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Okami wa Nemuranai 52.8


Lecan quickly moved to the right and recited a spell.

"<Flame Spear>!"

Just when the spear was about to hit Carrion King, it exploded in mid air.

It's a barrier.

Earlier on, the Carrion King's attack was stopped by Lecan's <Necklace of Intuador>'s barrier.

And now this thing reproduced that barrier as its own. Likely using mana from the magic Lecan shot at it.

"<Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>! <Flame Spear>!"

Lecan kept shooting a barrage of magic while circling around the Carrion King's right side.

All of which was blocked by a barrier before they hit the Carrion King.

Lecan stopped moving and tried to make heads or tails of what just took place.

(This thing snatched.)

(The mana from that first <Flame Spear> I shot at it.)

(Then using that mana, it generated barriers to block my subsequent barrage of attacks.)

Looking again the vortex of mana is still swirling on the Carrion King's right index fingertip even now.

(One spell worth of mana from my attack.)

(Was enough for this thing to block five of my attacks.)

(And it's still got a lot of leeway.)

(This thing's mana efficiency is an order of magnitude higher than me.)

Lecan was terrified.

He was at a loss as to how he should go about this fight.

Carrion King slowly rotated its body to face Lecan.

Lecan raised <Apparition Cutter> high up and charged ahead toward the Carrion King.

The Carrion King shot a magic.

A <Flame Spear>.

Lecan's <Necklace of Intuador> generated a barrier that blocked that <Flame Spear>. Lecan swung down the sword without minding the occurring explosion but the Carrion King had vanished.

It had warped into the back of the room once again.

It lifted up its right hand and pointed its bent index fingertip at Lecan yet again.

There's a thread of mana that connects that fingertip to Lecan's chest.

Lecan checked where the thread connected, and experienced another spine chilling sensation.

It's connected to <Necklace of Intuador>.

Lecan instinctively understood what's currently going down.

(This skeleton bastard.)

(Is draining mana off my necklace!)

Lecan leaped backward.

However the mana thread persisted.

He tried moving left and right in a zig-zag pattern, but the thread still persisted.

Lecan retreated to the floor's exit and attempted to get back to the stairway.

But he couldn't get out.

"<Zoruas Kurt Venda>!"

He recited the spell yet he wouldn't teleport away.

He's not allowed to leave this room until this confrontation against Carrion King is over.

Lecan tried cutting at the mana thread with <Apparition Cutter>, but it wouldn't work. This link is unaffected by physical objects.

(Just how am I meant to deal with this?)

That was when the thread got cut off.

A moment later, Carrion King shot a <Flame Spear>.

A bluish white thick <Flame Spear> on par with Lecan's version.

It landed on Lecan's chest and blew him away.

His head collided hard against the rock wall, but he managed to keep his consciousness. The helmet offers a truly outstanding protection.

As Lecan tried to regain his posture, another <Flame Spear> shot out.

To the legs, to the abdomen, to the shoulder, the Carrion King toyed with Lecan all while dealing damage, yet Lecan managed to regain his balance and dodged two more <Flame Spears>.

Eventually the barrage of <Flame Spear> stopped, affording Lecan time to gather his thoughts while still keeping watch on his foe.

The Carrion King's offensive magic hit Lecan.

This suggests that <Necklace of Intuador> is no longer working. All of its mana has been drained off.

Just what could he do in this situation.
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"<Tiri Warda Roa>!"

With <Ring of Undying King>'s activation, Lecan's body turned dull white. Nothing can damage Lecan for a little while from here on.

Carrion King tilted its head.

Lecan raised <Apparition Cutter> and charged at the Carrion King.

A gigantic <Flame Spear> shot out of the Carrion King's right index fingertip and landed on Lecan.

However, Lecan only suffered a slight recoil and no damage.

Nothing can harm him during the <Invincible> period of <Ring of Undying King>'s Grace.

Lecan savagely lunged at Carrion King.

And just as his sword was two steps away from it, Lecan's body stood completely still.

He can't even move a muscle as if he's being hold down by an invisible giant.

Mana flowed out of Carrion King's right index finger. Some sort of magic is pining Lecan down.

Lecan exerted all the strength in his body to go against this loathsome invisible something and go forward.

However, he can't advance. The power that has bound Lecan isn't budging in the slightest.

Carrion King made a gesture of flicking out its fingers.

Lecan immediately got blown back.

He rolled on the rocky ground, hitting protruding rocks here and there but he managed to regain control.

<Ring of Undying King>'s effect has lapsed by this point.

Carrion King pointed at the ceiling with its finger.

Lecan's body flung hard into the ceiling.

An intense pain assaulted Lecan.

Carrion King pointed his finger at the ground.

Lecan's body got beaten down onto the ground.

The impact was enough to send all the air in his lungs out.

Carrion King pointed at the right wall.

Lecan's body crashed onto the right wall.

Carrion King pointed at the ceiling, ground, both walls on and on, Lecan was helpless to prevent himself from getting thrown around all over.

<Apparition Cutter> had fallen off his hand.

His helmet was torn off and came flying off.

He made an attempt to protect his exposed head, but it wasn't perfect and his head is bloodied all over. His body under the armor suffered serious injuries as well.

Lecan noticed how he could move his body again.

Carrion King had lowered its right hand as it stared at Lecan with a slightly tilted head.

Lecan stood up while enduring the pain.

His head feels dizzy.


The wounds on his face and head closed up and blood stopped coming out. His vision, hearing and smell came back to normal. However, his face and head are still full of blood stains.


He cast <Recovery> over his armor and took Mana Restorative and Red Potion.

Carrion King kept staring at Lecan.

It must be toying with him.

But he gives no crap to what his foe is thinking if it means a time out for healing and preparing for his next attack.

He'll take everything he can take now.

Lecan took <Sword of Toron> out of <Storage>.

It's been broken from the fight against Argent Flame Wolf, so it's at half length.

But it might have a chance at defeating the Carrion King with its magic dispelling ability.

Lecan took a stance with the sword and recited a spell as he walked forward.

"<Zoruas Kurt Venda>."




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