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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 14-39

14-39. Wyvern Kingdom (6) Silga Castle


Satou's here. There are people who slander others only from rumors without ever meeting them face-to-face. There were also times I believed in rumors, but I think most of them ended up in my impression changing "They were a surprisingly good person" when I actually met the other party directly.

"Viscount Pendragon-sama, I've come to guide you."
"Thank you."

We're led by a maid to the audience chamber.

Today Lady K is not Lady Karina but Hikaru.
It's because Lady Karina would show it on her face the moment they inquired about Liza.
Zena-san and Hikaru are also easy to read but Pochi and Lady Karina are special cases...


There's a marker with color that's neither foe or friend on the radar.
It's the weaselkin merchant who sent the adventurers to the Shadow Castle in Rumooku Kingdom.

I open the map and check, it seems he's only nearby at level plane, he's actually far below underground--imprisoned in a prison.
It seems he's with his slaves in the prison, a rabbitkin wyvern rider and a human woman who has Item Box skill.

I don't know what they did in this country, but I'm not interested enough to see them in the prison, so I'll just ignore them.
He tried to sneak into the Shadow Castle to steal the [Float Core] and artifacts after all.

"--I'm going to the Black Dragon Mountains to look for the goddess!"

The macho warrior from yesterday jumped out of the audience chamber while shouting like that.

As he was going to collide with me, I lightly fling him away.
I'm sorry, but he'd knock down the princess and Sera behind me if I evaded him normally so there was no helping it.

Since I only threw him lightly, the macho warrior rotated in the air and landed on his feet.
That's some great athletic ability despite him wearing full body armor.

"Excuse me, are you hurt anywhere?"
"That's some skill--you, have we met somewhere?"

Looks like he doesn't remember me since I wore recognition inhibition equipment when we met yesterday.
I was wearing the normal one when we were trying various foods on the road to the shrine so I was worried, but it appears to be unfounded.

"Isn't it just your imagination?"

I won't clearly deny it.
This guy doesn't have Fathom skill, but there's a high possibility of lineage nobles having that kind of item here, the place with royal family.

"Wait! Don't you think the next king is allowed to run away!"

A good-looking red scale prince rushed out of the audience chamber, caught the macho warrior's shoulders and forcefully turned him around.
He puts his face close to the macho warrior their foreheads look like they'll touch, it seems he wants to talk in secret.


I heard sounds waxed with rotten smell coming from the princess and Hikaru. <TLN: wiki "Fujoshi">
I ignore the two like a gentleman would.

Since outsiders will only be a hindrance in this passionate talk between young men, I merely nod to the two and continue into the audience chamber.
I felt slightly reproachful glances from the princess and Hikaru, but our work comes first.

"Shiga Kingdom's Viscount, Sir Satou Pendragon--"

A red scale knight standing beside the entrance shouts out loud.
Apparently, he's introducing people who are coming inside.

We don't have to introduce ourselves, nice.

After exchanging greetings which differ by country, we get into the main issue of the audience.

"--I see, sightseeing is a way to learn cultures and livelihood of people in foreign countries huh."

For some reason, I had to explain the meaning of sightseeing to Silga King who seemed to be interested in it.

"Then, I will also go tour Shiga Kingdom and Saga Empire after I abdicate my throne later."
"That's a wonderful thought."

It might sound like a flattery, but it's my true feeling.
The main cause of disputes are un-mutual understanding between people and countries.

I think it's a really good thing if the knowledge is spread by the top person of the country.

"By the way viscount, it seems that there's a retainer of yours, a master of spears, who have defeated the 『Unfalling』-dono."
"Yes, Dame Kishresgalza is the best spear-user among my retainers."

While thinking "Here it comes" in my mind and being cautious, I boasted about Liza to the king who said it as if he was admiring her.
Since Shiga Eight Swords is a symbol of military force from a foreign country's perspective, it's kinda hard to boast Liza's victory.

"I-I thought it was just a rumor, so it was true that she defeated that incarnation of valor, Sir Julberg!"

The king stood up from the throne and shouted.
Is it really something that surprising?

If we're talking about fighting strength, I think Lady Ringrande, and hero's attendants, the warriors Rususu and Fuifi can win against Sir Julberg....

"I got the chance to have a bout with him before I assumed the throne, that person was extraordinary.... I respect Shiga Kingdom which has such a warrior serving under it, but to think a retainer, and a viscount's retainer at that, was such a warrior...."

Silga King dropped down to his throne exhaustedly.
Is he praising Liza or speaking ill of me, it's hard to tell which.

"Your Majesty, people shouldn't be measured solely by their strength. Sir Pendragon is a great person."
"Excuse my rudeness, but Viscount-sama is idolized by that exceptional virtuous Kishresgalza-dono."

Princess Shistina and Sera talked to the king while looking very proud.

This country seems to be dominated by males, there are unpleasant reactions when the two talked to the king.
I don't like the bad-mouthing rustles I can hear from here.

However, we didn't come to pick a fight, so I'll act like an adult here.

"Your Majesty, please excuse my entourages."
"I do not mind. It appears Viscount is well liked by women."

I held back the princess and Sera and apologized to the king, he let it pass with a laugh.

When the mood of the place has become relaxed, the king suddenly throws a straight ball.

"The spearswoman who defeated Bouryu-sama was Dame Kishresgalza right?"
"--What is it about?"

I was able to put an exquisite interval since I had anticipated it.
It'd be suspicious if I said it too promptly, so I had practiced with Arisa beforehand.

It somehow reminded me of the stress interviews during job hunting.

