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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 219

219 Star Performer Arriving...?


"Who do you think you are? How come a mere peasant be here?"

(Sheesh I wonder why myself. I'm getting sad just getting reminded...)

I cannot agree more to the PM. I mean who could have guessed I'd get dragged into all this when I departed the empire.
If only my personality allowed me to easily forgive myself, I would have been long gone from this place. Heck, probably even from this world. Not due to death, but from being 'abducted' to this world. The deity who did that never even considered the other party, what an annoying mess.

That all doesn't matter now, gotta focus. Thankfully I could still calm down my rage toward my 'abductor'.

"Where'd the king go? I've got some important stuff to tell him, I don't see him anywhere?"

"Oy! Kick this insolent man out of this room at once! ...Oy! Where are all the guards!"

Nobody answered my question, instead a plump bald greasy faced minister called for soldiers that never responded.
Or to be more exact, there's no more guards here. The ones stationed in this room had seen all the listless soldiers lying in the corridor. The door got blown away so the view was in plain sight.
The sight of the strongest five (lol) all beaten up together included. The fact that that five had lost is reason enough for them to run away.

But then an outstandingly vulgar laughter resounded in this room. Coming from behind the throne.

"Found me some fun fella'. Eh, PM-dono? Ya don't mind if I play with him, do ya? I'll invite y'all here to a show of this great me's power! Come now! Let's begin this blood curdling performance!"

A light armored man showed up. He's got a long hair, slanted looks on his eyes, and a constant smirk on his mouth.

"Oy bastard! You can forget trying to run away! I care not what you insolent peasant trying to pull here, but you shall pay your rude remarks with your life. Bow down as you meet your end."

The plump minister gleefully laughed, the princess rebutted.
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"He is my life savior I have personally invited as my guest. I have also employed him as my bodyguard. You have no right to mouth him off. You have no place here. And also, 'Arcane Blade'. Mind your manners. You stand before a member of royalty."

"The heck yer' blabbering about now princess? Who gives a crap 'bout some random no name royalty like ya. Why don'tcha get up the pecking order if ya don't like it huh? Guess that's a toughie for a powerless princess like ya tho'. Besides, only the king can order me, the strongest independent force in this kingdom. Or what, ya gonna be a queen? But well that irritating shitty bastard's now gone anyway. Pretty dang refreshing if ya ask me. Gotta thank PM-dono for that."

The princess managed to shut up the plump minister, but the constantly smirking man instead made a fool of her.
Dunno if the king has been captured, confined or even isn't in this world anymore but the one who finally answered my question was this 'Arcane Blade' speaking to the princess.




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