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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.3


Lecan was unsure what to do after parting ways with Derstan.

He initially didn't have any plan to get in the dungeon. Or at least he would only pass through the entrance before immediately heading out.

After all it's just unfeasible with the armor he has on now.

There's no way he can afford exploring a Grand Dungeon without getting his armor sorted out at Mashajain or waiting for his Yufu's armor to get there.

However, you can warp straight to the last floor in this dungeon.

And there's no enemy there to boot. Thus one can sightsee safely.

Lecan deemed that Derstan's explanation could be swallowed pretty much as is.

He's getting restless.

He'd like to see this last floor.

And breathe in the air.

Lecan couldn't hold back the sudden burst of curiosity.


(I'll just take a quick look.)

(No fighting.)

He walked to the entrance. It's quite a huge one.

He showed the green medal to the gatekeepers and got in.

The insides were also quite spacious.

This much space is enough for even 500 knights to gather here and warp away together.


The floor numbers came up in his head.

All the numbers are lit up, indicating you can warp there.

He scanned down and found number 180 lit up as well.


Lecan jumped to floor 180.

It's dim.

There's an entrance ahead of him.

This place must be where the stairway would be in other dungeons.

There's no magic beast around.

He stopped moving with his eyes closed.

Eyes would accustom themselves in the dark by doing this.

He ruminated with his eyes shut.

The last floor's magic beast was said to be a Greatarm Ogre. That was probably this dungeon's boss, and the fact that its identity got passed down means it must have existed once before. Some may have succeeded defeating it even. No, seeing as a Genesiac Grace Gear already got dropped in this dungeon, this boss must have been defeated once at least.

But then, one day it just vanished.

If it didn't respawn after its defeat, this dungeon should have gone dormant forever.

Yet this dungeon is awake. And it's in an odd state where one can warp to any floor.

Meaning this dungeon's functions have gone haywire. Something must have happened to cause that.

And what would that something be.

Lecan slowly opened his eyes.

It's spacious.

He's never been in a dungeon where the spot before a room's entrance is this spacious.
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(A huge number of people can get in at once this way.)

Lecan walked up to the entrance and got in the room.

He felt a spine-chilling jolt.

It's huge.

An exceptionally huge dome of rock.

Derstan said that the height and width reached hundreds of steps, but Lecan estimated that the highest point is only 300 steps and the depth is only about a little more than 300 steps.

"<Graph Make>."

This floor's map surfaced on his mind.

There's only one room. This room.

And there's no dot signifying a magic beast.

Neither are explorers of course.

Lecan is the only being here right now.

As he took a breath, he realized how he was feeling a bit tensed up.

There's no smell.

But he could sense some sort of vestiges, faint remains of something.

The air is dense.

With a peculiar atmosphere.

How should it be expressed.

It's like a throne missing its king.

Or a beastless cage.

This is no place one should carelessly tread upon.

Lecan found some curious wall deep in the dimly lit dome thus he set out there.

There are rocks cut into rectangular shaped objects on the rocky wall deep in the dome.

Two just above the ground, and another quite high above.

Metal chains extend out of these rectangular rocks, with ring-like metal objects seemingly used to bind something at the end of the chains.

These metal rings must have been originally cylindrical when they're not unfastened as they are now.

The chains are of such enormity and weight.

They're thicker than even Lecan's torso.

And these metal rings.

If they are truly fetters, the things they bound must be as thick as giant trees.

Lecan looked up above.

The massive metal ring hanging at the end of the chain extended from the rock wall above reflected an ominous dull light on Lecan's head.

These chains and rings do look like a restraining device.

The two chains below must be binding the Greatarm Ogre's legs, while the one above is for its neck.

That would put the height estimate of this Ogre to around thrice of Lecan's.

Derstan said that the Greatarm Ogre was the size of a mountain, but that's an exaggeration. However it's most definitely a terrifyingly powerful magic beast.

Lecan had fought a Greatarm Ogre three times thus far, Dungeon Golbul's boss.

He was overwhelmed by its strength in their first fight.

The strength it possessed was on a whole different level than the other magic beasts just one floor above in the same dungeon.

Greatarm Ogres are simply that powerful.

A magic beast with that speed, power and destructive force at three times the size would be an absurd force to be reckoned with.

On top of that, it was the Dungeon Boss of a 180-floor long Grand Dungeon of Finkel.

The strength this Greatarm Ogre possessed must be beyond compare.

Even the vestiges of this strength were enough to harrow Lecan with a sense of oppressiveness.

He looked down.

The rock walls and grounds where the two objects sit have nothing of note. But what about the top one.


Lecan cast magic on himself as he floated above.

He kept floating and stopped just ahead of the rock object.

There's nothing particularly special about it. It's solid and unwavering, giving off an impression no one could make it budge.


Lecan slowly floated once again and stopped in front of the space just above the rock object.


(There's some sort of letters inscribed on it.)

He stared hard in the dim condition.

Then he read the inscribed letters.

<Name Jericho>




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