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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-19

15-19. Weasel Empire, at the Imperial Capital


Satou's here. It's said that news of bad deed travel quickly, but the true bad deed is concealed deeply and progressed quietly.

"Mast--Kuro-sama, the city has come into view."

As Liza is reporting in, I lean my body at the window to check.

I'm heading to Rete city in Weasel Empire as Kuro, accompanied by Liza, Zena-san and a female executive cadet of Echigoya Firm.
Liza and Zena-san are wearing Echigoya Firm's uniforms, and equipped with mirror geass to cope with the emperor's geass.

Further, the reason why the cadet is with us is to take on a certain dangerous task.

Originally, I should have been the one who would be doing that, but since the executives of Echigoya Firm and the girls in the solitary island palace were against it, this girl who volunteered first undertook the job instead.
Even though I've prepared more than enough safety measures, I can't say for certain that it'll be safe, so I'm thinking of fulfilling one of the girl's wishes once this job is over.

"Quite a big city."
"Hmph, you Shiga Kingdom lot might not believe it, but that's not our Imperial Capital. Every city of our empire is as big and populous as the capital of Shiga Kingdom."

The one who quickly picked up my muttering and boasted was the owner of this airship, Lady Liedill, the temple knight of Weasel Empire.

In accordance to the crown prince's scheme, it seems that she didn't know that the demon lord had been defeated until recently and kept loitering around the labyrinth after her treatment, until today.
Due to that, her level has increased by one, and her escort knights have also leveled up although there are slightly fewer of them now.

She's currently acting as my guard and carrying a letter from the crown prince to the emperor.

"Are we descending?"
"We're changing our ride in that Rete city."

When I sensed the floating feeling and muttered, Lady Liedill kindly told me the reason.
She's probably bored with the air travel too.

"You're slow!"
"Sorry, we needed to prepare for a bit."

After finishing the preparation, we got out of the waiting room in Rete city, and made Lady Liedill who got tired of waiting angry.

"The immigration check room is over here."
"It's emptier than I expected."
"Our country has been closed. Normally there are only several people, 10 at most."

We followed Lady Liedill and met a purple-haired girl surrounded by many guards.
There's a transparent magic wall between her and us, I think it can easily defends against normal mid-level magic.

The girl is a reincarnated person, her name is Louise. It's an unusual name for a Japanese, but it's not like a reincarnated person must always be Japanese--or maybe her parents simply loved light novels.

Her skills are hidden, I can't see it. Her level is 34, she's a cat ear-kin.

The twitching ears are cute.

"Please sit down on that chair."

The girl who said that with downcast eyes looked at me with upturned eyes and opened them wide.

『A-Alex that actor? But, but, his hair is white, I guess not?』

The muttering girl is staring at and appraising me.
I don't know the name Alex but he must be a foreign actor whose face is similar to Kuro.

"I don't mind if it's your job, but appraising people out of curiosity is not a good manner you know."

When I said that while playing innocent of my own doing, the girl cowered as if she was scolded and muttered, "I'm sorry".
It looks like this girl is a honest type.

"Leaving that aside, finish the immigration check thing."

The girl's guards are frowning in displeasure at my arrogant attitude, but I'm not going to bother myself with background characters.

"If you don't have any objection to my words, please say 『I swear』."

After saying that, the girl is wrapped in purple phosphoresce.
She probably used a Unique Skill.

"Your memories in Weasel Empire, starting from the moment you enter this room, will be lost once you leave Weasel Empire."

After the girl said that in a tone like she was used to it, she fell silent.
She's probably waiting for us to say, "I swear".

『I swear.』

When the executive cadet said that clearly, a coronet made of purple light appeared on her head for an instant and then disappeared.
That was probably the mark of the Unique Skill's activation.

Now then, let's inspect it.

I move the executive cadet away from the room to Echigoya Firm with Unit Arrangement.

"S-she disappeared?!"

The girl was surprised to see the executive cadet disappeared, and reacting to that, her guards and Lady Liedill touched their sword's handles.

"Do not panic."

I wave one of my hands, and while maintaining that posture, I cut off the remote possession mode from the Kuro doll which had changed place with me in the waiting room earlier and return my consciousness to my real body at Echigoya Firm.

The scene changes from the immigration check room I saw as Kuro doll earlier to the Echigoya Room which I'm seeing as myself.

"How is your memories?"

I check the executive cadet whose consciousness has gone back from the executive cadet doll to her real body.

