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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 228

228 Memories Inside Story


"What are you...?" the princess talked back. Man, I'm kinda fed up with all these 'what' thrown my way.
Nobody seems to notice that here. The PM added to her inquiry.

"Princess Katrina is known for her haughty and arrogant attitude as well as her unwillingness to listen to other. I confirmed her infamy myself when I welcomed her to this castle... What are you plotting?"

A shame that he's getting wary of me again. I'm gonna have to explain stuff once again now.

"Aah, better to hear it from the horse's mouth. Princess, tell him everything."

"...Very well. I have been taught by my mother to play the part of a fool to trick my enemy. Thus I have been manipulating the impressions people have on me in order to defend myself even before coming to this castle."

The PM seemed to understand what was going on just from that, he shared another inside story.

"I remember now, your mother was a concubine. She was targeted by the queen and almost lost her life from the attempt. She managed to escape and left the castle. I recall I sent a contingent of soldiers to help her. She was a wise and clever lady. The queen did not fancy that. Thus I lent her my aid. Although I kept my identity strictly in the dark."

The PM narrated like it took him back. So the attack was due to some worthless envy. The truth is dull at time.

"Her wisdom truly was worthy of respect. Her biggest misfortune was having the king, that garbage take a liking on her. I just had to help her when I couldn't stand watching it anymore. Every single mistresses besides her was the same trash who cared nothing but to get ahead in the ugly race. It's like a gathering of carrion scavengers."

Vultures of a feather flock together huh. Guess their children take after their parents too as PM said, beyond saving.

(That's exactly why I recommended the princess. Just gotta hope this settles everything. Though people not involved in this whole debacle are going to raise a ruckus for sure.)

It should be no problem to the PM who managed to take control of the castle, but it's for sure going to be a source of more worry. All thanks to my recommendation.
Other members of royalty would have protested if they heard it here.

"We're getting nowhere if we keep reminiscing, so let me propel us forward, this princess is pretty capable, you know? I mean she even managed to rejuvenate the village she was handling so quickly."

"Are you talking about that village the princess forcefully took charge of? I believe today would be her second visitation. And you're saying it already bore fruit?"

'Oy, what were you thinking princess?' or so I kept that to myself. That ain't something a royalty does. And it sounds like she rushed headlong on her own too.
How long was the period between first and second visitation anyway? I don't know how much materials, goods, tools and manpower they provided her, but since the princess said the village is okay now, I don't think she's lying.

"Go ahead and check it yourself later. So yeah about the princess, she's been studying all this time and she's got the caliber of a ruler I say. Girl's got spunk and prudence too, me think she's gonna be a great queen, see?"

Charging into this castle and leading the negotiation to guarantee her safety was all the princess's initiatives. Well, she's got the luck on her side too.
My 'power' only helped bring her here. All the chaos that then led to not giving them time to think it through came after.
How the princess believed in that and decided to head straight for the throne shows her courage and caliber. I see the making of a monarch in her.

"We shall send an investigation committee along with an additional delivery of goods... I will personally take charge of assessing the princess."

This PM is pretty good too with his quick response. Innate talent as well as all the hardships he went through must have resulted in his present capability. Ironic it may be.

"I am well informed on the goods needed. Please allow me to be part of the committee."

The princess resigned to her fate or perhaps she saw this chance to take a step toward her 'dream', she started making an appeal.

(Hmm, I guess this matter is pretty much off my shoulder then, no? Now, I just gotta find the right time to...)

The ministers still in audience chamber began making their moves.
Assigning staff and moving toward conference room. Discussing and reporting to each their posts.
It's the start of a project. Eh what was it again? Darkest before dawn?

I waited until they all took their eyes off me and used 'Acceleration' to skedaddle out of the place.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 227

227 Hard to Convince, but, Reality is Harsh


"Oy, what did you just say...? What does that mean?"

The prime minister couldn't process this, he asked me back in agape.

"Exactly that, no string attached. You've got nothing to worry about anymore on that."

I took a glance at Chimera but it was nowhere to be seen.
Must have gone invisible and off somewhere. It's as if it was never there.
However, the tattered Arcane Blade, or rather, Hero (lol), lying on the ground is proof that Chimera was indeed there.
He's still twitching so he's not dead at least.
The PM who also turned his sight at Hero spoke after quivering.

"Where has that otherworldly gigantic magic beast gone to...?"

Having the most dreadful being he ever saw suddenly vanishing must be every bit as scary.
I ruminated a bit whether to answer that.

"Probably left after it's got its fill? Putting that aside, do you believe me?"

Likely not. I wouldn't if I were in PM's shoes. I mean I get it. There's no way he could have simply accepted when someone suddenly blurted that the single biggest issue that propelled all the upheavals has already been taken care of.
Not unless it's an intel he can trust. On top of that, the one who brought the news is a suspicious man of unknown origin, how could you trust that.

"I do believe you. I do not see any reason why you would tell lie after everything that has transpired thus far."

The one who readily understood the importance of this info was the princess.
The PM put on a bitter look when he heard her. This matter was what compelled him to remove the king, naturally he couldn't just say, 'Thank goodness'.
Even if the issue is no more, the mess from banishing the king still hangs over.
The problem simply transfers over to another spot.

"Well I don't actually care whether you believe me or not. What are you gonna do to the king? I'm sure all these bigwigs here are 'related' so your words hold power over them, PM-san."

I thought the princess would butt in here, but she kept her silence.
I was sure she'd press on the PM to release the king, yet she just stared at him.
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(Well, that king's beyond saving if what the PM said is true after all. Pretty clear it is seeing these ministers' expressions and body language.)

"Is the king even alive? Is he dead?"

I tried asking the important question, the PM sounded like he still had grudge as he replied.

"We have him confined while keeping him just above starving without dying. He still has some use alive. However, he'd scream non stop if he had stamina."

That was a reasonable enough treatment for a VIP, but you could tell most of it stemmed from all his pent-up resentment.

"...We were currently brainstorming to choose the next king. What an ironic twist of fate. After some scrutiny we have established that the princes and the princess are all uneducated lowlifes. Fruit never falls far from the tree, truly."

Birds of a feather flock together huh. But we also have an ugly duckling here.
I tried to give a pointer.

"A suggestion if you will. How 'bout making the princess over there a 'Queen'?"




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 226

226 Serious


Something didn't click right with me. After watching that, this PM seems to be a serious straitlaced individual.
This episode he had was just because his fuse was finally lit up. Even if it was a fuse to a huge bomb.

(The PM ordered to have the princess killed? No... What was it again? Earl Orc Rye? Solo offense huh.)

The one who sent assassins the princess's way was a noble belonging to the PM's 'faction'. The guy may be in his faction, but that doesn't mean he's been reporting everything he does to the PM.

"PM-san, you were after the princess's life weren't you?"

"...? Quit with that nonsense. She may be that scumbag's daughter, but such thoughts never even crossed my mind."

"But those five knights went in for the kill though."

"I never gave that order. I received a report of the princess heading for this audience chamber while blowing away guards, thus I ordered them to peacefully bring her here, or to detain her if that's not possible."

"...So PM-san, you absolutely have no intention to get the princess killed."

"Oy, what does that mean? What are you talking about?"

"The princess overheard a talk about replacing the throne y'see. I thought that was the reason you were after the princess. I mean the guy we captured let that name out, uh Earl Orc Rye?, of his mouth and all."

"...I have Oaklay gather all the good for nothing nobles under his wing and crush them in one go."
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"What if the princess saw him making an illicit deal or some sorta scheme....?"

"You're saying Oaklay realized that and made an attempt on princess's life."

The PM put his palm on his forehead as he muttered, 'Every single one of them...'

"So PM-san? Weren't you worried when you found out about the princess assaulting this castle? I mean she's known as this arrogant haughty princess."

I tried asking straight. I mean the first thing she uttered here was, 'Where's the king?' after all.

"Regardless of her personality or what forces she controls, there is simply no reasonable chance for the king to be rescued anymore. All the more for a lone powerless girl who has just been called to the capital recently."

"The princess has no chance of saving the king. As in zero. It's not even worth entertaining huh."

That was it. Everything finally clicked together.

"PM-san. This clinches it, that Oaklay guy's been distorting your orders."

"...Haa. Somebody, go and crush Oaklay right away. It is a blunder of mine. As it turned out he was one among the garbage himself. Forgive me."

Four ministers started walking and left the chamber after given that order.
I think the princess has finally gotten her 'guarantee' for real this time. I'm sure there's nothing more they missed nor will this turn into an armed uprising.

"Now then, let's get to the core of the matter."

I forcefully set us back on track after getting sidetracked so much.
The PM looked perplexed.

"Is there more? ...The empire's weapon of war, is it?"

