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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 221

221 Tired of Watching


There's no way such an obvious swing could hit me. I turned my body and the sword missed.
But then the sword hit the floor.

It created an expanding cobweb-like fissure. Is it brute force or some sort strengthening magic? despite exerting such power, the sword didn't even bend.
Arcane Blade apologized without looking the slightest bit apologetic.

"Ou, my bad my bad. Almost killed ya there, and just after I said I ain't gonna."

Contrary to his words, the smirk never left his face.
This guy said he'd 'make me regret'. This threat must be part of that.
How I could dodge it without using 'Acceleration' is proof enough. He was just that slow at swinging his sword, he even purposely changed the trajectory to miss me midway through.
As if he's trying to make an appeal of his power.

It seemed quite effective on the ministers, they all were going 'ooh, aah' in admiration.

(...This doesn't feel real... It's like I'm watching a farce, a low level magic show only children would fall for.)

I've been alive in this world for 15 years, and yet my mind and heart just can never get used to it, and there's been barely any change. I still find myself in shock when I see fantasy.
But that's probably only natural. I mean I was living a slow life in some backwater small village, and my only contact was with my family. I barely came across anything fantastical. This density only started after I left my village.
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As such, it's not my fault to witness another classic 'show'. Surely.
Yep, a showoff done by a powerful character to demonstrate their strength. I'm tired of seeing this cliche.

"Err, PM-san? What should I do to make you listen to me 'in earnest'?"

It's simple enough to beat up this guy, but then they might be plotting something else and honestly, he might not even be willing to listen after all that.
Thus, I'm hesitating a bit to smash this 'Arcane Blade' guy. The self proclaimed strongest independent force in the kingdom.
Looks like his 'strength' is the only thing that supports PM's trust on him.
I need my own showoff to overturn that. Otherwise, there's a not insignificant chance for them to insist it was a fluke or something. That pattern is the most annoying type. There's no way to have an actual discussion if it comes down to that.
Thus I was pondering how to avoid falling into that pitfall, but Arcane Blade who got made a fool of flared up.

"Damnit... cut the crap! I said no ignoring me, you!"

Arcane Blade swung his sword once again as he shouted which I dodged.
The wind pressure swayed my bang a bit, but that was it. He just slashed randomly again, slow enough to avoid without resorting to Acceleration.

"Ah, if that's your best shot then might as well forget about it, you're in the way, can you go somewhere? I'm trying to speak to PM-san here..."

A moment later he muttered 'die', and slashed unlike all the large swings he had been making up until this point.




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