"The information on the log shows that it's interrupted on the arrival at Rete city."
"I-I can remember the time when I entered the immigration room."

I see, in remote possession mode, the effect is only valid for the doll.

"Thank you for your cooperation. I'll be getting back to my mission, for your achievement this time you'll get paid vacations and special bonus so you should take some rest today."
"Y-yes! Kuro-sama!"

When I rewarded her, the executive cadet saluted upright.
She seems to be quite nervous so I lightly wave my hand to prompt her to leave and I get back to the remote possession mode of the Kuro doll in Weasel Empire.

And then, after a slight time lag, my view returned back to the immigration room in Rete city.

I show the magic tool furnished with green and red gems in my hand.

"The green one is shining. Looks like my subordinate who has gone back to our country is fine."
"Wha! Are you doubting me?!"

After I said that, Miss Louise stood up and got outraged as if it was unthinkable.

"You think I will unconditionally believe someone I just met."
"T-that's true but...."

Miss Louise faltered to hear me.
Her guards unanimously reproached me, but dealing with them will be troublesome so I ignore them.

"Kuro-dono, please hand over that magic tool. If you have any other communication magic tools, please leave them here."
"This is an antenna only tool for receiving signal--though you won't believe that. I swear that I don't have any other communication magic tool with me."

A man who seems to be Miss Louise's aide enters the room and takes the magic tool away from me.
He checks whether I'm lying with his colleagues on the other side of the wall and then goes back to his room.

"By the way, is the vow still in effect? If it is, do we take one now?"
"Y-yes. Please do."

After Miss Louise nodded, we said, "I swear" and finished the ritual.
Needless to say, since Liza and Zena-san are equipped with substitute dolls too, there's no problem.

"What is it? Is there another ritual?"

Miss Louise called me hesitatingly when I was about to go out of the room as urged by Lady Liedill.

"...Your name, um."

The girl seems to like this foreign actor's face.

"Ku-Kuro? Are you Japanese--"
"I was named by the master of the Black Dragon Mountains. My lord, Nanashi-sama also asked the same question when he heard the name."
"Is, that so."

The girl who muttered weakly as I told her the history behind the name seemed disappointed for some reason.
I wonder what did she expect?

"--Are you living happily here?"
"Y-yes. Not only that there's zero overtime, half of the month are even holidays, and the people around me care for me kindly."

The girl who was speechless by my question answered honestly.
Looking at her condition, looks like it's just as she's said.

Then I don't have to go out of my way to take care of her.

"I see, if you're ever troubled with works, go visit Echigoya Firm in Dejima Island."

Nevertheless, I think I'm allowed to say that much.

"We're taking an airplane heading to the imperial capital's airport from here."
"Is it not an airships?"

Zena-san asked back Lady Liedill.
Zena-san and Liza are wearing the translation rings, so they can perfectly understand the people of the Weasel Empire mutually.

"That's right. Airplanes are faster."

Lady Liedill boasted with a child-like expression.

A small 20-seater propeller plane is waiting at the airport we're guided to.
Its shape is similar to the airplane I know.

Inside the plane, each seat is wide, so each side of the plane only holds eight seats.
The seat looks luxurious, this seems to be an airplane for VIPs.

Liza and Zena-san screamed weakly when the airplane took off.
I thought the two were afraid of flying in the sky, but it seemed they had their own reasons.

"It is similar to when I got on the back of the dragon, the sudden floating sensation is unpleasant isn't it."

I see, in Liza's case, she probably didn't feel the floating sensation since she jumped when we took off.

"I was anxious, I thought the airplane might fall."

It's very like Zena-san to worry about that.
She was probably anxious since we could see the airplane's wings rocking from the windows.

Even if the airplane falls, it should only end with a scratch with Zena-san's equipment, so it's a needless anxiety.

"Is that line a railroad?"
"That seems to be the case."

"That's the smoke car's road (ensharl) that connect cities which our Weasel Empire is proud of."

Lady Liedill boastfully corrected Liza's question.
I think the part where she doesn't question why we know about railroads makes her fail cute.

And then, Liza found that as we got close to the Imperial Capital.

"I wonder what is that?"
"It's big for a barrier pillar. Is it some kind of tower?"
"It's reflecting light like it's made from metal isn't it."

The thing that Liza found and made Zena-san puzzled is--.

"That's... The white tower of 『Brains』. It's been isolated away from the Imperial Capital since it's making some loud rumbling noises."

Lady Liedill said that with a displeased expression.