"Who is this Bouryu-sama?"
"I see, Sir Pendragon doesn't know huh. Bouryu-sama is the chief of the lesser dragons sitting on the sacred mountain, he's sort of a guardian of our country."


Bouryu-kun wasn't just a wild kid huh?

"When he found a herd of Naga to the west, he brought his followers along to exterminate them, and when he heard that a Hydra appeared to the east, he merrily challenged it to a fight--our country's peace is all thanks to dragons-sama's doing."

So he's really just a wild kid....
All's good since he seems to be helpful though.

"I may look like this but I'm also a spearsman. I'd like to receive coaching from Dame Kishresgalza, would you mediate for us today?"
"I'd like to comply Silga King's wish, however--unfortunately, she is currently exploring the labyrinth in the labyrinth city Selbira."
"What, are you saying that you didn't bring a retainer excelling at fighting in a dangerous journey?"

The calm and composed Silga King is plainly surprised to hear my reply.

--Is it really that strange?

When I think about it, it is indeed strange.
I completely forgot that traveling in this world means risking your life.

Moreover, this is a trip with a relatively high risk.

When I was thinking how to explain it, sounds of bells rang in the audience chamber.

"Alarm bell--this sound, the border eh."

Attentive Ears skill picked up Silga King's muttering.
Looks like something happened in the border.

Checking the map, luminous points signifying people have gathered in the east border.
800 soldiers of this country and 1000 mix of soldiers and commoners of the neighboring country.

There are a lot of injured people among the commoners, most are about to run out of stamina.

I heard that there was a tension between the neigboring Makiwa Kingdom and Weasel Empire, but it seems the war has already started.

Then, a messenger rushed in.

"Your Majesty! Reporting in--"

I thought I should leave here, but for some reason Silga King said, "Let Sir Pendragon hear it too", detaining me.

"--1000 commoners of Makiwa Kingdom have surged in the eastern national border."

Hearing the soldier's report, the high officials and military officers in the audience chamber make a commotion.

"So the war between Makiwa Kingdom and Weasel Empire has begun at last...."
"If there are 1000 refugees, does that mean they've lost to the weaselkin?"
"How will His Majesty react."
"Even His Majesty won't be whimsical enough to take care of Makiwa Kingdom's people infamous for hating demi-humans."
"There is no reason to lend a hand to people who despise anyone besides humans."

On the other hand, Silga King's expression doesn't change.
It seems he had expected this situation. "Quiet!", with a thundering voice, he urges the messenger to continue.

"So, what do they want?"
"Someone claiming to be the representative of the commoners said that they wanted to emigrate to Shiga Kingdom, thus they wished to pass through our country."

That's quite rash.
Going to Shiga Kingdom by walking on foot is already hard enough, I think it's impossible for them to go through the monster dominions located between Silga Kingdom and Shiga Kingdom.

I peek at the Tourism Ministry book in the storage, it seems it's possible for a vice minister to accept immigration.
However, the one who accepted them has to act as their guardian, securing their livelihood and employment.

"Sir Pendragon, you are famous for your profound mercifulness. If you wish to save your kind, I will not hesitate to allow them pass through our country."

Fumu, I don't mind saving people in trouble, but the words [hating demi-humans] I heard from one of the officials bother me.
I don't want to bring seeds of trouble to Muno Territory.

On the other hand, I'm also reluctant to leave them all to another territory.
Perhaps I can exchange them with demi-humans in Seryuu territory as a solution?

"Satou, I'm against it."
"Satou-san, please give mercy to people with no place to go."

Princess Shistina is against it, Sera is in favor.
I look at the two people who are acting as the guards.

Hikaru's eyes are fully expecting to help them, Zena-san too, is having a complicated expression that looks like it's saying, "I'd like to help them if possible."

"--Humans sure are troublesome. Just save them if they're your kind no?"

The macho warrior advised me who was hesitating.
Being simple is nice.

"I cannot answer immediately. I'd like to talk to them once if possible, would you allow?"
"Very well, I give you the permission."
"Then I'll escort him to the border."

The macho warrior suggested so to me who got the permission from the king.
For some reason the prince is also going to tag along too.

Rather than securing my safety, it's probably to prevent the macho warrior from running away.

"A wyvern can only take two people. Choose one of viscount's entourages."

I've ridden on a lesser dragon and Black Dragon, but this is my first time with a wyvern.

Now then, whom should I choose.
As Hikaru is to guard Princess Shistina who's against this, between Sera and Zena-san--I'll go with Sera.

She should be able to openly heal the troubled refugees with her holy magic.

"I can see 'em!"

I can't see due to the macho warrior's body obstructing, so I lean my body slightly and look below.
There's a [Great Wall of China]-like wall constructed in the national border, refugees have gathered on the road in front of the checking station.

I should be able to hear them through the wind.

"Could you circle once above them?"
"--Hahn? Sure, but it won't be funny if we're sniped. Are you fine at an altitude outside arrow reach?"
"Yes, please."

The moment the macho warrior took the wyvern out of the border, I executed All Map Exploration.
Now I don't have to worry about surprise attacks from the other side of the border.

--This is bad.

I've expected that there would be people with [Inciting] and [Brainwashing] skills among the refugees, but I didn't expect that there would be one with [Unknown Skill].
Since the person is in the back of the refugees, I'll put a marker now and get in touch later.

I think the person is a reincarnated person judging from the name, Kei, but the hidden titles, [Believer of Zaikuon] and [Fake Apostle] are intriguing.
This person must be the [Apostle] from the [Salt Pillar] incidents right?

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