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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.12


Afterward, Lecan took several other objects out while explaining what they were.

Completely ordinary sword and dagger, one each.

20 magic stones, big and small.

Gems that ward off magic beasts.

One shirt.

A belt made of magic beast's leather.

And <Flame Sword>.

"That's all. I'll take back stuff you don't need."

The girl doll shook its head.

"No! Of course not. Every single one of these is super valuable. I'm trembling with excitement. I want all of them. Rather, gimme more."

"Shut up. Mending the <Overking Bear Overcoat> is your atonement for threatening and kidnapping me."

"Please accept my most heartfelt apology."

"Quit lowering your head that much. Now then, these are all the items from my world you couldn't have gotten otherwise for now, they're yours and Shira's."

"Eh? You're giving them, not just lending?"

"Yea. No need to give them back. Do whatever you want with 'em. However, make sure to inform Shira the results of your analysis."

"But of course."

"In exchange, you must promise me one thing."

"Oh no. Could it be you were aiming for my body?"

"Do not ever show yourself up before me, do not speak to me."


"Do not show yourself, or your dolls before me ever again. Do not talk to me. Go away the instance you detect my presence. You must not make any ploy to get me to your place either. Do not meddle in anything involving me. Get it?"

"That's just way too cruel to my maidenly heart."

"Zip it. If you can't promise that, I ain't giving you nothing. No showing anything. No speaking with you."

"Can't I send you a letter?"

"Letters are barred as well. Contact me through Shira if you need anything."

Clack clack clack, the girl doll's head spun to the right. Its neck skin warped from the rotation. It made one full rotation before spinning back to its original spot. The creases on its neck vanished.


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"Don't you have poison or medicine on you. From your world."


He's got some in reality. Three vials of Advanced Restoratives left from his world. But they're extremely valuable items, Lecan isn't willing to tell Yacklubend about them.

Shira should know that Lecan has them as well, but she makes no attempt to correct Lecan's denial and simply keeps watch on the two.

"Don't you have any more explosives you used in my mansion back then?"

"I'm not gonna answer that. And I sure as heck won't give one to you even if I do have it."

Yacklubend and Bombshells.

The worst possible combination he could think up.

He must never hand over this thing a Bombshell. That's one thing for sure.

"Uun. Guess there's no helping it. I gotcha, Lecan-niichan. I, Yacklubend, shall not go near adventurer Lecan. Even if I do come close by chance, I shall quickly go away. I shall not scheme to get adventurer Lecan come to me. I shall not meddle in anything involving him. Thus I take this vow in the name of all gods. Yale."

"Shira. Can I believe that?"

"I Shira shall be the guarantor of that vow. The moment Yacklubend Tomato violates that vow, I, Shira shall eliminate Yacklubend. Is that acceptable with you?"

The girl doll nodded.

"I'm good with Shira as a guarantor."

"Alright. Guess this is the end of your chat with Yacklubend. Lecan. I'll be staying at the capital for a little while. I've got some things to attend to and I'd like to witness Yacklubend analyzing those items you gave her."


"Could you deliver your wedding invitation to Yacklubend's mansion? Yacklubend can get in touch with me wherever I am."

"Hou. Got it."

"Ah, wedding ceremony! It's for Lecan-niichan, Norma-neechan and Eda-neechan right? That's so nice~. I'm jealous~. Hey hey, send me an invitation too."

"Weren't you unable to leave the capital due to a covenant?"

"I mean that covenant partner is right over there now. C'mon, c'mon. Do it for me?"

Meaning that covenant is between Yacklubend and Shira.

"That ain't happening. Absolutely not."

"I'm not going to undo the covenant either, you know. There's no telling you'd agree to make a new pact afterward."

"Tch. Boring."

Lecan said his farewell and left Shira's hideout.

He was then hit a by a heavy sense of fatigue.

Lecan was a nervous wreck during his conversation with Yacklubend.

(But it was worth it.)

(I won't get to see that thing again.)

(Nor talk or exchange letters.)

(It won't mess with us.)

(Though that thing's probably gonna scheme up something.)

(Just gonna get Shira to take care of it if it came to that.)

(It's the best possible outcome.)

Last night Lecan pondered just what's the relationship between Shira and Yacklubend.

These two likely share solitude in their long lives. A complex relationship that has transcended past being enemies or allies.

These two also only have one another as the only other individual capable of understanding the results and meanings of research they have done in their long solitary lives.

Shira will go to Yacklubend to discuss about Lecan himself and parts where she can't analyze on her own. Shira strongly desires the knowledge gained from that. Hence her attempt to reconcile Yacklubend and Lecan.

With that in mind, Lecan gave Yacklubend some items he brought from his world. As that is undoubtedly what Shira wants as well.

After leaving the two, Lecan went to the diner he went with Ezak back then and had meal and drink there.

As it got dark before he realized, he decided against going to Wazrof's mansion, stayed overnight at an inn and departed for Mashajain in the following morning.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.11


"Lecan-niichan, I'm sorry for my behavior last time."

A maid girl bowed. The last one, Lana, had silver hair, but this one has black hair and a different looking face. However, its inside is that of a mechanical doll also. Yet, <Life Detection> shows it as a red dot. Whatever the mechanism, this mechanical doll has a living human inside it somehow.

"Who are you."

"I'm Prim. But it's Yacklubend right now."

The maid doll tried to act cute by moving her rotund pupils around, greatly flapped her mouth and spoke with an energetic voice.

"Shira. Is this Yacklubend herself?"

"She sure is. Yacklubend's real body was in the room next to the one you were in when you set off your explosive back then. She got blown off. So this one's the real Yacklubend in person. Killing this one will kill Yacklubend for good. She may be trying to play it cool but she's for sure quaking inside."

Leaving her mansion and showing herself up before Lecan in such a state may indeed shows her sincerity. Not sure if a devil's sincerity worth a thing though.

"You told me to become your slave."

"It was just a little practical joke to lighten up the mood."

The girl doll bowed deeply.

Rage welled up from within Lecan. But as Shira is acting as the peacemaker here, he can't make a move either.

"What were you trying to achieve by inviting me to your mansion anyway?"

The girl doll lifted up its face with sparkling eyes.

"I wanted to show off Lecan-niichan's sword I repaired and get your praises."

"You have my thanks on that matter. So what's your demand for my debt to you?"

"Please cut off just a little bit, a teensy little bit of your fingertip, Lecan-niichan!"

"I refuse."

"Then one toe off your foot."

"Shira. Can I leave now."

"Lecan. Taking a sample of a tiny bit of your fingertip is neither something abnormal or dangerous to us researchers. But I suppose that's not something Yacklubend can afford to say to you. Yacklubend. Quit playing around now."

"'Kaay. Then please give me a strand of your hair and a tiny cut tip of your fingernail, Lecan-niichan."

That much should be fine, Lecan thought that for a moment. But he quickly reconsidered. Even giving those is dangerous with this thing.

"No. More importantly, what about my overcoat."

"Ah, that huh. Well about that, it will take some time, but I should manage somehow."


"Ah, I got me a delightful smile. Lecan-niichan, you're lovely."

"Shut up. How long it's gonna take?"

"Hmm I can't give you an estimate before a proper examination. My hands would have been tied had that overcoat was made of plant materials, but since it's made from magic beast's, I thought up of some good methods."

"What kind? No, wait, forget it. Not like I'd get it anyway."

"Oh I can give you a thorough explanation starting from the most basic of basics."


"Should take, like, two weeks methink."

"You'd finish repairing in just two weeks?"

"An explanation from the most basic of the basics' gonna take two weeks~"

"Shira. Can I cut this thing down?"

"I'm sorry. Forgive me. I won't do it again."

"I'm leaving if you pull that crap again."

"I think the repair will take at least a year to complete."

"More than a year huh. I see. Still better than nothing. It's in your hands."

"Then that would count as an apology for my blunder last time."

"Yeah, I don't agree with calling that a blunder."

"I beseech you to please grant me my request. Please let me analyze objects you brought from your world, just one, two, three, or a lot of them would be fine with me."

Lecan had anticipated this demand. He had prepared beforehand what to do when it came down to it.

Lecan took a <Wand of Red Fireball> out.

"This is called <Wand of Red Fireball>. It's loaded with five shots of <Red Fireball>, an elementary offensive spell. It's akin to <Fire Arrows> in this world. There's a depressed section on the grip with a protrusion. You hold it like this, then pull this protrusion while reciting <Castel> spell, this will make a magic fly out of the tip of the wand. You don't need mana to activate it. So even non mages can deploy it. Its output power can't be adjusted. I've used it once so it's got four shots left now. You cannot reload this thing with more magic once used."

Just as Yacklubend put on an elated expression on her face, her eyes started moving around. Left and right moving in completely separate directions round and round.

"Stop that. It's revolting."

"Whoaaa! Whoa! Whoa! A wand usable to non mages! A handy tool anyone can use. And it's voice activated even! This is exactly what I wanted. Thank you, Lecan-niichan. How are you so in sync with my desires? Mutual love?"

She was acting exaggeratedly delighted, but Lecan knew that Yacklubend has invented similar magic tools already. Thus it's nothing even if she managed to reproduce this. But even objects with similar functions must have completely different mechanisms inside. It should be a good reference to Yacklubend.

Still, even when she's just speaking, one of her eyes would occasionally shoot out in a weird direction and her speech would constantly change. It's as if multiple personalities are taking turn dwelling inside in a hectic manner. This thing is an abnormal being. There's just something terrifying of unknown nature about it. He feels like his sanity meter is getting whittled down just by being near her. She's not someone he should continue associating with.





