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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 214

214 Assemble


Wonder how many soldiers I blew through already?
I won't look back. No point to anyway.
The gigantic heavy and luxurious looking door is already right in front of our eyes. The audience chamber must be beyond this.
Yep, it's the goal already. The end of that seemingly endless corridor.
It was literally a straight path from the entrance to here. Of course you don't need a guide for that.
As I was thinking that, a knight wearing a blindingly shiny and exquisite white mail is standing ahead of the door.

The princess halted her advance when she noticed that.
But that's not all. Another knight wearing a black armor that looks like it's absorbing all lights came forward next.

(White and black... Maximum chuuni eh. Should I laugh here? Is this the punchline?)

As if ridiculing my confusion, this time a knight wearing a blood red armor showed up while striking a flashy pose.

(...Could it be? No way! ...Are you telling me not to laugh at this!?)

Then in addition, a dashing blue armor knight. As well as a shiny golden armor knight.

(They're here! My sides! It hurts bearing my laugh!)

The five of them started their introduction.
All while striking their own poses.

"I'm commander of Knights of White Mail! The name's Hakusu!"

Light shone out of his armor somehow as he held his sword high up.

"I am Kurosu! Commander of Knights of Black Wolf!"
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Black smoke rose up from below as he swung his halberd around.

"Knights of Red Light! My name is Redjit!"

The red armor blinked before the knight swung her cross spear and spoke, voice of a woman.

"Knights of Blue Sky! Blues! My pleasure to make your acquaintance."

A breeze of wind blew out of nowhere. He spun around with his twin short swords before crossing them over his chest.

"Nobody can possibly be more beautiful than me! Me, Kilaza! Solving problem beautifully today as well."

He struck his thorny gauntlets together before light shone out from inside his armor.

Once they were all done with their introduction, they assembled together in front of the door, struck a ranger-like pose and spoke in unison.

"Nothing can stop the five of us together! The strongest Greatest Five!"

I could have sworn I saw a napalm explosion behind them then and there.
So please don't mind me rolling on the floor laughing out loud before I realized myself.
Nobody could have predicted they would come across an entire sentai squadron all the way here.

Then I recalled armor of the soldiers who stood in our way here as I finally managed to stop laughing.

(I mean I did think it was weird how colorful they were, but I couldn't have expected this.)

And just as I finally stood up, Hakusu spoke. Looks like these five intend to act like I'm not even here.

"For the crime of running amok inside the royal palace! We cannot overlook that even if it's you princess!"

Kurosu added.

"Hmph! I know not what trickery you utilized to arrive this far, but you shall never get past us."

His words were full of disrespect. Redjit asked the princess here.

"Princess, for what reason did you do all this? Let us hear it if you have a reason. Would you be willing to talk?"

Kilaza denied her.

"There is no point in listening to her excuses here. Our job is to arrest and bring her before the king. Prime minister will take care of the rest!"

Blues agreed to that.

"That's right. The duty given to us by the prime minister is to arrest the princess. Interrogation and such isn't part of it."

All of them are wearing full face helmets so I can't see their expressions.
At this one sided argument, the princess raised an objection.

"Only the king himself should have the right to deploy all of you at once. And you said, 'Prime minister requested you'? When did your loyalty transferred over to him? That is the most disgraceful action a knight could have done. So I see you are nothing but stray dogs who would obey anyone who feeds you."

"Can you please stop with the slander? This is simply a change of era."

Kurosu declared.

"Serving a powerless king with no authority does not make a country."

Blues spoke with his palms facing upward, a 'geez pose'.

"The groundwork the prime minister laid out was already rock solid by the time we realized it was his ploy."

Redjit squeezed that out.

"We too have things we wish to protect. Please understand, princess."

I can't tell behind the helmet, but Hakusu spoke like he was in chagrin.

"Everything is over already. Rampaging now won't change anything!"

Kilaza spat that out sternly.

After which Hakusu explained the situation.

"It is without an exaggeration to say that prime minister has already taken hold of this kingdom now. However, nothing will change. In fact, this nation will surely develop toward prosperity."

"We have intel on how the empire has been reinforcing their military far greater than ever. Finally a chance for us to shine. Running wild now is just a nuisance."

Kurosu told the actual reason.
My impression on these Greatest Five (lol). They're all so painfully human.

(At the end of the day, chivalry alone won't protect anyone if you can't eat. This is much better than being inflexible idiots who refuse to change their way.)

On the eve of this scuffle, I kept quiet as I waited for the princess's reply to them.




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