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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14-37

14-37. Wyvern Kingdom (4) Lesser Dragon Bouryu VS Liza


Satou's here. During school commuting, there was a friend of mine who said, "nyaon", when we met a wild cat. Even though she was usually composed, I thought she was cute when she acted defenselessly when she's against a small animal. I was shy at that time.

"She moved!"
"Red light--"
"It's a magic spear!"

Without caring the shouts from spectators, Liza approaches Bouryu while drawing a red light line from the magic edge.

--Hm? She's not using Flickering Movement?

She's as fast as the macho warrior earlier so the spectators don't seem to be able to distinguish it, but Liza is only doing a normal dash.

The contour of Bouryu's body is blurring.

After confirming that Bouryu has started to attack with its tail in high speed, Liza suddenly accelerates with Flickering Movement.
Bouryu opened its eyes wide in surprise but it's already too late.

Riding on the speed accelerated from the Flickering Movement, Liza kicks Bouryu's hind leg from its defenseless side.

Looking at their masses, normally Liza should've been the one knocked away, but due to the inflation from her STR and VIT that have risen with her level, a violence scene that would make you question the law of physics happens.

With her pivoting leg depressed into the arena, Liza's kick sends Bouryu into the air.


Faster than the screaming Bouryu got blown off, it attacked with its tail following the inertia, and Liza blocked it by deploying Magic Armor on her palm.

"Ooh! Just who the..."
"Don't tell me, she's an elite from the 『Dragon Valley』?"
"Apostle-sama of Dragon God huh!"

The spectators are getting excited with the unreal scene happening before their eyes.

However, Liza is having a complicated expression.

She was able to block the tail earlier not because of her Magic Armor, she noticed that it was due to my magic enchant, several mixed emotions showed up on her face.


Bouryu who was blown off to the cliff brushed off the rock on its body and stood up.
The distance to Liza is about 100 meters.

Bouryu takes a threatening posture and inhales greatly.
Seeing that, Liza closes the distance between them using Flickering Movement.

As if imitating the fight between Shippu and the macho warrior earlier, Bouryu used its tail to send stone buckshots toward Liza.
Shippu most likely learned its battle pattern from Bouryu.

--Liza's tail glitters red.

Magic Edge Cannon shot from Liza's tail shoot down the buckshots.
The Magic Edge Cannon whose convergence was made weak on purpose didn't thoroughly destroy the buckshots, but it accomplished its purpose of securing Liza's path.

However, yet the distance between them is unreasonable for Liza to cross before Bouryu let out the Dragon Breath.

"Arisa said this--"

Liza's tail glitters red once again.

Liza who warped to Bouryu's bosom at a speed rivaling my Ground Shrink rotates her spear and then strikes Bouryu's mouth that's leaking fire on the chin from below.

'Gouu', the Dragon Breath wasn't blown at Liza, but vainly at the empty sky, heating the air.

"--Experienced warriors in another world attack not by using Magic Edge Cannon, but by moving at ultra high speed."

....Liza, that's a story from manga (fiction).
Moreover, I don't think the fainted Bouryu can hear you y'know?

It seems Bouryu was stupefied only for an instant, it turned it head and then prowled its line of sight on the surrounding looking for Liza.
However, those eyes never catch Liza.

That is because.

"Where are you looking at."

Liza's question came from above Bouryu.


Bouryu let out an angry roar and then it charged at Liza who was shaking her head in the air.
Bouryu opened its big mouth, the white fangs glittered.

--Dragon's fang penetrates all.

Bouryu's eyes are brimming with joy, sure of its victory.
There is no material that can resist the fang of dragons.

Thus, dragons are unrivaled.

"I'll straighten up that misconception."

Liza made a double jump in the air, escaping the dragon's jaws, jumping to an even higher place.
Bouryu's jaws that had closed once, opened again.

The thing that's reflected on the eyes of Bouryu who's still sure of its victory is--a red flower.

Nay--they're seven light spheres of Magic Edge Cannon floating around Liza's magic spear.
Their sizes are far more superior than all the magic bullets that have been shot so far.

"Funeral Flower Meteor Bullets"

Liza shouted the technique's name, and then small red bullets rain down from the seven light spheres.
The red light rain tore the firm membranes of the dragon's wings, smashed the sturdy scales, and created countless small craters on the ground.
Receiving the incessant thrashing, Bouryu could only crouch down on the ground without even being able to scream.

This is the new technique that Liza came up with after seeing Lulu's accelerated cannon.

It may look like a cruel merciless attack, but Liza is properly holding back.
If she had intended to kill the dragon, it'd have been faster to hit it with a magic edge cannon with penetration rate raised to the max when it opened its mouth.

While the dragon's fang is a dragon's greatest attack, it's also the time when they're at the most defenseless.

"O-oy, did Bouryu-sama, die?"
"Apostle-sama, so merciless...."
"That's cause she's that Dragon God's apostle-sama...."

The spectators are exchanging words mixed with fear.

It's been on my mind since earlier, they don't add [sama] to call Dragon God?

"Oh, is she going to finish him off?"
"I hope she could overlook Bouryu-sama."

As I thought, the people do love the lesser dragons here.

Liza descends to the ground and walks toward Bouryu who's playing dead.
Yes, it's [playing dead].

