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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 211

211 Declaration


I'm currently walking in a castle corridor while sending the guards here flying.
Of course I'm holding back to make it non lethal. I've put some thought into that.
No wait, that doesn't matter now. I'm heading to where the king is while dragging the person who led the assault on the princess with me.
Every single guards coming at us seems to have been in on the ploy as they all went for the kill for this guy, not me or the princess.
The princess herself is slowly yet gracefully walking in front of me with a bold smile on her face.
At a very slow pace. A pace to lure out all the baddies.
We're still far away from the audience chamber. Yet there have been more than 30 guards charging at us. I mean we're smack dab in the middle of this kingdom's castle. Nobody bats an eye at that. It's not ceasing anytime soon too.
All that despite the princess's presence. Even after the dozens of people who got blown away by me.
Since it's still gonna take time till we reach the king, let's reminisce the event up to this point.

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As I was dumbfounded by her suggestion to rush headlong, the princess started explaining.

"This arrogant and selfish princess shall never forgive whoever behind this attack. I shall demand to bring the mastermind into light for the crime of attacking a royalty, however unimportant she is. Surely they would scramble to hide evidence. But in order to prevent them from hushing it up, erasing evidence or feigning ignorance, I will bring the matter directly to the king. From a princess herself. They cannot flat out deny it, and it should make things difficult for them. And with you by my side, nothing will stand in my way. Am I not right?"

I was startled by this princess's terrifying growth.

(Dang, she's monstrously quick on the uptake... Is this normal for a royalty? I couldn't even tell if she was stupid or smart just a moment ago.)

"And I shall use my standing as a princess to make a declaration."

Declaration there would be a surprise move. Which would cause a confusion that grows bigger over time.
The more chaotic the situation, the more chance we have. That's her aim. It would be too late to stop her by the time she did.

"I have gained strength in you. If I have no future after this, I shall bet my life on you. However, this is by no mean an act of suicide. Now come, let us head to the battlefield."

She's growing in the foolish direction. But a frightening one that could spell defeat to those who make light of her.
This plan where she throws down her life on the line should be pretty effective.
This kingdom is so rotten to the core she's been cornered to this point.
A point she reached just from staying in the capital for a bit.

The kingdom's gate was within sight, the princess told her escort knight leader, Morf.

"Let the stagecoach behind us pass by the gate. There is no need for an inspection."

The stagecoach had been following us as an additional force with the mercenaries inside.
A lot of her guards suffered injuries during the raid. Thus they had paid the mercenaries there to pad up their force.
Morf suggested it, and she made use of it. A formal inspection would have taken time, but by letting them pass smoothly, the news about princess getting attacked would quickly spread in the city. It's a plain yet highly effective plan.
The mercenaries had been paid in advance, and only escorted until the capital. We parted ways with them as our wagon headed for the castle. The passengers on that stagecoach would likely talk about the raid on princess wagon at their inns during mealtimes. In a world with few pastimes like this, stuff like that draws attentions.
This would also mean the fact that the princess is alive would quickly reach the castle. However, she wouldn't give them time as she performed the part of a selfish princess here.

"I will go straight and see father! Full speed ahead to the castle!"

Morf was going to say something but the princess interrupted him.

"Someone has attempted to kill me! I won't forgive this fool who dares to harm royalty! Father will surely agree with me. How couldn't he? No father in this world wouldn't be enraged to hear his precious daughter has been attacked!"

The bullet that is this princess can't be stopped anymore. Nobody can.
Morf made a valiant attempt to.

"Without following the formal procedure, not even your highness could..."

"Be quiet! Why should a daughter follow a procedure just to see her father! I don't need you here if you wish to object me. Disappear."

Thus shut up Morf. And our wagon went straight to the castle after passing the gate.




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