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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 224

224 Shocking (lol) Truth


That blade of light was stopped by a black translucent wall that manifested in front of Chimera.
As both clashed, a dazzling rainbow colored light scattered everywhere before disappearing in fleeting.
The blade of light Arcane Blade put everything into failed to tear nor bore through that wall as it gradually shrunk.
The wall itself saw no change. The light was no more once Arcane Blade's sword stopped moving.
A soul rending scream resounded in the now quiet room.

"...Damittaaaaaaaaaall! Why won't it get sliced offfffffff! How'd this great me's finishing move not work! That oughta never happen! Shieeeeet!"

Looks like that move was his very best and even that ended in vain.
I'm sure it possesses the potential to overturn the tide of battle in a battlefield.
But it was nothing more than a pretty firework before Chimera.

(No wait, had Chimera used that wall in its fight against the elves, things would have gone way bad. Why didn't it?)

Naturally this was due to the Subordination Collar restricting its freedom, but I had no way of knowing.

As I was thinking that, Arcane Blade unleashed the second Shining Fang Holy Storm Slash (lol). Yet it ended in the same exact fashion.
Using his full power move twice came with an obvious price. Arcane Blade gasped for breath he couldn't even speak right.

"M-monster... H-how could... me... bearer of... title, Hero... be powerless against...!"

I did my best to hold back my laughter when I heard his finishing move name earlier, but the words Arcane Blade uttered utterly blew that away.

(Hero... Did he just say hero? No way, you're telling me I'm seeing one in the flesh!)

And thus I burst into another laughter.
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"He-! Hero! Ahahahaha! What the heck's a Hero doing here!? This guy, a Hero?! What a joke!"

My run-in with Go Rang*r had turned a screw or two loose in my head, this reveal just exacerbate it.
Of course my behavior is inappropriate in the current mood. And yet I just couldn't help myself.
As I finally managed to stop laughing, everybody in the room was looking at me like I'm some bizarre oddball.

"Aah, please do excuse me. That was so hilarious I couldn't contain my laughter. So, are you willing to listen now?"

Acting as if I never broke character, I threw the question to PM again.
We'll never get to the root of the problem if we don't put our feet there first.
Now that the princess has her safety guaranteed, her problem is effectively solved.
What I want to talk about is the empire. The reason that compelled them to dispose of their king.
I'm gonna leave this kingdom once that's been settled. Of course leaving is a done deal. I mean, I've stuck my neck so deep in like this, well partially dragged in.
They might very well send people after me if I didn't tidy up everything first.
I had some involvement with the empire matter too, so it's not like I'm completely blameless.

I'm letting Chimera be. I don't want to restrict Chimera.
As I faced the PM, I took a sidelong glance and saw Chimera playing with Arcane Blade by paw punching him left and right.

(I'll just consider that matter's settled...)

I definitely don't think that it serves him right. I've just met this guy and he hasn't done anything to harm me after all, I'm not nefarious enough to wish him ill. At least I'd like to think so.
Well the guy did come at me brandishing his sword with no room for discussion. Nobody wouldn't think bad of anyone who did that.
The listless Arcane Blade would groan, 'Uge!', 'Gubofo!', every time Chimera pawed him without offering resistance.
I do feel bad for him but I'm still not saving him. I'm not obliged to.
I'll have Arcane Blade-san (lol) be Chimera's plaything till it's tired of him.

Meanwhile, the PM finally seemed like he could finally talk, but.

"J-just what is your goal! What manner of scheme do you wish to accomplish doing all this!?"

Apparently he had a hard time processing all the event thus far, he seemed a bit distraught.





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