"Sorry for getting off track before finishing that."

The PM looked quite refreshed after his outburst earlier.

(He must have it bottled up tightly. Was it really a good thing for him to let it all out here, or not.)

I feel a bit sorry to the PM knowing what I'm gonna say is putting more burden to him.

"The matter with that weapon of war at the empire has been dealt with. It's a non issue now."




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 225

225 Tale of Hardships


"Ah, looks like you're finally willing to listen. Now then, first, where to begin..."

The prime minister fixedly glared at me as he waited.

"Guess I should go straight to the crux of the matter. Which is to say, an intel about a new weapon of war at the empire, correct?"

"What about it! That guy is the biggest most idiotic king this kingdom has ever seen! I had been attending to that shitty bastard's need from a tender age, but I couldn't take it anymore! No! I question my own sanity letting that dregs be king all this time! Why didn't I crush him sooner?! Should've banished and exiled him before it came to this point!"

Due to the sudden appearance of Chimera, the PM seemed to have a nervous breakdown as he rambled from his heart.
No sign of him stopping. He kept insulting the king with dirty words.

"What did the king say back then? It must have been really bad. I mean, if it was enough to shock you to the core like this."

I pretended to sympathize with the PM to fish out more.
But that sympathy became real once I heard his next words.

"Whatever... That guy said whatever to this country's fate! 'Just gotta surrender to the empire and all's gonna be swell', he spewed! He caused nothing but trouble even before becoming king and forced me to wipe his ass every single time! He appointed me as a long term prime minister once he took the throne yes, but that was only because he didn't want to deal with his kingly duty and pushed it all on me! I hail from a noble house that has served this kingdom's kings for many generations. But the man who became king in my generation was a garbage..."

Looks like there's no stopping the PM letting out all his pent-up resentment.

"All he did was stamping documents he never as much as even glanced at. Then he went on a wild merrymaking all day long. Using money he pilfered from national treasury without approval! Do you even have any idea how toilsome it was to balance the sheets because of that unbelievably foolish act?! How would anyone entrust this nation's security to that fool! Forget about our military! Or the empire! He never gave it a damn! That guy even still dared to utter more out of that foul mouth of his! 'I wanna play all day long without a care in the world till my deathbed', he said! Even added, 'You make that happen.'!"

I can understand this PM's hardships after hearing all that, I feel a tinge of guilt.
The PM resumed his heartfelt narration.
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"The agent we lost contact with has a wife and children... he was my subordinate. Always by my side throughout our younger days. We were steadfast friends. I had gone myself to give explanations on his fate as well as condolence money... but I couldn't tell his family the truth since it was a national secret. I had to lie about his death... It was so hard to watch his young children unable to grasp the concept of death. His wife didn't cry at that time somehow. Do you know why? ...'My husband would not tell me about his job, but I just knew that it was a dangerous line of work.' she said. She was gripping her fist not out of sorrow but gripe. She was a strong woman. Thus I splurged with my personal fund and gave them enough to live comfortably for years. That was the only thing I could do. The only thing..."

Oh crap, this PM's personal circumstance is just too much. The other ministers' reactions proved that.
Some looked sorrowful, other looked frustrated.
I don't believe he's just making up stories for sympathy. I could sense deep emotion in his words.
Suddenly, the PM lifted up his face and shouted out loud.

"What should I say in front of his grave!? Our king's words!? To that man who risked his all for this country! Can you believe what that waste of space vomited?! 'You coulda bought me some good wine with that money, what a waste'! To my friend! And my important subordinate! That garbage said that as he drank with women attending to him!"

I'm no longer pining the fault on this PM.
I mean who could have guessed the king turned out to be such a failure of human being.

"That was when I took the matter in my own hands. I scraped together all the balance sheets I had been keeping on me in consideration of all the great kings before and used them as evidence. We opened additional probes and arrested all the nobles who had been misappropriating fund alongside the king one by one... we seized all their assets as well."

The PM must have let out all the pent-up pus he had been holding in. His face looks refreshing with the smile.
But then he turned gloomy again.

"What do you think that shitty bastard said as we were busy cleaning up the trash? 'Man, what's those guys been up to these days anyway? Well whatever. I'm in heaven so long I got booze and women.' he said as he used the money we seized from the trash to play around. He never suspected a thing. It was all just so funny to watch."

The PM laughed with a dark smile on his face. The other ministers next to him are just standing with solemn looks.
So there's only ministers in this audience chamber because there's no noble left. A lot of them must have been expunged.

"After a while, once we finished laying out the groundwork, I invited that guy. To somewhere with a beautiful fountain. A pleasure jaunt if you will. Oh gave me a praise he did, 'Man, you know the stuff for once'. So carefree. There must have not even a speck of idea of him departing to his own confinement. His head has nothing but fooling around inside. It was far too late by the time he realized, and yet what did you think he spouted off at that point?"

After a beat, the PM resumed the finale listlessly.

"That shitstain yelled in anger and confusion, 'Oy! You bastard! What do you think you're doing to me!'"

Once he spoke that, the PM looked like he was all but completely burned out white.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 224

224 Shocking (lol) Truth


That blade of light was stopped by a black translucent wall that manifested in front of Chimera.
As both clashed, a dazzling rainbow colored light scattered everywhere before disappearing in fleeting.
The blade of light Arcane Blade put everything into failed to tear nor bore through that wall as it gradually shrunk.
The wall itself saw no change. The light was no more once Arcane Blade's sword stopped moving.
A soul rending scream resounded in the now quiet room.

"...Damittaaaaaaaaaall! Why won't it get sliced offfffffff! How'd this great me's finishing move not work! That oughta never happen! Shieeeeet!"

Looks like that move was his very best and even that ended in vain.
I'm sure it possesses the potential to overturn the tide of battle in a battlefield.
But it was nothing more than a pretty firework before Chimera.

(No wait, had Chimera used that wall in its fight against the elves, things would have gone way bad. Why didn't it?)

Naturally this was due to the Subordination Collar restricting its freedom, but I had no way of knowing.

As I was thinking that, Arcane Blade unleashed the second Shining Fang Holy Storm Slash (lol). Yet it ended in the same exact fashion.
Using his full power move twice came with an obvious price. Arcane Blade gasped for breath he couldn't even speak right.

"M-monster... H-how could... me... bearer of... title, Hero... be powerless against...!"

I did my best to hold back my laughter when I heard his finishing move name earlier, but the words Arcane Blade uttered utterly blew that away.

(Hero... Did he just say hero? No way, you're telling me I'm seeing one in the flesh!)

And thus I burst into another laughter.
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"He-! Hero! Ahahahaha! What the heck's a Hero doing here!? This guy, a Hero?! What a joke!"

My run-in with Go Rang*r had turned a screw or two loose in my head, this reveal just exacerbate it.
Of course my behavior is inappropriate in the current mood. And yet I just couldn't help myself.
As I finally managed to stop laughing, everybody in the room was looking at me like I'm some bizarre oddball.

"Aah, please do excuse me. That was so hilarious I couldn't contain my laughter. So, are you willing to listen now?"

Acting as if I never broke character, I threw the question to PM again.
We'll never get to the root of the problem if we don't put our feet there first.
Now that the princess has her safety guaranteed, her problem is effectively solved.
What I want to talk about is the empire. The reason that compelled them to dispose of their king.
I'm gonna leave this kingdom once that's been settled. Of course leaving is a done deal. I mean, I've stuck my neck so deep in like this, well partially dragged in.
They might very well send people after me if I didn't tidy up everything first.
I had some involvement with the empire matter too, so it's not like I'm completely blameless.

I'm letting Chimera be. I don't want to restrict Chimera.
As I faced the PM, I took a sidelong glance and saw Chimera playing with Arcane Blade by paw punching him left and right.

(I'll just consider that matter's settled...)

I definitely don't think that it serves him right. I've just met this guy and he hasn't done anything to harm me after all, I'm not nefarious enough to wish him ill. At least I'd like to think so.
Well the guy did come at me brandishing his sword with no room for discussion. Nobody wouldn't think bad of anyone who did that.
The listless Arcane Blade would groan, 'Uge!', 'Gubofo!', every time Chimera pawed him without offering resistance.
I do feel bad for him but I'm still not saving him. I'm not obliged to.
I'll have Arcane Blade-san (lol) be Chimera's plaything till it's tired of him.

Meanwhile, the PM finally seemed like he could finally talk, but.

"J-just what is your goal! What manner of scheme do you wish to accomplish doing all this!?"

Apparently he had a hard time processing all the event thus far, he seemed a bit distraught.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 223

223 Your Naming Sense is Questionable


(Can't think up of a good idea... what do? This can't go on forever.)