It's too big to be a ballistic missile, or are they going to launch a man-made satellite?
It might really be a rocket tower though.

The airplane lowered its altitude during our conversation, and landed at an airport in the suburb of the Imperial Capital.
Unfortunately, I couldn't see the Imperial Capital due to the cloudy sky, but we're going to it anyway.

Liza and Zena-san crushing their seats' handrails during the descent were impressive.
I probably should use defensive magic when we're sitting on two or three seater.

"This is the capital city of our empire!"

The moment the smoke car we rode on came out of a tunnel to a high place that overlooked the Imperial Capital, Lady Liedill boasted again.

"T-this is Imperial Capital."
"T-there's a lot of very big buildings."

Liza and Zena-san were surprised.
There, I saw a majestic looking dome-shaped structure in the center of the crowded skyscrapers.

"What do you think! Our empire is great isn't it?"
"Is that dome the emperor's castle?"
"That's right."

Lady Liedill answered my question.

"The shape looks strange."
"Fufuhn, that shape was chosen not out of whim or sophism you know?"

Lady Liedill are looking down at us with an air of superiority.
She's probably waiting for me to ask her.

I inadvertently want to tease her after she's showing this much dumb cute behaviors.

"It's a precaution against attacks from the sky right? Or perhaps, it's also a solar generator?"

It seems both of my statements were correct, Lady Liedill fell silent while looking dissatisfied.
I might have been a bit childish.

The smoke car we rode on passed through the huge Imperial Capital gate and arrived at an imposing station.

Now then, as for the information of the Weasel Empire's Capital from the [All Map Exploration]--

The population is more than 300.000 people, the most numerous ones were not the weaselkin, but the ratkin and the rabbitkin, the weaselkin is only a third of the population. There are also humans but ratio is not so high.

Special mention for the fact that there's no slave.

Since the citizens are separated by class, from first to third class, there's a possibility that the third class citizens are treated like slaves though.

The average levels of the empire's citizens are 3 just like Shiga Kingdom's citizens, but the soldiers' average is high at 10 and the knights' at nearly 30.
Just as the rumor suggests, Temple Knights where Lady Liedill belongs to have 107 people that are higher than level 50. Ten of them are more than level 60, the knight leader and number two have reached level 70.
If every one of them were deployed in the war against Makiwa Kingdom, it would probably have been over before we could intervene.

On the other hand, the court magicians' levels are not that high, the average is 40 besides two level 50.
Since half of the Temple Knights have magic skills, the court magicians' duty might be something other than battle.

Unfortunately, the emperor and the tactician Touya were not caught on the map.
They're probably lurking at a different map somewhere.

"Huh? Doesn't that face look familiar?"
"U~n, it looks like Alex, but isn't he a bit shorter?"

I could hear a conversation between a purple haired and a black haired women who were eating parfait in a parlor inside the station building.
They seem to belong to the Weasel Empire's research institution, [Brains].
The purple haired girl is a reincarnated person, and the black haired girl has an obviously Japanese face.

I searched again since I forgot to check it. There are more than 10 reincarnated people at various ages inside the Imperial Capital, and there's a lot of people with Japanese names yet without Unique Skill like the black haired girl in front of me who belong to [Brains].

It appears the [Japanese Summoning] experiment performed by Princess Menea's home country, Rumooku Kingdom, is continued by the Weasel Empire.

It looks like my job in Weasel Empire has increased by one.

It helps that the women in the parlor look happy.


--Guhehehe, I'm not Arisa-chan if I miss a good opportunity like this.

Walking on tiptoe, I go from Solitary Island Palance to Echigoya Firm.

"Tifa please. Let go of that hand."

When I got to Echigoya Firm, a yuri-yuri conversation was happening in front of Master.
Tifaliza, the transcendental western-style beauty is tightly grasping the manager Elterina's hand that's reaching toward Master's cheek, holding her back.

Come to think of it, currently, Tifaliza is the only one that remains a slave of Master.
It feels like she has a special treatment somehow, vexing.

"I just want to touch those soft cheeks a little bit."

Yep yep, I can sympathize with El-cchi.

Poking those cheeks feels really good.
Master displeasedly brushing my hand is very cute, my delusion goes wild just by that reaction alone.

"Doing such a thing when the other party is unconscious is cowardly."

Tifaliza is too serious.

But but, you can't deceive Arisa-chan's eyes.
That's the face of her persuading herself while admonishing El-cchi.

Alright then, Arisa the evangelist will show her true ability here.

