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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 513

513 Parting


"Ah, speaking of, which direction is the federation?"

I threw that question out of nowhere. Chief looked confused yet answered me nonetheless.

"Over there. So, what are you planning to do now? Why do you ask. Also, did I hear that right... you want to ride the griffon? Are you serious? It's dangerous you know? I've heard a story about a tamer who tried to pull that stunt only to narrowly skirt death. He was under the belief he had tamed the griffon and got thrown off mid air. That accident became proof of griffons' intelligence and the reason why nobody tried to tame them anymore."

I guess being smart also means being able to deceive. Also proof that they have wisdom and emotions.
The emotion to hurt people who bother them.

"Eh, think I'll do just fine? I have experience riding Chimera already. It's just a bit chilly up there. I mean this griffon's gotten pretty attached to me... Ah, hey, don't rub on me, you're too big."

Griffon kept trying to rub its body on me. Like urging me to ride quickly.

"Do you have a plan at the federation?"

Chief gave up trying to convince me. Must be my carefree reaction to her warning.

"Hmm, I don't want to stay in this kingdom, or rather I can't? I'm thinking of traveling around. I just want to get away from here. Well, don't worry about it."

This has to do with the watchdog thing of course. No need to tell her.

"Are you coming back? I don't mind if you want to work here, you know? Right, as a bodyguard and an employee. How about it?"

I really appreciate her offer. A place to settle down, get paid and lead a stable life. I could get all that if I said OK here.

But no, I don't think so. I'm honestly grateful but me staying here would only draw more trouble to this site.
Therefore, refusing is the only choice I have. Painful it may be.

"Aah yeah, if only. But it's just not possible for me to settle here, shame. I probably won't ever come back. Ah, I might drop by for a bit whenever I'm nearby at least."

All this talk apparently prompted Griffon to lower its beak and urged me to ride it.
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"Yes, that's quite a shame. Then let me reaffirm one thing. Can I truly believe what you said about Bandoro?"

"Yes, the kingdom should have him arrested by tomorrow. It should be fine now. Gora Family has been taken care of as well."

Well, I know she likely won't believe me regardless.

"I have no idea how you come across all that information. But you're probably telling the truth considering what you did back then. See you again. I've given it my all to stabilize Waking Grass, and will always be from now on. Take care."

She must be recalling the time I took care of Gora Family and Old Wolf members. Chief's eyes looked distant.
She also recalled about my fixation on Waking Grass along the way. That signaled our parting.

"Keep at it. I'm off now. Ah, Griffon can you head there, and fly slowly about as high as these trees?"

Griffon is ready to take me on its back. It lowered its body for an easy climb while we were saying farewell.
I could only smile wryly as I climbed it up.

"Alright! Time to take off! Man, there's no way I can stay calm! My life is on a straight path with no recourse!"

The matter this time has thrown a wrench on my life plan. It's good that I found something I like, the Waking Grass.
But thanks to that, I can no longer hold back to do what I please in this world.

(Guess it's far too late? I'm sure I'll no longer hesitate to plunge straight into trouble from here on.)

Griffon spread and flapped its wings, then we started floating up.
The ground got farther and farther away every time the wings flapped. Once we got about as high as the top of the trees here, Griffon powerfully kicked its hind legs.

That propelled us forward. Slowly at first before gradually gaining speed.
And thus began my second air trip in this world, leaving the site behind.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 249

Semifinal Little Girl Vs Hero


This chapter is from Hero's POV

"Semifinal, player Reinamiure versus player Neo Raifu, will now begin!!"

"Let's make this a good fight!"

"Ou, let's."

We took our positions after bowing to each other.
She's really small... She's my age for real, right?
I'd believe you if you told me she's still 12, at least if I hadn't watched her matches thus far.

<<Don't let up now. This kid is Level 34 despite her exterior... I still don't understand how Olivie-san lost to her, however.>>

This girl must have gone through hell as well.
You can kinda tell from her [Foolhardy] Title and all.
...Her party's leader must be pretty hardcore too. They don't even have the Grace of Revival.

"Ready, fight!!"

Not a moment later, Reinamiure scatted caltrops all over the ring.
She made them bigger and dived into their shadows just like previous match.

No rehashing now, girl.

"[Shine Ball]!"


I shot an offensive light magic spell on the ground, erasing the caltrops' shadow with an intense light.
Menu already told me about the trick behind this ability. Made it simple to force her out of the shadows.

I sent out Mana Blade Farslash at the jumping Reinamiure.

"Uhyaa!? H-he's as strong as Alma-san!"

Reinamiure screamed as she repelled my Farslash with her dagger.
Eh, but I'm sure Alma's Attributes were pretty far below me. What'd she mean 'as strong'?
Guess she's overvaluing her friend... No wait, wait wait.

How did she easily repel my attack when her Attributes should have been much inferior to mine...?
Menu, is this girl cheating somehow? Like with doping or something.

<<N-no, she hasn't consumed that sorta medicine or wearing any stat-boosting equipment... Her Attributes temporarily increased. I don't know how.>>

W-wha? How does that even work?

<<I'm telling you I really have no clue! The way she enlarges those projected Ninja Gear like those caltrops and shurikens shouldn't have been possible too!>>

...Not even you, Menu know the principle behind it?

<<Y-yes... I'm sorry.>>

...Does that mean, Alma's sudden power up and split Mana Blade Farlash in the previous match was also due to this technique, separate from Skills?
I don't get it. Guess I'll just ask Alma later.

"Let's see how you like this!?"

Reinamiure yelled as she threw a ball-like object on the ground.
The ball only bounced once or twice before it rolled... What's the plan here?

"...Huh? Why didn't it burst open and spread smoke all over...?"

The little girl titled her head in confusion while watching the ball. What is this about?
Is it supposed to be a Smoke Ball? It's like she's playing the joke character in a gag manga about ninja, but that's gonna cost you your life in a battlefield, you know.
...Well, Ninja is supposed to be stealthy and hidden. Her fighting out in the open like this already broke the mold.

"Well whatever, toryaa!"

The little girl threw some shurikens and kunais my way, like trying to gloss over her failure.
Each one flew like a Frisbee as it grew larger. Those will prove troublesome.

To average Combat Jobs that is.
I'm still a Hero at the end of the day.

Menu, Equipment, Shield!

<<Aye sir!>>

I set up my shield and activated a barrier that repels throwing weapons, [Mana Shield Barrier Wall].
She shot a barrage of them of which I repelled...?

...Huh? Where'd Reinamiure gone off to?

<<She went inside the shadows when you were busy blocking! She's trying to find an opening while moving around at high speed!>>

Well, here goes another Shine Ball!

Bang! Smoke rose after that bursting sound.
The ring got swallowed in smoke before long.
...From the Smoke Ball earlier!? What a bad timing for it to work!

<<No, looks like she was aiming for this! She only made it look like it misfired! This girl is surprisingly cunning!>>

Shining a light in this smoke filled ring won't work on those shadows.
Not good, she turned the tables on us in one go.

My view is obstructed. Yet, unleashing a move powerful enough to blow all this smoke will leave me open wide.
What if I use Eavesdrop ability, no it'll be bad if she uses a technique that produces loud sounds in turn.
...Let's keep an eye on the smoke flows.

I felt a chill down my spine while I was weighing my options.
Oh crap, she's coming! From where? Below? Behind? Sides? Perhaps, frontally...!?

No, it's above me!!

I looked up and saw Reinamiure aiming for my crown of head with her dagger.
When did she even jump above? But, I saw through you--

<<Wrong! That's a copy made with Ninjutsu Skill! The real one is right ahead!>>

I felt something stabbing me.
Reinamiure had thrust her dagger in my chest while I turned my sight above.
That was an illusion produced by a Skill, the so-called Clone Body huh...!

Just how many layers of feints did she put forward just to land this one strike...!?
She easily pierced through my Shine Tiger's chest Protector too. Even though most attacks can't even scratch this thing.


"Gu, uuuuu....!!"

I felt an acute pain in my stabbed chest.
The pain won't relent as if someone keeps rubbing wasabi and chili pepper on the wound.
I see, her dagger has Supplementary Lightning Damage...!

She only needs to use Extended Mana Blade to further stab my insides and end this fight.
...This strike would have clinched this match if it weren't me she's fighting.

