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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 227

227 Hard to Convince, but, Reality is Harsh


"Oy, what did you just say...? What does that mean?"

The prime minister couldn't process this, he asked me back in agape.

"Exactly that, no string attached. You've got nothing to worry about anymore on that."

I took a glance at Chimera but it was nowhere to be seen.
Must have gone invisible and off somewhere. It's as if it was never there.
However, the tattered Arcane Blade, or rather, Hero (lol), lying on the ground is proof that Chimera was indeed there.
He's still twitching so he's not dead at least.
The PM who also turned his sight at Hero spoke after quivering.

"Where has that otherworldly gigantic magic beast gone to...?"

Having the most dreadful being he ever saw suddenly vanishing must be every bit as scary.
I ruminated a bit whether to answer that.

"Probably left after it's got its fill? Putting that aside, do you believe me?"

Likely not. I wouldn't if I were in PM's shoes. I mean I get it. There's no way he could have simply accepted when someone suddenly blurted that the single biggest issue that propelled all the upheavals has already been taken care of.
Not unless it's an intel he can trust. On top of that, the one who brought the news is a suspicious man of unknown origin, how could you trust that.

"I do believe you. I do not see any reason why you would tell lie after everything that has transpired thus far."

The one who readily understood the importance of this info was the princess.
The PM put on a bitter look when he heard her. This matter was what compelled him to remove the king, naturally he couldn't just say, 'Thank goodness'.
Even if the issue is no more, the mess from banishing the king still hangs over.
The problem simply transfers over to another spot.

"Well I don't actually care whether you believe me or not. What are you gonna do to the king? I'm sure all these bigwigs here are 'related' so your words hold power over them, PM-san."

I thought the princess would butt in here, but she kept her silence.
I was sure she'd press on the PM to release the king, yet she just stared at him.
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(Well, that king's beyond saving if what the PM said is true after all. Pretty clear it is seeing these ministers' expressions and body language.)

"Is the king even alive? Is he dead?"

I tried asking the important question, the PM sounded like he still had grudge as he replied.

"We have him confined while keeping him just above starving without dying. He still has some use alive. However, he'd scream non stop if he had stamina."

That was a reasonable enough treatment for a VIP, but you could tell most of it stemmed from all his pent-up resentment.

"...We were currently brainstorming to choose the next king. What an ironic twist of fate. After some scrutiny we have established that the princes and the princess are all uneducated lowlifes. Fruit never falls far from the tree, truly."

Birds of a feather flock together huh. But we also have an ugly duckling here.
I tried to give a pointer.

"A suggestion if you will. How 'bout making the princess over there a 'Queen'?"




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