To begin with, I'm the type who don't start before I look up on things beforehand. Always been since my past life.
But now, all the trouble that found me in this world showed up out of nowhere, settled through brute force. Then I ran away. I haven't been able to avoid this pattern so far.

(I gotta carry out a prior investigation next time or else I'm gonna keep getting dragged into mess...)

In the first place, I never had the chance to listen or even ask for information, we straight up bee lined our way here from zero. I may not have a choice there, yet I'd be too naive to leave it at that.
After all, as long as I have this 'power', I can solve most things regardless.
I've been getting over reliant on it. Which is how I find myself in this situation now.

"You little! Cut the crap! Just one hit and yer' dead meat! Quit moving around dammit!"

Enraged Arcane Blade has been trying to hit me as he slashes around with his sword.
No one is dumb enough to purposely let themselves get hit, I mean you won't come out of that with just a scratch or two.

(I mean I'd die you know? Or at least it'd hurt, no thank you.)

I've been dodging all the slashes. Under 'Acceleration' of course.
These super dangerous slashes I can't possibly dodge in my normal state are coming non stop.
Only the sounds of that sword swinging around could be heard in this quiet audience chamber.

(...Huh? Come to think of it, I don't see Chimera anywhere...)

As I watched the blade passed by me in slow motion, I got assaulted by a bad feeling.
Right behind Arcane Blade. Chimera showed up and gradually transformed itself.

Arcane Blade who noticed its presence looked back and turned agape at what he saw.

"W-what!? What!? What in the hell!? The heck did this thing spring up from!?"
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Arcane Blade stopped slashing at me and turned around to point his sword at Chimera in surprise.
All while the ministers screamed without a sound as they froze in terror.
Even the prime minister fell down on his rear. Some even passed out in the spot.

I can't blame them. This audience has quite a tall ceiling and lots of space. Chimera has grown gigantic enough to touch the room's extremities as it glared with its sharp beastly eyes.
The princess was terrified of Chimera in its 'kitten mode'. Chimera in this state must be ranked among the top most dangerous magic beasts in this world.
That seems to apply to Arcane Blade as well, unable to shake the terror, he shouted out loud.
He's completely forgotten about me.

"Damn you! Dammit all! I ain't gonna let a mere beast take me down! Eat this!"

Arcane Blade held his sword up high and then it started emitting a blue light. The light extended about five meter long before he swung it down at Chimera.

"This great me's! Finisher, Shining Fang Holy Storm Slaaaaaaaaaash!"

Shining Fang Holy Storm Slash, thus the blade of light fell down upon Chimera.

As I witnessed that, what came into my mind wasn't the tremendous power the move possessed, I was holding back my laughter at that awfully chuunibyou name.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 222

222 Snapped


I don't wanna die so I took this one slash seriously, dodged it easily as a result.

(Entered 'Acceleration' and took some safety measure cause it was obviously unlike all his previous huge swings, and yet.)

The moment I undid my Acceleration, the apparently wind? pressure from the slash touched my face. I got a bit of cold feet from that, but there's nothing to it if it doesn't hit.
Arcane Blade was the one who looked shocked. Having his target vanish when he thought he had hit him for sure must be a first.
I'm now standing two meters away from my previous spot. How did the wind pressure still reached me even, fantasy is scary.
It's not because I'm a wuss, I could sense how dangerous the change on Arcane Blade's countenance was despite our distance.

"Bastard... Who the crap are ya... The hell didja easily dodge my serious slash... eff that shit. Spit it out, what are ya."

Apparently I pushed the wrong button, Arcane Blade kept his glare affixed on me. He looks like some random delinquent here.
I was alone with that impression though, the princess and all other ministers are shaking in their boots.

(...What? Ah right, they can see mana or something? And this Arcane Blade guy is releasing enough mana to scare them? ...I don't feel anything though... Oh wait, you've gotta undergo a special training or something.)
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"I'm but a common man. My stature is far too humble to name myself. It would only serve to sully your most distinguished ears, don't you agree? Please don't concern yourself with me."

Even I was astonished at myself for spouting all that nonsense in the heat of the moment.
Naming is akin to binding oneself to it. Even if I put forth a false name, the record would remain.
Name is quite a handy thing. It can be used in a variety of stuff. Which includes locating specific individuals.
I want to hide my existence, I've got to at least avoid saying my name out loud.
I don't believe in occult stuff like Kotodama, but this world has magic. Who knows what it's got in shelves.
The most worrying thing is 'Curse'. Gotta account for that possibility. Who can say if names can be used in some cursing ritual or something.

I may have exposed my black hair and black eyes many times before despite my effort to hide them, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't try to keep my name out.
However, my stance seemed to rubbed Arcane Blade the wrong way. He stood with his arm loose and his sword tip pointed at the ground. But his expression turned grimmer than ever.

"So yer' not gonna give yer name eh, or maybe ya think I ain't worth it? ...Changed my mind. I'mma slice and dice you up here!"

My goal is to have a talk. With the PM at that, not this Arcane Blade guy.

"Oy! Zoldak! You must not! Do not be hasty!"

The PM attempted to stop him. Of course. They were originally planning to squeeze me dry of information on the empire before leaving me to my fate, and yet Arcane Blade said he'd crush their only source of information.
However, the PM's shout was in vain. Arcane Blade had already lunged with his sword slashing at me by that point.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 221

221 Tired of Watching


There's no way such an obvious swing could hit me. I turned my body and the sword missed.
But then the sword hit the floor.

It created an expanding cobweb-like fissure. Is it brute force or some sort strengthening magic? despite exerting such power, the sword didn't even bend.
Arcane Blade apologized without looking the slightest bit apologetic.

"Ou, my bad my bad. Almost killed ya there, and just after I said I ain't gonna."

Contrary to his words, the smirk never left his face.
This guy said he'd 'make me regret'. This threat must be part of that.
How I could dodge it without using 'Acceleration' is proof enough. He was just that slow at swinging his sword, he even purposely changed the trajectory to miss me midway through.
As if he's trying to make an appeal of his power.

It seemed quite effective on the ministers, they all were going 'ooh, aah' in admiration.

(...This doesn't feel real... It's like I'm watching a farce, a low level magic show only children would fall for.)

I've been alive in this world for 15 years, and yet my mind and heart just can never get used to it, and there's been barely any change. I still find myself in shock when I see fantasy.
But that's probably only natural. I mean I was living a slow life in some backwater small village, and my only contact was with my family. I barely came across anything fantastical. This density only started after I left my village.
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As such, it's not my fault to witness another classic 'show'. Surely.
Yep, a showoff done by a powerful character to demonstrate their strength. I'm tired of seeing this cliche.

"Err, PM-san? What should I do to make you listen to me 'in earnest'?"

It's simple enough to beat up this guy, but then they might be plotting something else and honestly, he might not even be willing to listen after all that.
Thus, I'm hesitating a bit to smash this 'Arcane Blade' guy. The self proclaimed strongest independent force in the kingdom.
Looks like his 'strength' is the only thing that supports PM's trust on him.
I need my own showoff to overturn that. Otherwise, there's a not insignificant chance for them to insist it was a fluke or something. That pattern is the most annoying type. There's no way to have an actual discussion if it comes down to that.
Thus I was pondering how to avoid falling into that pitfall, but Arcane Blade who got made a fool of flared up.

"Damnit... cut the crap! I said no ignoring me, you!"

Arcane Blade swung his sword once again as he shouted which I dodged.
The wind pressure swayed my bang a bit, but that was it. He just slashed randomly again, slow enough to avoid without resorting to Acceleration.

"Ah, if that's your best shot then might as well forget about it, you're in the way, can you go somewhere? I'm trying to speak to PM-san here..."

A moment later he muttered 'die', and slashed unlike all the large swings he had been making up until this point.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 220

220 Discussion Breakdown


"Is he dead? Or alive? Well either way's fine."

"It is not! Release his majesty at once! Prime Minister, do you mean to take over this nation?"

The king's status bears no relevance to what I wanted to talk about yet the princess wouldn't shut up.
Honestly, she's a bother. Now that she's got a 'guarantee' on her safety, she should stay silent otherwise she'd risk putting us squarely back to the starting line.
I'd get stuck protecting the princess forever at this rate.
Thus, I tell her this.

"Shut it, princess. You're 'saved' now, I have no more obligation to you. Our contract has come to an end. From here on, I'm speaking to the PM for my own convenience, you be quiet. This is going nowhere."

"You lowlife! How dare you make slight of a royalty! You shall pay with your life here!"

The one who got enraged by my words wasn't the princess, but the plump minister.
All other ministers kept quiet while looking at the plump ministers derisively.
They didn't even attempt to speak.

"Just who are you? What do you have to speak to me about? I do not see any reason why I should agree."

The prime minister himself cut short of my attempt. But I gave him a certain hint.

