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Okami wa Nemuranai 52.10


Carrion King pointed its index finger up once again and twirled it.

Then the giant mass of mana above split into five and floated around, encircling Lecan.

Now even if he could use <Magic Mirror of Ryin> it could only reflect one. Not to mention, his target wouldn't be there to get hit by the reflected attack.

Lecan threw away his shield.

<Shield of Wolkan> created a loud sound as it hit the ground.

Clack clack clack.

Carrion King moved its jaw up and down.

It's laughing.

An enormously powerful adventurer getting toyed around like a baby by a dried up skeleton, tormented to death. It's laughing at that situation. Sneering at Lecan's powerlessness.

Lecan plunged his left hand into <Storage> and took a <Bombshell> out.

Lecan would have died had Carrion King just delivered the finishing blow while he did all that.

But Lecan didn't care one bit.

He's just doing what wants. If he ends up dead in the process, that's just his fate.

He took off the safety device, switched it on and threw it ahead.

The <Bombshell> flew in the air, fell down the ground and rolled forward before stopping about three steps away from the Carrion King.

Carrion King stared at this weird object below with a tilted head.

Lecan took a <Wand of Cordysie> out of <Storage>.

He can't think straight anymore.

Even standing is difficult.

Lecan's life is about to run out anytime.



As he apologized in his mind, Lecan summoned the last of his strength and recited a spell.

"<Barrier (Ogdim)>."

A weak voice.

But it was enough to manifest the barrier loaded in the wand.

Lecan was unsure if he could even activate the barrier with all his mana gone. Nevertheless he gave it a try. And it worked. The mana loaded in the wand had activated the magic.

But it might not be a perfect barrier.

Carrion King made a loud laughing sound of clacking bones.

And the <Bombshell> went off.

Lecan saw with his own eye how Carrion King got blown into smithereens.

Almost at the same time, the explosion reached Lecan, destroyed the barrier and blew him away.

Lecan lost consciousness as the blast enveloped his entire body.

He eventually came to, when he should have been dead.

However, he couldn't move a finger.

(How am I alive?)

(...Oh yeah.)

(Self-Recovery skill huh.)

The Gold Potion he got in Dungeon Tsubolt granted Lecan Self-Recovery skill. However this power only activates when he's on the verge of death and is only enough to keep him alive for a little bit.

(Get healed!)
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(Get healed!)

He desperately willed it, but Self-Recovery wouldn't work.

It wouldn't work anymore now since it got activated while he was knocked out.

Lecan's body has been torn to shreds.

He couldn't move from his face up position. He could tell how badly damaged his entire body is, with everything torn, broken and cut.

Lecan is nothing more than remains of a person right now.

He concentrated on <Life Detection>.

<Life Detection> which he usually used without any effort required his full focus now.


There's no other life in this room besides Lecan.

Which could only mean he has defeated the Carrion King.

(Take that.)

(It's my victory.)

That was when he noticed how his left hand could move for a bit.

Lecan exerted all his willpower to move his left hand into <Storage>, grabbed Blue Potions and Red Potions, then he carried them into his mouth after a long struggle.

Red Potions were pretty much ineffectual. Not even Red Potions could heal a body in such a terrible state. And besides, he just took some earlier.

The Blue Potions did work.

Lecan tried to recite a spell but realized he couldn't speak.

But after some struggle, he managed to let out a quiet voice.


This magic did take effect.

But his body was in such a terrible state that he couldn't even get up.

Meanwhile, Lecan could feel the flame of his life getting dimmer with every tick.

At the rate this is going, only death awaits him.

Is there nothing else he could do.

Lecan frantically sought a way out.

And checked the surroundings with <3D Perception>.

He found a broken sword right next to him.

It's <Apparition Cutter>. In the end he lost the sword without ever using it once.

Would he be able to defeat that Carrion King without a scratch had he activated <Ring of Undying King> and used <Bombshell> the moment the fight began.

No way to know.

He might just pull it off, or it might not go as planned.

That skeleton might have destroyed his <Bombshell> before he could activate it. Earlier, Carrion King had let its guard down due to its overwhelming advantage over the completely neutralized Lecan.

No point in pondering about that stuff now.

The battle has concluded.

His foe is dead, he's alive. Therefore it's his victory.

He's also gonna die himself soon though.





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