I put away the dagger lodged in me into my Item Screen.
Reinamiure has now lost her weapon.

"!? M-my dagger...!?"


"Kaha!! ...C, cough, cough...!!"

I kicked her abdomen while jumping backward.
A clean hit, she was too startled to block. Looks hurt but not as much as getting a dagger in the chest.

I can heal a wound like this with healing magic though.

"Cough... H-his wound closed...!"

"Almost got me there. Just a little bit more push."

I brandished Shine Tiger Fang Sword in my hand as I asked Reinamiure.

"You got no weapon left. Still wanna go?"

"...Haha. That dagger isn't my only arsenal!"

Reinamiure threw Shurikens my way, still holding her belly in pain.
That won't work. Go on and throw another Smoke Ball, I'm just gonna stow it in my Item Screen.

Reinamiure managed to stab through my Shine Tiger protector thanks to her weapon.
Without it, there's no way she can damage me...!?

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Her presence, no, Attributes jumped up leaps and bounds.
They were only around 300-400 before they shot up even higher than mine.
W-what just happened...!? She's not a Yasaijin or anything, isn't she. How'd she do that!?


She charged in at speed rivaling Ground Shrink.
Holding a kunai in her hand instead of a dagger.

The kunai broke apart the moment my sword clashed with it, but she immediately projected a new one.
Heavy...!! The weight behind her strikes almost rival mine and Aina-san's. My hands shook every time our blades clashed.

This technique seems to be these girls' trump card.
Dunno the principle behind this stat boost, but it's unbelievably strong!

"Wheeze, haa, haaa...!!"

But it doesn't look like she can keep it up for long now.
Her Stamina is fast decreasing. Must be the price to pay for such a huge stat boost.
It's similar to Qi Clad, with a far higher stamina consumption.


She boosted her Attributes even further and charged in at her highest speed yet.

Or so she made her clone do while she herself dived into its shadow and shot out shurikens.
Petty tricks till the very end huh. I get it though, never giving up and always trying to find a way out no matter how desperate the situation is.

I shall pay respect to your determination.

I swing my sword at the clone with all my might!
As it was nothing more than an illusion created by her Skill, my sword naturally slipped past it.

"Gah... E, eh...?"

Reinamiure who threw a shuriken behind me got cut up in two.
Her dumbfounded expression said it all as she died and got revived outside the ring.

Master Skill [Dimensional Blade].
It's a cheat Skill that lets me generate a slash in any space within my vision.
You can still defend against this slash as long as you can predict where it emerges but no ordinary human is capable of such a feat.

"Player Reinamiure's death, confirmed! Winner, player Neo Raifu! Player Neo Raifu obtains the right to advance to the final!"

The audience erupted into cheers with that announcement.
I could hear praises for Reinamiure as well as me. Of course.

T-that was close...!!
What's the deal with that girl!? Not only did she use bonkers Skills to create all those feints, she even boosted her Attributes beyond mine!
...Can't believe I won. That match was wayyy too close for comfort, I can't say the end result will be the same if we ever fight again.

...Menu, what was that technique anyway?

<<I don't know, it's unidentifiable...>>

Uh, that's just weird. Don't just give up. Look it up more thoroughly.

<<I'm telling you, I really have no idea. There exist several Skills that bolster Attributes by consuming Stamina but her feat was not done through a Skill.>>

Not through a Skill...? Then what was it about? That's not an answer.
...Guess I just gotta ask her directly.
Had no idea there are things Menu doesn't know about. And you usually act so smug about knowing everything too.

<<...Direct Control can't be disclosed...>>

Hm? Did you say something?

<<No, it's nothing. Forget that, you should hurry back to the waiting room. You're up against Almatina-san next, remember?>>

...Oh right. What do I do.
She's obviously stronger than Reinamiure.
Well whatever will be. Rather than fretting over victory or defeat, I should focus on giving it my all, yep.

<<Isn't that the mindset of a loser...?>>

Author's Q&A
>Ah, Menu-chan seems to have an idea about Stamina Control--

Yes, Hero's Menu has already figured out what's going on after analyzing Reina and Alma's usage.
It's just playing dumb due to the risk of Direct Control being known to public.
Hero's Menu was inwardly thinking, 'What are these morons doing using that stuff out in the open.'

>Aizawa-kun has no excuse for the parents--

Had her parents seen that soft touch, they'd break apart the barrier to intrude.
Kajikawa almost raided in too but he refrained after witnessing the nutcracker.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 512

512 Cute Creature


And so, I arrived at the spot with Chief Raie and her three bodyguards.
Girffon who was waiting for me in a loafing position came up to me.

'Are you for real...', one of the bodyguards muttered. Looks like he couldn't stop his jaw dropping when he saw me nonchalantly petting the griffon.
After all, these guys have been saying stuff like wild magic beasts are hard to tame with griffons sitting at the top of this fact and so, and so.
They couldn't find a word after watching how wrong they were first hand.

"It's really incredible... I'd love to study it. How did you manage anyway? Can you tell me the chain of events that led to it? Are you sure you're not a mage? You don't... look like a tamer. I mean those people usually have their own specialized tools. You're not carrying one... Obviously."

I scrubbed Griffon's chin. In response, Griffon cried joyfully, 'Kururururu~'.

"Alright, Griffon. You can go back to your turf now. Ah, but I'd like to check out the place and make sure nobody else is going to attack you... Hm? Can you let me ride you? If not, I can always ask Chimera though."

Chimera replied to me here, 'Meow~'. But everybody present besides me and Griffon jolted.

"Kya! W-what was that voice!? ...Eh?"
"Oy, what, the hell, is that, massive lump of mana-like, m-magic beast..."
"Where'd it spring up from... What even is that thing!?"
"E-even Griffons look tame compared to that..."

The four went from surprise to terrified at Chimera. As it's in Kitten Mode, to me it just looks like a cute kitten.
But that's probably only true to me. This world has magic and mana, and the humans of this world has the ability to sense it.
One of them said Chimera being a massive lump of mana. That must be how Chimera looks to the people of this world.
That doesn't apply to me thanks to being 'Mana-less', and 'Blessing-less'.
There's a huge difference in the perception of Chimera between me and the people here.

"They're all afraid when you look so cute. Must be lonesome, huh Chimera. But you probably don't really care either way. Well of course you don't. You lose if you do. Yup."

I put Chimera in my arms. It started purring happily.

"C-can, I take, it that, you have, that, magic beast, under control too? It won't attack, us will it? I-is this safe?"

I told Chief her worry is unfounded.

Seemingly jealous of me carrying Chimera, Griffon rubbed its head on me.

"Oh oh? What's this creature. It's way too cute. The size makes it hard to handle. Petting is a go though."

The four pinched their cheeks to tears in an attempt to make sure they weren't seeing things.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 248

Semifinal Aizawa vs Alma (2)


This chapter starts from Alancyan Aizawa's POV

"Ha, haha...!"

I couldn't contain my laughter.
Dunno what's so funny myself.

I can only laugh at the abrupt power up the woman (Alma) in front of me underwent.
Maybe I'm laughing at how pathetic I am for being cornered so hard by this woman.
Or perhaps, I'm having so much fun from losing.

The only person I can never win against is my geezer master.
I lost to plenty of people, I forgot how many.
But I got my revenge on every single person I lost to before I came of age after training myself to death.

By the time I was finished with my revenge matches with all of 'em besides the geezer, people started calling me stuff like prodigy, or return of hero.
Fools, talents and lineage are simply one part of the equation. Well, who cares 'bout what people say.

That must be why this sensation of losing feels fresh yet nostalgic.
I'm getting cut up all over, staggering as I lose more and more blood.
Alma seems to have healed her injured left arm with magic, it's not bleeding anymore.
Can't do a protracted battle. Gotta end this quick somehow...

"Cough...! Haa, haa, haa.....!!"


The moment I retreated back, Alma sent out a Mana Blade Farslash.
How's it so darned big...!? Easily double mine, and so fast!

No way to counter that thing, gotta dodge.



The Mana Blade Farslash split up!?
Mana Blade Double Strike? No, that ain't it! That ability only adds the amount of slash.
This thing got reshaped and split wholly!


The split slashes should be weaker. I can counter 'em.
...No, gotta dodge!

"...Almost got you."

