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Okami wa Nemuranai 53.12


Afterward, Lecan took several other objects out while explaining what they were.

Completely ordinary sword and dagger, one each.

20 magic stones, big and small.

Gems that ward off magic beasts.

One shirt.

A belt made of magic beast's leather.

And <Flame Sword>.

"That's all. I'll take back stuff you don't need."

The girl doll shook its head.

"No! Of course not. Every single one of these is super valuable. I'm trembling with excitement. I want all of them. Rather, gimme more."

"Shut up. Mending the <Overking Bear Overcoat> is your atonement for threatening and kidnapping me."

"Please accept my most heartfelt apology."

"Quit lowering your head that much. Now then, these are all the items from my world you couldn't have gotten otherwise for now, they're yours and Shira's."

"Eh? You're giving them, not just lending?"

"Yea. No need to give them back. Do whatever you want with 'em. However, make sure to inform Shira the results of your analysis."

"But of course."

"In exchange, you must promise me one thing."

"Oh no. Could it be you were aiming for my body?"

"Do not ever show yourself up before me, do not speak to me."


"Do not show yourself, or your dolls before me ever again. Do not talk to me. Go away the instance you detect my presence. You must not make any ploy to get me to your place either. Do not meddle in anything involving me. Get it?"

"That's just way too cruel to my maidenly heart."

"Zip it. If you can't promise that, I ain't giving you nothing. No showing anything. No speaking with you."

"Can't I send you a letter?"

"Letters are barred as well. Contact me through Shira if you need anything."

Clack clack clack, the girl doll's head spun to the right. Its neck skin warped from the rotation. It made one full rotation before spinning back to its original spot. The creases on its neck vanished.


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"Don't you have poison or medicine on you. From your world."


He's got some in reality. Three vials of Advanced Restoratives left from his world. But they're extremely valuable items, Lecan isn't willing to tell Yacklubend about them.

Shira should know that Lecan has them as well, but she makes no attempt to correct Lecan's denial and simply keeps watch on the two.

"Don't you have any more explosives you used in my mansion back then?"

"I'm not gonna answer that. And I sure as heck won't give one to you even if I do have it."

Yacklubend and Bombshells.

The worst possible combination he could think up.

He must never hand over this thing a Bombshell. That's one thing for sure.

"Uun. Guess there's no helping it. I gotcha, Lecan-niichan. I, Yacklubend, shall not go near adventurer Lecan. Even if I do come close by chance, I shall quickly go away. I shall not scheme to get adventurer Lecan come to me. I shall not meddle in anything involving him. Thus I take this vow in the name of all gods. Yale."

"Shira. Can I believe that?"

"I Shira shall be the guarantor of that vow. The moment Yacklubend Tomato violates that vow, I, Shira shall eliminate Yacklubend. Is that acceptable with you?"

The girl doll nodded.

"I'm good with Shira as a guarantor."

"Alright. Guess this is the end of your chat with Yacklubend. Lecan. I'll be staying at the capital for a little while. I've got some things to attend to and I'd like to witness Yacklubend analyzing those items you gave her."


"Could you deliver your wedding invitation to Yacklubend's mansion? Yacklubend can get in touch with me wherever I am."

"Hou. Got it."

"Ah, wedding ceremony! It's for Lecan-niichan, Norma-neechan and Eda-neechan right? That's so nice~. I'm jealous~. Hey hey, send me an invitation too."

"Weren't you unable to leave the capital due to a covenant?"

"I mean that covenant partner is right over there now. C'mon, c'mon. Do it for me?"

Meaning that covenant is between Yacklubend and Shira.

"That ain't happening. Absolutely not."

"I'm not going to undo the covenant either, you know. There's no telling you'd agree to make a new pact afterward."

"Tch. Boring."

Lecan said his farewell and left Shira's hideout.

He was then hit a by a heavy sense of fatigue.

Lecan was a nervous wreck during his conversation with Yacklubend.

(But it was worth it.)

(I won't get to see that thing again.)

(Nor talk or exchange letters.)

(It won't mess with us.)

(Though that thing's probably gonna scheme up something.)

(Just gonna get Shira to take care of it if it came to that.)

(It's the best possible outcome.)

Last night Lecan pondered just what's the relationship between Shira and Yacklubend.

These two likely share solitude in their long lives. A complex relationship that has transcended past being enemies or allies.

These two also only have one another as the only other individual capable of understanding the results and meanings of research they have done in their long solitary lives.

Shira will go to Yacklubend to discuss about Lecan himself and parts where she can't analyze on her own. Shira strongly desires the knowledge gained from that. Hence her attempt to reconcile Yacklubend and Lecan.

With that in mind, Lecan gave Yacklubend some items he brought from his world. As that is undoubtedly what Shira wants as well.

After leaving the two, Lecan went to the diner he went with Ezak back then and had meal and drink there.

As it got dark before he realized, he decided against going to Wazrof's mansion, stayed overnight at an inn and departed for Mashajain in the following morning.




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