"Eh it's nothing much, just stuff about that weapon of war developed at the Empire. But if you don't want to know then that's that I guess. I'll go away."

'Arcane Blade' butted in yet again here. Still smirking before laughing out loud.

"Oy oy oy? Yer' my plaything. Think ya can get away from this room? Well your corpse will that's fer' sure. To hell with that tho', d'ya know how much I hate being ignored. Ahn? You got this great me's attention, Zoldak the 'Arcane Blade' and this is the thanks I got huuh?"

"Ah. I have no business with you, I see no reason to care. My bad. Err, so uh where were we again? Prime Minister-san. Have you changed your mind?"

This Zoldak guy seemed really mad at my provocation the veins on his forehead popped up, while the PM frowned beside him.

"Arcane Blade, do not kill him. Capture him alive. This man appears to carry information on the empire with him. Do as you wish as long as he's left breathing. At least leave him in a state where he can still talk."
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"Shut yer' trap... nobody can order me around! But sure I'mma let him hang on by the thread. Once yer' done with him, I'mma personally torture and kill him myself..."

The two seemed to have reached an agreement, the PM said, 'Very well, do as you like', then Arcane Blade kicked away the remain of door in the middle of the room to the corner.
CLANG, the door disappeared before my eyes. It was a heavy door and yet he easily kicked that away.

"Ya got nowhere to run. I'mma make you regret for mocking this great me."

The princess quickly trotted away from me. Looks like she forgot all her graceful and composed act after receiving the brunt of Arcane Blade's wrath.
The guy had this frightening aura on him as he slowly drew his sword.
His eyes tell me that he'd not hesitate to cut the princess along with me if she stayed.
She must have perceived that and ran away. This guy really doesn't care about royalty.

(...Will they listen to me if I show off my power here? Either way, this Arcane Blade guy was already super eager to cut me down from the moment he showed up.)

He'd have either made up some excuses or just randomly lunged at me in the end, the way he looked at me just screamed, 'Got me a prey.'

(I'm straight though. I feel only disgusts getting that look from a man.)

The bandit leader had already run away to the wall while looking here with scared looks in his eyes.
All the ministers have also withdrawn, clinging tightly to the wall to avoid getting dragged as collateral.
In this spacious silent chamber, only sounds of footsteps echoed. As the Arcane Blade slowly drew near, he brandished his sword aloft and swung it down at me.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 219

219 Star Performer Arriving...?


"Who do you think you are? How come a mere peasant be here?"

(Sheesh I wonder why myself. I'm getting sad just getting reminded...)

I cannot agree more to the PM. I mean who could have guessed I'd get dragged into all this when I departed the empire.
If only my personality allowed me to easily forgive myself, I would have been long gone from this place. Heck, probably even from this world. Not due to death, but from being 'abducted' to this world. The deity who did that never even considered the other party, what an annoying mess.

That all doesn't matter now, gotta focus. Thankfully I could still calm down my rage toward my 'abductor'.

"Where'd the king go? I've got some important stuff to tell him, I don't see him anywhere?"

"Oy! Kick this insolent man out of this room at once! ...Oy! Where are all the guards!"

Nobody answered my question, instead a plump bald greasy faced minister called for soldiers that never responded.
Or to be more exact, there's no more guards here. The ones stationed in this room had seen all the listless soldiers lying in the corridor. The door got blown away so the view was in plain sight.
The sight of the strongest five (lol) all beaten up together included. The fact that that five had lost is reason enough for them to run away.

But then an outstandingly vulgar laughter resounded in this room. Coming from behind the throne.

"Found me some fun fella'. Eh, PM-dono? Ya don't mind if I play with him, do ya? I'll invite y'all here to a show of this great me's power! Come now! Let's begin this blood curdling performance!"

A light armored man showed up. He's got a long hair, slanted looks on his eyes, and a constant smirk on his mouth.

"Oy bastard! You can forget trying to run away! I care not what you insolent peasant trying to pull here, but you shall pay your rude remarks with your life. Bow down as you meet your end."

The plump minister gleefully laughed, the princess rebutted.
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"He is my life savior I have personally invited as my guest. I have also employed him as my bodyguard. You have no right to mouth him off. You have no place here. And also, 'Arcane Blade'. Mind your manners. You stand before a member of royalty."

"The heck yer' blabbering about now princess? Who gives a crap 'bout some random no name royalty like ya. Why don'tcha get up the pecking order if ya don't like it huh? Guess that's a toughie for a powerless princess like ya tho'. Besides, only the king can order me, the strongest independent force in this kingdom. Or what, ya gonna be a queen? But well that irritating shitty bastard's now gone anyway. Pretty dang refreshing if ya ask me. Gotta thank PM-dono for that."

The princess managed to shut up the plump minister, but the constantly smirking man instead made a fool of her.
Dunno if the king has been captured, confined or even isn't in this world anymore but the one who finally answered my question was this 'Arcane Blade' speaking to the princess.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 218

218 Full Throttle, Bomb, Straight


"Where is his majesty!? Answer me!"

That was the first thing the princess uttered as she stepped inside the audience chamber.
The king is not on his throne. People who seem to be ministers were having some sort of important talk and yet the king who should be in the center is nowhere to be seen.
The princess's fair voice echoed in the chamber before it fell silence. The one answering her was a man with wide brows standing next to the throne.

"Princess, what is your business coming here? We are presently holding an important council. I shall have you expelled if you wish to interrupt us."

"Prime minister, my life was in danger under a bandit assault on my way here. Thus here I am to report that. I have brought one of those bandits with me."

I took a step forward and threw the bandit. He's not gagged or bound in any way, hasn't been since the entrance.
And yet he's acting weirdly. It's like he's attempting to avoid getting seen by the prime minister.

"They were highly coordinated as if trained soldiers. Moving in formations with a clear goal. That is proof that they were no mere bandits. I am confident in saying that the one who sent those assassins is among you."

The princess went and dropped a bombshell. But the PM unlit that fuse.

"Please take your nonsense somewhere else. You have neither evidence or witness and yet dare you utter such accusations? I must remind you to refrain from insulting us, princess."

"That's precisely why I've brought this perpetrator here. Come tell us, who is the person who ordered you?"

I can't tell if the princess is an idiot or if she's plotting something by rushing on like this.
As such, I stay on the sideline watching it all unfolding instead.
The princess isn't stopping at just exposing the mastermind, and I have something to personally discuss to the PM as well.
But that's after she's done with her business and obtains a guarantee on her safety.

"...Someone from prime minister faction, Earl Oaklay."

This man witnessed everything that happened in the corridor on our way here. He was fighting against the terror from that when he tried to avoid getting seen by the PM. He lost to that terror after recalling Chimera and so proceeded to name the mastermind.
Can't really blame him for that. Even fearless daredevils ready to throw down their lives will yield to a terror beyond comprehension.

However, the PM who was none the wiser of that fact reproved it with a slightly surprised look.

"What this man says here does not make for proof. You cannot ensure that he is not telling a lie. Princess, aren't you satisfied yet? We cannot keep playing along with you forever."

"My, how is an attempted assassination of royalty playing around exactly, shame on you prime minister. Who can say if this man is telling the truth as well. If that is how you want to play then I shall take the lead on the investigation myself. Earl Oaklay? was it, he is under suspicion. As a royalty I shall carry out a compulsory search. You don't mind if I rummage through his mansion, do you? I mean he has nothing to hide if he is not in the wrong. It could make for a good study to learn on the good earl's territory management as well. Surely that should be worthy of praise."

"We have teams specialized in such activity, please do not trouble yourself and get some rest now princess."

"My? How could you expect me to take it easy. Not when my life is in constant danger. I have to find this villain not a second later! Or else, I cannot rest easy at night! I invoke the 11th special law of Kingdom to call for urgent meeting and search operations and to freeze all forms of legislative proceedings until the matter has been solved! I preserve this right as a member of royalty."

Dunno what this special law is all about, but I think things are going smoothly thus far. And I guessed right.

"There is no need for that. In my name as Prime Minister Kloin, I shall hereby 'guarantee' your safety, princess."

With that secured, the princess stared at the PM for a while.
She sighed and made him promise her additional things.

"Then in case of my untimely death, you shall remove yourself from the position of prime minister. Promise me that okay? After all you 'guarantee' that do you not? It is only right for you to carry an equal risk. No, your guarantee means nothing if my life is endangered again, my trust on you would be plummeting."

That was quite the punch it seemed, the pm scowled hard.
Most of the people here must be in his faction. But not all of them I'm sure. It must serve as an impactful restraint on both sides. To the PM too.
The princess managed to have a verbal guarantee on her safety without my help.
She kept on pressing without giving her opponent a chance to fight back. She even led the flow of conversation toward her vantage point in such a short amount of time, it was well done.

