the salt pillars that remained in the whited village were the thieves or villagers.』

Her Unique Skill probably went out-of-control.
I'm surprised she didn't turn into demon lord.

『At that time, I might have died if I didn't meet gramp who was on pilgrimage.... I guess that's good too? Then I'd be able to go to heaven with my parents.』

It's probably something that happens often in remote regions, but you just don't know how to console the one concerned.
I merely listened to her story quietly.

『Gramp was a priest-sama of Zaikuon Temple.』

--It's connected.

『He couldn't use holy magic since the god was weakened, but gramp said that he learned medicines to compensate for magic.』

I see since god Zaikuon died and holy magic became unusable, he learned the alternative.

『He said if Zaikuon temple's priests go around while doing good deeds, people who feel gratitude will give their prayers and the weakened god will become healthy, so we worked hard.』

Kei was visiting various countries with the old priest to impart their idea and techniques to the people of Zaikuon Temples.

『But it was a fruitless effort.... I forgot which city, but some priests who didn't like gramp giving medicines hired bad people to kill gramp.』

And then, after turning those evil priests and bad people into salt, she began to do the sham pilgrimage in place of the old priest alone.

Her skills are of the usual reincarnated person sets, and then [Hunger Resistance], [Rot Resistance], [Poison Resistance], [Disease Resistance], [Paralyze Resistance], [Good Walker], [Compounding] and lastly [Holy Magic: Zaikuon Belief].
She couldn't heal the refugees after all, she probably can't invoke the magic even if she has the skill.

『This world is a shitty game. That's why, I'll revive the god and make this world right.... A world where good people won't have unpleasant things happening to them, a world where bad people will surely be punished.... That's why, I--』

--Calling herself Zaikuon apostle, and punishing the evil are probably her way to do her justice.

I let Kei who began to laugh as if cramping to sleep with mind magic, and then I called Sera in the next room to use her holy magic on Kei who was having a nightmare so she can sleep peacefully.
Holy magic is good for this kind of thing.

Her last line is a dangerous way of thinking, but she lacks knowledge and experience to realize the thing she wants.
I don't care whether god Zaikuon is revived or not, but I'll let Kei to study with a teacher to correct her way.

Moreover, there should be other people who weren't bad yet got turned into salt by her [Infinite Salt Maker], so I have to make her make up for it and visit their graves once her study is done to some extent.
While we're at it, I'll let her mingle with various countries and people's hierarchy to broaden her view.

"--Have you decided to accept the refugees?"
"Regarding that matter.... Since the scale was bigger than I expected, I cannot decide it on my own."

I met the king and talked about the way to cope with the refugees.

After that time, I talked to the old man representative from before, it seemed Makiwa Kingdom's racial discrimination stemmed from the assassinations of Marquis Dasles's family and Makiwa King by white tigerkin.
After those incidents, rejection campaign toward the white tigerkin unnaturally exploded and developed toward the whole demi-humans.

There's a high chance that people who were like those agents were behind the rejection campaign.

If that's the whole story, then the root of the racial discrimination seems shallow.

"So, until the decision from my country comes, I'm thinking of putting a monster barrier in the valley near the border to Makiwa Kingdom to be a temporary foreign settlement."

Eventually, I want to send them home together with the ones taken by the slave hunters.
Moreover, Silga Kingdom's nobles would probably complain if there were a large mass near the national border after all.

"Did my son not tell you? That's the hunting ground of Fort Phanters y'know? Monster barrier has no meaning before a Fort Phanter."
"Please don't worry, my subordinates will take care of that."

I've already dispatched the beastkin girls, currently they must be hunting the Fort Phanters around the area.
I've also asked Mia to make a spring with her advanced level water magic.

"Sir Pendragon, are you aware of an organization called 『Cannibal Snake』?"
"If I'm not mistaken, it's the organization the spies who destroyed the checking station belong to. I'm sorry but I don't know any further."

Silga King shakes his head.

"Then, how about 『Glutton Racoon』 and 『Filth Eater Fox』?"
"No, unfortunately I don't know them. Is there any relation with the aforementioned 『Cannibal Snake』?"
"That I don't know. The two I mentioned earlier were organizations whose members had Incitement and Brainwashing skills used by Furu Empire a long time ago. I remember a story about people who inherited those organizations' names laying waste to Shiga Kingdom during the era of the mad king Galtafut. I thought a noble of Shiga Kingdom like Viscount-sama would know about them."

Fumu, organizations of an ancient empire huh....

At the very least, organizations called [Glutton Racoon] and [Filth Eater Fox] don't seem to exist within my range.
I can't use extensive search since there are many people who have Incitement skill.

There's only several people with Brainwashing skill in a country it seems.
It's more numerous than I thought.

I tried to examine the map closer but there was no one who belonged to organizations with similar name.

Silga King put several terms for the matter of the foreign settlement, but I agreed to them since they were something that could be solved with money.

Time is precious right now.

