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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.8


"It's temples."


"Yep. There were cases of Grace Gear that have been offered to gods and received prayers from priests and worshipers over a long period of time changing names through divine interventions. Not a lot of cases mind, but they do exist."

"I, see. So it's Gods' work huh. Grace Gear can change names when Gods come into play."

"Forget names, it's said that some even took on additional or more powerful Graces. I've never verified it myself though."

"You haven't huh."

"I've seen some that have undergone the change, but I've never gotten the chance to compare one before and after."

"Then I guess this is your first."

"Eh? What are you saying n... Hold up."

Shira held out her thin wand once again and this time she even recited a spell to cast <Appraisal> surprisingly enough.

"Oh my, my goodness. <Miko's Prayer>? This Grace wasn't there before. First I've ever come across this Grace. It's an amazing Grace."

It seems that she only paid attention to the Name and not the Graces on her first appraisal. Even Shira could make a blunder.

"Was that originally <Curse Void>?"

"It was yes. And it wasn't an especially strong one. But this Grace here is quite powerful."

"Do you think its <Mana Supplement> Grace has been bolstered?"

"Now that you mention it, I believe so indeed. I'm sure I have records on this Gear, I'm gonna do a double take."

"Was that 'Only those who have been blessed by God Raikores can activate this Jewel's Graces.' passage there in the past too?"

"Yea. That one's always been there."
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Which means Lecan's Appraisal skill was simply lacking back when he cast it on the Gear.

"This jewel was called <Guardian Jewel of Zana> when I first appraised it."

"Say what now. Wait, it was me who taught you <Appraisal> right."

"Yeah. I did the appraising afterward."

"Oh dear me. I should have appraised it at least once back then. If only I knew you had this on you. No, I probably wouldn't go out of my way to do that even if I did know."

Afterward, Lecan told Shira about his connection with Rubianafale, the events that transpired as well as his hypothesis for the reason the Guardian Jewel worked with Lecan.

"I see now. I think your hypothesis is mostly correct there. I mean I'm not well connected with temples, or rather, I've been avoiding them. So I rarely got any chance to witness this kind of phenomena. This has been a precious learning moment. Thanks again."

"Wonder if God Raikores was behind the appearance of <Black Hole> before me at that time and my landing point being near Rubianafale."

"What'd you say? Fufuhn. That might be so if you think about it, but you'd better off not let it weigh on your mind. Were that belief of yours what the Gods truly wanted, they would surely unveil a sign to you. There's no point of going ahead and believing that everything is divine interventions. You live by your own will. You shouldn't deny that."

"I see. I'll do just that. By the way, I've also got this."

Lecan put away <Guardian Jewel of Miko> on the desk and replaced it with the magic stone Argent Flame Wolf left behind.

Shira's eyes opened wide once again.

"Well I'll be. There sure have been a lot of surprise today. Where'd you get your hands on this thing anyway?"

"I got attacked again while traveling through a forest on my way off Yufu. I kept fleeing while minimizing mana consumption and somehow managed to beat it by making use of Genesiac Grace Gear and the <Magic Mirror of Ryin> you gave me."

"You beat it, that thing?"

"With how frequent that thing went after me, I came up with plans to defeat it for real."

"Frequent, went after you? That thing isn't one to resort to that though. Just what did you do to it?"

"Haven't I talked to you about the time that thing went for my life. Have you gone senile, Shira."

"You, don't tell me you got this from a fight against Argent Flame Wolf?"

"Well yeah 'course. How'd you think I got Argent Flame Wolf's magic stone without defeating Argent Flame Wolf."

"Try and appraise it."

Lecan produced his thin wand, calmly kneaded his mana, recited preliminary casting and cast <Appraisal>.

But he couldn't read it.

He concentrated further and made another attempt.

But it was no good. Lecan's <Appraisal> wouldn't go through this magic stone.

"Shira. I can't seem to appraise this."

"Really now. You're capable of some high level appraisal when it comes to swords, but magic stones are a different beast after all. This is the magic stone of Sovereign Dragon Atracia."


"Wipe that stupid look off your face now. That's unbecoming. I'll say it again, this is the magic stone of, Sovereign, Dragon, Atracia."

"Why the heck defeating Argent Flame Wolf netted me Sovereign Dragon's magic stone."

"Argent Flame Wolf must have killed Atracia. And then it left its magic stone behind for you as a gift. I can't think up any other explanation."

"Well I'll be."

"Don'tcha mimic my speech now."




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