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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.10


"Now then. It's my turn. First, I'll let you have this."

Lecan knew what Shira took out the instance his eyes fell on it.


"What is it now. Shouldn't you be ecstatic. Especially after I've gone out of my way to make your impossible request a reality and all."

"What is this."

"Can't you tell by looking. It's an overcoat made from Argent Flame Wolf's pelt."

"I asked you to turn it into an armor."

"I did give it a try. But it was no good. Cutting it up or pulling the fur out would cause its magic defense to vanish."


"This thing's biggest strength is its magic impermeability. On top of that it's almost nigh invulnerable to physical attacks, and supplying it with mana will restore damaged sections."

"Hou. So it's got some high magic defense huh."

"'High' is really underselling it. This thing jams magic. That said, shockwaves produced from magic gets through pretty much as is, and it can only blocks a bit of heat and stuff."

"Jam? That's good."

"I mustn't cut it apart if I wanted to keep that trait intact. Or rather, even turning that pelt into that overcoat required some outrageously large-scale processes and procedures. Armor is simply out of question."

"Must be true coming from you."

"Just put on some highly defensive armor below that. I've made it a bit larger for that purpose."

That's perfect. Great Flame Dragon leather armor should be arriving at Mashajain soon. Lecan simply needs to combine them.

"Got it. My bad for complaining. This thing is exactly what I wanted. I agree that this is the best possible result. You've really done lots for me. Please accept this."

Lecan pushed the magic stone of Sovereign Dragon Atrocia on the desk toward Shira.

"My oh my. You sure you don't mind giving such a valuable object?"

"Like I told you before, these magic stones are only good as mana storage in my hands. I'd like to give this to someone capable of extracting its full worth, you."

"Okay then, with pleasure."

Shira held and stared at the giant magic stone for a while before making it disappear all of a sudden.

"Kinda hard for me to ask this after getting such a nice present. But I need you to do something."


"Please go see Yacklubend."

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"Oh don't say that now. That girl didn't mean any harm, you know."

"You mean she meant nothing but harm."

"It was just a little joke."

"She threatened to bomb the royal palace and even my family."

"She's kinda bad at communication, see. It turned into that big mess cause she wanted you to accept her invitation, but she didn't have even a peck of desire to hurt Norma or Eda. To begin with, I had warned her way ahead of time. Don't you dare mess with them."

This is news to Lecan.

He's still got no grasp on Yacklubend's motives, offense, defense, or even just what kind of being that thing is, but not even that could escape unscathed if Shira went all out. Which means Yacklubend must be careful herself not to enrage Shira.

(Was that threat a bluff then?)

(But she bombed the royal palace.)

"The moment I set foot in her mansion, she bound and poisoned me."

"That was a medicine."


"I had her show me that medicine. It is for sure a medicine. Used right, it has the effect to relieve fatigue. It'd even strengthen your muscles once the recipient had an overnight sleep, it's really some good stuff. I was impressed."

"That thing was gonna do something to me while I'm out cold."

"No denying that yep. She was fully planning to check up your whole body."

"What's trying to examine my body and belonging without my consent if not a hostile act."

"Sorry about that. There's no excusing that. It's my bad."

"What's the point of you apologizing. Wait, why are you even apologizing?"

"I was the one who told Yacklubend about you and even handed over your broken sword to her. Yacklubend also gave me the result of <Self Repair> analysis. As that would surely grant me extremely valuable knowledge. And if allowed, I would like her to analyze more objects from your world. Yacklubend possesses the power to achieve that."

Lecan realized that he was getting pretty high strung, so he ate some jerky and drank his wine.

He calmed down a tad as he relished the flavor.

(I ain't gonna trust Yacklubend.)

(But she's undoubtedly an outstanding researcher.)

(My trusty sword got restored.)

(Something not even Shira is capable of.)

He poured his goblet full of wine and gulped it down in one go.

(I can't trust Yacklubend.)

(But I trust Shira.)

(Shira should have a huge interest in.)

(My belongings and me myself.)

(And yet she never attempted to dig it out of me.)

(She never pressed me to show my belonging either.)

(Still, why's Shira.)

(Covering for Yacklubend to this degree?)

"What's your relationship with Yacklubend anyway?"

"We've been at this for so long, I'm not even sure how to answer that. There were times where we were at each other's throat, vying for lives. And times where we joined hands to tackle something. And today, she's the only individual left I could ask opinions on my research whenever I hit a roadblock."


Lecan poured a gobletful of wine and gulped it down again.

"I'll go see her. But with some conditions."

"And what are those?"

"First of all, I ain't entering her mansion."

"No helping it. I got it."

"You'll be present during our meeting, you've got to make her promise not to do anything weird."

"Yep, that's only right. Got it."

"If she were to make a promise to me during the course, you will be the guarantor."

"I was gonna ask you to do just that actually. Got it."

"And then this."

Lecan took the remains of <Overking Bear Overcoat> and put it on the desk.

"Uwaaa. It's a wreck."

"Repair this thing if she can do it. That'd make up for what she did back then."

"Got it. I'll take it with me."

Lecan ate out and then stayed overnight at Shira's hideout.

Afternoon the following day, he met Yacklubend in Shira's hideout.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.9


"Right, think I heard that Sovereign Dragon Atracia dwelt somewhere in this kingdom."

"Was to the south of Nadis Barondom. Not that far from Palcimo. The wolf must have gone there and fought it. I had no idea Divine Beasts could turn on each other. Seeing as it was Atracia, it must have been a good fight."

"And just when I thought I finally had it beaten. Will it come after me again."

"Probably yep."

"Oh yeah, how Argent Flame Wolf acted in that fight did bother me."

"Bother as in?"

"That thing kept chasing after me as I kept running away from it. That's fine and all, but even when I dealt huge damage to it, that wolf never once took shelter somewhere to heal its wounds and resume the chase. Wonder why."

"Hmm well I mean, a master never shows its back to their pupils after all."

"Pupil, me?"

"You are yep. That, you see. In a way a battle freak, it loves to fight strong opponents, but it also seems to enjoy watching its opponent growing stronger during the course of a fight. If it finds someone with potentials, it'll go after them and corner them to near breaking limit. That someone will experience a rapid growth if they manage to keep overcoming that."

That reminds Lecan, Shira mentioned how those who survived through Argent Flame Wolf went on to become heroes or kings. So that's what it was about.

"How do I graduate?"

"Who knows. Don't ask me. Is that all you have to ask?"

"No. Still got more. Errr. Right. Did the Founder King of Zaka Kingdom conquer Dungeon Finkel?"

"I wonder. I wasn't told about that. Though I believe he dived in quite deep at least. Regardless, there's no way to defeat that dungeon's boss. Why do you ask anyway?"

"Cause Founder King had <Charm of Soul Crushing Bug>."

Lecan told Shira what transpired at Yufu.

"I see, I see. That happened huh. I always had my suspicion thought. That kid had <Charm of Soul Crushing Bug> on him from the beginning. It was me who told him just what kind of object that was. I warned him that the thing would only bring him ruin if he's not careful with it, I see so he chose to yield it to someone else. Must have taken some courage."


"I mean he'd have no way to prevent that someone from using that thing on him instead."

"Oh yeah for sure. I see. That sure takes courage yeah. Then who gave Founder King the Charm?"

"He said that it had been passed down from his ancestor. I didn't ask for more detail. That thing also had an activation spell in ancient language, didn't it. It must have emerged in this world quite a long time ago."


It always seemed to him that Shira knew Founder King, and sure enough she did. More than just knew even, sounds like she helped him with various stuff. Either way, it doesn't matter to Lecan though.

"Is that all."

"No. Still got more. Can you do something about this?"

Lecan took his <Sword of Toron> out. Cleanly split in two.

"Uwaa. You really did a number to that thing. This is beyond repair. And seeing it's cut down so much, it must have lost all of its magic erasure ability. Go get a new one from Chaney. I'll take this broken sword. Gonna use it in my experiments."

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Shira waved her hand and the <Sword of Toron> on the desk vanished.

"The end?"

"No. Still more. Lots more, wait. Err. Can't recall one right away, way too many."

"Then you can always ask once you do. It's my turn now."

"You need me for something?"

"Yep. Two things in fact."


"Oh, did you recall one?"

"No. It just hit me, Yurika was born from Toron's magic stone I gave you back then."

"She was."

"I showed you Toron's and Vurs's magic stones and told you I'd give you one of them."

"Oh yes you did."

"You seemed quite hesitant back then. But in the end you chose Toron's. Does that mean you didn't have a plan to create Yurika at that point."

"That wasn't it. I had always been wanting to make a partner, or rather a spouse for Jericho for a long time. I mean, who can say when I'm gonna die after all. I tried all kinds of stuff. But none of them bore fruit. I even tried to look for Toron one time. And to think it was lurking in the Great Forest. So yep, I hit a roadblock I couldn't clear away for decades. I thought I was dreaming when Toron's magic stone showed up before my very eyes."

"And yet you looked hesitant."

"Well of course I would. One of those was a magic stone of another world's greater dragon. I might never get another chance to lay my eyes on such a valuable research material ever again."

"I see. So you wanted Vurs's magic stone as a researcher and Toron's as Jericho's owner."

"Well, you could say that yep."

"And you picked Toron's magic stone."

Shira didn't reply back.

