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Okami wa Nemuranai 52.4


The leaping Argent Flame Wolf crashed into the anti-physical barrier.

The wolf drove its fangs into the barrier, breaking it into pieces.

However, that managed to throw it off balance mid-air.

"<Perforation (Shupire)>!"

<Sword of Toron> in Lecan's right hand plunged right onto the wolf's neck.

He could feel some feedback.

Yet the sword failed to pierce through the Argent Flame Wolf's neck fur.


That thrust was a skill-infused stab. Lecan never imagined that it wouldn't work.

The wolf landed and leaped back.

Just as Lecan was going to go after it, his legs gave out.

He supported his body with <Sword of Toron> stabbed on the ground as he was about to completely fall down. He tried to take a step forward, but his legs wouldn't follow his command.

He put his right hand into <Storage> grabbed Red Potions and Stamina Restoratives and crunched on them.

They won't be as effective after the past few days of continuous usage, but it should be better than nothing.

(Just a little bit.)

(Give me strength for just a little bit more!)

Argent Flame Wolf's face distorted detestably as it shook its entire body.

Lecan felt a bit of strength returning to his legs.

He put power into his right hand and stood up using <Sword of Toron> as a support cane.

Argent Flame Wolf's body is clad with mana. That shaking motion was for drawing out the last bit of mana from inside its body.

Argent Flame Wolf flung its jaw open.


Lecan turned around as he turned the <Shield of Wolkan> back from its gauntlet state.

Argent Flame Wolf warped right before Lecan's eyes and shot out magic attack.

Lecan thrust out <Sword of Toron> at the wolf while protecting his head with <Shield of Wolkan>.

The sword should disperse most of the magic attack so long as any part of it touches it.

However, <Argent Flame Wolf> directed the magic it converged at Lecan's legs as if it was avoiding <Sword of Toron>. The magic attack still retained most of its power as it hit Lecan's legs.


Gonna lost my legs from knees down, thought Lecan.

However, the <Leg Bands of White Devil> equipped on both his shins staved off the wolf's magic attack. While his shoes got burned away from the attack, Lecan's insteps suffered grievous damage.


Lecan thrust out <Sword of Toron> on the wolf's face as he fell forward but it hit a hard bone and broke apart.

Argent Flame Wolf vanished. With Warp.

Lecan turned around. The wolf stood 20 step away from him.

Its face distorted as it shook its body. It's squeezing out the very last ounce of its power from within its body.


(How come I couldn't damage this thing.)

Lecan's attack hit and even broke the Argent Flame Wolf's forehead back in Dungeon Palcimo.

What was it that differed then.

(I see!)
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(<Sword of Agost>!)

<Sword of Agost> is a sword dedicated to exterminating dragons. Meaning it's a sword capable of killing Divine Beasts. Thus why it managed to damage Argent Flame Wolf.

But at his current state, Lecan can't possibly wield the gigantic <Sword of Agost>. Even if he could, he would be too slow to deal with Argent Flame Wolf. He only managed to do it in Dungeon Palcimo due to his companions stopping and luring the wolf's attention.

The wolf stopped shaking its body.

The lights shot out of its eyes poured at Lecan.

Lecan would have died had it attacked him with its claws or fangs earlier.

Yet, the wolf opted to warp away instead.

It feared for Lecan's attack.

Which means, Lecan might have driven this wolf into the corner despite losing his sword.

The Argent Flame Wolf is converging its mana once again. Amassing the power needed to finish Lecan off.

"<Recovery> <Recovery>!"

He cast <Recovery> on his feet, but it was ineffectual. They're still torn to shreds.

(Get healed! Get healed!)

He tried to will it, but his Self-Healing skill wouldn't activate.

(Is it still not severe enough?)

Lecan put away the broken <Sword of Toron> into <Storage> and grabbed another sword out.

A long and heavy sword.

The blade fell on the ground with a thud.

It's <Sword of Agost>.

Argent Flame Wolf is still converging its mana.

It must be planning to unleash the most powerful magic it could muster up for one last time. Even if <Sword of Toron> could disperse most of it, the remaining firepower should still be enough to kill Lecan. After all Lecan can no longer dodge now.

Turning to defensive actions would only prolong his death.

Argent Flame Wolf is still converging its mana. But the amount of mana emanating wasn't that much. Even the wolf must be nearing its limit.

Lecan lifted up the huge sword and took a step forward with his right leg.

He could barely feel his legs.

Then another step with his left leg.

(Alright. Here's the spot.)

With its power amassed, the wolf opened its mouth wide. Not allowing Lecan to get any closer.

An instance just before the Argent Flame Wolf unleashed its finisher magic attack, Lecan covered his face and recited a spell in a very quiet whisper.

"<Zoruas Kurt Venda>."

A moment later, Lecan's body warped 20 steps ahead with <Sword of Agost>'s huge blade thrust deep inside the opened mouth of Argent Flame Wolf.

There's the wolf's face right before Lecan's eyes.

The expression of shock in its face with the <Sword of Agost> embedded was not unlike that of a human's.

Lecan grinned as his consciousness blacked out.




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