Our airship departed to Shiga Kingdom.
I don't have time to keep the fake apostle Kei company so I let her sleep with continuous-type mind magic and left her in the airship. She's going to wake up in three days, but my business should be over by that time.

"Are you ready everyone?"
"But of course! We checked our equipment for 10 times already."

With Arisa in the lead, everyone nodded.
Matching that movement, the rabbit ears and the colorful feathers swayed.

"Alright, let's go!"

We, Team Pendragon, depart to Makiwa Kingdom that's in war.
Now, let's protect the refugees from the slave hunting groups.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14-41

14-41. Wyvern Kingdom (8) The Fake Apostle


Satou's here. I feel that I become unusually temperamental when I'm tired. Even though I know that it'll get better if I take a warm bath and enough sleep, it's hard to attain such luxurious chances.

A priest with white robe walks toward us in the open space which has been quieted down by Sera's magic. It's the fake apostle.
I cannot see the fake apostle's visage since their hood covers until the nose. The long hair spilling from the hood is blue colored.

--Is the fake apostle not a reincarnated person?

The fake apostle doesn't use healing magic at the injured people even while looking at them sorrowfully.

The fake apostle stops about 10 meter before us.
I think they want to be outside the range, but it's already within the range of Macho Warrior and the prince who have Flickering Movement.
<TLN: 'They' as in gender neutral they as it is on the raw.>

"--You're hurting soldiers and commoners."

The fake apostle said in shaking anger with a slightly husky voice.

Still angry even after getting the [Erase Evil Effect] and [Calm Field] huh, it seems the fake apostle needs more calcium.

"Huuh? Who the hell are you?"
"Be careful, he might have some plans."

Macho Warrior who heard the fake apostle's muttering scowled, the prince warned him while holding the Dragon Fang Spear.
Looks like the prince has regained his composure with Sera's magic earlier.
I'm glad that he's returned to his intellectual staff officer-type character.

"Military that doesn't perform civilian control is merely a violent organization."

The fake apostle arrogantly said words that sounded like some superficial knowledge.

I think civilian control is no different from violence.
Moreover, does this world even have the concept of civilian control?

Somehow, I have a bad feeling that we can't have a talk, let alone persuading the fake apostle.

"A mere violent organization is the same as Yakuza--"

The pair of eyes inside the hood are shining purple.

"Oy, I've a bad hunch."
"Are you telling the truth? Your hunch is something that can't be disregarded."

Macho Warrior muttered, the prince looked sour.

"Become salt with my 『Infinite Salt Maker』!"

--Oy oy.

I reacted late since I was distracted with the skill's name which sounded familiar.

White fog sprout out from below the fake apostle's feet that are shining purple painting the surrounding white.
The white Tsunami swallows weeds, bushes, and rocks while leaving white objects behind it--they're probably things that have turned into salt.

Apparently it's a skill that turn anything, regardless if it's organic or inorganic, into salt.
According to AR reading, the fake apostle's MP has decreased, so it's probably a type of skill that consumes MP.

"This is baad."
"We're withdrawing--Sir Pendragon too, quick!"

Macho Warrior and the prince quickly made the strategic decision of retreating.
The speed of salt-turning wave is accelerating, but they should be able to evade it with their physical ability.


I took out a small palm wood chip and threw it at the fake apostle's face. Of course I perfectly held back.
With a thud, the fake apostle's face was hit and they fainted.

The salt wave isn't stopping even after I've defeated the fake apostle.

".... ■■■ Divine Light Wall"

Sera invoked an advanced level magic, a glittering light wall appeared.
The salt wave that touches the wall scatter into light purple and blue sparks.

It seems she has [Chant Shortening] like her older sister, Lady Ringrande, her magic invocation is faster than I thought.

Even Arisa was surprised to see her learning advanced level magic of both [Holy Magic: Tenion Belief] and [Light Magic] despite being level 43.
The experiment to see whether skill given through [Gift Orb] could level up appears to be a success.

I thoroughly drain the fake apostle's MP with [Mana Drain].
In addition, I tied the fake apostle with [Thorn Foot] rope to prevent MP recovery.

"Viscount-sama, are you alright?"
"Yes, I'm okay."

Soldiers came running out of the checking station.
It seems Macho Warrior and the prince are staying in the station.

"Satou-san, I'd like to treat the injured people, may I?"

I check the positions of the agents on the map.
Other than the wounded one who got left behind, the agents have split into three groups in different locations with a pair in each group.

"Yes, no problem."

I consented Sera's request and asked the captain to guard her.
I also asked the soldiers to watch over the fake apostle.

Using nature's call as an excuse, I walk to a bush alone.
There's something that needs to be taken care of before interrogating the fake apostle.

"You called~?"

Bounce, ninja Tama in pink hood appeared from my shadow below.
I was just muttering alone, 'I'll call Tama with Unit Arrangement', but she appeared by herself instead....

Apparently Tama's Ninjutsu can do the same thing as shadow magic's [Shadow Portal].

I squat down in the bush and display a map with [Illusion] magic in front of Tama.