Lecan threw some dried fruit in his mouth, munched on them and washed it down with wine.

"Still, reviving Vurs, creating Yurika must require some large scale facilities."

"A bit yep."

"Where in the world did you build such facilities anyway?"

"Who knows. Let's just say that I have a slightly largish burrowing den somewhere."






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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.8


"It's temples."


"Yep. There were cases of Grace Gear that have been offered to gods and received prayers from priests and worshipers over a long period of time changing names through divine interventions. Not a lot of cases mind, but they do exist."

"I, see. So it's Gods' work huh. Grace Gear can change names when Gods come into play."

"Forget names, it's said that some even took on additional or more powerful Graces. I've never verified it myself though."

"You haven't huh."

"I've seen some that have undergone the change, but I've never gotten the chance to compare one before and after."

"Then I guess this is your first."

"Eh? What are you saying n... Hold up."

Shira held out her thin wand once again and this time she even recited a spell to cast <Appraisal> surprisingly enough.

"Oh my, my goodness. <Miko's Prayer>? This Grace wasn't there before. First I've ever come across this Grace. It's an amazing Grace."

It seems that she only paid attention to the Name and not the Graces on her first appraisal. Even Shira could make a blunder.

"Was that originally <Curse Void>?"

"It was yes. And it wasn't an especially strong one. But this Grace here is quite powerful."

"Do you think its <Mana Supplement> Grace has been bolstered?"

"Now that you mention it, I believe so indeed. I'm sure I have records on this Gear, I'm gonna do a double take."

"Was that 'Only those who have been blessed by God Raikores can activate this Jewel's Graces.' passage there in the past too?"

"Yea. That one's always been there."
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Which means Lecan's Appraisal skill was simply lacking back when he cast it on the Gear.

"This jewel was called <Guardian Jewel of Zana> when I first appraised it."

"Say what now. Wait, it was me who taught you <Appraisal> right."

"Yeah. I did the appraising afterward."

"Oh dear me. I should have appraised it at least once back then. If only I knew you had this on you. No, I probably wouldn't go out of my way to do that even if I did know."

Afterward, Lecan told Shira about his connection with Rubianafale, the events that transpired as well as his hypothesis for the reason the Guardian Jewel worked with Lecan.

"I see now. I think your hypothesis is mostly correct there. I mean I'm not well connected with temples, or rather, I've been avoiding them. So I rarely got any chance to witness this kind of phenomena. This has been a precious learning moment. Thanks again."

"Wonder if God Raikores was behind the appearance of <Black Hole> before me at that time and my landing point being near Rubianafale."

"What'd you say? Fufuhn. That might be so if you think about it, but you'd better off not let it weigh on your mind. Were that belief of yours what the Gods truly wanted, they would surely unveil a sign to you. There's no point of going ahead and believing that everything is divine interventions. You live by your own will. You shouldn't deny that."

"I see. I'll do just that. By the way, I've also got this."

Lecan put away <Guardian Jewel of Miko> on the desk and replaced it with the magic stone Argent Flame Wolf left behind.

Shira's eyes opened wide once again.

"Well I'll be. There sure have been a lot of surprise today. Where'd you get your hands on this thing anyway?"

"I got attacked again while traveling through a forest on my way off Yufu. I kept fleeing while minimizing mana consumption and somehow managed to beat it by making use of Genesiac Grace Gear and the <Magic Mirror of Ryin> you gave me."

"You beat it, that thing?"

"With how frequent that thing went after me, I came up with plans to defeat it for real."

"Frequent, went after you? That thing isn't one to resort to that though. Just what did you do to it?"

"Haven't I talked to you about the time that thing went for my life. Have you gone senile, Shira."

"You, don't tell me you got this from a fight against Argent Flame Wolf?"

"Well yeah 'course. How'd you think I got Argent Flame Wolf's magic stone without defeating Argent Flame Wolf."

"Try and appraise it."

Lecan produced his thin wand, calmly kneaded his mana, recited preliminary casting and cast <Appraisal>.

But he couldn't read it.

He concentrated further and made another attempt.

But it was no good. Lecan's <Appraisal> wouldn't go through this magic stone.

"Shira. I can't seem to appraise this."

"Really now. You're capable of some high level appraisal when it comes to swords, but magic stones are a different beast after all. This is the magic stone of Sovereign Dragon Atracia."


"Wipe that stupid look off your face now. That's unbecoming. I'll say it again, this is the magic stone of, Sovereign, Dragon, Atracia."

"Why the heck defeating Argent Flame Wolf netted me Sovereign Dragon's magic stone."

"Argent Flame Wolf must have killed Atracia. And then it left its magic stone behind for you as a gift. I can't think up any other explanation."

"Well I'll be."

"Don'tcha mimic my speech now."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.7


<Name: Sword of Lecan>

<Type: Sword>

<Offense: Medium>

<Hardness: Medium>

<Firmness: Large>

<Sharpness: Medium>

<Wear Rate: Minimum>

<Durability: Maximum>

<Maker: Marquevas>

<Tuner: Mikisuzu>

<Depth: 80>

<Graces: Auto Repair (Large)>

※Auto Repair: Repair damage, reduce wear rate.

Not bad at all.

No. It might be even way too good.

Did this sword have this much Offense back then.

After his experience getting all kinds of swords in Dungeon Tsubolt, Lecan felt that the appraisal result came out a bit too good.

And the Depth being 80. Which is weird.

This sword was not a dungeon item. It was forged by a human blacksmith, Marquevas.

According to Appraiser Termin, swords forged by humans only have Depths that range from 1 to 10. It cannot hope to match the Depths of swords obtained in dungeon depths. However, he also mentioned how swords forged by master blacksmiths could exhibit outstanding performance and handling not made evident through Appraisal alone.

Lecan's trusty sword had an overwhelmingly nice handling. It was the best sword ever to Lecan. But its depth being 80 seems off.

(Hold it.)

(<Auto Repair> turned into a Grace.)

(Right, of course.)
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(Must be it.)

Abilities granted by Enchanters in his original world are appraised as Graces granted by this world's Gods.

Mikisuzu was the Enchanter who enhanced his trusty sword. That was displayed as a <Tuner> in the appraisal result.

Items brought from his world go through some changes in this world.

Depth must be one of such changes. This sword's existential rank or robustness or whatever, Lecan doesn't really get it, must be appraised as <Depth> in this world. That's the only explanation that fits.

"My trusty sword's been repaired. It had been broken into two pieces. And it even got <Auto Repair> function back. Could this be."

"Yep, it's Yacklubend's handiwork. She analyzed the <Auto Repair> jewel embedded on this sword, reforged the broken sword, and re-embedded the jewel back to restore the <Auto Repair> function, see."

"She managed to analyze it huh."

"Yeah. Seems like so. I had her tell me the result later on of course. However, she can't seem to reproduce that jewel. So she can't grant more <Auto Repair> to this world's items. At least not yet."

Lecan was impressed.

He's just happy he got his trusty sword back. And now that he's got it as a failsafe, he can use <Sword of Rusk> without any reservation from now on.

Lecan put his trusty sword in <Storage>.

"I'm grateful for this. Oh yeah Shira, gotta ask you something."

"What is it."

"Can Names read through <Appraisal> change?"

"Names, like whose Name?"

"Say, a sword."

"A sword's name eh. Swords forged by humans ordinarily don't have names. Swords forged by master blacksmiths sometimes get those blacksmiths' names shown in appraisal result. It's called <Signed>. Even an originally nameless sword sometimes gets the name of its wielder if it has been in use for many years by a skilled swordsman. Some call call this <Signed> while some refer to it as <Named>. I think it depends on the school of appraisal. I believe it's to distinguish it with <Signed>, names acquired from master blacksmiths."

"Have there been a <Signed> sword whose name changed into its wielder?"

"There have."

"I see. What about dungeon-dropped swords?"

"You're asking whether this phenomenon occurs with them huh. Dungeon swords never change their names. A dungeon sword with a name means that it's a Grace Gear. Grace Gear's names don't change."

"Don't change eh. Then what's up with this."

Lecan took the <Guardian Jewel of Miko> and put it on the table.

"Well I'll be. So that was with you all this time."

"You know this jewel?"

"Oh I do. Where'd you get it?"

"I stayed at Zaidmahl Territory during my first year in this world."

"Where is that again."

"Way north of Vouka."

"Ah, I see. The land where you beat Earth Dragon Toron, is it. That Zaidmahl Household was the noble house who sold Toron thorns to Chaney Company. It's the land adjacent to the Great Forest."

"That's right. A lady of Zaidmahl House, now known as a maiden of something, got it from her mother and then exchanged the jewel for something I had."

"I see now. So that was where Orie's descendants went to."

"You knew Orie huh."

"I did."

"Go on and appraise this Guardian Jewel."

Shira produced a wand out of thin air, calmly concentrated and appraised the guardian jewel.

Her expression turned into a shock.

"Well I'll be. This thing was definitely <Guardian Jewel of Overlord> back then. And now it's <Guardian Jewel of Miko>. The name's changed. It's a Grace Gear yet it underwent a name change. No wait. Come to think of it, there were cases where Grace Gear change names. Slipped my mind, but it's actually a pretty well known anecdote."

"Hou. Do tell me this anecdote."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.6


Lecan drank down his wine.

He was going to fill it again, but realized the wine bottle has been emptied.

"You got no more wine?"

"Oh I've still got some in the cellar. I'll go fetch one, sit tight now."