The instant Liza showed an opening, Bouryu's tail attacked from her blind spot.
However, Liza who was wary didn't let her guard down.

Liza's magic spear, Douma stitches Bouryu's thorned tail to the ground.

"Do something about that bloodthirst of yours if you want to make a surprise attack."

As a thanks for Liza's advice, Bouryu's fangs charge toward her.
It seems the tail earlier was a feint, this one is the real thing.

Liza separates her hand from magic spear Douma that's been pierced deeply to the ground, and strikes Bouryu's nosetip with a red lit fist of magic edge.


Magic edged Liza's tail hit the side of the screaming Bouryu's face.
Crack, with that sound, Bouryu's fang breaks and wounds its mouth.

Like the boxing's dempsey roll, Liza does severe blows on both sides of Bouryu's head using Flickering Movement.
It continues on until bloodthirst and desire disappear from Bouryu.

"Close your eyes if you surrender. Or I'll play with you until you're satisfied if you wish to continue."

Liza takes out a dagger made from a heavenly dragon's scale and thrusts it in front of the Bouryu's eyes.
Bouryu heeds Liza's words, closes its eyes and plops down on the ground.

Looks like the battle has ended.

Liza kept her alert for a while and only put the dagger back into its sheath after confirming Bouryu's total surrender.

"She defeated Bouryu-sama!"
"--She's a dragon beater."
"No! She's a Dragon Slayer!"

Oy oy, Bouryu is still alive y'know.

While retorting them in my mind, I talk to my friend with [Telephone].

『Hey, could you cross the mountain right about now?』
『Umu, I'm going now.』

Now then, I'll clean up several things before we leave.
I move to beside Liza using short-range teleport and heal Bouryu's wounds with magic.


Bouryu let out happy voice, perhaps its pain receded with the healing magic.

"Congratulations, Liza."
"Thank you very much."

I praised Liza after I had treated Bouryu's wounds.
Unfortunately, unlike with Pochi, Liza didn't get [Hero] title.

Instead Liza got [Shura], [Enlightened], and [Dragon King] titles.
Since Liza's current title is [Dragon King], it'd likely create a big uproar if she were to go in public without equipping some high level recognition inhibition item.

"Master, it's the battle's spoil."

Liza submitted the Bouryu's fang she had picked up.
A lesser dragon's fang huh.... I don't really need it but leaving it here seems like it'll create problems so I guess it's better to take it with me?
I'll make something out of it as a commemoration for Liza's victory.

"Oy, that!"
"N-no way--"
"It's a true dragon-sama!"
"The master of the Black Dragon Mountain has descended!"

The people who sharply saw the black dragon Heiron made a fuss.
Black dragon Heiron who came flying decelerated, typhoon-like wind raged, and people got blown off from the wind.

Bouryu who was downed on the ground scurried away, stuck its body on the back of the cliff, and made a face that looked like it was repeatedly chanting, "I'm a tree".
I don't know where its sweat glands are, but it's sweating all over it won't lose to a frog being glared by a snake.

The lesser dragons on the cliff top are also pretending to be rocks while holding their breath, waiting while trembling in fear until the black dragon Heiron flies away.

『Kuro! I've come to pick you up!』
『Hey, sorry for the trouble Heiron.』
『I don't mind. We're having a festival of goats and whale meat after a long while!』

I wave my hand at the black dragon Heiron who's laughing, "Kaka."
I'm thinking of leaving with the black dragon Heiron like this to befuddle the spectators with the impact.

"Guruu, gururira?"

I heard a feeble voice and turned my head toward the suspension bridge, there I saw the dragonewt head-miko trying to mimic the black dragon's sound for some reason.


The black dragon is puzzled to see her.

『Kuro, what is this person saying?』
『Well now? Maybe she's greeting you.』
『I see--Good work on you greeting.』

Black Dragon Heiron put his face before the head miko and appreciated her.
However, the language of the dragon sounds like roars. And, it seems those roars are so frightening it can't be compared to a lesser dragon's growls.

Excluding Liza and I, everyone besides the head miko and the macho warrior has already fainted with bubbles on their mouths since awhile ago, and even the head miko who was conducting herself stoutly up until now has fainted with the dreadful roars that happened in front of her.

I hold the fainting head miko and lay her down on the ground.
The macho warrior should be able to do something about it afterward.

"Let's go Liza."
"Is it alright for me to ride on Black Dragon-sama?"
"Of course, 『right, Heiron』."
『Umu, even if it was a lesser one, you did defeat a dragon, so I'll let you ride on my back as a reward.』

I take Liza's hand and ride on black dragon Heiron's head.
We don't need to worry about being exposed since we're equipped with [Thief God Harness], so there's no problem no matter how much we stand out.

Black dragon Heiron folded his wings, kicked the ground and soared to the sky, once he reached the top, he spread his wings open.
Black dragon Heiron circled the quiet Dragon Shrine once and then he went toward the Black Dragon Mountains.

Now then, we're having a feast in the Black Dragon Mountains tonight.

It should be about time for the airship to arrive in Silga Kingdom, but they probably don't have enough margin to care about us due to the matter with Liza, so I'll let Satou doll, the princess and the others to take care of that side.

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