"Wheeze, wheeze... Damn, no mercy at all...!"

She used Ground Shrink while the slashes were coming and attacked me from another direction.
She gives no time to take a breather at all. A single lapse of judgment's gonna be the end of me.

"You want, mercy?"

"Haha! You sayin' you wanna be mine so much you gonna throw this match!?"

"No. I'll stake my all to defeat you."

That's fine. I'mma more pissed with you pulling punches than me losing.
But man, she ain't biting at all. Think I got a pretty nice face too, guess it ain't to her liking.

...I'm at my limit. All the blood loss is making my vision blurry and my body languid.
Girl only got one working arm yet I ain't a match at all when she got serious.

Rather than her holding back, it almost felt like her Attributes got bolstered so much she now swings her sword with tremendous power. Easily stronger than ogres.
And seeing that Mana Blade Farslash, she can also freely rearrange her Skill Ability's shape and power.
I'm guessing it's all due to a Master Skill. A super versatile one. Why'd she save that until this point...

Ah crap, I'm getting dizzy. The next clash's gonna be the last.
...Can't believe she cornered me to this sorry sight.


I zeroed in on her with Ground Shrink and attacked with a combo of Extended Mana Slash and Mana Blade Double Strike, widening my sword's range.
Ain't no way she can dodge this. She'll hafta block with her sword.

Then, while our blades locked, I'm gonna get even closer and hit her with Kempo Skill [Mana Spear Hand] at point blank range. Only plan I could come up in this situation.
Sure enough, she blocked my attack, locking out her right arm. Can't believe it went well.
Her injured left arm got no way to stop my next attack.

My Mana Spear Hand hit Alma's chest as predicted.

It pierced her vital since it was unprotected, or so it should have.

...Why're my fingers broken instead?
It was incredibly hard, I thought I was hitting an adamantite ingot there.
...Did she put something on her chest? No, it was hard when I hit but it's soft now--


Goss!! An acute pain ran through my loins along with that dull sound, the pain was too much to bear I couldn't keep my consciousness.
...Another first time in life. Just gonna hope this is first and the... last...

"P-player Alancyan, knocked out! He cannot continue the match! Winner, player Almatina!!"

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~~~~~~Hero's POV~~~~~~~

"U, uwaaa..."

"W-what's wrong, Neora? Calm down, you didn't get kicked yourself did you?"

"No, uh, see here? That absolute pain gets transmitted to any man who bears witness, it's just that painful okay? It's like a mix of dull and sharp pain from diarrhea, stomach ache and a fierce sense of despair blended as one, get it?"

"Okay okay, I got it!"

That damned brat, Alancyan got kicked so hard by Alma I felt it in my soul as he fainted in agony.
I don't like that guy, but I can sympathize on this point... Rest in piece.
He got what coming for him after that sexual harassment, no matter if it was intentional or an incident.

Still, she got a huge power up after getting that super loud encouragement from an audience.
Was the one shouting, Alma's party leader? I can't really see from here.
What kinda mechanism was that anyway. Guess I'll check it out in our match.

...My next opponent is that blond little girl called Reinamiure.
She's just as much a powerful adversary as Alma.
That shadow diving ability seems especially troublesome, how do you even deal with that?

<<By shining a light on the shadow she's in, that will force her out.>>

Hmph, guess it's not invincible after all.
She can also do stuff like enlarging kunais and shurikens she throws.
...Is Ninja a Job that lets you do all that? It's so random.

Now then, she's not an opponent I can go easy on.
I'd better use everything I have in my disposal from the get go.

"Go get 'em out there!"

"Neora-san, please be very careful."

"Yea. I'm off."

Hmm, I'm gonna do this for these two sake's as well.
...I mean, Aina-san's gonna rake me over the coals if I made a poor showing. Shiver.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 511

511 Being Made Fun of?


"They will be taken care of. We have strewed soldiers along the road here, they shall be arrested on the spot. Every single one without question. These fools showed up after the great pruning of rotten nobles in this kingdom. I suppose it goes to show the dire situation of our current political landscape."

Leord gradually got more comfortable in his grumble. Likely because the other soldiers are standing by with no sign of approaching us.
Guy's quite young to be a commander, even if it's just provisional. He must have a lot of pent-up stuff.
I may be considered a danger, but I'm still younger than him. He prob find it easier to loose his lips.

"Guess I've got nothing more to do then. I'll take my leave here. Ah, what's gonna happen to Bandoro?"

Now that Gora family is no more, I'm curious about the fate of their associates.
I was thinking it would make my life easier if these soldiers went and arrested Bandoro as well, but my query needlessly piqued Leord's interest instead.

"We should find incriminating evidence once we search through this mansion. I believe Bandoro's arrest should be done by tomorrow... Actually, how did you know about his connection to Gora Family? You sounded sure too."

"...Anyone on the streets knows about this stuff. And oh yeah, the kingdom's patrols are involved in under the table dealings with Bandoro. Mister saw it. Later then."

I left him with a parting gift.
Leord put on a dumbfounded look, 'Eh?', which gave me the opportunity to slip.
I could hear him asking me to stop but I paid it no heed.
My source of worry is gone now. I've got to return Griffon home. Gotta go back soon.
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===  ~~  ===

Now then, here I am back at the site. I came across soldiers guarding the road on my way here.
Them and the remnants of Gora Family, still clueless about the fate waiting for them.
Naturally, they were none the wiser cause I passed by both parties in Accelerated State.
Bandoro himself arrived just as I got out of the gate. His camel horse looked spent, he must have driven it hard. And.

"I'm back. Everything has been taken care of. Now I'd like to return Griffon home. Will that be a problem?"

"Didn't you say you were going to the kingdom? How are you back here so quick? What did you do? And what do you mean by taken care of... Ah, sheesh, I don't understand a single thing you said, you know?"

Yep, it hadn't been long since I left.
The duration I was gone must not compute considering the distance.
Also, she probably won't believe me even if I give it to her straight. She might think I'm boasting.
Knowing that there's no point, I reiterated what I said instead.

"Bandoro won't be coming here again. So I'm sending Griffon home, no problem right?"

"...Haa, yes it's fine. Let me tag along, I'll see you off."

The three site workers that remained protested to that.

"That's dangerous, chief! I don't care what he told you, there's just no way a Griffon get attached to a human! Is there even a need for you to go there, chief?"
"Agreed. I know you said you saw it yourself chief, but I still can't believe it. Griffons are famous for their high pride, no tamers have ever succeeded making them yield let alone submit."
"Just let this guy do it himself. What if you get hurt getting close to such a dangerous beast, what's gonna happen to this site, chief!?"

Where did their reaction from that time I crushed Gora Family goons go to?
Yet, the fact that they're still staying here is worthy of praise I guess.
I can tell that they're genuinely worried about Chief Raie too.

Therefore, having them accompany us is the quickest option here.

"Why don't you guys go with the chief as her escort."





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 247

Semifinal Aizawa vs Alma (1)


This chapter starts from Kajikawa's POV

"Aah~~ ...Guess it was impossible~~~..."

The parent, I mean, Aina-san sighed at the audience seat.
She's holding her head downcast. Quite an overreaction but it's surprisingly not an act. She seems seriously dejected.

"Actually like, what's the deal with that girl? She swung her sword crazy fast, blew flame out of the blade and then she cast multiple offensive spells at once. Isn't she way too much of a rule breaker?"

"There's exactly zero rule she broke. As for that multi cast spells, it's due to a certain Master Skill."

"Yeah, and I'm telling you that's a rule breaking power alright... Haa. Well, Levia-chan fought well all things considered. Even when Alma-chan drove her to the very limit, she kept trying to find the slightest chance to turn the table."

"...I feel sorry for her next opponent, Aizawa now."

Scarymast smiled wryly while watching Alma walking back to the waiting room.

"I don't think so."

"Hm? What do you mean."

"Aizawa-kun has an ability that serves as the perfect counter to Alma... Frankly speaking, her chance of winning is quite slim if she doesn't adapt."

"Hmm? How do you... Ah, right you can use Menu."

"What kind of Skill is it?"

"You can look forward to the match."

It's not that I don't believe in Alma.
But Aizawa-kun is the one person who possesses the exact ability that counters Alma perfectly out of everybody in this tournament.
...Either she's gonna end up losing after going all out like Levia or...