Shira went downstairs and came back after a while along with wine, jerky and dried fruit.

"This is one of your hideouts huh."

"Yup, that's right. I hired that old man as a live-in caretaker to manage the house for cheap."

She's bold enough to have a hideout smack dab in the middle of the capital. Apparently there's this proverb, <A shrewd rabbit dig four burrow dens>, but Shira's dens are likely nowhere near as few as four.

Lecan chewed on jerky and drank his wine before asking more about things bothering him.

"How many are these Unique Dragons out there anyway."

"Earth Dragon Ogud, Earth Dragon Imamu, Earth Dragon Toron, Soaring Dragon Yogg, Soaring Dragon Kodan and Soaring Dragon Rudo."

"Six of 'em huh. Hold it. Are you telling me Dungeon Palcimo was created with Argent Flame Wolf's magic stone?"

"It was."

"How many are there Divine Beasts?"

"Burstflame Dragon Vada, Wiseflame Dragon Yanpereron, Sovereign Dragon Atracia, and Argent Flame Wolf Grof."

"Hm? Isn't 'Grof' an individual name?"

"It's the beast's title as well. Argent Flame Wolf remains as Grof no matter how many times it's reborn."

"Ah, I get it now. And there are eight Grand Dungeons. Err. Tsubolt, Palcimo, Yufu, Egis, Finkel and then...  Daina. Then we have <Ocean Dungeon> on Gurijj Island, huh wait? Ah, forgot about Wado. There's really just eight."

"Yep, that's eight."

"If we regard Unique Dragons the same as Divine Beasts, there are ten of them in total. Yet there's only eight Grand Dungeons. Where's the other two?"

"Not all wine is created from one type of grape."

It took Lecan a bit of time to digest the meaning of her words.

"There's Grand Dungeons made from multiple Divine Beasts' magic stones!"

"Why do you look so happy? Every Grand Dungeons besides Palcimo on this continent was made from a Unique Dragon's magic stone with the sole exception of Gurijj's dungeon which was made from three magic stones taken from Burstflame Dragon Vada, Wiseflame Dragon Yanpereron, and Sovereign Dragon Atracia. That's also why that dungeon turned out so absurd. None managed to conquer it even today."

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"So why do you look so happy again?"

"Why'd they make them?"


"Why did those grand mages in ancient times make Grand Dungeons. What's their goal."

"Why indeed. Perhaps it was because they concluded that they could make it happen at the end of a great many research. I can't come up with another reason, really. It's just in researcher's nature to aspire to reproduce Gods' creations. After all, creating Grand Dungeons from Divine Beasts' magic stones would be the greatest demonstration of reproducing the biggest, most complex form of phenomenon in this world. The knowledge they gained from carrying out the act must have been monumental. Even ancient magic was perfected through such experience, which eventually gave birth to the current form of magic. Same with the engineering knowledge for magic tools. The prosperity present day humans enjoy is only possible through the supports of many many technologies and knowledge born from such experiments."

"Kinda feel like you're dodging the question with sophistry but fine. Still, why must it be Grand Dungeons, can't they start with smaller ones?"

"Apparently it was unfeasible."


"After observing dungeons in this world, those ancient mages did made the attempts to create their own. After some long arduous processes and lots of experiments, they found out that human hands just cannot create a dungeon unless it's a Grand Dungeon that makes use of Divine Beast's magic stone, so I heard. The method to create small and medium sized dungeons is a mystery that eludes humanity."

"I'm getting a headache."


"Ah, thanks. No wait, that's wrong. Well anyway, I get that researchers are terrifying. Ah, that's it!"

"What's it."

"Yacklubend! Are you aware just what did that thing make me go through."

"She's sorry."


"She would like to give an explanation for her action in person. Would you go see her?"

"Absolutely not. Rather, that thing survived huh."

"She's still alive. Kinda in a terrible state. But alive."

"I'll make sure to deliver the finishing blow if we ever meet again."

"Your stance is completely justified. But for now, have a look at this."

Shira produced a sword out of nowhere.

The scabbard didn't look familiar, but the handle did.

Lecan took the sword and pulled it out of the scabbard.


He spoke out loud without realizing.

It's his trusty sword.

The same trusty sword Lecan brought to this world.

It broke to the point of being irreparable in his fight against a Greatarm Ogre in Dungeon Golbul, but Shira took an interest on it, and borrowed it from Lecan, after which she gave it to Yacklubend. Which in turn made Yacklubend take an interest on Lecan. Looking back, that was the impetus of this huge blunder.

Lecan put the sword on the desk, took the brown wand Shira gave her, collected himself and recited a spell.

"O Gafra Dafra, mirror that reflects all truth, o wisdom of terminus. Clear away the arcane light of bewildering mist pointed by my wand, passed through by my mana, cast light upon its true actuality. <Appraisal>!"




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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.5


"I've got lots to ask you. So many, I'm not sure where to begin."

"Then how about you start with the most recent thing that bothered you?"

"That's it. Finkel."


"I went to Finkel's last floor."

"You finally went there huh."

"About Jericho."

Shira sent a glance, 'what about him', before sipping her wine goblet.

"There's something inscribed on the wall pedestal where the chain extended out. <Name Jericho>. That must be the same Jericho as your pet ape, the Longarm Ape, no, a magic beast made to look like a Longarm Ape, that's currently staying in Vouka's Goncourt Mansion."

Shira sipped her wine once again and only spoke after enjoying the mouthful.

"What makes you think that?"


"Fufu. Instinct is it. Well I'll be. Those familiar with dungeons would usually never reach that conclusion. You know how dungeon magic beasts can't be taken out, don't you?"

"Of course. You fought the boss of Dungeon Finkel, a giant Greatarm Ogre, and severed its anchor to the dungeon by naming it Jericho. That action has made Dungeon Finkel remain in an unusual state where its boss is alive yet missing. That's probably also the reason why you can freely warp to any floor there."

"Now this is a shock. Is that your instinct at work also?"

"It is."

"Amazing really. As expected. Though that's no mere instinct. You've been observing my ways of doings things all this time, then paired with your own knowledge, experience and <Name Jericho>, all that combined must have brought you to that conclusion. Without being misled by common sense and surface level knowledge. You're really fit to be a researcher, you know."

"Why'd you do that."

Shira stared at her wine goblet and only spoke after a long silence.

"I delved in Finkel, conquered every floor there before finally arriving at the last one. There I fought the dungeon boss, a Greatarm Ogre. It was simply monstrous. It had <Magic Void>, <Hardening>, <Strength Double>, <Strength Fivefold>, <Strength Tenfold>, <Self Healing> abilities, none of my attacks would work, and those that did got healed up right away. I finally beat it after a long struggle that lasted 3 days and 3 nights, mind you, I was completely worn out by then."

"You, beat it huh."

"I did. But just as it was on the verge of disappearing, truly in the very last moment, I used an artifact my master passed to me to breathe a new life into being, carried out the Naming Ritual to rewrite its existence and took it out of the dungeon. I cast magic to make it look like an ordinary Longarm Ape in daily life. It can turn back into its original form anytime it wants though."

"What's up with those chains?"

"Those were there from the beginning. At first the Ogre was chained down, but once it took a certain amount of damage, it would be let loose and free to move around. That was when the fight began for real. And as for your question, why I did that. I don't know."


"I don't understand why I did all that myself. But I thought to myself at the terminus of that long struggle to death. I'm done with fighting, I don't wish for any more battle after this. That's probably why I made a vow to God Elex. 'I'm abstaining from fighting inside dungeon forever, so give this creature to me'."

This was Lecan's turn to fall into silence.
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Lecan drank down his wine twice, and asked for seconds before speaking thus.

"I see. So far so good. But what is Yurika then. That and Jericho, I'm not sure how to properly express it, but they're very similar beings. Like on the same rank, same nature. Is that thing a dungeon boss too?"

"Nope. That's a Longarm Ape that was born directly from a magic stone."

"Yeah, that's no Longarm Ape. Wait, directly from a magic stone?"

"Don't you remember? That thing you gave me. Earth Dragon Toron's magic stone."

"Wha? What are you going on about now?"

"Huh? Didn't I give you an explanation already. About how Grand Dungeons were created by great mages in an age long gone."

"You did."

"Have I told you how the cores used in the creations of Grand Dungeons must be magic stones from either Unique Dragons or Divine Beings?"

"You didn't. News to me. Divine Beasts' magic stones, did I hear that right."

"You sure did. That's the reason Grand Dungeons have their own quirks and peculiarities. Since Dungeon Finkel was created with Earth Dragon Toron's as its core, you can create a being with the same trait as Dungeon Finkel's boss from its magic stone."

"Wait, isn't Toron supposed to be born from Toron's magic stone."

"Well now. How should I go about explaining this I wonder. Right right. A grape seed sown and given a proper care will grow into a grape tree complete with leaves and trunks, right. Taking seeds from that tree and sowing them will bring forth more grape trees. This is similar with how Earth Dragon Toron coming to live from Earth Dragon Toron's magic stone. The circle of life. However, there can only be one Toron existing in the same period of time. This goes for other plants, you can make more grapes from grapes, potatoes from potatoes."

"I don't get it but let's say I do. So how'd you make Grand Dungeons then."

"Processing grapes with specific steps produces wine. Yet sprinkling wine on the ground won't make a grape tree grow. Say you get your hands on a Dungeon Finkel boss's magic stone, you can't recreate Toron nor can you make Dungeon Finkel with it."

