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Okami wa Nemuranai 52.11


As his consciousness grew hazier, Lecan put his left hand into <Storage> and grabbed an Advanced Restorative.

He opened the lid and drank down the content.

Even just doing that took him quite some time and concentration. He also used <Move> magic. All of this wouldn't have been possible had he not cast <Recovery> first.

His consciousness got a bit clearer. He regained a bit of strength. At the same time he was assaulted by an unbearable sense of pain, seemingly from the restorative trying to heal his body.

Advanced Restorative was a magic cure Lecan brought from his world, it's apparently capable of restoring his eye had he used the medicine right after he lost it. Even a restorative with such an amazing effect is seemingly helpless to treat Lecan now.

He was well aware. Even Advanced Restorative cannot possibly regrow lost limbs. Lecan's body has been torn all over. Not even this medicine can chain him back in this world.

Nevertheless it managed to delay Lecan's death. Even his hazy consciousness slightly cleared up now.

Lecan searched the surroundings with <3D Perception>.

There's something.

A box.

A small box.

(Must be a treasure chest.)

(My last loot in life huh.)


The treasure chest floated to right above Lecan's ahead.


Lecan skillfully used <Move> he mastered during his medicine making training to open the chest and floated the content before him without using his hand.

His right eye barely functioned now, but it could still see outlines of things.

(This is.)

(Could it be, this is.)

It's a God Cure.

Lecan recited a spell with a trembling voice.


The magic carried God Cure into his mouth.

He tried to gulp it down but the muscles needed for that didn't work.

Nevertheless God Cure eventually melted after some time and brought about an outstanding effect.

Lecan's body is getting healed with every breath he takes.

The flame of his life blazes stronger alongside the sounds of his beating heart and veins.

Strength welled up from within.

Recovering every functions of his body.

Restoring any and all wounds as well as lost limbs.

It was truly a miracle.

The true nature of God Cure.

He feels pain.

Especially from his legs, abdomen and right hand, it was especially intense.


His lost right hand is feeling pain.

The fingers in his right hand included.

His body is getting reshaped back.

Eventually Lecan got up and stood on his feet.

It was terrible.

Even the Dylan Silver Steel and Great Flame Dragon armor is utterly tattered with exposed sections all over.

The helmet's been blown away somewhere.

The surface of Dungeon's walls, ceiling and grounds look like they've been stripped off with the wreckage on the ground and the <Shield of Wolkan>.

He drew near, shoved the rocks away and lifted it up.


It turned back into a gauntlet. Looks like it's still working.

Lecan experienced a huge sense of relief to see his trusty shield came out all right.

Apparently God Cure even restores back his lost blood.

He's feeling unusually hungry and tired deep inside, but he's brimming with vitality.

He checked his equipment again.

<Ring of Rozan>.

<Necklace of Intuador>.

<Dagger of Harut>.

<Ring of Undying King>.

<Talisman of Darkness Demon>.

<Leg Bands of White Devil>.

<Guardian Jewel of Zana>.

All are accounted for.

He caught sight of a wand half buried in the rock below.

He pulled it out.

It's <Wand of Cordysie>.

The wand's fine even though the sword broke.

Though thinking again, the barrier came from within this wand. Must be why.

He found <Sword of Toron> and picked it up.

But still, his line of sight feels wide. And bright. He can see really well.

Then it hit Lecan.

His left eye can see.

It has gotten back its vision.


Looks like God Cure even gave back Lecan's long lost left eye.

He's feeling overjoyed.

Then suddenly, Eda's face surfaced on his mind.

Eda is receiving a special training in Yufu right now.

In order to hone her <Purification>.

She did all that for her biggest wish that is to heal Lecan's left eye.

(I did Eda bad.)

I should apologize when we meet again, thought Lecan.

He took off the armor and clothes that had been damaged beyond repair, and grabbed a change of clothes from <Storage>.

Then he put on a worn out old armor on top. An item he had used in his former world, made of snake magic beast materials. He paid quite a lot to get this armor back then, but it's now yet another damaged armor. It's also turned stiff from being unused for so long.

His Petitfire Dragon armor had become irreparable after the expedition in Dungeon Yufu so Lecan had disposed of it already.

He left the room and warped back to Ground Floor before leaving the dungeon.

The outside world was bright.

The sun is shining right on top.

The rain has completely let up, it's a nice weather outside.

Lecan made campfire and had meal.

He's finally feeling alive again after chewing on the grilled jerky and swallowing it down his throat.


(I'm sure I got done in by some sort of poison or curse.)

(When that Carrion King shot its fingertip in me.)

(How come I quickly recovered from that.)

That was the same kind of move used by the magic beast in Yufu.

And Carrion King is way above that magic beast in the pecking order of magic beasts.

In fact, the dread he felt then was nothing unlike the previous one.

He had a hunch that he likely would have been enslaved by Carrion King and left to become its puppet had it didn't go right. That was for sure a curse with terrifying power.

And yet how come he recovered right away.

Maybe thanks to Ring of Rozan.

No. He had <Ring of Rozan> on in Yufu back then. That was the reason he still managed to move a bit but he ultimately had to take Green and Yellow Potions before he could move freely. And considering Carrion King is a higher order magic beast than that one, this theory doesn't sound right.

But he's got no other Grace Gear that fits the bill.

Suddenly he thought about <Guardian Jewel of Zana>.

<Guardian Jewel of Zana> was once known as <Guardian Jewel of Overlord>, it grants power boost as well as curse void Grace. But this particular Grace has a weak effect so he never depended on it.

(But still, what kinda Grace is that anyway.)

(The me now should be able to dig deeper.)

Lecan held the Guardian Jewel in his right palm, a thin wand in his right hand and kneaded his mana.

Then he carefully recited the preliminary casting before activating the spell.


The result surfaced on his mind.

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<Name: Guardian Jewel of Miko>

<Name: Jewel>

<Spawn Spot: Dungeon Yufu Floor 1>

<Tuner: Orie, Rubianafale>

<Graces: Physical Attack Power Boost (Large), Mana Supplement (Large), Miko's Prayer>

※ Physical Attack Power Boost (Large): Grants double attack power with (Small) effect in inactivated state. The effect becomes (Large) by supplying this jewel with mana. After one use of (Large) effect, this jewel cannot be supplied with any more mana for one day.

※ Mana Supplement (Large): After activation of Physical Attack Power Boost (Large), this Jewel will supply its wearer with mana for a period of time.

※ Miko's Prayer: Makes the effects of Curse, Poison and Mind Magic invalid. Immediately nullifies such abnormal conditions even when the wearer is afflicted by them.

※ Only those who have been blessed by God Raikores can activate this Jewel's Graces.





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