"I've heard it! You two!"
"Another problem child...."

Oh you Tifaliza, you're so cold to me.
And she was really obedient when I taught her to do double-entry bookkeeping in three days.

"Tifaliza's right, poking Master's cheeks is the best when he's conscious!"

Tifaliza looks confused to hear me somehow.

"When he's unconscious, it's this!"

After saying that, I put my head on the lap of Master who's sitting on the sofa.


I'd like for those slender fingers to gently brush my hair if possible, but I'll bear with it.
I want to caress his lap, but I restrain myself since the two's coiling stares are heavy.

"A-Arisa-san, me to...."

After having thoroughly enjoyed myself enough, I change place with Elterina who entreated.
Tifaliza is only looking with wistful expression, she doesn't stop or ask for it.

She sure is a child with disadvantageous nature.

Let Arisa-chan pitch in and help you here!

"Time to change."
"That's right, look at the line, the line!"

Saying that, I push aside the reluctant Elterina from Master's lap.

"You're next."
"I-I'm... um"

Tifaliza whose whole face is red looks down while fidgeting.
What is this cute creature.

"What are you saying now, after overlooking me and Elterina, you're already an accomplice you know?"

Hearing me, Tifaliza looks shocked.

"Eat poison till the plate, so they say, right."

I whisper so in Tifaliza's ear.
My face must totally look like a villain right now.

"Come on come on, this la~p is so~ft y'know~"

Succumbing to the temptation, Tifaliza lies down on Master's lap.

"How is it?"
"Err, um.... It feels nice."

Awright! I got me [Feels nice]!!

Tifaliza's silver hair is gently brushed as I laugh guhehe.


There, Master who's opened his eyes is kindly looking at Tifaliza.

"U-um, Kuro-sama, t-this is."
"Un, I understand, it's alright."

Master tenderly spoke to Tifaliza who was in fluster on his lap.

"The culprit is Arisa right?"

--Not good, I'm exposed.

Adieu, Master!

I told so in my heart and tried to teleport away but my magic was neutralized.
I also tried to escape by running but the gate to the Solitary Island Palace had been closed.

"You understand right, Arisa?"
"I-it's my first time. Be gentle okay?"

Master ignored me trying to soften the mood, and flicked my forehead to hard lump as the penalty.

It was super painful, but since I got to satisfy myself with lap pillow after a long time, this day was a good day.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-18

15-18. Intermission


Satou's here. I've never been able to match a quick-witted person. There really are people who embody the saying, "to understand everything from only one part."

"M-Master! Y-you won't secretly go home will you?"
"Yea, of course."

Arisa tightly grasped my hand and asked, I replied her immediately.

"Even if I were to go back to my hometown, I'd bring everyone along to sightsee the earth when that happened."

I'm sure that they'll be delighted to see Tokyo's skyscrapers and the subculture-overflowing Akiharaba.

"Y-you will, won't you."
"Moreover, even though I know the coordinates thanks to Hayato and the letters, it's not like I can visit there with the advanced teleport magic immediately."

I tried to calculate it and it seemed, using normal magic, moving a few grams of object was the limit even after using the magic power contained in a divine gift holy sword.
Apparently, the distance between worlds is way too far.

Looks like it's difficult if it's not with Yuriko of Rumooku Kingdom's 『Power that Connects Worlds』 and God Parion's Hero summoning, unique skills--that is, God's power.

I have a feeling that my Unit Arrangement can do it, but unfortunately that's not possible since there is no base point in Hayato's world.
If I knew that this would happen, I would have asked him to carry a folding doghouse and build it there.

I've got some tricks up my sleeves if the problem is just the amount of magic power needed, so I'll be seriously going to research it once things have calmed down with the matters regarding Weasel Empire and Saga Empire.

I have a promise to visit the hero summoning magic circle in Saga Empire after all.

"Viscount Satou. Please come see me anytime you're in Saga Empire. I will fulfill the promise then."
"Yes, I'll be asking your help once I get back from Shiga Kingdom."

We're saying goodbyes to the hero's followers in front of the sub-dimensional ship Jules Verne.

Come to think of it, the other hero's followers besides Princess Maryest have also stopped calling me with my house name, Pendragon.
Did I do something to touch their heartstrings during the celebration the day before yesterday and the remembrance meeting of the hero yesterday?

"Satou-sama, please visit me if you have another good liquor okay."
"Yes, if I come across one that'll suit Loreiya-sama's taste, definitely."

I made such a promise with Miss Loreiya.