"This is our location, these ones over there with the red points are the suspects."
"Aye aye sir~"

I was still in the middle of my explanation, but Tama dived into the shadow and then screams occurred from among the refugees.

"Viscount-sama! Something seems to be happening over there."
"It's fine, it's just one of my subordinates."

I replied 'it's okay' to the soldier who call out from the opposite side of the bush.
It seems ninja Tama's acts ended before long, she jumped out of the shadow with five agents wrapped in bamboo mat.
Everyone is unconscious, maybe because they were being carried inside the shadow space.

"Secured bad people~?"
"Thank you Tama. Do you have any request for the dinner?"
"Yess, hambuurg~?"
"Alright. We're having a hamburg steak full course today."

After I said that, Tama disappeared into the shadow after happily dancing the [Rejoicing Dance] secret version.

"Th-these guys are?"
"The ringleaders of this case."

I drag one of the agents back, while leaving the rest for the soldiers to carry.

The captain asked how I caught them, but I answered, "It's a secret."
They must have interpreted that there were Shiga Kingdom's secret agents lurking.

"--Did I lose?"

The fake apostle seems to have woken up.

"This is a rope that absorbs magic power right?"

I affirm the fake apostle's question.
Since the soldiers are currently busy dealing with the agents and the male refugees, it's only Sera and me who are in front of the fake apostle.
The refugees who had been treated went back to their location.

"Why were you trying to kill the prince and me?"

I crouched down in front of the fake apostle and inquired about the reason.

The fake apostle who realized that they were trying to harm a royalty is panicking noticeably.
Looks like they're unexpectedly someone of lower middle class.

"In-injuring the populace, they can die out for all I care."

Apparently, they decided not to hear it and continue the talk.

"Those people were the ones who kidnapped Silga Kingdom's people and injured the hostages. The prince and his friend only helped their citizens and punished the criminals."
"H-however--th-there shouldn't be any need to kill them."

The fake apostle made a forced excuse to Sera's sound argument.
It seems the fake apostle is poor at debating.

Apparently, they didn't have any ulterior motive, they just jumped out without thinking when they saw militant men killing commoners.
Even if they have Unique Skills, I can't believe they survive this long with such a simplistic thinking.

"Those lizards were clearly stronger than humans."
"Therefore, they should catch the criminals who harmed their citizens without killing them?"
"Th-that's right!"

--Un? The fake apostle said some subtle racial discrimination just now.

The fake apostle agreed to Sera without noticing her cold tone, maybe because Sera looked like she was listening to them.
Sera is kind to the weak, but as a descendant of a Duke house, she's strict to people who disturb order.

"What's the point in that?"

Sera continued talking to the confused fake apostle.

"Do you know what would happen if they were arrested alive?"

Sera pauses, the fake apostle doesn't speak back.

"Bandits who surrender will end up becoming crime slaves and be forced to work in manual labors, they rarely get executed."
"Th-that's right!"

Sera shuts up the fake apostle who reflexively spoke during her speech with a cold glance.
Sera has completely taken the pace.

"That is only the case if the bandits injured a commoner."
"Just what are? ....Ah."

Apparently, the fake apostle realized what Sera wanted to say.

"People who meant harm toward royalty won't end up just by getting executed. Their whole families will be executed for the crime of treason. In this case, it probably would have applied to the refugees."

Sera might have slightly exaggerated it, but getting all the members executed is a possible discretion of the king.
If I had to say, the stone-throwing at that time would have likely be viewed as a problem, but we can just throw the whole responsibility to the mysterious group [Cannibal Snake] that was the heart of the problem.


Purple ripples develop on the fake apostle's body.

Oops, please don't rampage in this place.
I could do something about it even if it was a demon lordfication, but I'd like to refrain doing that in a place with this many witnesses.

"--People aren't segmented by class!"

The fake apostle who turned the Thorn Foot rope into salt stood up while saying so.
Objects that have been turned into salt drop down below the fake apostle.

The whirling salt crystals are reflecting the sunlight, glittering.

The too slender upper half of the body is hidden by the flowing purple hair, the lower half of the body is covered by the whirling salt smoke.
I took out a sample of mass-produced mantle from my bag and threw it to the fake apostle.

"--Wear your clothes, you exhibitionist."

It's a naked body of a beautiful girl who will likely drive a certain group of enthusiasts wild, but since it's out of my preferred range, I don't feel happy seeing that.
I'll gladly appreciate it if it's in five years time.

『Wha, who's an exhibitionist--ueee』

The fake apostle who finally noticed her situation holds her body and crouches down.
She hides herself in the mantle I gave while turnig bright red.
It looks like she was really flustered, she said the last line in Japanese.

Apparently she failed to control her skill well when she was cutting the rope, her wig and clothes turned into salt too.

I look at the fake apostle who's a reincarnated person, agents of a mysterious group, and the refugees who have humans supremacy doctrine, in turns.
Let me see, what will be a good middle ground.

I'd like to settle this and quickly get back to the pleasure trip.

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