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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.1


Lecan went eastward from Dungeon of Carrion King, and eventually got into the highway that leads to the Capital.

Lecan took it easy in this journey.

He was taking a stroll.

Watching all kinds of things as he walked.

Taking in the wonderfulness of this world as seen through a pair of eyes.

He watched as people and wagons passed by him and imagined how many steps it would take to reach them and how he should he swing his sword.

He watched trees and flowers and formulated in his head how many steps to get to them and how the slices should be angled.

The sense of distance he could never grasp with just his right eye is now within his grasp. He can now precisely enumerate just how should he move his legs, his body, his arms and how he should slice and dice his targets.

He could do all that with <3D Perceptions> yes, but now his own body can sense them. He's not acting out of combined calculations, but through bodily instincts. Put to words, it's like being able to sense the distance between you and other people through your skin.

He couldn't contain his excitement.

Even the air his nose inhales feels like nothing before, like a fragrant scent is wafting.

He might have been too in a hurry all this time, thought Lecan.

He always thought that traveling is about going from one place to another, the faster the less time wasted.

But now Lecan feels like he should enjoy the act of traveling itself.

Watching the scenery, watching the traffic while imagining the ways to slash and defeat trees, grass and people.

It's all just too much fun.

So this is what you call a journey, thought Lecan.

He stopped by Egis along the way and took a look at the dungeon.

An unbelievable amount of people went in and out of the dungeon.

They had out-of-place outfits on them.

They look exactly like farmers departing to do farming labor.

They all would go into the dungeon together and then also go out together carrying swelled up sacks with them. Many tamed Longarm Apes are standing by near the entrance, those farmers hand over those sacks to those apes who then transport them to a huge stone building.

According to a soldier he asked, Egis's shallow floors are relatively safe, and defeating immobile plant-type magic beasts called <Salt Spheres (Wirij)> there drop salt, thus Egis has turned into a dungeon that specializes in salt production.

That's pretty much just a regular farming, thought Lecan which he kept to himself.

Of course there's also many real adventurers around. They are those who dive deep. But the number of salt farmers utterly overtake such adventurers, you don't see them around.

Lecan would like to give a dive but he's lacking many equipment currently.

And since it's a Grand Dungeon, he would like to take his time tackling it.

Therefore, he gotta give up on the idea this time.
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He went eastward.

There's a lot of foot traffic on the highways. However, the path is narrow compared to Capital-Gido/Smarch highways and with less people despite both being part of Dungeon Highways.

Before long, the capital came into view ahead.

The road is forked, with one leading right.

It's the path to Dungeon Finkel. It's not made of stone pavements, but gravels.

(I'm just gonna take a quick look at this dungeon.)

Lecan stepped onto the gravel road.

He eventually came across a wall and a gate guarded by two gatekeepers. Both are carrying spears on them.

They're glaring hard at Lecan. One of the gatekeepers spoke.

"You are in a private land that belongs to the Royal Family."

Lecan showed the green medal the royalty gave him to the gatekeepers.

The two gatekeepers' attitude had a complete change.

"Pardon us. Please go on ahead."

"This place is Dungeon Finkel yeah?"

"Sir. Yes sir."

Lecan went through the gate.

There's an open space with big stone buildings to the right.

To the left is what appears to be the dungeon entrance with two guards keeping watch.

The foot traffic in the open space are all consisted of knights.

A group of horse riders came out of the building side.

It's a group of knights.

18 of them.

Every single one of them is quite skilled. All of them have considerable mana pools as well.

The leading individual raised his right hand, the group halted.

That individual got down his horse and walked up to Lecan while pulling the horse along.

The other 17 also did the same thing.

Five steps away from Lecan, the leading individual stopped and spoke up to him.

"Lecan-dono. It has been awhile."

"Sure is. Derstan, was it."

"Yes. Derstan Barmoa, a Temple Knight under the Capital Elex Temple. It's truly an honor to have you remember me, Lecan-dono."

If he were to be honest, Lecan couldn't recall Derstan until the other party initiated the conversation. He just thought the man looked familiar.

Lecan's confusion is understandable.

Derstan has gotten very burly.

Lecan always thought this knight was quite able, but him looking slightly lanky and slippery couldn't be denied either. But now, on top of his doubled body size, the aura around him has also changed. It's overflowing with intensity. That's then paired with a sense of elusiveness. This man is also supposedly quite knowledgeable in magic. Lecan can't even imagine just what kind of tricks he's hiding were they fight.

"You've gotten stronger huh."

"Hearing that from you makes me all the more eager to resume our special regime. Likewise, what could have happened to you? You're like a whole new man. I understand that you have conquered Tsubolt and Palcimo yes, but this is."

"Special regime?"

"Yes. I have been frequenting Finkel during the past two and half years."

"Hou. As a Dungeon Knight?"

"That's what common knights use to deride knights who raise their life force in Dungeons. I do not recommend uttering those words straight to their faces. It's actually quite an insult."

"My bad. Had no idea."

Dungeon Knights are seen in a higher standing at Yufu, but this custom may be exclusive to Yufu.

"Not at all. I'm aware that you meant no harm after all. Besides, you, Lecan-dono, are the reason I made the resolve to proceed with this special regime."





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