"Fifi and I will go on a journey to improve our skills once we get back to Saga Empire, have a match with us when we visit Shiga Kingdom 'kay."
"Un, have a match with me too. I never thought that there would be someone else besides Hayato and Rusus that could move like that against the demon lord."

Rusus and Fifi grinned and told me that.
I'll ask Tama and Pochi to be their sparring partners when that time comes.

"Satou, if you like to tour places, you should go to the earkin sanctuary in Saga Empire. It's possible for earkin to mate with humans so they surely will welcome the strong Satou."

Lady Wiyaryi appeared in front of me next.
I do have some interests in earkin but since it looks like I'll be treated like a breeding horse, I'm hesitating.

"See you Satou. I'll be visiting Shiga Kingdom as a secret agent."
"No no, please visit us normally. We'll welcome you."

Seina the scout made that disturbing remark.

"Satou-dono, we wish to express our gratitude for your cooperation. A letter from his majesty Saga Empire's Emperor should arrive at Shiga Kingdom at a later time. The content is probably in regard to medal conferment and honorary nobility ennoblement. Putting aside the ennoblement, the medal should be matching with us, so I'll be happy if you receive it."

And lastly, secretary Nono did a business-like report.
For some reason, her cheeks were flushed at the [Matching] part, so Arisa's and Mia's, the impregnable fortress combo, eyebrows were raised.
It was a complete misunderstanding, I'd love to plea for my innocence.

After seeing off the silver ship disappeared into the dimensional rift, our sailing ship left the Weasel Empire.

And then five days later, I visited Dejima Island.
As Kuro this time.

"I am Kuro, Hero Nanashi's follower. My gratitude for this chance to meet your excellency crown prince."

This place is the audience hall of the administrator building in Dejima Island.
The slender weaselkin crown prince is sitting on the throne in front of me.

"Level 50 huh. Your level is low for a hero's attendant."
"Please excuse me. My role is merely for transportation and negotiation."

I lightly brushed off the crown prince's provocation.

Originally, I had no plan to meet the crown prince as Kuro even thought I was going to make a courtesy visit as Satou.
Then why am doing this? that is because I'm asking the weaselkin merchant to plan a meeting between me and the weasel emperor through the crown prince, so I've to meet him once at least.


The crown prince muttered.

"Hmph, your complexion doesn't change even a bit huh. Do you know that anyone leaving the empire's mainland through Rete city will have to undergo memory deletion?"
"Memory deletion? Is it mind magic?"
"Nah, it's a Unique Skill by the purple hair fellows."

Purple hair--reincarnated people like Arisa huh.

"There's no meaning in meeting the emperor if your memory gets deleted right? I'll help you smuggle through the place to prevent the memory deletion if you help me."

This dealing isn't particularly needed since I can get out instantly with Unit Arrangement, but I'm interested in the crown prince's objective for doing this.

"Let me hear your request."
"Dejima Island is going to secede from the empire. I want Shiga Kingdom to back us."

Independence huh--however.

"There is no meaning in having the backing of the far away Shiga Kingdom right? If the empire attacked, it'd be destroyed before reinforcements from Shiga Kingdom came."
"That worry is needless. The empire will be destroyed sooner or later. In order to not get destroyed ourselves by proxy when that happens, we're gaining independence. The parishes on the outer edges of the empire should be moving behind the scenes too, but there is no problem in leaving them alone because those guys are all pious believers."

It appears that the crown prince is aware that the Weasel Empire is in precarious situation where it could garner the Gods' wrath.
Looks like he wants Shiga Kingdom's backing for providing supply and a place for refugees to flee when Dejima Island becomes uninhabitable.

"You don't think that they will avoid destruction?"
"The emperor's will is firm. From the beginning, he's been boasting that the Gods' intervention is included in his plan."

The crown prince replied my question as if spitting out.

"Does the emperor have the mean to oppose the Gods?"
"I asked him the same question, but he just laughed it out without answering back."

The crown prince looks displeased, but then his expression seems like he remembers something and he opens his mouth.

"That reminds me, the bald tactician muttered arrogantly, 『It is something that anyone knows, therefore no one arrives at the answer.』. I don't want to show off a reckless remark of a guy who acted as if he was a sage, but I'll tell you that one thing at least."
"I see, thank you for your kindness."

For some reason he laughs scornfully even though I thanked him honestly.

"Show that gratitude with acts instead."
"The matter about backing huh. I do not mind, but your fall might come sooner than Weasel Empire's ruin you know?"

