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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.11


"Lecan-niichan, I'm sorry for my behavior last time."

A maid girl bowed. The last one, Lana, had silver hair, but this one has black hair and a different looking face. However, its inside is that of a mechanical doll also. Yet, <Life Detection> shows it as a red dot. Whatever the mechanism, this mechanical doll has a living human inside it somehow.

"Who are you."

"I'm Prim. But it's Yacklubend right now."

The maid doll tried to act cute by moving her rotund pupils around, greatly flapped her mouth and spoke with an energetic voice.

"Shira. Is this Yacklubend herself?"

"She sure is. Yacklubend's real body was in the room next to the one you were in when you set off your explosive back then. She got blown off. So this one's the real Yacklubend in person. Killing this one will kill Yacklubend for good. She may be trying to play it cool but she's for sure quaking inside."

Leaving her mansion and showing herself up before Lecan in such a state may indeed shows her sincerity. Not sure if a devil's sincerity worth a thing though.

"You told me to become your slave."

"It was just a little practical joke to lighten up the mood."

The girl doll bowed deeply.

Rage welled up from within Lecan. But as Shira is acting as the peacemaker here, he can't make a move either.

"What were you trying to achieve by inviting me to your mansion anyway?"

The girl doll lifted up its face with sparkling eyes.

"I wanted to show off Lecan-niichan's sword I repaired and get your praises."

"You have my thanks on that matter. So what's your demand for my debt to you?"

"Please cut off just a little bit, a teensy little bit of your fingertip, Lecan-niichan!"

"I refuse."

"Then one toe off your foot."

"Shira. Can I leave now."

"Lecan. Taking a sample of a tiny bit of your fingertip is neither something abnormal or dangerous to us researchers. But I suppose that's not something Yacklubend can afford to say to you. Yacklubend. Quit playing around now."

"'Kaay. Then please give me a strand of your hair and a tiny cut tip of your fingernail, Lecan-niichan."

That much should be fine, Lecan thought that for a moment. But he quickly reconsidered. Even giving those is dangerous with this thing.

"No. More importantly, what about my overcoat."

"Ah, that huh. Well about that, it will take some time, but I should manage somehow."


"Ah, I got me a delightful smile. Lecan-niichan, you're lovely."

"Shut up. How long it's gonna take?"

"Hmm I can't give you an estimate before a proper examination. My hands would have been tied had that overcoat was made of plant materials, but since it's made from magic beast's, I thought up of some good methods."

"What kind? No, wait, forget it. Not like I'd get it anyway."

"Oh I can give you a thorough explanation starting from the most basic of basics."


"Should take, like, two weeks methink."

"You'd finish repairing in just two weeks?"

"An explanation from the most basic of the basics' gonna take two weeks~"

"Shira. Can I cut this thing down?"

"I'm sorry. Forgive me. I won't do it again."

"I'm leaving if you pull that crap again."

"I think the repair will take at least a year to complete."

"More than a year huh. I see. Still better than nothing. It's in your hands."

"Then that would count as an apology for my blunder last time."

"Yeah, I don't agree with calling that a blunder."

"I beseech you to please grant me my request. Please let me analyze objects you brought from your world, just one, two, three, or a lot of them would be fine with me."

Lecan had anticipated this demand. He had prepared beforehand what to do when it came down to it.

Lecan took a <Wand of Red Fireball> out.

"This is called <Wand of Red Fireball>. It's loaded with five shots of <Red Fireball>, an elementary offensive spell. It's akin to <Fire Arrows> in this world. There's a depressed section on the grip with a protrusion. You hold it like this, then pull this protrusion while reciting <Castel> spell, this will make a magic fly out of the tip of the wand. You don't need mana to activate it. So even non mages can deploy it. Its output power can't be adjusted. I've used it once so it's got four shots left now. You cannot reload this thing with more magic once used."

Just as Yacklubend put on an elated expression on her face, her eyes started moving around. Left and right moving in completely separate directions round and round.

"Stop that. It's revolting."

"Whoaaa! Whoa! Whoa! A wand usable to non mages! A handy tool anyone can use. And it's voice activated even! This is exactly what I wanted. Thank you, Lecan-niichan. How are you so in sync with my desires? Mutual love?"

She was acting exaggeratedly delighted, but Lecan knew that Yacklubend has invented similar magic tools already. Thus it's nothing even if she managed to reproduce this. But even objects with similar functions must have completely different mechanisms inside. It should be a good reference to Yacklubend.

Still, even when she's just speaking, one of her eyes would occasionally shoot out in a weird direction and her speech would constantly change. It's as if multiple personalities are taking turn dwelling inside in a hectic manner. This thing is an abnormal being. There's just something terrifying of unknown nature about it. He feels like his sanity meter is getting whittled down just by being near her. She's not someone he should continue associating with.





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