"I don't get it, but I get it. But then, if Toron comes back to life through its magic stone, and you've created Yurika from Toron's magic stone, does that mean there's no more new Toron now?"

"Nope. Divine Beasts will always come back to existence even without their magic stones. Gonna take quite a bit longer though."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.4


After leaving Finkel, Lecan proceeded to the capital.

He headed for Wazrof's mansion where he had a meal and one night stay before leaving for Mashajain. He was worried about Norma. He gotta check up if Yacklubend messed with her during his absence.

He pondered on the things he witnessed as he walked in a crowd.

A boss-less dungeon.

The dungeon being in an odd state.

The meaning of <Name Jericho> inscription.

What is Name anyway.

Spy Nirfut once said this.

"Lecan-sama. In this world, you would either lose protection or incur Gods wrath if you change your name without a just cause. Changing one's name is not to be taken lightly at all."

The act of giving a Name in this world carries a serious weight behind it.

And one such event occurred there.

A certain hypothesis was getting formed within Lecan.

There's no denying that it's an absurd notion, but the being that carried it out is someone that cannot be measured up with common sense.

It's probably the correct assumption.

No doubt.

Lecan's intuition is pretty much convinced that he's arrived at the right conclusion.


He stopped walking when someone called his name.

Two hooded men were headed his way as they navigated their way around the crowd.

They look somewhat familiar.

"If it isn't Lecan-sama. I had no idea you were visiting the capital."


"It has been quite some time. I'm Apothecary Shizam."

"And I'm Apothecary Mashram."

"Oh, you guys Guide Skalabel's pupils?"

"Yes! I'm glad we could see each other again."

"Glad to see you guys doing well. Is Skalabel doing alright?"

"Yes. Guide-sama is doing really well. Lecan-sama. Pardon me, but your eye."

"Ah. Got a God Cure in a dungeon. I can see with both eyes now."




Mashram looked around before inching closer to Lecan and spoke in whisper.

"Were you aware that Shira-sama is currently staying at Guide-sama's place?"

"Nah, didn't know. Ah, but she did mention it. I see. She's still there now huh?"

"Yes. Since five days ago."

"Guide-sama is in a really good mood, he's been declining all the tasks he could afford to while immersing himself talking with Shira-sama. And also."

Shizam paused there and resumed in a very low volume.

"They have been casting <Purification> on one another every night."

"Haha. That's good. Yeah. That's real good."

"Would you like to come as well Lecan-sama. I'm sure Guide-sama would be ecstatic."

"Yea. Was just thinking of going to see Shira. Will you lead me there."

Mashram parted ways to resume his task, while Shizam led Lecan to Skalabel's mansion.

A warm smile surfaced on Skalabel's age-chiseled face as he welcomed Lecan.

His condition is looking really good. And younger. His skin has a healthy complexion and most importantly, he's moving around with supple forces. His head lacks hair same as always however.

Shira was there.

She seems somewhat more energetic than the last time he saw her.

No, she is for sure. Shira must have been casting <Purification> on herself after that point on.

The three chatted happily for a while. Several pupils behind them were listening to them, but Lecan didn't really care for some reason. The first topic was of course about Lecan's left eye. Lecan told them how he got a God Cure after defeating a dungeon boss while omitting which dungeon it was.

Skalabel had to leave for the royal palace. Shira thus spoke as he was about to depart.

"Skalabel. I will be heading out somewhere with Lecan. I likely won't be back tonight."

"Eh? That is a shame. O master, will you come back here tomorrow?"

"I can't make a promise. But I'll be sure to show myself up once before leaving the capital."

"It's a relief to hear that. Then, I shall be off. Ah, Senior Brother. Will you send me an invitation to your wedding ceremony?"
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"Stop using that title. Aren't you barred from leaving the capital?"

"I shall make it happen surmounting all difficulties."

"You don't need to force yourself, but I got it. I'll let Marquis of Mashajain know to send you an invitation. Just one's enough yeah?"

"It would be great if you could extend it to me and Amamir. And also a few other attendants."

"Got it. Should be no problem."

After seeing Skalabel off, Shira and Lecan left Skalabel's mansion.

Shira walked on.

Lecan followed her in silent.

Eventually, Shira passed through a gate of a mansion in a quiet residential area.

Lecan followed along while bending his head.

"Oh. Welcome back."

An elderly man cleaning the garden greeted Shira.

"Yep. I've got a guest today. Go ahead and eat some good food somewhere once you're done. And also, I'm sorry but could you stay at an inn or go back to your home just for tonight."

She gave the elderly man one big silver coin as she said that.

"Thank you very much. Then I suppose I'll go see my grandchildren after getting them some gifts."


Lecan followed Shira to the second floor.

They went in a room there, Shira offered a seat to Lecan before she took two goblets and a wine bottle from the shelves and poured it on Lecan's and her own goblets.

"Cheers for our reunion, Jo Jood."

"Jo Jood."

The wine slipped down his throat, revitalizing Lecan's whole body.

"Phew. Good stuff."

"Good to hear."

"Got heaps of things to ask you."

"Yeah, kinda got that sense."

As he wondered where to start, Lecan sipped the wine off his goblet. And asked for seconds.

"Skalabel looked so happy."

"Ah. Oh he was awfully excited alright."

"Same to you too."

"I can't recall how many years ago since the last time I could talk to other people while having fun."

"You mean hundreds of years."

"Shush now. I could say the same to you, you know, you had these gentle and gleeful looks in your eyes as you watched Skalabel talking."

"Yea. That's a good guy. A wonderful guy. I'm glad to see him getting better. And that extends to his heart this time around. Most welcome."

"Right right, I'm sure you're inviting me to your wedding too, aren't you."

Lecan's eyes popped wide open in surprise.

"You gonna come if I did?"

"How could you not invite me when you invited Skalabel. I'm going."

Lecan wanted to ask if she'd be alright coming, but it's Shira, she'll be fine.

"OK, I'll make sure an invitation letter get delivered to your hideout in Vouka. Nothing would make me happier than your presence in the ceremony."

"I see you've learned your way around words that please people. Very nice, very nice."




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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.3


Lecan was unsure what to do after parting ways with Derstan.

He initially didn't have any plan to get in the dungeon. Or at least he would only pass through the entrance before immediately heading out.

After all it's just unfeasible with the armor he has on now.

There's no way he can afford exploring a Grand Dungeon without getting his armor sorted out at Mashajain or waiting for his Yufu's armor to get there.

However, you can warp straight to the last floor in this dungeon.

And there's no enemy there to boot. Thus one can sightsee safely.

Lecan deemed that Derstan's explanation could be swallowed pretty much as is.

He's getting restless.

He'd like to see this last floor.

And breathe in the air.

Lecan couldn't hold back the sudden burst of curiosity.


(I'll just take a quick look.)

(No fighting.)

He walked to the entrance. It's quite a huge one.

He showed the green medal to the gatekeepers and got in.

The insides were also quite spacious.

This much space is enough for even 500 knights to gather here and warp away together.


The floor numbers came up in his head.

All the numbers are lit up, indicating you can warp there.

He scanned down and found number 180 lit up as well.


Lecan jumped to floor 180.

It's dim.

There's an entrance ahead of him.

This place must be where the stairway would be in other dungeons.

There's no magic beast around.

He stopped moving with his eyes closed.

Eyes would accustom themselves in the dark by doing this.

He ruminated with his eyes shut.

The last floor's magic beast was said to be a Greatarm Ogre. That was probably this dungeon's boss, and the fact that its identity got passed down means it must have existed once before. Some may have succeeded defeating it even. No, seeing as a Genesiac Grace Gear already got dropped in this dungeon, this boss must have been defeated once at least.

But then, one day it just vanished.

If it didn't respawn after its defeat, this dungeon should have gone dormant forever.

Yet this dungeon is awake. And it's in an odd state where one can warp to any floor.

Meaning this dungeon's functions have gone haywire. Something must have happened to cause that.

And what would that something be.

Lecan slowly opened his eyes.

It's spacious.

He's never been in a dungeon where the spot before a room's entrance is this spacious.
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(A huge number of people can get in at once this way.)

Lecan walked up to the entrance and got in the room.

He felt a spine-chilling jolt.

It's huge.

An exceptionally huge dome of rock.

Derstan said that the height and width reached hundreds of steps, but Lecan estimated that the highest point is only 300 steps and the depth is only about a little more than 300 steps.

"<Graph Make>."

This floor's map surfaced on his mind.

There's only one room. This room.

And there's no dot signifying a magic beast.

Neither are explorers of course.

Lecan is the only being here right now.

As he took a breath, he realized how he was feeling a bit tensed up.

There's no smell.

But he could sense some sort of vestiges, faint remains of something.

The air is dense.

With a peculiar atmosphere.

How should it be expressed.

It's like a throne missing its king.

Or a beastless cage.

This is no place one should carelessly tread upon.

Lecan found some curious wall deep in the dimly lit dome thus he set out there.

There are rocks cut into rectangular shaped objects on the rocky wall deep in the dome.

Two just above the ground, and another quite high above.

Metal chains extend out of these rectangular rocks, with ring-like metal objects seemingly used to bind something at the end of the chains.

These metal rings must have been originally cylindrical when they're not unfastened as they are now.

The chains are of such enormity and weight.

They're thicker than even Lecan's torso.

And these metal rings.

If they are truly fetters, the things they bound must be as thick as giant trees.

Lecan looked up above.