Well whatever. Let's not overthink it before it's even begun.
Still, where are those folk anyway? The suspense is kinda mentally draining on me.
Thanks to it, I can't really enjoy the snack I specifically made for this tourney. Munch munch munch.

"...Kajikawa-kun, aren't you eating too much? You'd gain weight, you know?"

"There's no problem. I don't get full even if I wolfed down several times this portion."

"How is that not problematic..."

The next match started while we were chatting.
Reina and Rasfin huh. Reinaganbare...

...O,ou. Reina scattered Mana Control-enlarged caltrops, hid in their shadows and threw kunais and shurikens from all directions, then once Rasfin showed an opening, she quickly closed in, buffed with Energy Control, and lopped Rasfin's head off.
The match didn't even last a minute. I feel bad for Rasfin, it must have been chaotic and then it was over.
Reina could have taken it down a notch...

~~~~~~~~~Aizawa-kun's POV~~~~~~~~~

Finally, it's finally the time.
I can fight you at last. The anticipation is killing me... Hey, Alma.
...I almost laughed at myself for acting like a virgin asking a woman to a date for the first time.

"The semifinal of Intermediate Division is now starting. Player Alancyan versus player Almatina!!"

Alma bowed before we started for real, to which I returned in kind.
...When was the last time I lowered my head to someone else again.
Think last one was my swordsmanship master, the geezer? He had long retired before the new Sword King showed up though... Eh, who cares about all that.
You're a special case Alma, get it?

"Ready, begin!!"

We both took up our swords with that signal.
...Up close, I can see her sword skill ain't half bad, but it still ain't quite there.

"Not gonna use that finisher move?"

"...It won't work on you anyway."

Nice, you got that figured out.
Had she done that high speed slash, I just gonna counter and split her in half.

We kept glaring at each other before Alma made the first move.
Multiple balls of magic emerged all around Alma like in the last match.
Hm, thought she was gonna go with sword first, guess not.


She shot the magic balls.
Multiple spells of varying elements. They all have different trajectories, landing spots and speed. Most opponents would fall to this.
But this is a bad move. I ain't no most opponent.

"Like that's gonna work!!"


With a swing of my sword, all the spells she shot vanished.
The combination of my Master Skill [Magi Banishment] and my sword reduces offensive magic's power to a minimum or even neutralize them.
My Skill is mages' natural enemy. Only physical combat can best me.



She unleashed the high speed slash behind the cover of her offensive spells but that's meaningless if the magic is erased.
I managed to easily defend. Her slash felt surprisingly light.

"What's wrong, is this all you amount to? Don'tcha dare betray my expectations."

"...[Burner Blade]."

A blue flame gushed out of Alma's sword as she whispered.
But only briefly. The flame was extinguished right away like someone doused it with water.

"Magic, neutralization...?"

"You got it. Seems like it works on your Magic Sword too... Now then, what's your next move?"

"The match isn't over yet."

"Damn right, way too soon to give up!"

As it turns out, I'm Alma's natural enemy.
Alma is strong. Probably even stronger than me if she can use all her Skills right.

But I'm better than her in pure swordsmanship.
Ya been hurling those magic mercilessly against physical-only opponents. I ain't gonna hear any complain just cause you can't do it no more, capiche?

"My turn now!"


She lost all momentum the moment I went on the offensive.
She kept shooting magic while guarding against my attack, but it was pointless as all of them got erased.

...I gotta hand it to ya for being able to block my sword.
She musta have worked incredibly hard, I can tell from this clash.
Good, you're good.

But, this is it.

I flicked her sword and cut her up during the momentary opening.
Blood seeped out of Alma's loosely hanging left arm.


"You twisted yer body in that moment huh. I mighta failed to slice it off, but that arm's done for."

You fought well. Probably among the top class folk in this tourney.
Affinity is the only reason I'm winning this.

I point my sword at her and speak.

"My sword ain't small time enough to block with one arm. This match's over."


"Admit your defeat, Alma."

I told her to surrender yet she kept her sword raised as she stared back at me.
...Gonna struggle till the end huh.
My favorite women are those who never give up, y'know? Yer the best, Alma.

Now then, I'll perform the last rite per your wish.
Don't worry, I ain't gonna torment you. It'll be over in a jiffy.
Yeah sure you'd get healed here, but I ain't gonna injure my soon-to-be woman---

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Someone shouted super loud just before I could finish Alma off.
I felt it to my stomach, it reminded me of my geezer master when he roared in anger.

I turned my sight at the audience and saw a black haired man looking here, no, at Alma, standing with folded arms.
...The heck's that old man?
The old man resumed speaking as I stared blankly.

"Winning while holding back is fine! Losing after going all out is fine! But don't you dare lose because you're pulling your punches! You're shaming your opponent."


"It's fine, giving it your all isn't cheating! Give everything you've got! And win!"

Seemingly done saying his piece, he sat back down and resumed watching.
...What's that guy's deal? Heck, the hell he's spouting?

It's as if he's insinuating Alma's been holding back all this time...!?

I experienced a sudden rush of goosebumps.
A chill ran down my spine. It's as if I got thrown out in the middle of the coldest winter.
Contrasting to the waterfall of sweat on my face. As if I was fighting master under the blazing sun.
Was that old man, the cause? No, wrong...!

"Sorry, Hikaru. Sorry, Alancyan."

Alma gripped her sword with her only working right hand while apologizing.
My goosebumps wouldn't stop as I faced her off.

No. She's like an entirely different person.
Her presence has clearly gotten bigger. She's obviously stronger than ever.
What, just...!?

"I'll get serious, from here on. I apologize for withholding my full strength."

"...! Interesting...! Come at me, Almaaaa!!"

Hot damn, just how far you're gonna entertain me!
You're the best, the very best!
My heart is dancing with joy, I feel like this is the moment I've been waiting for all my life!

The match starts for real now.
...Even if it's gonna last for but a moment.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 510

510 Grumble and Grumble


That took me by surprise. All while scoundrels' screams resounded in the background.

"You have been deemed as the greatest object of caution to this kingdom. As such, the watchdog we had tailing you immediately contacted us the moment you entered this site, explaining our prompt arrival here."

The clash which was effectively an execution came to an end as silence ruled over the place once again. Corpses everywhere you can see in this garden. It's been turned into a corpse field.

"I received another report from the other watchdog in charge of monitoring you inside the mansion as well, but none of it makes any sense. Thus, I've decided upon myself to get in touch with you in order to tell apart head from tail."

(What is this? Is he making fool out of me? But he's being serious isn't he? How should I answer?)

Nothing I say would help making sense of things anyway.
Quite the contrary, the more he digs the more mystery he's gonna find.

"I have a thing or two to say about this watchdog business, but fine. However, can you drop it? Now that I know, being spied on doesn't feel good. Put a stop to it will you? Can you tell that to the PM?"

"Actually, this matter should have been kept confidential but my intuition is screaming against antagonizing you. I'll be frank with you, I did this without permission. I must apologize for the act of disrespect, but I believe divulging the truth to you is the wisest thing we could have done."

Looks like he's speaking the truth. He didn't avert his eyes once.
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While we were having this conversation, the soldiers had begun collecting all the dead small fry in one spot.

"So? What do you want to ask concretely? I didn't do anything special. At first I was planning to have a talk with this gang but well you saw the end result. Never would've guessed how deep the rottenness run."

"There should have been a group known as the 'Ten Greats' besides Gora in this mansion. What happened to them?"

"Didn't your watchdog tell you already? You've heard all about it in detail I take it? I have nothing to add. Ah, right what was it again? You wanted to ask me in person since it didn't make any sense?"

I don't think he's gonna be satisfied with my point of view. What the watchdog reported should be a far more objective take.
And yet he can't believe it. So much so he chose to ask me directly.
Nobody can convince him if he's already made the decision to not believe.

"I see you aren't willing to answer. I beg your pardon. It appears you do not trust me. And my actions seem to only further your distrust against the kingdom. I shall refrain from prying further."

"Then can I get a turn? How are you gonna deal with the gang members returning from the Waking Grass Production Site? You'll handle them too, won't you?"

