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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 209

209 Assembly of Fools


"That doesn't matter. What's important here is those assassins were likely sent by the people you saw making an illicit deal in broad daylight. What were they talking about anyway?"

"It does matter, but if I recall correctly... It was something about replacing the throne or something..."

Are you for real, I looked up to the ceiling with my palm on my face.

"Regicide? Usurping the throne? Well damn, that's the most cliche and most annoying kind... why are you acting so blissfully unaware after hearing that?"

"No! Do you mean to say that was about a ploy to usurp the throne?"

"How the heck did you only notice that now! Nobody should be that dense!"

Is this princess a fool? Or is she a genius, I can't really tell. Anyone would connect the word throne to the king. Heck, there's even the term replacing.

"We've got our masterminds there! They knew you overheard them! Heck, what's up with those dumbass? This princess may be a royalty but considering her position, they could have just deflected her claim by saying she was hearing things or something. I mean she's known for her selfishness and arrogance and all..."
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Nothing but an assembly of fools here. Is the kingdom's leadership full of these guys. Can't believe this nation's still running. It's actually amazing.

"It was a conversation between the prime minister and the secretary of state. This kingdom is over..."

The princess just dropped a bombshell out of nowhere.

(Guess the top brass are all puppets then? Was probably in the work for decades already.)

"Guessing they're gonna dump all crimes on the king and put him on the gallows... And then they're gonna install a king with no authority or accomplishments they control behind the scene. They crave the limelight? Or a different kind? Perhaps they wish to have that feeling of omnipotence having taken hold of a country from behind the curtain?"

As I took a wild guess about those fools, the princess shouted out loud.

"I cannot stand idly! I will follow through with the plan you suggested! Come what may, I do not care anymore! I've made my resolve!"

"Naw, it's not happening anymore y'know? Just forget about that suicide attack."

"...Eh!?" as the princess made that weird noise, I poured cold water on her.

"If the other party are the prime minister and the secretary of state, we have no idea the scale of this scheme and how many people are in on it. And besides, that means the king is gonna be their puppet. We have no chance of victory no matter how you look at it."

"What do you mean! Please explain!"

This princess seems to be the type with a strong sense of justice. A particular one that's sensitive to 'evil' thrust before her.
The most troublesome kind. She won't make a ruckus so long as she's unaware of it. Nor does she make an attempt to be aware. But once she does, she won't care about the circumstances or backgrounds, she's just gonna push through.
Non conforming with society, and she doesn't even think for herself. She'd study stuff she has an interest in and act upon it, but she's clueless when it comes to practical use.
A complete pain in the rear. Telling her to think about it herself is gonna take a long time, so I might as well just let it all out.




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