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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 206

206 Chain Abnormalities


"A commoner like me who has never as much as held a sword cannot possibly be capable of saving your highness."

For the time being, I put up a resistance, but then the princess said something unexpected yet again.

"...It appears that you intend to conceal your strength. Then I promise you here that I shall not speak about it to a soul."

She's not even listening to me as she keeps on marching to her own beat. So I made another bet.

"To begin with, why did your highness pick me of all the people there?"

I must not admit to this princess's 'conviction'. All for the sake of ordinary. I chose my words carefully as I pressed on.
It's easy to just say yeah it's me. But I don't want that.

"Allow me explain as to why I am convinced that you  are someone with power. And if my explanation is to your liking, would you be willing to speak casually with me? Please no need for polite speech."

Thus the princess started.

First of all, around 50 assailants were defeated all at once.
Something like that has never been depicted even in legends or fairy tales.
'Something' far beyond abnormal must be at work.

Secondly, the abnormal appearance of a man who came out of the stagecoach.
Black hair, black eyes, the princess had never seen anyone like that in her life before.
Another abnormality on top of an abnormality.

Thirdly, she couldn't sense even the slightest bit of mana from this man.
All of those who are born to royalty undergo training to see mana.
She's no exception and she could not see any mana from this abnormal man.

"Oy... wait a sec. What's up with that ability to see people's mana. I need more detail on that."
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I forgot to act 'ordinary' there. I couldn't just let that stuff about seeing mana slide.

"All living beings have traces of mana around them with no exceptions. No matter how small of a creature. In order to see this mana, one must undergo a training regime. Anybody could do it. Although the training itself is quite harsh. Those of royalty must be able to see their opponents along with their mana. As you can perceive their emotion through their mana. It makes for a good judgment of character."

That clinched it. I have absolutely zero mana after all.

"Humans always leak out mana at all time. This leaked mana cover the entirety of their body. It is possible to prevent this leakage through training, but never completely. It's also possible to emit a huge amount of mana. But my observation of you during the time you assisted the mercenaries revealed your abnormality. I am unable to see your mana in the slightest, in fact, I cannot sense even the most minute amount when we are this close."

I started getting dejected hearing her keep repeating 'abnormal'. Everything I did had backfired.

"Factoring all of those together, the abnormality that took place here cannot have been 'ordinary'. After giving it some thought, it's simple to conclude that it was the work of an abnormality. The fact that the sole person in charge of the raid being let alive also helped to form this conclusion. It was done by a being with 'reason' and 'comprehension'. You were the only one who fit that description."

Everything I did in my quest for 'ordinary' ended up convincing this perceptive princess.
But it was already over anyway by the time I couldn't stand not to jump out of the stagecoach.

(I mean, I may not know the whole picture but some obviously villainous men were attacking a wagon and all, you know? How could I overlook that. As a human. I have the power to save and all.)

Pretending to look the other way would only make me regret it later. All the more if that ended with innocent lives lost.
I must have been flustered at the time. I should have done more and better to camouflage myself.
I took it too lightly and acted carelessly because I couldn't see her nor was I aware of her, which resulted in those abnormalities.
All those abnormalities stacked up overwrote my 'ordinary'. It's only natural for the princess to trace it all back to me.
My fixation on 'ordinary' ironically ended up being the thing that convinced this princess on me having the power to help her. I have no word to that.

"...Okay. That's enough. So? What do you need my help for? Go on and get to the point."

Thus I asked her to press on while feeling down inwardly, I'm getting dragged into a mess no matter what I do it seems.




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