The massive metal ring hanging at the end of the chain extended from the rock wall above reflected an ominous dull light on Lecan's head.

These chains and rings do look like a restraining device.

The two chains below must be binding the Greatarm Ogre's legs, while the one above is for its neck.

That would put the height estimate of this Ogre to around thrice of Lecan's.

Derstan said that the Greatarm Ogre was the size of a mountain, but that's an exaggeration. However it's most definitely a terrifyingly powerful magic beast.

Lecan had fought a Greatarm Ogre three times thus far, Dungeon Golbul's boss.

He was overwhelmed by its strength in their first fight.

The strength it possessed was on a whole different level than the other magic beasts just one floor above in the same dungeon.

Greatarm Ogres are simply that powerful.

A magic beast with that speed, power and destructive force at three times the size would be an absurd force to be reckoned with.

On top of that, it was the Dungeon Boss of a 180-floor long Grand Dungeon of Finkel.

The strength this Greatarm Ogre possessed must be beyond compare.

Even the vestiges of this strength were enough to harrow Lecan with a sense of oppressiveness.

He looked down.

The rock walls and grounds where the two objects sit have nothing of note. But what about the top one.


Lecan cast magic on himself as he floated above.

He kept floating and stopped just ahead of the rock object.

There's nothing particularly special about it. It's solid and unwavering, giving off an impression no one could make it budge.


Lecan slowly floated once again and stopped in front of the space just above the rock object.


(There's some sort of letters inscribed on it.)

He stared hard in the dim condition.

Then he read the inscribed letters.

<Name Jericho>




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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.2


"As you might have known already, there is a belief in this country that knights should devote their training to focus in interpersonal combats and leave all the magic beast fighting to the adventurers."


"Under Founder King's policy, all Knights of the Kingdom are obliged to train in Dungeon Finkel, and this obligation extends to us Temple Knights as well to a point. However, in reality us Temple Knights only go into the dungeon as a formality without actual training done. Even the Kingdom Knights don't always gain strength during their dungeon diving regimes."


"But that's all in the past now. Kingdom Knights are challenging Dungeon Finkel in earnest, and even us Temple Knights have put aside our differences and join hands together in our Dunngeon Finkel diving regime."

The 18 Temple Knights are wearing slightly different armors and different crests on those armors. It must be an assemble of Temple Knights from multiple temples.

"What's with the change of heart."

"What are you saying now. This is all thanks to you, Lecan-dono."


"After my encounter with you, I thought to myself. The only way for us Temple Knights to go toe to toe with Depth-walking Dungeon Adventurers is for us to also delve into dungeons. Founder King's order was never in the wrong."

"You planning to fight me?"

"I do not plan to fight you. Neither do I want to fight Shira-dono. But I realized that there would have been no way for us to defend the temple if an individual on your level ever launched an attack."

"Hmm? Well I guess that line of thinking isn't wrong."

"Vice Commander of Royal Capital Knights, Zaifad Kacchini, and another vice commander, Neisan Aspell appear to have reached similar conclusions, they're leading the packs in challenging the dungeon. I believe they have amassed quite the strength now."

One of those was probably the knight Lecan handiliy gave a beatdown at Vouka Lord's mansion, and the other should be one of the knights who escorted Guide Skalabel to Vouka. Lecan was surprised to find that the two of them see Lecan as thus. But now that he mentions it, it might come as such a surprise after all.

"Kingdom Knights were originally established to participate in wars, but there has not been one in the last hundred years or so. Nowadays their duties are mostly to act as escorts for royal envoys and the royalty outside the capital. But they have acquired a new resolve after their run-in with Lecan-dono. And thus we all started the regime in earnest, and what do we know, the results came to fruition early."


"Ah, no. Please forget what I just said. Lecan-dono. Allow me to introduce my fellow Temple Knights."


Derstan introduced all 17 temple knights standing by behind him.

Every one of them was confidently strong without exceptions. There were intensity in their eyes as they saw Lecan. The curious kind.

(These guys are good.)

(Think about on par with Yufu Knights?)

(None of 'em matches Duo though.)

"There are 30 other fellow knights beside us, we enter Dungeon Finkel in a rotation."

"What's the right amount of people to explore Dungeon Finkel?"
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"20 to 50 are said to be ideal numbers."

"All 50 together and they can still fight huh. Meaning the floors' quite wide yeah?"

"Lecan-dono, how much do you know about Dungeon Finkel?"

"That it's got 180 floors, in Royal Family's land, and you need permission from them to get in."

"I see. Most of the floors in Dungeon Finkel are wide and spacious not unlike meadows, then it turns into a cavern floor every 50 floors."


"In meadow floors, the magic beasts move in groups, ranging from 10 to 200 per group. We have records of a maximum of 300 beasts in a group. Hence, the knights usually also move in a group of 50 to 100."

"That sounds just like Dungeon Yufu."

"Is that true? I did not know about that. I'm told this dungeon is quite a peculiar one."

"Dungeon Rotor's got meadows too but a party only consists of four to five. There were also dungeons that got a party of 50, but they probably don't get much that way, and hard to fight. Yeah, this dungeon's peculiar alright."

"I see. I knew it. I'm not too well versed in other dungeons as you can surmise. Back to the topic, these cavern floors only house one lone enemy. They're extremely tough, and we fight by besieging them."

"What types of magic beasts spawn here?"

"It's apes. Only Ape Ogre Magic Beasts spawn in Dungeon Finkel. This applies to meadow and cavern floors, but the Ape Ogres that spawn in cavern floors are exceedingly large and strong."

"Hou. Guessing these caverns are pretty big too."

"They are. I mean by the last floor, 180, its height and width reach hundreds of steps."

"What. You've conquered the last floor?"

"Oh no no. That just cannot be done. After all there are no magic beasts on the last floor."

"What'd you say?"

"Apparently one did exist in the past. But it vanished somewhere in the annals of history. Nothing but the gigantic fetters that chained that giant magic beast remain on the last floor."

"Hmmm? But seeing as you've gotten to the last floor, you must have conquered the previous 179 floors at least, no?"

"Eh? No, that's not the case. Ah, right. You cannot proceed to the next floor unless you defeat an especially strong individual on that floor in other dungeons, was it. That's not how it works in Finkel. Anyone who has stepped inside this dungeon can <Warp> to any floor, even to the last floor."

Afterward, Derstan gave Lecan a lowdown on Dungeon Finkel.

The Royal Family holds detailed documents on every single floors in Dungeon Finkel, thus Derstan's group would educate themselves on what kind of enemy appear on what floor and how to deal with them as well as coming up with the right composition and number of people before attempting to explore.

Dungeon Finkel has a good drop rate of treasure chests, and potions drop a lot even on shallow floors. Hence they can explore with a good supply of potions, and potions are useful even outside this dungeon.

On top of that, they are furnished with the finest equipment available to them. All of it allows them to dive deeper and deeper, getting stronger all the while minimizing casualties. Since some of the Temple Knights can use <Recovery>, they are able to work the dungeon out with a relatively small number of people.

Magic beasts that spawn in Dungeon Finkel generally employ physical attacks.

Some of the magic beasts can attack with venomous claws, or use <Intimidation> abnormal status, and very rarely spew fireballs, but they're few far and between, neither are they a threat to the Temple Knights.

The magic beast on the last floor had vanished long before the founding of Zaka Kingdom.

According to the legend, it was a Greatarm Ogre the size of a mountain with an enormous strength.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.1


Lecan went eastward from Dungeon of Carrion King, and eventually got into the highway that leads to the Capital.

Lecan took it easy in this journey.

He was taking a stroll.

Watching all kinds of things as he walked.

Taking in the wonderfulness of this world as seen through a pair of eyes.

He watched as people and wagons passed by him and imagined how many steps it would take to reach them and how he should he swing his sword.

He watched trees and flowers and formulated in his head how many steps to get to them and how the slices should be angled.

The sense of distance he could never grasp with just his right eye is now within his grasp. He can now precisely enumerate just how should he move his legs, his body, his arms and how he should slice and dice his targets.

He could do all that with <3D Perceptions> yes, but now his own body can sense them. He's not acting out of combined calculations, but through bodily instincts. Put to words, it's like being able to sense the distance between you and other people through your skin.

He couldn't contain his excitement.

Even the air his nose inhales feels like nothing before, like a fragrant scent is wafting.

He might have been too in a hurry all this time, thought Lecan.

He always thought that traveling is about going from one place to another, the faster the less time wasted.

But now Lecan feels like he should enjoy the act of traveling itself.

Watching the scenery, watching the traffic while imagining the ways to slash and defeat trees, grass and people.

It's all just too much fun.

So this is what you call a journey, thought Lecan.

He stopped by Egis along the way and took a look at the dungeon.

An unbelievable amount of people went in and out of the dungeon.

They had out-of-place outfits on them.

They look exactly like farmers departing to do farming labor.

They all would go into the dungeon together and then also go out together carrying swelled up sacks with them. Many tamed Longarm Apes are standing by near the entrance, those farmers hand over those sacks to those apes who then transport them to a huge stone building.

According to a soldier he asked, Egis's shallow floors are relatively safe, and defeating immobile plant-type magic beasts called <Salt Spheres (Wirij)> there drop salt, thus Egis has turned into a dungeon that specializes in salt production.

That's pretty much just a regular farming, thought Lecan which he kept to himself.

Of course there's also many real adventurers around. They are those who dive deep. But the number of salt farmers utterly overtake such adventurers, you don't see them around.