Their base of operation is done for, their forces are no more, and their leader is dead.
The returning members likely can't do anything regardless but I still gotta ask just in case.

"From the way you spoke, were you planning to spring into action yourself? ...If possible we would like to collaborate..."

"I don't want to. Why should I. And we don't know each other enough to work together anyway. Kingdom, do your job! Who was it that let the situation progressed this bad anyway? Sheesh. Could have minimized the damage and victims if only you guys worked faster. I never asked for this either! Ah, guess I'm grumbling now."

"I would like to offer my apologies on that note. Our superiors refused to budge demanding proofs and so and so, then there's the potential casualty incurred if we rushed in. I suppose this is how it goes for us foot soldiers. We may be called elite but we're nothing more than a slave to the papers, quite ironic if you asked me."

The young man, Leord let out a piece of his mind after mine as well.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 246



This chapter is from hero's party vanguard, Leviaria's POV.

"The tenth match of Intermediate Division is now starting! Great Lancer, player Leviara versus High Paladin, player Almatina!"

"Let's have a good match."

"...Yes, let's."

Ah geez, I can't believe my rotten luck!
Why do I have to go up against the one person I don't wanna fight on my second match!

You know, I was never under an illusion I could win this tournament because there's Neora and his bonkers high Attributes, okay?
But you know, you don't get many chances to fight Adventurers around your level without holding back, so I thought I could have a bit of fun.

In fact, my match against that Swordsmaster called Raunakwesu was quite worthwhile.
His skills in swords covered both offense and defense, he had no obvious opening or weakness, the way he fought with refined swordsmanship was worthy of admiration too.
I had to come up with all kinds of ways to break through, it was so fun.

But this woman, Almatina is different.
I can't afford to have fun fighting. Showing her the slightest opening would be the moment I lost.
I could feel it on my skin, there's something about her that reminds me of the Shining Tiger we fought at the end of our training.
It's not just due to Attributes and Skills. It's like there's something different about her... I can't find the word for it.

To top it off, Neora invited her to join our party the moment he saw her.
It's probably partly because of her strength, but it looked to me like he fell for her on the first sight.
I had never seen Neora looking that bashful before.
This woman is the one person I refuse to lose no matter what.

...Calm down me. Gotta focus on the battle, I don't have the room to think about anything else right now.
She can't possibly be as strong as Neora, I should still have a chance.
Ending it right away like the match earlier might just be my ticket to victory.

"Ready, begin!!"

I retreated back with Quick Step the instant the umpire finished talking.
All while simultaneously sending out Mana Blade Farslash!
I might be taking it too far defensively, but judging from her matches, this should be the correct strategy.
For now, wait-and-see. Now then, how will she react...!?



A moment after I sent out the Farslash, Almatina was already right up in my face with her sword held high up.
H-h-h-hold it right there! She's just way too fast!!

I narrowly managed to guard against the first strike, but then she continued with second, and third strikes.
Seems she doesn't show much emotions on her face, she looks nonchalant while swinging her sword at tremendous speed.

I'm giving it my all to block her swings, I can't even afford to use any trickery!
I'm barely able to deal with her slashes with rapid uses of Mana Blade Gale. How come she can swing this fast!

But I'm not so weak to fall by that alone!



I somehow managed to block her slashes without Mana Blade Gale and dealt her a strong impact with Piercing Spear Arts Skill Ability, [Counter Mana Blade].
She lost her balance, a chance!

"I got youuu!!"



A felt a chill down my spine when she pointed a finger on her swordless hand my way.
I reflexively stepped aside with Quick Step as an explosion engulfed the spot I was at.
Was that an Intermediate Offensive Magic? Is this the specialty of High Paladin?

"...I see. You're just like Neora, you can use both weapon arts and magic spells. It's as if you're Hero."

"Neora can use both?"

"Yep. He's wholly unlike the so called failed job, Apprentice Paladin, mind. Of course that goes for you too."

"Really... Then, can he do this?"


Flame suddenly gushed out of the sword Almatina was holding.
The flame is in the shape of the blade itself. It's so pretty I would have stared at it in amazement if we weren't currently in a match.
A fusion of sword and magic? Not even Neora who knows all sorts of Skills can do that...!

"Chat time is over. Let's resume the match."


Our spear and sword collided once again.
She's swinging her sword far slower than before. I thought this would make it easier but I was wrong.

"Heavy...!? A-and, hot...!"

Her Offensive Attributes have clearly gone up...!
The impact feels like I'm hitting a great hammer every time our weapons clash.
Not to mention the heat is making my spear too hot to hold comfortably.
This can't, go on...!

...There's no choice, I have to reveal my trump card.



I dodged and pole vaulted with my spear, jumping high.
I kicked the air with Air Step and lunged down aiming at Almatina's head.

As predicted, she used Quick Step to back away.

Thank goodness, she went pretty far away.

"[Grave Lance]!!"

I activated my Master Skill as I stabbed my spear on the ground!
By stabbing the ground with my spear, this move produces countless spears of mana from the ground up.
It's tricky to use as it could drill holes on myself if my opponent was too close but it's the perfect ambushing move as it's very hard to predict its coming.
She can't possibly dodge if I match the attack timing just as she came out of Quick Step!

...Or so it should have been.

"That was close. I'd have been full of holes if I didn't combine Quick Step and Ground Shrink."

"How come you could dodge that...!?"

She accurately saw where Grave Lance would come out of the ground as if she knew beforehand.
How did she do that when this attack has virtually no signs...!?

"...I sensed it with search out of habit. And I was trying not to use Mana Control and Search too."

She whispered something, I couldn't quite catch it. What was that about?
...No, this isn't the time for that, I have to think up my next move.
My Master Skill works well on most enemy if I catch them off guard, but if they've seen it even once, it's easy to dodge by simply going out of range or coming close to me.

"I can't let this go on for long. This, ends it."

"Eh? ...W, what are, those..."

Flaming orbs, water balls, icicles, stone bullets and offensive spell-looking objects like light balls and black tentacles manifested all around Almatina.
Casting multiple Offensive Magic Spells at once...!? Not even, Neora or Olivie are capable of such things...!
There's no way I can dodge or block those all.

It's so, unreasonable.
So, unfair.
So, so, sneaky....!!

"An opening."


The world in my eyes overturned while I was dumbfounded by the sight.
The last thing I saw was Almatina's back... and someone's headless body.

Ah, isn't that, my--

"Player Leviara, death and revival confirmed! Winner, player Almatina!!"

My defeat finally dawned on me once the umpire's word reached my ears.

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"...Don't cry now, Levia. You fought very well, you almost made it."

Neora is patting my head as I cry and groan in frustration.
...It's mortifying. Frustrating, embarrassing, unbecoming...!!

I thought I had gotten stronger after overcoming all that agonizing and painful training.
I couldn't even make a dent. I was no match at all. I failed to even land a hit...!!

She's better than me in close combat battle and ambush tactic. Then there's her magic that are almost as good as Olivie and Neora. No, multi casting spells might mean she's even better than them...
I can't win on anything. There's nothing at all I'm better at compared to Almatina...!

"I'm probably gonna face her in the final. Oh man, she's really strong."

"...Why don't you invite her to join our party again? She's much more useful than someone like me."

...I sulked and ended up venting my anger at Neora who whispered his admiration of Almatina.
As the loser, I can't stand hearing him praise her... I'm so spiteful.

"I won't. They've got their reasons and circumstances after all... And besides, if I had to choose between Alma or Levia, I wouldn't hesitate to pick you every time."


"Your strength isn't about your individual prowess. No, it's how good you are at coordinating with others while having a good grasp of the entire battlefield. I don't think you're less than Alma just because you lost to her in a one-on-one."

This guy...!
He's always playing around and almost never praise me like this. Why now...!
He's sneaky, not in Almatina's way, just sneaky!

"...Thank you, Neora... Then which is cuter, me or Almatina?"


"Say it."

"Ah, sorry I have another match coming up, talk to you later hahaha."

"You stop right there!!"

I knew it! He's the worst! Lecher!
Just you wait, Almatina! I'm going to become even stronger and prettier than you!!





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 509