I have no intention to intervene in a war between Weasel Empire and Dejima Island's independence.

"If something were to fall, that's only going to be this head. This is something that needs to be done to preserve weaselkin blood and cultures."
"Very well, I will talk to Shiga King about it."

After I said that, the crown prince who was bending his body forwards lets himself sunk into the throne satisfyingly.

"Well then Hero Nanashi, I will be waiting for good news."
"You're mistaken, I'm--"
"Hmph, such a poor acting, if you're going to pretend to be a subordinate, don't give an immediate answer to a matter that exceeds your authority."

Oops, I didn't put too much thought on that part.

Now then, about the matter just now, I brought Hikaru with me to meet the king, but unexpectedly, he easily agreed to it even before Hikaru could support me.

Of course it's not unconditional.

We asked them to stop the production and research of forbidden medicines like the [Reborn Seed] used in the terror activities at Shiga Kingdom, and several other demands in order to silence the lineage nobles who don't like demi-humans.

At first we used pigeon carriers to fly about both countries, but since it was troublesome, I brought the crown prince to Shiga Capital to negotiate directly.

"Then let use enter the 『Yamato Treaty』 here."

Thus, one month after my meeting with the crown prince, Dejima Island gained Independence, and the treaty for Shiga Kingdom to be the backer was enacted.
During that period, a thank you letter and mountains of treasures from Saga Empire addressed to Viscount Pendragon who participated in the demon lord subjugation arrived, and the people in the royal castle were in uproar, but since as Satou himself was currently cruising in my airship, I didn't get involved in the uproar.
I pray that it'll be reduced into a lull before Satou arrives in Shiga Kingdom in half a month time.

Hikaru is attending every meeting while also serving as Shiga King's guard, so I can go far away at peace.

The destination is--.

"Satou-kun, is that Saga Empire's old capital!"
"Yes, that's right."

I'm visiting Saga Empire with Earl Muno.

The ones traveling with me this time are Earl Muno, Lady Karina, Lady Soruna, and Lady Soruna's fiancee who has just been elevated to peerage recently, Honorary Chevalier Hauto, and also Tama and Pochi whom are Earl Muno's favorites.

The next Earl Muno, Orion-kun was also eager to go, but Consul Nina stopped him saying that it wouldn't be good for both the earl and the next earl to leave the country at once, so he tearfully gave it up.
I'll buy him some souvenirs in the old capital.

In addition, I also invited Lady Ringrande and Sera whom I accidentally met, but she curtly declined.
Looks like it'll be a while before they can reconcile.

Further, the hero summoning magic circle is not located in the current capital, but this old capital that's governed by a duke.
Besides our airship, there are three large airships anchored in the airport of the old capital.

The number of populace is larger than Shiga Kingdom's Duchy Capital's but less than the Royal Capital's, the temperature is low all year round so there's a lot of people wearing warm clothing.
Many are black haired, and I see Japanese-like flat faces here and there.

"It's slightly chilly isn't it."
"Soruna, you should put this on."
"Thank you, Hauto."

Lady Karina is enviously looking that exchange between Lady Soruna and Hauto.
Lady Karina's clothes are equipped with all-weather air conditioner, so she has no need of a jacket in this degree of coldness.

"This much is nothing nanodesu."
"Tama-kun and Pochi-kun are really strong against cold."

Earl Muno praised Tama and Pochi while trembling in cold.

"Earl-sama, please wear this coat."
"Ah, Satou-kun, thank you."

I saw Lady Karina biting her finger in frustration in the corner of my view.
What are you doing getting jealous of your own father.

"Satou, have I kept you waiting?"
"Not at all, we've just arrived just now."

We got on a luxurious carriage after Princess Maryest's who came to meet us, heading toward the [Hero's Hill] at the old capital's outskirts.
The other hero's followers are in great demands to attend parties with the nobles in the imperial capital.

There's a building made of white stones on top of the hill with unusually good views.
It looks like a Greek historic temple with only pillars ceiling and no wall.

"OOOOOOOOO! S-so this is the sacred place where heroes-sama are summoned for generations!"
"Y-yes, that's right."

Princess Maryest was taken aback by Earl Muno's high tension.
Both Lady Karina and Lady Soruna are also looking around the sacred place with glimmering eyes, though not as bad as Earl Muno.

The day will end if I wait for the three to calm down, so after a while I urge them to advance and enter building.

