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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 217

217 Not As Planned


Chimera turned back to its kitten mode before I realized and hopped on my shoulder, 'meoow'.

"I completely forgot about you thanks to that invisibility thing."

Chimera licked my cheek as a reply. It's got a gritty tongue, quite painful.
Just like an ordinary cat pretty much. This Chimera is truly a mysterious creature.

"W-what exactly is that thing?"

Back to her sense, the princess asked fearfully.

"Ah, uh how do I say it... don't mind it. It's just a cutie."

"Pray tell how is that cute? Sharp glints, dreadful fangs, wings with a color of bad omen, and it even has a repulsively skinned tail... That's a magic beast no matter how you look at it!? Are you insane?"

(What's up with this world's sense of beauty? Isn't this normal...? Or maybe not?)

The princess is fearful of Chimera while I personally think it's cute.
I mean Chimera in its kitten mode looks pretty much like a kitten.
I'm getting sad how my 'normal' can't just seem to match with this world's.

(Come to think of it, nobody who saw Chimera in its kitten mode ever said it was cute, was there?)

Wait, do 'cats' even exist as pets in this world?
But then the princess nipped away my budding doubt.

"I have no more to say as long as that magic beast follows your order and poses no danger. Come now, let us press on ahead. To audience chamber."

The princess was quick to switch her attitude and psyched herself up, this was still far from over after all.

"Should we go with a bang? Or a somber one?"

The people in the audience chamber must know about us being here already, so I thought of seizing the initiative here with elements of surprise.

"Let us go with a bang. The biggest one yet."
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The princess got on board and even made an additional request, I stood in front of the door.
And kicked it hard.

The door looked super heavy so I used the chance to gauge my strength, but that was a bad move.
With a thunderous sound, the door bent into a < shape, its hinges got broken off as it flew off and spun around high up in the audience chamber.
Then it fell down hard onto the polished marble ground, caving it in and creating a fissure in the process.

(I over did it... Not my fault is it? The princess ordered me to... Yup, I'm not to blame here.)

I merely put a little bit more strength into that kick. It was just about, 'Looks pretty sturdy, a sorta strong kick should do no?'. And yet this is the result.
As I desperately made excuses to myself, I lowered my still hanging leg. About a dozen of glances were directed at me from inside.
They must be ministers holding high positions in this kingdom. They all looked aghast as they stared here.




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