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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 215

215 Babbling On


"Many people would lose their lives if war were to break out. And you intend to look the other way at that?"

The princess criticized the five with a grim face. However, Hakusu swiftly replied.

"Our agent has brought intel regarding a development of a powerful weapon of war in the Empire. We have lost contact with that agent after delivery of that news. We believe he has fallen on the line of duty. Do you understand the implication here?"

The intel must have been reliable enough to warrant such danger to befall that agent.
He had been dealt with while he was trying to find out more. A common tale.
But that's precisely why this intel is of grave importance.
This knowledge must compel the kingdom to prepare for war under the surface.
Building up their defense without alerting the empire.
It would be too late if that weapon was let loose here turning the capital into a war zone.
A scene from hell. It must be avoided at all cost.

"...Thus the prime minister removed the king who did not care to act on it... Along with the incompetent riffraff who had no sense of crisis..."

The princess was unusually quickwitted for once. She even considered possibilities multiple steps ahead.

"As long as you understand then..."

"That's an entirely different matter however. The men attacking me were well coordinated like trained soldiers, they were also well equipped. It's quite simple to infer that they have a backing. I wish to hand down the capital punishment to that person. To this fool who would so readily attempt to murder a royalty. This country has no need for that kind of person, and I need to settle this matter decisively as to ensure my safety in the future."

The princess interrupted Hakusu.
Things have developed in a direction far away from what we talked about in the wagon.
The prime minister didn't usurp the throne for the sake of his own gain, it was out of a sense of duty to protect this kingdom.
And now I can't tell whether the bigwigs are competent or just idiots.
Though I think getting rid of the king is way too extreme. Just too drastic.

Initially, the idea of princess asking for help to find out who the mastermind is is not wrong. But now I can't say if that's even gonna go well after this sudden development.

(Someone give me time to compose myself please. For real.)
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My brain saw a complete reversal from serious to gag filled thoughts upon the arrival of these go rang*r.
I'm just waiting for the punchlines at the end.

"Princess, we cannot allow you to strike down prime minister now."

Hakusu has been the only one talking as the representative. The rest have their weapons at the ready with no opening.
Of course. Considering all the corpses lying around in the corridor behind us. No, I'm sure they're not dead. I was being super careful with my power. Hopefully.

"I never mentioned the name of the person who masterminded the attack on me. Have you perhaps made a grave error?"

Don't blame me if I have an announcer in my mind declaring, 'PM, out!' here.
It was Hakusu's fault to fall for it when the princess wasn't even trying to fish that out.

"Aw man, no choice then. We just gotta crush the princess here. It's for the best."

Kurosu easily talked about killing a royalty.

"I suppose her succession line is among the lowest anyway. One or two of them missing won't make a difference."

Blues acted like it was normal to blurt out something so cruel.

"If that is the shortest route to settle this matter, then I shall ride on it!"

Kilaza agreed with Blues.

"Princess, I bear no grudge but I must take your life!"

Redjit who acted like she was the most understanding had a face heel turn.

"You leave us with no choice. Princess, prepare yourself!"

Once Hakusu declared that, the five of them lunged at the princess at once.

I noticed something I forgot here.

(Oh? War? Empire? Weapon? Come to think of it...)




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