"Your Highness Maryest, are they Earl Muno and Viscount Pendragon?"
"Yes, they are. He contributed in the fight with demon lord so much I wouldn't be able to speak it all. Don't be rude with him alright."
"If that's what Hero-sama has promised, then it cannot be helped."

And elderly Parion Temple head spoke with Princess Maryest in business-like manners.

Both of them don't seem to get along well.

"Then, over here please."

Following after the temple head who released the barrier, we entered the temple.

--Ooh, this is amazing.

It looks like a common temple at a glance, but when I activate Magic Seer, complex engraved magic circles are laminated not only on the floors but also on the ceilings and pillars.
Each magic circles interact with one another, they're quite artistic and educative.

I've noticed after reading the magic circles that it seems the underground of [Hero's Hill] is a gigantic magic device that accumulates magic power.
The reason why the atmospheric temperature of the old capital is low must be because the magic power flowing in the earth's vein is absorbed by this magic device instead of the City Core.

"Are you satisfied now?"

I only noticed that I had been looking at the temple for quite a long time after the temple head call out.

"Yes, thank you very much. I had shamefully lost myself due to the mystical atmosphere."

I evaded the temple head's eyes that were full of suspicious with the help of Deception skill.
I've completely traced the magic circles here including the magic device hidden underground, so I can reproduce them as much as I like.

It would likely end up connecting with God Parion if I used it as is, so it needs several modifications it seems.

"Temple head! Meiko-sama is--"
"W-we have guests right now."

A miko rushed in when were about to leave the temple and made an obvious verbal slip.

After searching the obviously Japanese name, I see a new hero called [Meiko Kaname] is currently strolling the old capital.
She's carelessly not hiding her Unique Skills, her information is wide open to see.

She has four Unique Skills, [Strongest Katana (Nothing cannot be Cut)], [Unrivaled Mobility (Cannot be hit)], [Infinite Arsenal (Inexhaustible Swords)], and [Foresight].
I think she's just been summoned, yet her level is already 60, higher than Hero Hayato's initial level at 50.

"Satou, let's go."
"Your highness Princess--"
"I know."

Princess Maryest replied the temple head who was going to tell her to keep it a secret as if it was a matter of course and then she escorted us out of the temple.
The thing about Hero Meiko is probably a secret.

"I'm very sorry, but I have to go back to the Imperial Capital now."
"No no, we're sorry for troubling you in such a busy time."

I thanked Princess Maryest who really looked like she was sorry about it, and then we parted ways with her at the old capital's airport.

"Then, let's go tour the castle town."

I strolled the old capital with the Earl Muno family, and went around the ramen shop and Japanese sweets cafés that the heroes in the past visited.
Next, we purchased hero's temple models and hero figurines as souvenirs.

"Mou! Why are all of them Japanese sweets and preserved sweets that are too sickeningly sweet! There's no cute cakes or parfaits anywhere!"

When I turn around at the voice, there's a 14 year old girl with an impertinent look on her face.

There's a handsome bespectacled priest as her guard.
His disposition looks weak somehow.

"I'm sorry, Meiko-sama. It seems that there is this cake called 『Lulu's Cake』 in Shiga Kingdom however."
"Lulu? That sounds like a cold medicine. Well fine, go buy it."
"I'm saying that you go buy it. Don't make me say it twice."

She's quite unreasonable.

She's a girl from roughly the same hometown as me, but this time I shouldn't get involved and ignore her.
The girls should be able to live in this country splendidly.

"Hey! The black hair over there!"

Yet, somehow the girl is in front of me.
Looks like she used Flickering Movement.

"Yes, you! You're a local person right? Guide me to sweets shops. I'm starving for fresh cream!"

The girl is taking a threatening attitude, saying to guide her quickly.

"Me-Meiko-sama, you must not."
"Shut it!"

On the other hand, the attendant priest seemed to have inferred that we were nobles of a foreign country and desperately tried to change the girl's mind.

"Freesh creaam?"
"Pochi wants to eat sweets nodesu."
"Come to think of it, the cake we ate earlier was really delicious."

Lady Soruna mixed in with Tama and Pochi.

Not only the three, Earl Muno also said, "It's about time for having tea isn't it."
The good-natured Earl Muno seemed to sympathize with the girl who sought fresh cream.

"Is there one?!"
"Yes, there is. Let's go to that café over there."
"Meiko-sama, you mustn't be tricked! That café does serve blue tea but it has exactly the same kind of sweets as the ones we saw before."

The girl glared at me as if saying that she wouldn't forgive me if I was lying.

