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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 218

218 Full Throttle, Bomb, Straight


"Where is his majesty!? Answer me!"

That was the first thing the princess uttered as she stepped inside the audience chamber.
The king is not on his throne. People who seem to be ministers were having some sort of important talk and yet the king who should be in the center is nowhere to be seen.
The princess's fair voice echoed in the chamber before it fell silence. The one answering her was a man with wide brows standing next to the throne.

"Princess, what is your business coming here? We are presently holding an important council. I shall have you expelled if you wish to interrupt us."

"Prime minister, my life was in danger under a bandit assault on my way here. Thus here I am to report that. I have brought one of those bandits with me."

I took a step forward and threw the bandit. He's not gagged or bound in any way, hasn't been since the entrance.
And yet he's acting weirdly. It's like he's attempting to avoid getting seen by the prime minister.

"They were highly coordinated as if trained soldiers. Moving in formations with a clear goal. That is proof that they were no mere bandits. I am confident in saying that the one who sent those assassins is among you."

The princess went and dropped a bombshell. But the PM unlit that fuse.

"Please take your nonsense somewhere else. You have neither evidence or witness and yet dare you utter such accusations? I must remind you to refrain from insulting us, princess."

"That's precisely why I've brought this perpetrator here. Come tell us, who is the person who ordered you?"

I can't tell if the princess is an idiot or if she's plotting something by rushing on like this.
As such, I stay on the sideline watching it all unfolding instead.
The princess isn't stopping at just exposing the mastermind, and I have something to personally discuss to the PM as well.
But that's after she's done with her business and obtains a guarantee on her safety.

"...Someone from prime minister faction, Earl Oaklay."

This man witnessed everything that happened in the corridor on our way here. He was fighting against the terror from that when he tried to avoid getting seen by the PM. He lost to that terror after recalling Chimera and so proceeded to name the mastermind.
Can't really blame him for that. Even fearless daredevils ready to throw down their lives will yield to a terror beyond comprehension.

However, the PM who was none the wiser of that fact reproved it with a slightly surprised look.

"What this man says here does not make for proof. You cannot ensure that he is not telling a lie. Princess, aren't you satisfied yet? We cannot keep playing along with you forever."

"My, how is an attempted assassination of royalty playing around exactly, shame on you prime minister. Who can say if this man is telling the truth as well. If that is how you want to play then I shall take the lead on the investigation myself. Earl Oaklay? was it, he is under suspicion. As a royalty I shall carry out a compulsory search. You don't mind if I rummage through his mansion, do you? I mean he has nothing to hide if he is not in the wrong. It could make for a good study to learn on the good earl's territory management as well. Surely that should be worthy of praise."

"We have teams specialized in such activity, please do not trouble yourself and get some rest now princess."

"My? How could you expect me to take it easy. Not when my life is in constant danger. I have to find this villain not a second later! Or else, I cannot rest easy at night! I invoke the 11th special law of Kingdom to call for urgent meeting and search operations and to freeze all forms of legislative proceedings until the matter has been solved! I preserve this right as a member of royalty."

Dunno what this special law is all about, but I think things are going smoothly thus far. And I guessed right.

"There is no need for that. In my name as Prime Minister Kloin, I shall hereby 'guarantee' your safety, princess."

With that secured, the princess stared at the PM for a while.
She sighed and made him promise her additional things.

"Then in case of my untimely death, you shall remove yourself from the position of prime minister. Promise me that okay? After all you 'guarantee' that do you not? It is only right for you to carry an equal risk. No, your guarantee means nothing if my life is endangered again, my trust on you would be plummeting."

That was quite the punch it seemed, the pm scowled hard.
Most of the people here must be in his faction. But not all of them I'm sure. It must serve as an impactful restraint on both sides. To the PM too.
The princess managed to have a verbal guarantee on her safety without my help.
She kept on pressing without giving her opponent a chance to fight back. She even led the flow of conversation toward her vantage point in such a short amount of time, it was well done.

(Guess this is my only chance to ask that thing I'm gonna ask huh?)

"So, princess, you're done now right? Mind if I have my turn next?"




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