509 Strength in Number, Overwhelming


There's no blood on my katana's blade, either because it's too sharp or swung too fast.
Splat, blood gushed out of the man's cut body.
The woman hiding behind me briefly shrieked 'Hii!' while her face went deadly pale and her body froze up.

"...G-guys! Surround him! This guy's good!"

I suppose I should praise this prompt judgment. But that's too good for these garbage humans.
The remnants of Gora Family slowly encircled us now that they finally became alert.
Pitiful lackeys who have no idea about Gora's dead. It's too late though.

Because a new party joined the fray. I can't say if their timing is good or bad.
One thing for certain is it was abrupt.

"All of you! Do not resist! Or else we will cut you down! I repeat! Get in the rope! Or you're dead!"

"Geeh!? Why're the kingdom's soldiers here?! And aren't they... an elite unit! Dammit! Rargh, swim or sink! Go get 'em boys!"

These guys shouted admitting their inferiority to the elite unit. Getting surprised and then yelling like that is like announcing to the world that they're small fry.

I followed the soldiers' instruction by putting my katana in its sheath and raised my hands up.
That signaled the start of their clash. I took the woman with me to somewhere safe from all the carnage.

There are strength in numbers. At least in this case.
Every three or at least two soldiers handle one small fry.
There are 30 small fry and nearly 100 soldiers.
The soldiers are also an elite unit with equipment matching that status. The result is obvious. It's a complete beat down.
The small fry kept getting cut down one after another. The only way to get out of this alive is to focus their everything into running away or cut open the path somehow.
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The only other choice awaiting them if they're arrested is death. They're gonna get wrung out dry doing hard labor.
The soldiers have furious looks as they swing their swords. Anyone resisting is immediately cut down, a policy that must be put in place against heinous criminals.
Which goes to show how much this gang has exasperated the kingdom.

"Please excuse me. May I borrow a bit of your time? I wish to have a little chat."

Someone called out to me while I was watching the carnage.
I turned around to a young man. He's wearing an obviously flashier armor than other soldiers.

"I have heard a lot of rumors about you. I'm a provisional commander of this unit, Leordo."

(What did he heard about me... I mean, there's way too many just from the past several days.)

"So you wanna hear straight from the horse mouth? Ah, before that, can I entrust this lady to you? Apparently she just got kidnapped today. Escort her to somewhere safe."

I handed over the woman to the soldier while I tried to recall what I had been doing.

"Yes, we will have to question her as a victim. We guarantee her safety. May I ask why you're here?"

Leordo got straight to the point. I'm hesitant to reply truthfully.

(Hmm? To begin with, this guy's timing is a bit, y'know? There's no way it was a coincidence. I guess kingdom soldiers would know about me from the PM? Or perhaps there's some crossed wires?)

I'm contemplating which motive should I say in order to convince him. As the question wasn't specific, I thought I could wiggle my way out of it but then the man continued.

"To tell you the truth, we have been tailing you. Do forgive me. I hope you don't get mad."






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 245

Deprive Desert Double-Cross


This chapter is from green haired boy, Radiasta's POV.

"Y, you, have, you gone mad...! Ga... Ha...!"

"Couff...! ...I got, no chance, if I, didn't resort to, this...!"

I barely managed to reply while coughing up blood.
...What the heck am I even doing.

On the tenth match. My opponent is a Great Lancer, Baredorai.
Last time we fought together in Daijel's Stampede. He probably doesn't even remember me.

A spear and a dagger. He's got overwhelming advantages in terms of reaches. While I'm faster at swinging my weapon.
Long to mid range are his domains. The first and foremost thing I have to do is to close the distance between us.

But it's virtually impossible for me to get into the dagger range.
I mean, I'm sure the other party is fully aware of that as well. He's gonna keep stepping away if I try to close the gap in order to maintain the distance where spears reign supreme.

Extended Mana Blade? Mana Blade Farslash? He can use those too. They're usable as a diversion tactic but do nothing to turn the tide of battle.
The only Skills I can use decently are Dagger Arts and Martial Arts. Both are still at Lv9, so I've got no Master Skill yet.

...You'd think there's no way for me to win this.
I can never get a hit while my opponent easily lands plenty.
My chances of winning are extremely low even if I go all out. That is if I fight normally.



I shout. I shout and shout as loud as I could my throat feels like it's gonna rupture, louder than that time I charged in during Daijel's Stampede.
My opponent, Baredorai must think that I'm making a desperate charge due to realizing my zero chance of winning.

He activated Extended Mana Blade to skewer me with his spear.
I took it with my left palm and forcefully turned the spear away from my body.


"! Oy oy, how far yer' gonna sacrifice your body anyway!"

Baredorai sounded perplexed but I don't care.
My action succeeded turning his spear away. I quickly rushed in and closed our distance...!

The stabbing sensation in my left hand suddenly vanished.


"This and your earlier match. Gotta admit you got guts."

He undid Extended Mana Blade and took a stance with his spear.
Then he thrust his spear at my abdomen while stepping back...

"But, too bad."

"A... Ga..."

An acute pain assaulted my abdomen.
He activated Extended Mana Blade once again, cutting up my body for sure this time.
At this rate, my life force will run out in a few seconds, signaling my defeat.

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Everything went as planned.

"Haa...! Aa... Aaa...!! Uwagaaaaaaaaaa!!!"

"Wha, y, you...!!?"

I activated Quick Step with the spear still sticking in me.
I went along the extended blade of mana until Baredorai's spear physically got inside my body.
Now he won't be able to resume attacking me even if he undo Extended Mana Blade.

I got in a striking distance while sealing his spear.
This is my domain now!

I swiftly stabbed his chest with Mana Blade Gale-cast dagger, followed by Extended Mana Blade to pierce him through!!

"Guba... Ga...!! ...Y, you, have, you gone mad...! Ga... Ha...!"

"Couff...! ...I got, no chance, if I, didn't resort to, this...!"

Both our spear and dagger stabbed each other's body.
...What an awful state we're in. I dunno why I'm going this far myself.

I'm participating in this tournament to impress this kingdom bigwigs.
I'm going to join this kingdom's army, pile up achievements, rise through the ranks and then... and then, I'll get back at him, my big brother, aniki.

I had to use one word to describe him, aniki is an idiot.
A selfish idiot who rush ahead without thinking or listening to what people tell him.

He absolutely won't share his things while always craving for others' belongings.
Always putting his grubby mitts on others' allowance (mostly mine and our little brother's) and even our family's in the end.
There was never a day I didn't lament the fact that he's our big brother.

He vanished the same day he came of age, alongside with a big portion of our family's money, leaving only a letter behind saying he wants to become an adventurer.
He's so egoistic he snatch away other people's things without permission. Revolting.
Watching his actions and reading the letter, I vowed to drag him back home by the ear and make him apologize to dad and mom.

Three years after aniki's departure, a letter written by him arrived.
It outlined how he quit being an adventurer and joined Firie Kingdom's army.
He said something about how dangerous and unstable adventurer business is so he decided to take on a more stable job or something.
He also demanded money to cover the expense, but nobody cared about helping him by that point.

There were passages about how his party members he had been together with criticized him harshly but knowing aniki, he probably decided on a whim without discussing with them first.
Troubling his party due to his selfishness, I could only sigh knowing aniki hadn't changed at all after all these years.

So I decided to become someone higher ranking and stronger than aniki, then I'll yell at him for all the trouble he put people through and drag him back home.
My parents and siblings told me to just leave him be. I do think that'd probably be for the best as well.

But he's still my big brother at the end of the day. He may be a huge moron, but he's still my family.
I know it'll keep bothering me if I leave him alone.

I'm not doing it for his sake. It's so I can move forward without anything dragging me down.
...I'm driven by selfishness. I'm not one to talk bad about aniki--

I was already standing outside the ring by the time I came to.
Ah, guess I died. I must have been revived and dropped outside the ring.
I lost despite all that crazy stunt... It's mortifying.

"Player Radiasta, and player Baredorai have both died and revived! This match ends in a draw!! Unfortunately, both players are considered dropped out!!"

...Ah, the other guy died too huh.