(Guess this is my only chance to ask that thing I'm gonna ask huh?)

"So, princess, you're done now right? Mind if I have my turn next?"




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 217

217 Not As Planned


Chimera turned back to its kitten mode before I realized and hopped on my shoulder, 'meoow'.

"I completely forgot about you thanks to that invisibility thing."

Chimera licked my cheek as a reply. It's got a gritty tongue, quite painful.
Just like an ordinary cat pretty much. This Chimera is truly a mysterious creature.

"W-what exactly is that thing?"

Back to her sense, the princess asked fearfully.

"Ah, uh how do I say it... don't mind it. It's just a cutie."

"Pray tell how is that cute? Sharp glints, dreadful fangs, wings with a color of bad omen, and it even has a repulsively skinned tail... That's a magic beast no matter how you look at it!? Are you insane?"

(What's up with this world's sense of beauty? Isn't this normal...? Or maybe not?)

The princess is fearful of Chimera while I personally think it's cute.
I mean Chimera in its kitten mode looks pretty much like a kitten.
I'm getting sad how my 'normal' can't just seem to match with this world's.

(Come to think of it, nobody who saw Chimera in its kitten mode ever said it was cute, was there?)

Wait, do 'cats' even exist as pets in this world?
But then the princess nipped away my budding doubt.

"I have no more to say as long as that magic beast follows your order and poses no danger. Come now, let us press on ahead. To audience chamber."

The princess was quick to switch her attitude and psyched herself up, this was still far from over after all.

"Should we go with a bang? Or a somber one?"

The people in the audience chamber must know about us being here already, so I thought of seizing the initiative here with elements of surprise.

"Let us go with a bang. The biggest one yet."
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The princess got on board and even made an additional request, I stood in front of the door.
And kicked it hard.

The door looked super heavy so I used the chance to gauge my strength, but that was a bad move.
With a thunderous sound, the door bent into a < shape, its hinges got broken off as it flew off and spun around high up in the audience chamber.
Then it fell down hard onto the polished marble ground, caving it in and creating a fissure in the process.

(I over did it... Not my fault is it? The princess ordered me to... Yup, I'm not to blame here.)

I merely put a little bit more strength into that kick. It was just about, 'Looks pretty sturdy, a sorta strong kick should do no?'. And yet this is the result.
As I desperately made excuses to myself, I lowered my still hanging leg. About a dozen of glances were directed at me from inside.
They must be ministers holding high positions in this kingdom. They all looked aghast as they stared here.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 216

216 Suddenly Appearing Memory Lapse


The five lunged at the princess altogether. A highly coordinated formation with no opening to dodge or counter.

And just when they all brandished their weapons aloft ahead of the princess, that happened.

BOOM! I believe that would be the correct sound effect?
A forepaw, a gigantic forepaw swiped at the strongest five (lol) at the most exquisite timing, downing them all.

(Oops. I completely forgot about Chimera... But... Oh well.)

Chimera had turned into its gigantic lion mode filling the entire corridor.
As it slowly lifted its forepaw, a bundle of groaning could be found below. I peered at them.

"They're all... alive. Doesn't seem like they're... gonna die. Guess it's cause they're trained soldiers? Or is it thanks to those armor?"

This world's armor must be enchanted with reinforcement magic or something. They're commander class too, so that should goes without saying.
As I sighed in relief, I recalled something.

"Ah, hey. You know that empire weapon you guys talked about? That matter's been settled already."

'By me', I would never blurt that out. No telling what's gonna happen later if I did. I said this after confirming that one of them was still hanging by.

"What do you mean... gufu..."

Kurosu was the only one not passed out. He asked back in doubt. Doing that while still in pain with all the groans shows how much my words bothered him. I can tell he's looking at me even behind the helmet.

"It's a long story, and I don't want to talk about it so not telling. Give it up for now. Not like we have time anyway."

That may be cruel but I'm not obliged to divulge further to these guys.
Still in lion mode, Chimera glared at Kurosu who proceeded to scream quietly and fainted.

The princess managed to still keep her expression despite the sudden development. No wait, something's not right.
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(...Ah, she passed out standing up... Welp...)

I can't blame the princess to break through her tolerance limit after witnessing Chimera without prior explanation. It even showed up out of nowhere without any warning or sign.
Even before that she was about to get hit by those five's weapons.
I was wondering how to deal with this and decided to lightly clap her cheek to wake her up.

(Wonder if this is another classic development too? At any rate, this is awkward. How do I even begin to explain...)

I kept clapping but she wouldn't come back to reality, so I pinched her cheek.
She's out cold with her eyes wide open, must have been quite the shock.

(She's... not dead from shock so this isn't the worst outcome... were it come to that...)

If it comes to that, I would keep regretting it to my grave, heck not sure if I could go on.
The cause of this kingdom princess's death was from a shock due to a sudden appearance of a magic beast I forgot to mention.
It's no joking matter, heck if it's known to public, the shame would be carved in history.

Then, the first line the princess uttered when she finally got back to her sense was.

"Ha! Where am I? Who am I? I must be dreaming, yes. Haha, hahaha..."

Of course the punchline was the classic.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 215

215 Babbling On


"Many people would lose their lives if war were to break out. And you intend to look the other way at that?"

The princess criticized the five with a grim face. However, Hakusu swiftly replied.

"Our agent has brought intel regarding a development of a powerful weapon of war in the Empire. We have lost contact with that agent after delivery of that news. We believe he has fallen on the line of duty. Do you understand the implication here?"

The intel must have been reliable enough to warrant such danger to befall that agent.
He had been dealt with while he was trying to find out more. A common tale.
But that's precisely why this intel is of grave importance.
This knowledge must compel the kingdom to prepare for war under the surface.
Building up their defense without alerting the empire.
It would be too late if that weapon was let loose here turning the capital into a war zone.
A scene from hell. It must be avoided at all cost.

"...Thus the prime minister removed the king who did not care to act on it... Along with the incompetent riffraff who had no sense of crisis..."

The princess was unusually quickwitted for once. She even considered possibilities multiple steps ahead.

"As long as you understand then..."

"That's an entirely different matter however. The men attacking me were well coordinated like trained soldiers, they were also well equipped. It's quite simple to infer that they have a backing. I wish to hand down the capital punishment to that person. To this fool who would so readily attempt to murder a royalty. This country has no need for that kind of person, and I need to settle this matter decisively as to ensure my safety in the future."

The princess interrupted Hakusu.
Things have developed in a direction far away from what we talked about in the wagon.
The prime minister didn't usurp the throne for the sake of his own gain, it was out of a sense of duty to protect this kingdom.
And now I can't tell whether the bigwigs are competent or just idiots.
Though I think getting rid of the king is way too extreme. Just too drastic.

Initially, the idea of princess asking for help to find out who the mastermind is is not wrong. But now I can't say if that's even gonna go well after this sudden development.

(Someone give me time to compose myself please. For real.)
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My brain saw a complete reversal from serious to gag filled thoughts upon the arrival of these go rang*r.
I'm just waiting for the punchlines at the end.

"Princess, we cannot allow you to strike down prime minister now."

Hakusu has been the only one talking as the representative. The rest have their weapons at the ready with no opening.
Of course. Considering all the corpses lying around in the corridor behind us. No, I'm sure they're not dead. I was being super careful with my power. Hopefully.

"I never mentioned the name of the person who masterminded the attack on me. Have you perhaps made a grave error?"

Don't blame me if I have an announcer in my mind declaring, 'PM, out!' here.
It was Hakusu's fault to fall for it when the princess wasn't even trying to fish that out.

"Aw man, no choice then. We just gotta crush the princess here. It's for the best."

Kurosu easily talked about killing a royalty.

"I suppose her succession line is among the lowest anyway. One or two of them missing won't make a difference."

Blues acted like it was normal to blurt out something so cruel.

"If that is the shortest route to settle this matter, then I shall ride on it!"

Kilaza agreed with Blues.

"Princess, I bear no grudge but I must take your life!"

Redjit who acted like she was the most understanding had a face heel turn.

"You leave us with no choice. Princess, prepare yourself!"

Once Hakusu declared that, the five of them lunged at the princess at once.

I noticed something I forgot here.

(Oh? War? Empire? Weapon? Come to think of it...)




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 214

214 Assemble


Wonder how many soldiers I blew through already?
I won't look back. No point to anyway.
The gigantic heavy and luxurious looking door is already right in front of our eyes. The audience chamber must be beyond this.
Yep, it's the goal already. The end of that seemingly endless corridor.
It was literally a straight path from the entrance to here. Of course you don't need a guide for that.
As I was thinking that, a knight wearing a blindingly shiny and exquisite white mail is standing ahead of the door.

