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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 213

213 Forcing Through


We're walking straight ahead in a spacious corridor. Taking our time.
Eventually a group of heavily armored men block our path. All wearing full body armor and great shields. They've got their swords drawn out already.
The princess kept walking forward without paying them any heed. Slowly and gracefully. As if she can't see the blockade ahead of her.
One among the seven men with conspicuously luxurious equipment spoke out.

"I shall have you stop there, princess. You have not been granted permission to enter."

The princess wouldn't stop like their words never reached her.

"Did you not hear me? We cannot allow you to go further."

About three meters ahead of the soldier wall, the princess opened her mouth.

"They're in my way. Get rid of these please."

Her voice echoed clearly in the corridor reaching the heavily armored soldiers.
Not only them but also the onlooker maids.

A moment later, these soldiers have been plastered on the walls and ceiling. Three to the right, two to the left and one above.
Naturally, I did that under Accelerated state, leaving only one. He looked shocked at the sound of heavy things getting hit out of nowhere.
This sound wave must have resounded in the entire corridor. The gong for a declaration of war.
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"Move out of my way. Do you wish to die?"

The heavy armored soldier retreated to the wall opening her path. All while trembling after seeing the fate of his coworkers.
This soldier must have gotten the memo. The impregnable wall of those heavily armored men got blown away in an instant after a word from the princess. He has no idea who did it. But the princess must have done something.
Which means his life is in danger. The scene was just so surreal he must have been overcome with terror. Rather than calmness, it's more like a survival instinct at work there.
The princess gracefully passed by that soldier.
Right afterward, the soldier ran away while screaming and creating a melody of clanking metal.
At the same time, I caught sight of one of the maids who were watching us scurrying away in a panic.

(Guess that was what they call a spy? Will there be more enemy reinforcement, or will we see an ally?)

A bit after we left the site, a high pitched sound of something crashing could be heard. The one soldier sunk into the ceiling must have fallen.
As if that was the signal, another group of men with exquisite ornaments decorating their armor showed up. 13 of them. They've got us surrounded in a circle.

"We are Knights of White Mail! Here to arrest princess Katrina under suspicion of rebellion. Turn yourself in!"

The princess didn't even blink as the leader of this group declared that. She keeps her expression too. And her walking pace.

"You can make your excuses in jail. Give up!"

Are there only idiots here? It would have been all over by the time she got in jail.
This idiotic ramble shows how superficial this knight is, he must be incompetent in actuality.
There's no way you could just throw a royalty in jail just because they're suspected of revolt.
Unless she made an attempt at the king's life at the throne room or something.

(No wait, maybe that's the default in this world? Either way, I'm not gonna let them arrest us though.)

That was when the princess said the same line again.

"What an eyesore, get them out of my way please."

"Man, you're a real slavedriver, you know what. But guess I gotta see this through to the end..."

I grumbled at this annoying development but still did my part nonetheless.
I went around and poked at them with my fingertip one by one. While being careful with my power of course.

I released my hand from the assailant's neck when I did that and grabbed it again once I was done.
The whole affair took about 30 seconds for me, but it must have lasted less than 1/100s to the people around.
It must looked like those knights got blown away on their own without anyone's intervention.
A shrill sound echoed without even a groan, and silence fell once again in the corridor.
And thus the princess resumed her march.

At the end of this long straight corridor, you could see a door the size of little finger's nail from over here.
I groaned thinking how long it would take us to get there as I walked behind the princess.




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