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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 222

222 Snapped


I don't wanna die so I took this one slash seriously, dodged it easily as a result.

(Entered 'Acceleration' and took some safety measure cause it was obviously unlike all his previous huge swings, and yet.)

The moment I undid my Acceleration, the apparently wind? pressure from the slash touched my face. I got a bit of cold feet from that, but there's nothing to it if it doesn't hit.
Arcane Blade was the one who looked shocked. Having his target vanish when he thought he had hit him for sure must be a first.
I'm now standing two meters away from my previous spot. How did the wind pressure still reached me even, fantasy is scary.
It's not because I'm a wuss, I could sense how dangerous the change on Arcane Blade's countenance was despite our distance.

"Bastard... Who the crap are ya... The hell didja easily dodge my serious slash... eff that shit. Spit it out, what are ya."

Apparently I pushed the wrong button, Arcane Blade kept his glare affixed on me. He looks like some random delinquent here.
I was alone with that impression though, the princess and all other ministers are shaking in their boots.

(...What? Ah right, they can see mana or something? And this Arcane Blade guy is releasing enough mana to scare them? ...I don't feel anything though... Oh wait, you've gotta undergo a special training or something.)
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"I'm but a common man. My stature is far too humble to name myself. It would only serve to sully your most distinguished ears, don't you agree? Please don't concern yourself with me."

Even I was astonished at myself for spouting all that nonsense in the heat of the moment.
Naming is akin to binding oneself to it. Even if I put forth a false name, the record would remain.
Name is quite a handy thing. It can be used in a variety of stuff. Which includes locating specific individuals.
I want to hide my existence, I've got to at least avoid saying my name out loud.
I don't believe in occult stuff like Kotodama, but this world has magic. Who knows what it's got in shelves.
The most worrying thing is 'Curse'. Gotta account for that possibility. Who can say if names can be used in some cursing ritual or something.

I may have exposed my black hair and black eyes many times before despite my effort to hide them, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't try to keep my name out.
However, my stance seemed to rubbed Arcane Blade the wrong way. He stood with his arm loose and his sword tip pointed at the ground. But his expression turned grimmer than ever.

"So yer' not gonna give yer name eh, or maybe ya think I ain't worth it? ...Changed my mind. I'mma slice and dice you up here!"

My goal is to have a talk. With the PM at that, not this Arcane Blade guy.

"Oy! Zoldak! You must not! Do not be hasty!"

The PM attempted to stop him. Of course. They were originally planning to squeeze me dry of information on the empire before leaving me to my fate, and yet Arcane Blade said he'd crush their only source of information.
However, the PM's shout was in vain. Arcane Blade had already lunged with his sword slashing at me by that point.




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