The princess halted her advance when she noticed that.
But that's not all. Another knight wearing a black armor that looks like it's absorbing all lights came forward next.

(White and black... Maximum chuuni eh. Should I laugh here? Is this the punchline?)

As if ridiculing my confusion, this time a knight wearing a blood red armor showed up while striking a flashy pose.

(...Could it be? No way! ...Are you telling me not to laugh at this!?)

Then in addition, a dashing blue armor knight. As well as a shiny golden armor knight.

(They're here! My sides! It hurts bearing my laugh!)

The five of them started their introduction.
All while striking their own poses.

"I'm commander of Knights of White Mail! The name's Hakusu!"

Light shone out of his armor somehow as he held his sword high up.

"I am Kurosu! Commander of Knights of Black Wolf!"
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Black smoke rose up from below as he swung his halberd around.

"Knights of Red Light! My name is Redjit!"

The red armor blinked before the knight swung her cross spear and spoke, voice of a woman.

"Knights of Blue Sky! Blues! My pleasure to make your acquaintance."

A breeze of wind blew out of nowhere. He spun around with his twin short swords before crossing them over his chest.

"Nobody can possibly be more beautiful than me! Me, Kilaza! Solving problem beautifully today as well."

He struck his thorny gauntlets together before light shone out from inside his armor.

Once they were all done with their introduction, they assembled together in front of the door, struck a ranger-like pose and spoke in unison.

"Nothing can stop the five of us together! The strongest Greatest Five!"

I could have sworn I saw a napalm explosion behind them then and there.
So please don't mind me rolling on the floor laughing out loud before I realized myself.
Nobody could have predicted they would come across an entire sentai squadron all the way here.

Then I recalled armor of the soldiers who stood in our way here as I finally managed to stop laughing.

(I mean I did think it was weird how colorful they were, but I couldn't have expected this.)

And just as I finally stood up, Hakusu spoke. Looks like these five intend to act like I'm not even here.

"For the crime of running amok inside the royal palace! We cannot overlook that even if it's you princess!"

Kurosu added.

"Hmph! I know not what trickery you utilized to arrive this far, but you shall never get past us."

His words were full of disrespect. Redjit asked the princess here.

"Princess, for what reason did you do all this? Let us hear it if you have a reason. Would you be willing to talk?"

Kilaza denied her.

"There is no point in listening to her excuses here. Our job is to arrest and bring her before the king. Prime minister will take care of the rest!"

Blues agreed to that.

"That's right. The duty given to us by the prime minister is to arrest the princess. Interrogation and such isn't part of it."

All of them are wearing full face helmets so I can't see their expressions.
At this one sided argument, the princess raised an objection.

"Only the king himself should have the right to deploy all of you at once. And you said, 'Prime minister requested you'? When did your loyalty transferred over to him? That is the most disgraceful action a knight could have done. So I see you are nothing but stray dogs who would obey anyone who feeds you."

"Can you please stop with the slander? This is simply a change of era."

Kurosu declared.

"Serving a powerless king with no authority does not make a country."

Blues spoke with his palms facing upward, a 'geez pose'.

"The groundwork the prime minister laid out was already rock solid by the time we realized it was his ploy."

Redjit squeezed that out.

"We too have things we wish to protect. Please understand, princess."

I can't tell behind the helmet, but Hakusu spoke like he was in chagrin.

"Everything is over already. Rampaging now won't change anything!"

Kilaza spat that out sternly.

After which Hakusu explained the situation.

"It is without an exaggeration to say that prime minister has already taken hold of this kingdom now. However, nothing will change. In fact, this nation will surely develop toward prosperity."

"We have intel on how the empire has been reinforcing their military far greater than ever. Finally a chance for us to shine. Running wild now is just a nuisance."

Kurosu told the actual reason.
My impression on these Greatest Five (lol). They're all so painfully human.

(At the end of the day, chivalry alone won't protect anyone if you can't eat. This is much better than being inflexible idiots who refuse to change their way.)

On the eve of this scuffle, I kept quiet as I waited for the princess's reply to them.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 213

213 Forcing Through


We're walking straight ahead in a spacious corridor. Taking our time.
Eventually a group of heavily armored men block our path. All wearing full body armor and great shields. They've got their swords drawn out already.
The princess kept walking forward without paying them any heed. Slowly and gracefully. As if she can't see the blockade ahead of her.
One among the seven men with conspicuously luxurious equipment spoke out.

"I shall have you stop there, princess. You have not been granted permission to enter."

The princess wouldn't stop like their words never reached her.

"Did you not hear me? We cannot allow you to go further."

About three meters ahead of the soldier wall, the princess opened her mouth.

"They're in my way. Get rid of these please."

Her voice echoed clearly in the corridor reaching the heavily armored soldiers.
Not only them but also the onlooker maids.

A moment later, these soldiers have been plastered on the walls and ceiling. Three to the right, two to the left and one above.
Naturally, I did that under Accelerated state, leaving only one. He looked shocked at the sound of heavy things getting hit out of nowhere.
This sound wave must have resounded in the entire corridor. The gong for a declaration of war.
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"Move out of my way. Do you wish to die?"

The heavy armored soldier retreated to the wall opening her path. All while trembling after seeing the fate of his coworkers.
This soldier must have gotten the memo. The impregnable wall of those heavily armored men got blown away in an instant after a word from the princess. He has no idea who did it. But the princess must have done something.
Which means his life is in danger. The scene was just so surreal he must have been overcome with terror. Rather than calmness, it's more like a survival instinct at work there.
The princess gracefully passed by that soldier.
Right afterward, the soldier ran away while screaming and creating a melody of clanking metal.
At the same time, I caught sight of one of the maids who were watching us scurrying away in a panic.

(Guess that was what they call a spy? Will there be more enemy reinforcement, or will we see an ally?)

A bit after we left the site, a high pitched sound of something crashing could be heard. The one soldier sunk into the ceiling must have fallen.
As if that was the signal, another group of men with exquisite ornaments decorating their armor showed up. 13 of them. They've got us surrounded in a circle.

"We are Knights of White Mail! Here to arrest princess Katrina under suspicion of rebellion. Turn yourself in!"

The princess didn't even blink as the leader of this group declared that. She keeps her expression too. And her walking pace.

"You can make your excuses in jail. Give up!"

Are there only idiots here? It would have been all over by the time she got in jail.
This idiotic ramble shows how superficial this knight is, he must be incompetent in actuality.
There's no way you could just throw a royalty in jail just because they're suspected of revolt.
Unless she made an attempt at the king's life at the throne room or something.

(No wait, maybe that's the default in this world? Either way, I'm not gonna let them arrest us though.)

That was when the princess said the same line again.

"What an eyesore, get them out of my way please."

"Man, you're a real slavedriver, you know what. But guess I gotta see this through to the end..."

I grumbled at this annoying development but still did my part nonetheless.
I went around and poked at them with my fingertip one by one. While being careful with my power of course.

I released my hand from the assailant's neck when I did that and grabbed it again once I was done.
The whole affair took about 30 seconds for me, but it must have lasted less than 1/100s to the people around.
It must looked like those knights got blown away on their own without anyone's intervention.
A shrill sound echoed without even a groan, and silence fell once again in the corridor.
And thus the princess resumed her march.

At the end of this long straight corridor, you could see a door the size of little finger's nail from over here.
I groaned thinking how long it would take us to get there as I walked behind the princess.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 212

212 A Small Giant March


We got into another dispute by the castle gate. Our wagon got the kingdom's coat of arm on it and yet the guards stopped us.

"Halt. Please comply with an inspection. May I know who is riding on the wagon?"

Normally, the escort knights or the lady in waiting should answer him. But the princess herself replied it.

"I am Katrina. Can it be that you don't know your king's daughter? What an incompetent guard. Let me pass right this instance. Or else, you may as well quit this job."

She may be threatening that, but there's no way every single guards in this kingdom would know about a royalty who just came back to the capital after living in a rural village all her life.
Also, this princess shouldn't have the right to order that, and yet the guard still opened the gate. With a pale face.

(I guess she's been acting haughty all this time. Of course she's used to it. Pretty effective on some foot soldier.)

We're bringing the bound assailant with us. So here comes my turn.
The wagon stopped, the princess got off followed by me.
This is the first time I set sight on this country's castle and the entrance filled my entire vision. The building is just that huge. I can't even see it in its entirety from here.
It's outfitted with dazzling ornaments all over. The marble surface is reflecting blinding lights along with those ornaments.

"Hand over that assailant to this man. Right away! Didn't you hear me? Get to it right now!"

I approached the soldier guarding the assailant and grabbed him by his neck before dragging him with me.
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"I will now go see father. All of you can leave now. Go away."

