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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 228

228 Memories Inside Story


"What are you...?" the princess talked back. Man, I'm kinda fed up with all these 'what' thrown my way.
Nobody seems to notice that here. The PM added to her inquiry.

"Princess Katrina is known for her haughty and arrogant attitude as well as her unwillingness to listen to other. I confirmed her infamy myself when I welcomed her to this castle... What are you plotting?"

A shame that he's getting wary of me again. I'm gonna have to explain stuff once again now.

"Aah, better to hear it from the horse's mouth. Princess, tell him everything."

"...Very well. I have been taught by my mother to play the part of a fool to trick my enemy. Thus I have been manipulating the impressions people have on me in order to defend myself even before coming to this castle."

The PM seemed to understand what was going on just from that, he shared another inside story.

"I remember now, your mother was a concubine. She was targeted by the queen and almost lost her life from the attempt. She managed to escape and left the castle. I recall I sent a contingent of soldiers to help her. She was a wise and clever lady. The queen did not fancy that. Thus I lent her my aid. Although I kept my identity strictly in the dark."

The PM narrated like it took him back. So the attack was due to some worthless envy. The truth is dull at time.

"Her wisdom truly was worthy of respect. Her biggest misfortune was having the king, that garbage take a liking on her. I just had to help her when I couldn't stand watching it anymore. Every single mistresses besides her was the same trash who cared nothing but to get ahead in the ugly race. It's like a gathering of carrion scavengers."

Vultures of a feather flock together huh. Guess their children take after their parents too as PM said, beyond saving.

(That's exactly why I recommended the princess. Just gotta hope this settles everything. Though people not involved in this whole debacle are going to raise a ruckus for sure.)

It should be no problem to the PM who managed to take control of the castle, but it's for sure going to be a source of more worry. All thanks to my recommendation.
Other members of royalty would have protested if they heard it here.

"We're getting nowhere if we keep reminiscing, so let me propel us forward, this princess is pretty capable, you know? I mean she even managed to rejuvenate the village she was handling so quickly."

"Are you talking about that village the princess forcefully took charge of? I believe today would be her second visitation. And you're saying it already bore fruit?"

'Oy, what were you thinking princess?' or so I kept that to myself. That ain't something a royalty does. And it sounds like she rushed headlong on her own too.
How long was the period between first and second visitation anyway? I don't know how much materials, goods, tools and manpower they provided her, but since the princess said the village is okay now, I don't think she's lying.

"Go ahead and check it yourself later. So yeah about the princess, she's been studying all this time and she's got the caliber of a ruler I say. Girl's got spunk and prudence too, me think she's gonna be a great queen, see?"

Charging into this castle and leading the negotiation to guarantee her safety was all the princess's initiatives. Well, she's got the luck on her side too.
My 'power' only helped bring her here. All the chaos that then led to not giving them time to think it through came after.
How the princess believed in that and decided to head straight for the throne shows her courage and caliber. I see the making of a monarch in her.

"We shall send an investigation committee along with an additional delivery of goods... I will personally take charge of assessing the princess."

This PM is pretty good too with his quick response. Innate talent as well as all the hardships he went through must have resulted in his present capability. Ironic it may be.

"I am well informed on the goods needed. Please allow me to be part of the committee."

The princess resigned to her fate or perhaps she saw this chance to take a step toward her 'dream', she started making an appeal.

(Hmm, I guess this matter is pretty much off my shoulder then, no? Now, I just gotta find the right time to...)

The ministers still in audience chamber began making their moves.
Assigning staff and moving toward conference room. Discussing and reporting to each their posts.
It's the start of a project. Eh what was it again? Darkest before dawn?

I waited until they all took their eyes off me and used 'Acceleration' to skedaddle out of the place.





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