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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 223

223 Your Naming Sense is Questionable


(Can't think up of a good idea... what do? This can't go on forever.)

To begin with, I'm the type who don't start before I look up on things beforehand. Always been since my past life.
But now, all the trouble that found me in this world showed up out of nowhere, settled through brute force. Then I ran away. I haven't been able to avoid this pattern so far.

(I gotta carry out a prior investigation next time or else I'm gonna keep getting dragged into mess...)

In the first place, I never had the chance to listen or even ask for information, we straight up bee lined our way here from zero. I may not have a choice there, yet I'd be too naive to leave it at that.
After all, as long as I have this 'power', I can solve most things regardless.
I've been getting over reliant on it. Which is how I find myself in this situation now.

"You little! Cut the crap! Just one hit and yer' dead meat! Quit moving around dammit!"

Enraged Arcane Blade has been trying to hit me as he slashes around with his sword.
No one is dumb enough to purposely let themselves get hit, I mean you won't come out of that with just a scratch or two.

(I mean I'd die you know? Or at least it'd hurt, no thank you.)

I've been dodging all the slashes. Under 'Acceleration' of course.
These super dangerous slashes I can't possibly dodge in my normal state are coming non stop.
Only the sounds of that sword swinging around could be heard in this quiet audience chamber.

(...Huh? Come to think of it, I don't see Chimera anywhere...)

As I watched the blade passed by me in slow motion, I got assaulted by a bad feeling.
Right behind Arcane Blade. Chimera showed up and gradually transformed itself.

Arcane Blade who noticed its presence looked back and turned agape at what he saw.

"W-what!? What!? What in the hell!? The heck did this thing spring up from!?"
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Arcane Blade stopped slashing at me and turned around to point his sword at Chimera in surprise.
All while the ministers screamed without a sound as they froze in terror.
Even the prime minister fell down on his rear. Some even passed out in the spot.

I can't blame them. This audience has quite a tall ceiling and lots of space. Chimera has grown gigantic enough to touch the room's extremities as it glared with its sharp beastly eyes.
The princess was terrified of Chimera in its 'kitten mode'. Chimera in this state must be ranked among the top most dangerous magic beasts in this world.
That seems to apply to Arcane Blade as well, unable to shake the terror, he shouted out loud.
He's completely forgotten about me.

"Damn you! Dammit all! I ain't gonna let a mere beast take me down! Eat this!"

Arcane Blade held his sword up high and then it started emitting a blue light. The light extended about five meter long before he swung it down at Chimera.

"This great me's! Finisher, Shining Fang Holy Storm Slaaaaaaaaaash!"

Shining Fang Holy Storm Slash, thus the blade of light fell down upon Chimera.

As I witnessed that, what came into my mind wasn't the tremendous power the move possessed, I was holding back my laughter at that awfully chuunibyou name.





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