All the soldiers besides Morf left afterward. The wounded and the uninjured went their separate ways. Must be to tend the wounds and reporting to their superiors.
Morf who remained advised the princess.

"Princess, I'm sure you must be tired. Please get some rest and tomorrow you can..."

"My, Morf. Didn't you hear what I said. I don't need you anymore if you keep objecting me. You're an eyesore. Could you please disappear from my sight at once and never show yourself before me again?"

Even if Morf was being sincere there, saying that now was akin to confessing himself as an enemy.
Morf who had no idea about the situation could only see the princess pityingly before leaving, 'If you'd excuse me.'

And just when we were about to go in the castle, somebody else spoke out to us. It's an old man with an exquisite standing posture, must be a butler.

"Princess, allow me to guide you."

Naturally, you'd for sure get lost in this huge architecture without a guide. I'm confident I would. Would be hilarious if we couldn't find our way to our destination.
But the princess rejected his offer. The butler seemed to find that surprising. He frowned.
She kept walking forward without caring about him. I could only follow her.

"I have been here before. I'm familiar with the insides. I don't need a guide. Understand?"

She must be talking about how she was living in this castle in her childhood.

(Really? She's not just saying it, is she? Just please don't let this turn into a wild goose chase.)

Or maybe she got to see the king when she got recalled here recently and she still remembers the path?
Perhaps, she used that chance to memorize it? Either way is fine as long as we won't get lost to me.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 211

211 Declaration


I'm currently walking in a castle corridor while sending the guards here flying.
Of course I'm holding back to make it non lethal. I've put some thought into that.
No wait, that doesn't matter now. I'm heading to where the king is while dragging the person who led the assault on the princess with me.
Every single guards coming at us seems to have been in on the ploy as they all went for the kill for this guy, not me or the princess.
The princess herself is slowly yet gracefully walking in front of me with a bold smile on her face.
At a very slow pace. A pace to lure out all the baddies.
We're still far away from the audience chamber. Yet there have been more than 30 guards charging at us. I mean we're smack dab in the middle of this kingdom's castle. Nobody bats an eye at that. It's not ceasing anytime soon too.
All that despite the princess's presence. Even after the dozens of people who got blown away by me.
Since it's still gonna take time till we reach the king, let's reminisce the event up to this point.

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As I was dumbfounded by her suggestion to rush headlong, the princess started explaining.

"This arrogant and selfish princess shall never forgive whoever behind this attack. I shall demand to bring the mastermind into light for the crime of attacking a royalty, however unimportant she is. Surely they would scramble to hide evidence. But in order to prevent them from hushing it up, erasing evidence or feigning ignorance, I will bring the matter directly to the king. From a princess herself. They cannot flat out deny it, and it should make things difficult for them. And with you by my side, nothing will stand in my way. Am I not right?"

I was startled by this princess's terrifying growth.

(Dang, she's monstrously quick on the uptake... Is this normal for a royalty? I couldn't even tell if she was stupid or smart just a moment ago.)

"And I shall use my standing as a princess to make a declaration."

Declaration there would be a surprise move. Which would cause a confusion that grows bigger over time.
The more chaotic the situation, the more chance we have. That's her aim. It would be too late to stop her by the time she did.

"I have gained strength in you. If I have no future after this, I shall bet my life on you. However, this is by no mean an act of suicide. Now come, let us head to the battlefield."

She's growing in the foolish direction. But a frightening one that could spell defeat to those who make light of her.
This plan where she throws down her life on the line should be pretty effective.
This kingdom is so rotten to the core she's been cornered to this point.
A point she reached just from staying in the capital for a bit.

The kingdom's gate was within sight, the princess told her escort knight leader, Morf.

"Let the stagecoach behind us pass by the gate. There is no need for an inspection."

The stagecoach had been following us as an additional force with the mercenaries inside.
A lot of her guards suffered injuries during the raid. Thus they had paid the mercenaries there to pad up their force.
Morf suggested it, and she made use of it. A formal inspection would have taken time, but by letting them pass smoothly, the news about princess getting attacked would quickly spread in the city. It's a plain yet highly effective plan.
The mercenaries had been paid in advance, and only escorted until the capital. We parted ways with them as our wagon headed for the castle. The passengers on that stagecoach would likely talk about the raid on princess wagon at their inns during mealtimes. In a world with few pastimes like this, stuff like that draws attentions.
This would also mean the fact that the princess is alive would quickly reach the castle. However, she wouldn't give them time as she performed the part of a selfish princess here.

"I will go straight and see father! Full speed ahead to the castle!"

Morf was going to say something but the princess interrupted him.

"Someone has attempted to kill me! I won't forgive this fool who dares to harm royalty! Father will surely agree with me. How couldn't he? No father in this world wouldn't be enraged to hear his precious daughter has been attacked!"

The bullet that is this princess can't be stopped anymore. Nobody can.
Morf made a valiant attempt to.

"Without following the formal procedure, not even your highness could..."

"Be quiet! Why should a daughter follow a procedure just to see her father! I don't need you here if you wish to object me. Disappear."

Thus shut up Morf. And our wagon went straight to the castle after passing the gate.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 210

210 Charging Ahead In the End


They will choose an idiot who has no ear on people opinions yet they can push around at will.
They'll back him and garner support to instate the guy as king. As a convenient puppet. His will is completely irrelevant.
The more cowardly that king is, the better. A quickwitted king would realize that he's nothing but a disposable spare that can be replaced anytime.
And once he's replaced, he'd be disposed of later in secret to prevent leakage.
Bum rushing into this group of dregs and their puppet king alone would only end with her receiving a life of confinement.

"No... Isn't there anything we can do at all!?"

"Wha? Anything what, nothing of course? To begin with, let me ask you this, do you even have the whole picture of this kingdom's situation when you just moved to the capital recently? This is my first day here too, I'm pretty much clueless about this kingdom, y'know? Can't you at least consider your surroundings before relying on others? Only an idiot would ask someone who has no clue on a topic about for help. Are you an idiot?"

I went past being prickly and name called a royalty. Normally, I would be off with my head after that. But the princess told me to drop the formal speech and all. If she deemed that me being rude, I'd just get off the carriage and disappear. An escape path from this mess without hurting my conscience. All's well.

(I'd get to see this princess's caliber, I can just flee if things go south anyway, might as well go all out on the insults.)

I waited for the princess's reaction while scheming that inwardly.

"...Indeed, I should have composed myself better. My resolve was empty on the insides. I must show with actions, more than words. That's it."

Looks like her 'caliber' isn't shallow at all. But her next words were foolhardy.

"I shall keep the act of a selfish and haughty princess for the sake of exposing the injustice in this kingdom. Let us run amok in a game of make believe in the name of justice to gather evidence."
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I'm getting flustered hearing her. I mean what follows that would be...

"I appoint you as my bodyguard. I accept no objection. The crime of lese majeste is nontrivial just so you know? Make sure to follow my order if you do not wish to become a wanted man, okay?"

For better or worse, she's turned it on me. I tried to mount a resistance as she shut down my escape path.

"Eeh, don't you have these royal guards with you? Why should it be me?"

A futile attempt. But I gotta cling to the end.

"To be frank with you, I do not trust Morf. He was posted as my personal bodyguard after my arrival at the kingdom. We never had a personal bodyguard in our rural life beforehand. Not even a maid. I can only believe in myself. Thus what my mother always reminded me. 'You must only believe in yourself.'"

The princess started narrating how much she went through.

(Heavy... Way heavy... I guess I can't get this weight off until I see this to the end...)

I wouldn't be able to stay in the kingdom if she really made me a wanted man. Making my journey here a complete waste.
I'm gonna keep my last resort, 'escape' until the very end. Since I don't have information on other nations.
For now, the only thing I could do is make her promise me.

"I'm quitting once this is all over and done with. That's the term of condition. Afterward, you must not make any further contact with me. You must not make me a wanted man. Is that fine with you?"

"...Very well. I am counting on you."

The princess stared straight at my eyes before dropping another bombshell.

"We will be arriving at the capital at the end of the day. Let us charge ahead into the royal palace and make a mess out of it."

I could only open my mouth in agape, trying to process what the hell she's even saying.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 209

209 Assembly of Fools


"That doesn't matter. What's important here is those assassins were likely sent by the people you saw making an illicit deal in broad daylight. What were they talking about anyway?"

"It does matter, but if I recall correctly... It was something about replacing the throne or something..."

Are you for real, I looked up to the ceiling with my palm on my face.

"Regicide? Usurping the throne? Well damn, that's the most cliche and most annoying kind... why are you acting so blissfully unaware after hearing that?"

"No! Do you mean to say that was about a ploy to usurp the throne?"

"How the heck did you only notice that now! Nobody should be that dense!"