Lecan would like to give a dive but he's lacking many equipment currently.

And since it's a Grand Dungeon, he would like to take his time tackling it.

Therefore, he gotta give up on the idea this time.
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He went eastward.

There's a lot of foot traffic on the highways. However, the path is narrow compared to Capital-Gido/Smarch highways and with less people despite both being part of Dungeon Highways.

Before long, the capital came into view ahead.

The road is forked, with one leading right.

It's the path to Dungeon Finkel. It's not made of stone pavements, but gravels.

(I'm just gonna take a quick look at this dungeon.)

Lecan stepped onto the gravel road.

He eventually came across a wall and a gate guarded by two gatekeepers. Both are carrying spears on them.

They're glaring hard at Lecan. One of the gatekeepers spoke.

"You are in a private land that belongs to the Royal Family."

Lecan showed the green medal the royalty gave him to the gatekeepers.

The two gatekeepers' attitude had a complete change.

"Pardon us. Please go on ahead."

"This place is Dungeon Finkel yeah?"

"Sir. Yes sir."

Lecan went through the gate.

There's an open space with big stone buildings to the right.

To the left is what appears to be the dungeon entrance with two guards keeping watch.

The foot traffic in the open space are all consisted of knights.

A group of horse riders came out of the building side.

It's a group of knights.

18 of them.

Every single one of them is quite skilled. All of them have considerable mana pools as well.

The leading individual raised his right hand, the group halted.

That individual got down his horse and walked up to Lecan while pulling the horse along.

The other 17 also did the same thing.

Five steps away from Lecan, the leading individual stopped and spoke up to him.

"Lecan-dono. It has been awhile."

"Sure is. Derstan, was it."

"Yes. Derstan Barmoa, a Temple Knight under the Capital Elex Temple. It's truly an honor to have you remember me, Lecan-dono."

If he were to be honest, Lecan couldn't recall Derstan until the other party initiated the conversation. He just thought the man looked familiar.

Lecan's confusion is understandable.

Derstan has gotten very burly.

Lecan always thought this knight was quite able, but him looking slightly lanky and slippery couldn't be denied either. But now, on top of his doubled body size, the aura around him has also changed. It's overflowing with intensity. That's then paired with a sense of elusiveness. This man is also supposedly quite knowledgeable in magic. Lecan can't even imagine just what kind of tricks he's hiding were they fight.

"You've gotten stronger huh."

"Hearing that from you makes me all the more eager to resume our special regime. Likewise, what could have happened to you? You're like a whole new man. I understand that you have conquered Tsubolt and Palcimo yes, but this is."

"Special regime?"

"Yes. I have been frequenting Finkel during the past two and half years."

"Hou. As a Dungeon Knight?"

"That's what common knights use to deride knights who raise their life force in Dungeons. I do not recommend uttering those words straight to their faces. It's actually quite an insult."

"My bad. Had no idea."

Dungeon Knights are seen in a higher standing at Yufu, but this custom may be exclusive to Yufu.

"Not at all. I'm aware that you meant no harm after all. Besides, you, Lecan-dono, are the reason I made the resolve to proceed with this special regime."





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Okami wa Nemuranai 52.13


After having his meal, Lecan lay down on his side and stopped thinking.

(So majestic.)

The greenery of the trees, the pouring sunlight and even the blue sky high above.

To think this world was such a majesty to behold.

The world as seen through a pair of eyes is such a vast and bountiful one.

He could hear sounds from a flock of flying birds afar.


(Looks like they're heading this way.)

Lecan got up and took a bow and arrows from <Storage>.

They're common bow and arrows made by human craftsman.

He nocked the arrow and waited for the flock to pass by him.

They flew slightly further to the side.

Lecan let the arrow loose.

It hit its target, a bird that then fell down the ground.

Lecan was surprised by this feat he just did.

He's never been good enough in archery to shoot down a bird flying in the sky accurately.

Yet he knew he'd hit the instance he let the arrow go.

(Is it thanks to me having two working eyes now?)

The shot bird is a beautiful turquoise-colored bird.

With a black head and plume tips. And a slight white color on its neck.

He couldn't remember the name but he's eaten a few of these before.

They taste really good.

He hung the body upside down on a tree branch, cut its neck and stomach before taking the entrails out.

Gonna take some time until it loses all its blood.

Lecan grabbed <Sword of Rusk> out and took a stance with his right hand.

It's different.

There's just something different about it.

It just fits and settles, as if his nerves have been connected to the tip of his sword.

He took one swing at empty air.


There really is something different.

Lecan came to a nearby tree and slashed with his sword.

One of the branches fell down.
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Lecan stared hard at his sword.

Then at his sword-gripping hand.

Neither the sword nor his grip have changed.

Yet it's different.

It's nothing like yesterday.

He swung the sword again.

A leaf flew off the branch into the air.

Lecan swung his sword twice before the leaf could hit the ground.

The leaf got split into three as it fell.


Lecan was shocked at this.

This feat was not possible for him until now.

Hitting falling leaves with a sword is not at all difficult but actually cutting them is another thing.

Besides, <Sword of Rusk> doesn't have the sharpest blade. A blade that's too sharp is also too brittle, unfit for real combat.

And yet he just cut down a falling leaf with one such sword.

And twice at that.

His precision with a sword has seen a remarkable improvement.

It's the eyes.

This is thanks to his regained vision on both eyes.

Lecan acquired <3D Perception> ability in the battle where he lost his left eye.

This ability allows him to detect what's going on all around him over a large area.

Lecan ceased to have blind spots after getting this ability. He can sense how his opponents are moving even beyond obstacles. This ability gives him an incredible advantage when he's fighting multiple opponents.

However, <3D Perception> gives him a sort of a bird's eye view as if he's overlooking himself from slightly above. He needed to retrain his senses in how to move his body right, swing his word and defeat his opponent while in this state. And Lecan's battle prowess became leaps and bounds better after he mastered this retrained sense.

Then does that mean his left eye is useless in battle, no, that's not the case.

Ultimately, some things can only be observed through bare eyes.

Even with <3D Perception>'s assistance, he still needed to combine it with information acquired from his right eye whenever he swings a sword. Against formidable opponents, information gained through his right eye plays a much bigger role.

And now, after having fought over countless battles over the years like that, his left eye got back its vision.

This enables him to precisely grasp where his blade is and which trajectory he should take to cut things as he willed.

This is the exact time where information gathered by his tempered <3D Perceptions> and both his eyes come together in the truest sense.

Lecan's swordsmanship has been sharpened to a new height.

Lecan lost himself in cutting branches and leaves.

He was laughing before he realized.

Cutting branches and leaves all the while.

The day grew darker.

And he found out how he could still see well even in dimly lit conditions compared to when he still only had his right eye.

That fact delighted him further as he kept swinging his sword.

Lecan finally sheathed his sword once the surroundings had gotten completely dark.

(I'm starving.)

He lowered the upside down hanged bird and processed it.

Then he recalled a dish Eda made using this bird as an ingredient.

That was good stuff.

He had just bought the same vegetables Eda used then at Tiren Village.

(Guess I'll give it a whirl.)

He cut off the fatty content, wrap it around the lean meat part and skewered them.

He peeled the vegetables, cut the inner part into chunks and slid them into skewers.

He repeated this process turning them into a meat and vegetable skewers.

However, the first and last parts are both meat.

Then he sprinkled a mix of shaved rock salt and earthy dried nuts on them.

And it's done.

He stabbed the completed meat skewer near the camp fire.

He made more of the same dish and stabbed them all around the campfire.

He sipped some booze as he waited for the cooking process.

Before long, he grabbed a nicely grilled meat skewer and chowed it down.


He reflexively spoke out loud.

He sipped more booze.

And munched on the meat skewers one after another while gulping down the booze every once in a while.

More and more booze.

Smoke rising from the campfire keeps going up into the night sky.

I'm gonna live as freely as this smoke, thought Lecan.

The starry sky high above glittered, giving its blessing to Lecan.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 52.12


The appraisal result came as a huge surprise to Lecan.

(The name's changed?)

(Is that something that happens?)

This Grace Gear was for sure called <Guardian Jewel of Zana>.

Lecan had appraised it twice until this point, so he couldn't be wrong.

Results of appraisals may and do change as the appraiser gets better.

The results could also differ with particular usages like appraising only the blade part of a sword.

But can the name even change.

(No clue.)

(I lack the fundamental knowledge to draw conclusion on this stuff.)

(Gonna just ask Shira the next time I see her.)

Then it hit Lecan.

He always believed that this Grace Gear was officially named <Guardian Jewel of Zana>.

Hence he thought the <Guardian Jewel of Overlord> as Rubianafale's mother called it was just its known name in public.

(That might not be the case.)

It was previously <Overlord> then <Zana> then eventually changed to <Miko>. That might have been it.

Nevertheless, <Miko's Prayer> wasn't there before.

Master appraiser Termin mentioned how inexperienced appraisers sometimes miss a Grace or two, but Lecan is sure that this row was previously <Curse Void> or something. Meaning the Grace changed.

Can Grace Gear even have their Graces changed?

And what does <Tuner: Orie, Rubianafale> even mean. He's never seen this row in all his appraisals before.

No clue.

It's all complete unknown.

And the most puzzling passage is this, 'Only those who have been blessed by God Raikores can activate this Jewel's Graces.' Just what in the world is this.

Lecan doesn't worship God Raikores.