I feel simultaneously refreshed for succeeding and bad for stopping Baredorai's advance when he could have gone further if I didn't push through with that suicidal tactic.
...No, that was the result of me giving out my everything. Pulling my punches would have been ruder.
Ah, Baredorai is waving at me at the opposite side... Looks like he's not holding a grudge.

Haah, should I be glad to have won one match at least, or disappointed for losing immediately after.
...Doesn't matter what I think though, what's important is the impression my matches leave on this kingdom's bigwigs.

As I made my way to the waiting room, a black haired player, Alancyan or something spoke to me.

"I give ya a passing mark, good enough for a small fry. You're at least better than the dullards in our army ranks."

"...Thanks I guess."

"Don't ya pout on me now. Didja know I think quite highly of you, me talking to you like this is proof enough."

...Small fry huh. His words are infuriating but he's not wrong.
After watching his matches, I can't come up with a way to win against this guy no matter how hard I think.
If he holds me higher than this kingdom's army officers, my chances aren't zero then. No wait, maybe he's just flattering me.

"Oh yeah, I recall a green haired bastard that looked just like you joining the army a few years back."


"I usually don't give a hoot about small fry in the army, but that bastard's a special case. In a bad way."

...Could that be, no, that's definitely him...?
Heck, why'd this guy remember some random rank and file soldier?

"...What is he doing now that's bad?"

"Hm? Ah, that guy betrayed us. Man's got a wanted poster on his name now."

"Haa!? Y-you mean, he betrayed this kingdom?"

Aniki...! Did he desert the army and go off somewhere now!?
I look like an idiot going all the way here just to chase him!

"This kingdom, yeah sure. But that ain't all."

"...What do you mean?"

"That damned bastard leaked some army's confidential information to the demons in exchange for his life when he was aboutta get killed during a skirmish. Guy stayed on that side in the wake of enormous damage. Those army morons got no eye for people. Why the hell they let that trash join?"

I was assaulted by a terrible vertigo as Alancyan prattled on.
...I should have, left him, alone.

Author's Q&A
>Hm? The parents are a hidden boss tier...?

They are. There is no rule that states only heroes can defeat demon kings.
However, defeating a demon king without the next Job progression of Hero is next to impossible. Alma's parents are no exceptions.

>Does Kajikawa-san's Menu have different functions to Hero's?

Presently their functions are identical.
The Equipment Change Function was unlocked along with Item Screen but Kajikawa doesn't really need it. It's absolutely not because I forgot to write about, I'm sorry, I did.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 508

508 Always When It's Almost Over


Apparently the woman is right in my straight zone despite my lack of reaction to the elves.

(Ah, I see, she's closer to 'reality' than elves. She looks like an ordinary blond and blue eyed foreigner after all.)

While I was finding a new side of me, the woman came out of the room with a new attire.

"I-I'll be in your care."

She's wearing completely normal looking clothes for outings. Looks like they made her wear that dress when they took her here.

"I'll be on the lookout in front, please follow after me. We might come across the mooks who went outside."

The woman nodded and timidly followed me while tip-toeing.
Her footsteps are unsteady, probably because she's trying not to look at all the bodies lying on the ground. Trying to walk straight while averting her gaze, she looks like she'd fall down anytime.
And so, I pull her hand until we get outside.
She jolted and started shaking at first, but calmed down after I told her my reason.

"I-I'm sorry. I never thought it would come to this..."
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That's only natural. She's just like me. Most trouble I got dragged into defaulted to 'How did it come to this?'
Of course other people in the same boat would have that impression as well.

I let go of her hand outside. Now, we just have to leave the grounds. Then, retracing the path I took here should get us to that meat skewer stall.
Afterwards, I only need to ask them send a message to the kingdom's soldiers and my role is over.

And yet, ah, and yet, the rest of the gang members who were out in the town came back.
We bumped into them just as the gate were right under our nose.

"Oon? Ain't that the woman Gora-sama nabbed this morning. And who the heck are you? ...Welp who cares. Gora-sama must be tired of this woman. He ain't gonna complain if we have our way with her."

There's about 20 of them. They all came in through the gate and surrounded us.
Every single one of them had the look of a small time villain.

"Guys? Why don't we play with this brat too? Today our targets coughed up with no resistance. I wanna go wild."
"Beating him up while making out huh. Nice one! I'mma do that!"
"Bring the snacks and booze to the yard. Gehahaha."

The thugs laughed vulgarly while looking at us.
The woman hiding behind me started hugging her own body while shaking uncontrollably.
She must have imagined the worst outcome befalling her.
As for me.

"Man you guys are really beyond saving. How'd you cross the line I set so easily. Quit laughing with your dirty mugs. You're making me mad."

I've come here to crush. But I did consider using them like I did Eltros if they seemed usable.
But it appears they're all rotten to the core.
I captured members of the last syndicate I crushed with the elves, but I don't feel as charitable with these guys.

"Oy, do you wanna die? I'll let you off if you open the path, right away."

"...Oy, did y'all hear this brat? Buhyahyahya! I ain't heard this joke in a while! Said by a weird damned brat at that! Why don'tcha we study him? Gyahagyahahaha!"

I'm not hiding my hair and eye color right now. They'd have said the same thing anyway regardless.
The men wouldn't stop laughing you'd think they were about to roll on the ground.

"I don't care if you made fun of me, but I don't like your laughs. For the sake of my ears, I'll start with you."

I took my katana from magic bag and did an iai slash. The man approaching me got cut in two.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 244

Hero's Match


This chapter is from main character's POV

Umu. Reina splendidly won her match against that Great Sage called Olivie.
Olivie did pretty good herself. It's a shame she had to drop out of the tourney in her first match.

She kept maintaining a good distance with expert uses of Quick Step, constantly raining down offensive spells while waiting for a chance to shoot a big move.
It wasn't easy for Reina to close in on her due to how mobile Olivie was.
Powerful magic, and mobility unthinkable of a rear guard. Ordinary combat Jobs would find it difficult to win against her.

But Reina's isn't your ordinary combat Job.
She threw a gigantified shuriken to erase Olivie's offensive spells while also serving as a counter.
Olivie narrowly managed to dodge the giant object appearing out of nowhere but Reina was nowhere to be found by the time she turned her sight back at her.

She kept looking around in confusion while Reina emerged from the shadow cast by the giant shuriken behind Olivie and put her dagger before her throat from behind.
Reina had dived into the shuriken's shadow and waited for her chance inside.

Completely driven to the corner, Olivie could only declare her surrender.
I had no idea a high level battle could end up with both participants unscathed too.

"What was that. How is that fair?"

"It's an ability of [Ninjutsu] Skill, Shadow Dive. It allows the user's entire being dive into shadows, erasing their presence."

"Entire being? How do you attack people inside the shadow then?"

"It's pretty much impossible."

You can forcibly expel Reina out of the shadow by shining a light on it but I have no reason to tell her.
Hero could consult his Menu to reveal the trick though.

"That's unfair alright... I should have got her join Neora-kun's party even if I had to resort to force."

"Ahaha, I hope you're prepared to face me if it comes to that."

"It's a joke, a joke, okay. No really, I'm begging you. Quit it with that pressuring smile..."

Even if it was said in jest, she might be seriously aiming for Reina and Alma inwardly.
Can't let my guard down and come home with them kidnapped. Gotta pay attention.

"Raunakwesu and Leviara was it. Those two were just as magnificent."

"Yes, I agree. Raunakwesu has a solid base with his swordsmanship. And Leviara... How do I put it into words, I can just imagine how hard it is to deal with her fighting style."

"She stabbed her spear on the ground and kicked like she was pole dancing, she threw her spear and immediately Quick Stepped along with it for a two pronged attack. All that makes for an interesting spectacle but her opponent must be at their wit's end trying to predict her next moves."

"Nnfufu, I had her fight against group of enemies all throughout her training regime. As a result of having to constantly deal with a diverse line up of attacks, she came up with that free flowing unpredictable style."

"You mean like you made her spar with a group of people?"

"Hmm, that's about the gist of it. Her opponents were magic beasts though, so she kept getting eaten."

"You're a devil."

That sounds terrifying.