Is this princess a fool? Or is she a genius, I can't really tell. Anyone would connect the word throne to the king. Heck, there's even the term replacing.

"We've got our masterminds there! They knew you overheard them! Heck, what's up with those dumbass? This princess may be a royalty but considering her position, they could have just deflected her claim by saying she was hearing things or something. I mean she's known for her selfishness and arrogance and all..."
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Nothing but an assembly of fools here. Is the kingdom's leadership full of these guys. Can't believe this nation's still running. It's actually amazing.

"It was a conversation between the prime minister and the secretary of state. This kingdom is over..."

The princess just dropped a bombshell out of nowhere.

(Guess the top brass are all puppets then? Was probably in the work for decades already.)

"Guessing they're gonna dump all crimes on the king and put him on the gallows... And then they're gonna install a king with no authority or accomplishments they control behind the scene. They crave the limelight? Or a different kind? Perhaps they wish to have that feeling of omnipotence having taken hold of a country from behind the curtain?"

As I took a wild guess about those fools, the princess shouted out loud.

"I cannot stand idly! I will follow through with the plan you suggested! Come what may, I do not care anymore! I've made my resolve!"

"Naw, it's not happening anymore y'know? Just forget about that suicide attack."

"...Eh!?" as the princess made that weird noise, I poured cold water on her.

"If the other party are the prime minister and the secretary of state, we have no idea the scale of this scheme and how many people are in on it. And besides, that means the king is gonna be their puppet. We have no chance of victory no matter how you look at it."

"What do you mean! Please explain!"

This princess seems to be the type with a strong sense of justice. A particular one that's sensitive to 'evil' thrust before her.
The most troublesome kind. She won't make a ruckus so long as she's unaware of it. Nor does she make an attempt to be aware. But once she does, she won't care about the circumstances or backgrounds, she's just gonna push through.
Non conforming with society, and she doesn't even think for herself. She'd study stuff she has an interest in and act upon it, but she's clueless when it comes to practical use.
A complete pain in the rear. Telling her to think about it herself is gonna take a long time, so I might as well just let it all out.




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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 208

208 Light a Fire Under Your Rear!


Looks like she finally got it, but then she started pondering.

"I do not wish to be a monarch. Nor will I stand becoming a tool. What do I want to accomplish..."

It wasn't something she couldn't answer, it seemed more like this was the first time anyone asked her that.

"I wish to save our citizens. That was the reason I studied as much as I could. Flood control, public works, budget management, all kinds of things. I would like to find an employment somewhere I could make use of my knowledge."

"Aren't you a royalty? Normally you're the one giving orders to people who can do all those. Where's the need to take it up yourself? It's way too inefficient."

"This kingdom is rotten to the core. So much so I witnessed an act of bribery soon after I arrived here. And it was done in the middle of a hallway anybody could pass by."

I'm done with polite speech. Yet the princess didn't get angry. She really doesn't seem to mind at all.
Thus I threw away all decorum in my words.

"That's not something you can change by yourself. If everybody around you is in it, forget making a change, you alone is just gonna get crushed. People like those hate the honest type. They'd go straight for your jugular. You've put exactly zero thought behind that wish of yours."

The princess's apparently pretty smart but not street smart.

"I have been adopting a false persona all my life. Nobody is willing to listen to me."

"Man, you sure are quick to give up yet love to cling on particulars. Just start now then. Lay out the groundwork. It's not too late. Besides don't you have an achievement already. Just quit with the act and have a direct talk with the king."

"...What are you talking about? Achievement?"

"Go straight to the king and tell him everything you've been hiding. Won't most of your problems go away just by doing that? You just gotta lead the conversation right."

"I am completely lost as to what you are referring to. Could you please explain to me concretely."

And she doesn't think about it. She might have studied too much her way of thinking is unbalanced.
By giving advice like this, I'm prepared to go all in on this issue.
Even if it meant getting dragged into the jumbled mess of the kingdom.
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"Drag the earlier raid's perpetrator to the king and tell him the truth. That includes how you successfully revitalized that village. How it's all thanks to your commands. Sell him how capable you are."

"I cannot possibly commit to that! What are you thinking?!"

Thus the princess who still hasn't grasped the situation she's in protested.

"Going at it piecemeal by piecemeal after being incognito all your life ain't gonna do jack shit. Now that you've been cornered to this point, you ain't gonna get out of this if you don't aim for a clean sweep. Your hard work won't bring you to your wish until you grab the nation's top brass by the scruff of their necks. Go ahead and struggle all you want, best you get is still gonna be far from finish line. You don't have the leisure to slowly find more allies while being on your best behavior either. You've gotta make a huge reversal. Not a sink or swim. This is simply your best chance to drive the biggest stake down. There's no more leeway to even wait a bit. Bum rush it to the end or else it's your end. You've no time to hesitate either. Push through with your ego and haughtiness here. Make it your last performance. Otherwise that's that for you. Simple as."

I only know a bit of the princess's situation, but it's crystal clear that she's at a critical juncture.
She's got no future if she doesn't take the plunge now. They've sent assassins her way already. She'd have died for sure if I did nothing back then.
And that would leave me feeling like crap every time I got up in the morning.

What I said is akin to a threat. But it's not in jest.
Doing nothing after this would only result in more assassins coming.
And dead would be this princess's fate sooner or later.
She doesn't seem to understand the gravity of her situation if I didn't say all that.
She's gonna misunderstand again if I don't say it outright.
Thus I did. Here.

"If you wanna die without accomplishing anything, feel free to. But if you're gonna go for a kamikaze, gun blazing and all... I'mma lend you a hand. In for an inch and all."

"...Kamikaze, gun blazing... What are those?"

Yeah, I'm not gonna see eye to eye with this princess.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 207

207 Narration Comes Unannounced. Eh? Now?


"I would like you to be my bodyguard. As my life is likely going to be in constant danger, you would stay by my side at all time. 'Ordinary' guards are not reassuring enough. I wish to have a bodyguard who bears absolute strength."

I almost screamed back, 'are you being sarcastic?' but held back. The princess couldn't have possibly read my mind.

"What do you need my help for? I want to hear the real reason."

I knew she'd ultimately ask me to be her guard. I've given up on that.
Yet this is something I need to know.
But it seems my question isn't obvious enough, the princess looked puzzled.

"Why would you ask that?"

"Ah, guess that wasn't clear huh. Err. Is guarding you all I need to do?"

After seemingly digesting my question, the princess nodded before and started to talk.

"My mother had gone through a similar assassination attempt once. Her life was spared, but afterward in order to distance herself from the royal palace, she went and led a secluded life in a rural village taking me with her under the pretense of recuperation."

The princess started narrating her past. I listened in silent.

(Ah, there'll be no escape once I find out about her situation huh. Guess I'm already knee deep in this mess.)

I'm bracing myself for a long winded story seeing as the princess has 'switched' on.

"She would keep reminding me to 'Play the fool so other people lose interest on you' as I grew up. And thus I started acting as an egoistical and ignorant princess."

The princess continued on.
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"There is a danger of catching the king's, my father's attention, if I am known for my wisdom regardless of my succession right. And that would result in my siblings treating me as a thorn on their side. That was the reason I kept up with the acting all my life, but even after all that, someone still sent assassins. Were it not for you, I and even all the guards would have lost their lives. Their formation was for a massacre."

The wagon still seems so far from the Kingdom. The princess's story seems far from over.

"I was called back to the royal palace after my mother passed away from an illness, and soon afterward I made a visitation to a certain poor village. I could not bear to look at the terrible spectacle in that village and decided to make use of the knowledge I had been secretly studying for a construction plan. I directed the soldiers who came with me to exterminate pest around the village and such. My exploits went so well they caught on my acting."

Her long seemingly unending 'explanation' continued.

"Today we were just on our way back from another visitation to see the results of my plan in that village. I have yet to find out who sent the assassins. But I am now an actress in the ugly war for the throne."

Just when I thought that was the end, she added one more thing.

"And that is why I wish for you to lend me your power. Will you help me?"

"Way too long! How'd my question compel you to narrate your life story? What the hell."

The princess looked confused at my reaction.

"What I'm asking is if you just want to survive, then you could've just get married to some powerful noble and declared your right to throne annulled! You'd probably at least stay alive even if it means becoming a 'tool' for the royal family."

I had no idea if the stuff with nobles in my world applied here, but I still went on it.
I'm still not done yet. If I don't make it perfectly clear here, she's gonna misinterpret again and go on another long exposition trip.

"What do you want to do with your saved life as a royalty? What are you gonna use that life for? I'm asking you about your 'resolve'. Once you're safe, then what?"

I'm a bit fed up having to listen to that long narration when that's all I wanted to hear.





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