He's never visited Raikores Temple nor has he ever offered valuable objects to the god.

He doesn't even know what's the teaching like.

He should be completely detached from this God Raikores's Grace thing.



Lecan has no connection whatsoever with God Raikores.

However, Rubianafale does.

She comes from a lineage of Raikores Temple's maiden.

He forgot was it <Harvest Maiden> or <Blessing Maiden>, but she's supposedly bearing God Raikore's favor to the point it brings prosperity to the whole of Yufu.

And Lecan just saved Rubianafale.

He protected her from four assassins in Zaidmahl Household.

Then he recently saved her again from a crisis in Yufu.

There's nothing shocking about receiving God Raikores's blessing considering he is the savior of the favored human of God Raikores.

And that's not all.

He also saved Rubianafale from a magic beast's attack when he first came down to this world.

Despite it being a complete coincidence, God Raikores must be thankful for Lecan's assist.

Right as he thought that far, something tugged on his mind.

He pondered just what it was about.

And came to a conclusion.
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(Was that really a coincidence?)

Rubianafale was under attack by a magic beast.

Then Lecan who came from another world emerged somewhere very close to her.

He then defeated that magic beast, saving Rubianafale in the process.

Rubianafale wouldn't have been saved if it wasn't by someone on Lecan's level of strength.

Had he been transported someplace else, he would be blissfully unaware of Rubianafale's crisis nor would he come running to her.

Could such a convenient coincidence really happen?

(Could it be.)

It can't be that God Raikores was the one who summoned him here, can it.

No well, of course, Lecan jumped into the Black Hole on his own volition. No one influenced him on that.

But could God Raikores be the reason for that very rare, pretty much an object of legend, <Black Hole> appearing before Lecan at that timing.

No clue.

He's got no clue, but that explanation sounds more probable than calling it a coincidence out of sheer luck.

(Guess that means Boudo got mixed up in my mess huh?)

Nah, that can't be.

Boudo chose his own path. He must have fallen somewhere else, done what needs to be done and gained many things along the way.

He's sure to meet Boudo again one day. By that point, the strength Lecan has amassed will surely shock even Boudo.

Then he recalled Earth Dragon Toron.

Toron was originally lurking way westward. But just as Zack Zaikaz had made the resolve to defeat the thing, it vanished as if slipping through Zack's palm and showed up to the north of Zaidmahl Territory.

Lecan found that Toron and defeated it.

Hard to believe that he did.

He was made very much aware just what kind of beings are Divine Beasts after his struggle with Argent Flame Wolf.

That Toron got defeated all too easily by Lecan's hands.

As if the Guardian Jewel exhibited a special power only in that instance.

As if telling him to save Rubianafale from the crisis that would befall her with the power he gained from defeating Toron.

(Can it truly be true.)

(Was I able to defeat Toron due to the Blessing from God Raikores?)

(And was it God Raikores who moved Toron to the east?)

No clue.

And yet that sounds very much likely.




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Okami wa Nemuranai 52.11


As his consciousness grew hazier, Lecan put his left hand into <Storage> and grabbed an Advanced Restorative.

He opened the lid and drank down the content.

Even just doing that took him quite some time and concentration. He also used <Move> magic. All of this wouldn't have been possible had he not cast <Recovery> first.

His consciousness got a bit clearer. He regained a bit of strength. At the same time he was assaulted by an unbearable sense of pain, seemingly from the restorative trying to heal his body.

Advanced Restorative was a magic cure Lecan brought from his world, it's apparently capable of restoring his eye had he used the medicine right after he lost it. Even a restorative with such an amazing effect is seemingly helpless to treat Lecan now.

He was well aware. Even Advanced Restorative cannot possibly regrow lost limbs. Lecan's body has been torn all over. Not even this medicine can chain him back in this world.

Nevertheless it managed to delay Lecan's death. Even his hazy consciousness slightly cleared up now.

Lecan searched the surroundings with <3D Perception>.

There's something.

A box.

A small box.

(Must be a treasure chest.)

(My last loot in life huh.)


The treasure chest floated to right above Lecan's ahead.


Lecan skillfully used <Move> he mastered during his medicine making training to open the chest and floated the content before him without using his hand.

His right eye barely functioned now, but it could still see outlines of things.

(This is.)

(Could it be, this is.)

It's a God Cure.

Lecan recited a spell with a trembling voice.


The magic carried God Cure into his mouth.

He tried to gulp it down but the muscles needed for that didn't work.

Nevertheless God Cure eventually melted after some time and brought about an outstanding effect.

Lecan's body is getting healed with every breath he takes.

The flame of his life blazes stronger alongside the sounds of his beating heart and veins.

Strength welled up from within.

Recovering every functions of his body.

Restoring any and all wounds as well as lost limbs.

It was truly a miracle.

The true nature of God Cure.

He feels pain.

Especially from his legs, abdomen and right hand, it was especially intense.


His lost right hand is feeling pain.

The fingers in his right hand included.

His body is getting reshaped back.

Eventually Lecan got up and stood on his feet.

It was terrible.

Even the Dylan Silver Steel and Great Flame Dragon armor is utterly tattered with exposed sections all over.

The helmet's been blown away somewhere.

The surface of Dungeon's walls, ceiling and grounds look like they've been stripped off with the wreckage on the ground and the <Shield of Wolkan>.

He drew near, shoved the rocks away and lifted it up.


It turned back into a gauntlet. Looks like it's still working.

Lecan experienced a huge sense of relief to see his trusty shield came out all right.

Apparently God Cure even restores back his lost blood.

He's feeling unusually hungry and tired deep inside, but he's brimming with vitality.

He checked his equipment again.

<Ring of Rozan>.

<Necklace of Intuador>.

<Dagger of Harut>.

<Ring of Undying King>.

<Talisman of Darkness Demon>.

<Leg Bands of White Devil>.

<Guardian Jewel of Zana>.

All are accounted for.

He caught sight of a wand half buried in the rock below.

He pulled it out.

It's <Wand of Cordysie>.

The wand's fine even though the sword broke.

Though thinking again, the barrier came from within this wand. Must be why.

He found <Sword of Toron> and picked it up.

But still, his line of sight feels wide. And bright. He can see really well.

Then it hit Lecan.

His left eye can see.

It has gotten back its vision.


Looks like God Cure even gave back Lecan's long lost left eye.

He's feeling overjoyed.

Then suddenly, Eda's face surfaced on his mind.

Eda is receiving a special training in Yufu right now.

In order to hone her <Purification>.

She did all that for her biggest wish that is to heal Lecan's left eye.

(I did Eda bad.)

I should apologize when we meet again, thought Lecan.

He took off the armor and clothes that had been damaged beyond repair, and grabbed a change of clothes from <Storage>.

Then he put on a worn out old armor on top. An item he had used in his former world, made of snake magic beast materials. He paid quite a lot to get this armor back then, but it's now yet another damaged armor. It's also turned stiff from being unused for so long.

His Petitfire Dragon armor had become irreparable after the expedition in Dungeon Yufu so Lecan had disposed of it already.

He left the room and warped back to Ground Floor before leaving the dungeon.

The outside world was bright.

The sun is shining right on top.

The rain has completely let up, it's a nice weather outside.

Lecan made campfire and had meal.

He's finally feeling alive again after chewing on the grilled jerky and swallowing it down his throat.


(I'm sure I got done in by some sort of poison or curse.)

(When that Carrion King shot its fingertip in me.)

(How come I quickly recovered from that.)

That was the same kind of move used by the magic beast in Yufu.

And Carrion King is way above that magic beast in the pecking order of magic beasts.

In fact, the dread he felt then was nothing unlike the previous one.

He had a hunch that he likely would have been enslaved by Carrion King and left to become its puppet had it didn't go right. That was for sure a curse with terrifying power.

And yet how come he recovered right away.

Maybe thanks to Ring of Rozan.

No. He had <Ring of Rozan> on in Yufu back then. That was the reason he still managed to move a bit but he ultimately had to take Green and Yellow Potions before he could move freely. And considering Carrion King is a higher order magic beast than that one, this theory doesn't sound right.

But he's got no other Grace Gear that fits the bill.

Suddenly he thought about <Guardian Jewel of Zana>.

<Guardian Jewel of Zana> was once known as <Guardian Jewel of Overlord>, it grants power boost as well as curse void Grace. But this particular Grace has a weak effect so he never depended on it.

(But still, what kinda Grace is that anyway.)

(The me now should be able to dig deeper.)

Lecan held the Guardian Jewel in his right palm, a thin wand in his right hand and kneaded his mana.

Then he carefully recited the preliminary casting before activating the spell.


The result surfaced on his mind.

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<Name: Guardian Jewel of Miko>

<Name: Jewel>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Yufu Floor 1>

<Tuner: Orie, Rubianafale>

<Graces: Physical Attack Power Boost (Large), Mana Supplement (Large), Miko's Prayer>

※ Physical Attack Power Boost (Large): Grants double attack power with (Small) effect in inactivated state. The effect becomes (Large) by supplying this jewel with mana. After one use of (Large) effect, this jewel cannot be supplied with any more mana for one day.

※ Mana Supplement (Large): After activation of Physical Attack Power Boost (Large), this Jewel will supply its wearer with mana for a period of time.

※ Miko's Prayer: Makes the effects of Curse, Poison and Mind Magic invalid. Immediately nullifies such abnormal conditions even when the wearer is afflicted by them.

※ Only those who have been blessed by God Raikores can activate this Jewel's Graces.





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