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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 220

220 Discussion Breakdown


"Is he dead? Or alive? Well either way's fine."

"It is not! Release his majesty at once! Prime Minister, do you mean to take over this nation?"

The king's status bears no relevance to what I wanted to talk about yet the princess wouldn't shut up.
Honestly, she's a bother. Now that she's got a 'guarantee' on her safety, she should stay silent otherwise she'd risk putting us squarely back to the starting line.
I'd get stuck protecting the princess forever at this rate.
Thus, I tell her this.

"Shut it, princess. You're 'saved' now, I have no more obligation to you. Our contract has come to an end. From here on, I'm speaking to the PM for my own convenience, you be quiet. This is going nowhere."

"You lowlife! How dare you make slight of a royalty! You shall pay with your life here!"

The one who got enraged by my words wasn't the princess, but the plump minister.
All other ministers kept quiet while looking at the plump ministers derisively.
They didn't even attempt to speak.

"Just who are you? What do you have to speak to me about? I do not see any reason why I should agree."

The prime minister himself cut short of my attempt. But I gave him a certain hint.

"Eh it's nothing much, just stuff about that weapon of war developed at the Empire. But if you don't want to know then that's that I guess. I'll go away."

'Arcane Blade' butted in yet again here. Still smirking before laughing out loud.

"Oy oy oy? Yer' my plaything. Think ya can get away from this room? Well your corpse will that's fer' sure. To hell with that tho', d'ya know how much I hate being ignored. Ahn? You got this great me's attention, Zoldak the 'Arcane Blade' and this is the thanks I got huuh?"

"Ah. I have no business with you, I see no reason to care. My bad. Err, so uh where were we again? Prime Minister-san. Have you changed your mind?"

This Zoldak guy seemed really mad at my provocation the veins on his forehead popped up, while the PM frowned beside him.

"Arcane Blade, do not kill him. Capture him alive. This man appears to carry information on the empire with him. Do as you wish as long as he's left breathing. At least leave him in a state where he can still talk."
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"Shut yer' trap... nobody can order me around! But sure I'mma let him hang on by the thread. Once yer' done with him, I'mma personally torture and kill him myself..."

The two seemed to have reached an agreement, the PM said, 'Very well, do as you like', then Arcane Blade kicked away the remain of door in the middle of the room to the corner.
CLANG, the door disappeared before my eyes. It was a heavy door and yet he easily kicked that away.

"Ya got nowhere to run. I'mma make you regret for mocking this great me."

The princess quickly trotted away from me. Looks like she forgot all her graceful and composed act after receiving the brunt of Arcane Blade's wrath.
The guy had this frightening aura on him as he slowly drew his sword.
His eyes tell me that he'd not hesitate to cut the princess along with me if she stayed.
She must have perceived that and ran away. This guy really doesn't care about royalty.

(...Will they listen to me if I show off my power here? Either way, this Arcane Blade guy was already super eager to cut me down from the moment he showed up.)

He'd have either made up some excuses or just randomly lunged at me in the end, the way he looked at me just screamed, 'Got me a prey.'

(I'm straight though. I feel only disgusts getting that look from a man.)

The bandit leader had already run away to the wall while looking here with scared looks in his eyes.
All the ministers have also withdrawn, clinging tightly to the wall to avoid getting dragged as collateral.
In this spacious silent chamber, only sounds of footsteps echoed. As the Arcane Blade slowly drew near, he brandished his sword aloft and swung it down at me.




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