She may have the grace of Revival but won't her mind break down getting eaten over and over again?
My training menu was quite gentle in comparison... No, our party's girls are just weird for easily triumphing over stronger magic beasts in groups.

"...So, Levia-chan's next opponent is gonna be Alma-chan, but like, she's got no chance, does she? What's the deal with that speed anyway."

"She moved at tremendous speed while simultaneously slashing at her opponent, but that swiftness is not doable with just [Ground Shrink]. Is there more to it?"

"I'll at least say that she used multiple Skills at once, yes."

"Oh c'mon, don't leave us hanging."

"Haha, I can't just reveal my companions' hands now, can I?"

Not a Master Skill, it's an Alma-exclusive finisher. Like I'd disclose that willy-nilly.
She used a combination of Quick Step, Storm Sword, Energy Control, and Mana Blade Gale previously, but this time was a combo of Ground Shrink, Storm Sword, Qi Clad, and Mana Blade Gale.
...She won't use Direct Mana or Energy Control even now during the main round, I guess she thinks it's not fair or something?
Compare to Reina who's been using them non stop, she's too serious.

"Aizawa-kun who fought in the other ring also displayed a superb performance befitting of his prodigy fame."

"That swordsmanship was simply exquisite. He parried with no waste of movement and then, splat, one stroke... Say she won against Alma-chan, she'd have to fight him in the next match. Levia-chan got no luck at drawing lots."

Well, Alma is probably gonna win though.
I'm looking forward to Alma's fight against Aizawa-kun, but if it seems like she's gonna lose to him with the absent of Mana and Energy Control, I'm not gonna hesitate and remind her to get serious.
Dunno what he's gonna do if she ends up losing otherwise.

Oh, next up is the hero huh. Attribute-wise, the result is obvious, but I wonder.
It could turn out differently if his opponent struggled to death and turned the table on him like Radia-kun did.

But still, Radia-kun sure was acting desperate.
Even if you know you'll get healed, not just anyone would willingly cut their arm off if they didn't have a will of steel. I think he was aiming for his opponent's leg along the way though.
Wonder what's driving him to go that far. So scary, the totality of youth is so scary.

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~~~~~~~~Hero's POV~~~~~~~~~

My opponent is a Great Lancer [Vinoumakk], a brawny macho old man.
...He's on a whole different level from that small fry I beat up in the qualifier. He's at later half of Lv40s too, normally he would have been one of champion candidates.

"Gahaha!! Nice to meetcha young lady!!"

"...I'm a man."

"I got ya, I got ya! I ain't pullin' a punch just cuz yer' a woman! Gahahaha!!"

"You don't get it at all!!"

...Quipping people to correct them from misgendering me feels like a tired trope now.
Might as well shave my hair down to the last strand and make them admit my manliness...

<<You can't! Absolutely not! It's a huge waste!>>

What is! Levia, Olivie and even Aina-san also protested when I asked their opinion about this. Is it that fun watching people mistake me for a girl?
I said to Levia, 'Imagine if you were in my shoes Levia, people would keep telling you how cool and manly you are', and then she got mad and punched me hard, the topic never got brought up again... I'm so done.

"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your patience! The ninth match of Intermediate Division will now begin!"

Finally. I'm fed up chatting with Menu in my mind, let's get this started already.

"You can tell at a glance of his sheer muscle prowess, Great Lancer, player Vinoumakk!! And our world's current symbol of hope, the Hero Neo Raifu!! Who will win this match!!"

Oy, that preamble is new! Why'd you only do that with my match!
Ah, geez, the audience is making a ruckus now because you said the hero word. Hero is just my Job, I'm not that great of an individual myself...

"D-did she say Hero!? Is it that girl?"

"She's strong and cute to boot, simply the best."

"Quit daydreaming you guys, don't you realize that's a boy?"

"Haa? Are your eyes rotting or what, that's clearly a girl!"

"No boy can be that cute!"

"No you! No girl can be that cute!"

They've got way more invested in my gender more than my status as a hero!?
I'm hearing some incorrigible stuff mixed here and there too, I'm standing out in a really bad way...

"Hero-sama, may we have a word--"


"Hiiyii!!? W-well then, begiiiiiiin!!!"

My mood turned sour I inadvertently glared hard at the umpire.
But it's her fault for spouting all that stuff. Therefore, I'm not venting or anything, not at all.



First, we struck our lances against one another.
I'm most adept with a sword but I won't miss this chance to learn how to spear from a better lancer.

We're pushing our lances against one another. My opponent is like a mass of muscles yet my superior Attributes allow me to go toe-to-toe despite my lighter weight.

"Uoo...!? M-missy, yer' pretty dang strong...!!"

No, I'm actually winning.
You'd think he'd have handily overpowered me considering his overwhelming advantage in muscle mass and weight.
I knew it. Attributes can ignore law of nature. A bit late for that though.



He must have deemed he'd get pushed down at this rate and used Qi Clad to power up alongside [Mana Blade Gale] to blow me away.
Hmm, guess this strike is too much for me. My base me that is.



I used Qi Clad and Mana Blade Gale as well to blow Vinoumakk several meter back.

"Ha, haha, gahahaha!! What power coming outta that small body!! Ya musta gone through quite the training regime belying yer looks!"

"Ou, got myself killed a few times too many."

A simile. Exactly how many? Way too many to recall.

"But yer spear handling's bit rough 'round the edge. Ya might win with strength but just that ain't gonna work on me!!"

"Big talk!"

He must judge that he can't win with strength alone and compete with techniques.
...What masterful handling, no wonder his Skill level is so high. Vinoumakk is right, I can't win in a fight between spearsmen.
Forget learning how to spear, I might lose at this rate.

Ah, crap, he flung my spear off my hands. I'm left with no weapon--

"Got ya!!"

Vinoumakk's spear closed in my defenseless body.
...Guess this is the limit of my spearsmanship.

Menu, Equipment Change!


I equipped a shield made of a turtle magic beast shell, stopping the attack.

"Wha, a shield!? Where, did that..."

It might look unfair, but I'm gonna show you what it means to be a hero from here on out.
First of all, sword!



Unlike my awkward spearsmanship, I expertly unleashed a barrage of slashes with the sword.
The gap between our Skill Levels is pretty much nil now, it's all about Attributes.
More and more wounds gradually opened on Vinoumakk's body.

"Ga, gaha, ha...! Well I'll be, cannae' believe I lost in both techs and power. Guess I hafta do that...!"

Vinoumakk retreated back with Quick Step as he muttered.
He grabbed his spear with his right hand and took a throwing pose.
Throwing technique at this point? ...No, it doesn't look like an ordinary throw.

<<Yes, he's likely planning to use Spearsmanship Master Skill [Lance of Remora]. An incredibly bothersome ability that enables the thrown spear endlessly chase after its target until it hits.>>

Can't I just block with my shield?

<<He's planning to simultaneously use Spearsmanship Skill [Mana Blade] and Throwing Skill [Mana Cross Bullet] which boosts piercing power. Your current shield likely cannot guard against that.>>

Really. Even a single spear is capable of outputting some terrifying firepower by combining multiple Skills huh. A good reference for the future.

Menu, can I combine two, no, three Skills together?

<<A piece of cake.>>

Good, come at me!

"Here goes nuttin'! Duryyyyaaaaaaaa!!"

He put all his strength into the throw as he combined his Skills and Master Skill into his spear.
Normally it's a true blue finisher you cannot block nor dodge.

I grabbed a sword, a spear and a dagger, hold them all in my hands and took a stance like I was batting a ball with them.
Batter Neora, striking!

Activating Swordsmanship, Spearsmanship and Dagger Arts Skill [Mana Blade Gale] altogether!
It's an exceedingly simple and brainless tactic but the combo of multiple Mana Blade Gale from three different weapons struck down the thrown spear zooming at me stupidly fast.
The spear got blown away before breaking down into dust. It's no longer usable... I'll reimburse him later.

"...Gaahahahaha!!! Splendid! Ya done and took down my strongest strike like it was nuthin'! Oy, umpire! Got me darned good! It's my defeaaat!"

"Is that all?"

"Ou. Alas, I ain't got a move awesomer than that. It's a darned shame, this match's yours for the taking!"

Due to his all brawn no brain looks, I was so sure he'd keep going bare handed at first.
It felt a bit anti climatic but I guess the result is obvious either way.

"Player Vinoumakk has yielded! The winner of ninth match is player Neo Raifu!"

The audience sent out a round of applause and cheers at the umpire's declaration.
Vinoumakk walked up to shake my hand which I gladly took.

"Ya got me handily beat. Ya got this tourney in the bag, lil' lady!"

"Who you calling a lil lady! Get it through your thick skull already, you darned muscles for brain!"

I gripped his hand with my full strength as I flew into a rage.
...I wanna go back to the waiting room stat. So many things ruined.

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