"The shop doesn't have one, but we have cakes in this bag. We can just pay the shop for bringing it inside."
"Really? Then let's go."

With the girl's quick decision, we enter the café with the calm atmosphere.
The bespectacled priest appeared to be a regular here, he immediately asked for a private room.

"Hee, that looks really good."

The girl said that arrogantly in front of the cut Lulu Cake.
However, contrary to her tone, her eyes are sparkling brightly.

"Wha! What's this it's way too tasty."
"Lulu's cake is delicious alright nodesu."

While watching over the children joyfully eating the cake, I slowly drink the blue tea.
Not only Lady Soruna and Lady Karina, Earl Muno is also fond of sweets, they've been savoring the cake absentmindedly.

"That was delicious~ Was that Lulu Cake?"
"Master made it nodesu."

Tama and Pochi boastfully replied the girl who praised the cake she had eaten.

"You're a hero's follower from now on! Follow me as a chief."
"I'm sorry but--"

A silver haired man wearing important-looking priest clothes rushed in before I could answer.

"Lawrence! Get Meiko-sama back to the temple! Didn't I tell you not to let her out since that Sir Pendragon was coming today!"

Well now? Why do they want to prevent me from meeting the new hero?
Seeing me, Priest Warren's face becomes pale.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Viscount Satou Pendragon."
"S-sir Pendragon?! W-why is the Demon Lord Slayer with Meiko-sama?!"

What an awful alias.
Perhaps [Demon Lord Slayer] is a praise in this world?

"Demon Lord Slayer? That Shiga Hero who defeated the demon lord together with the previous hero?"
"Me, a Hero? Perhaps, you're mistaking me with Hero Nanashi-sama of Shiga Kingdom?"

I replied Meiko's question with another question to dodge it.

"Meiko-sama, this Sir Pendragon is--"

The silver haired priest is whispering into Hero's Meiko ear.
The content of his talk was generally not wrong, but by no means could I agree with it.

Thus, I try to talk to her in order to reach a mutual understanding before the misunderstanding goes deeper.

"D-don't come close! You sexual fiend!"

The frightened Hero Meiko jumped to the corner of the room.
Still, sexual fiend is cruel.

I could see the bespectacled priest desperately apologizing in the corner of my view, but such a thing can't heal my wounded heart.

"It's a misunderstanding--"
"You're served by more than 10 women, and sleep together with women from primary school age to adults everyday right!"
"That's the truth, however--"
"I don't want to hear it, I don't want to hear it!"

She closed both her ears and shook her head.

"Sir Pendragon, since Meiko-sama doesn't feel too well, please excuse us."
"P-please wait, Head Miko-sama!"

The silver haired priest held Hero Meiko's shoulder and rushed out.

The bespectacled priest called him Head Miko, but the silver haired priest's gender is undoubtedly male.
It's questionably strange, but let's ignore it since I'm not particularly interested.


The chief of this shop asked to sample the cake with a desperate expression on his face.

"You don't want the recipe instead?"

The chef shook his head with a quiet expression.

"That will be too shameless of me. I am also walking the path of a cook. Once I eat it, I will arrive at that taste someday."

This person said some amazing things.

"Alright then, then I'll put out several kinds of sweets that will likely suit her taste."

Since it sounded a bit fun, I put out several cakes and Castella on the table.
Even Tama and Pochi's eyes are glittering.
I'm going to treat you two to Saga Empire's meat full course after this so right now, bear with it okay.

After encouraging the chef, we went on a meat dishes tour.
Of course, it goes without saying that I reproduced the meat dishes we ate in the tour for the girls who were staying behind.

Now then, now that I've recharged my batteries, it's about time to depart to Weasel Empire's Capital as Kuro.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-SS

15-SS. The Melancholy of Dungeon Core


The new master is a strange human.

He tried to get out of the dungeon even though he's a Dungeon Master.

『Dungeon Master cannot leave the Labyrinth.』

After displaying that message, I activated the emergency Master summoning function to pull Master back to Master's room.

"It's nothing. I'm returning soon, so you can go back to the inn ahead."

The new master is talking with no one, there's some strange person among humans.

"How do I get out of the labyrinth?"

Master asked the question to me, the Dungeon Core.

Why is he trying to go outside when this place is the safest.


"Dungeon Master is forbidden from leaving the Labyrinth."

When I replied so, Master folds his arms and becomes lost in thought.
Rather than thinking so hard about such an obvious thing, I wish Master comes up with one or two traps to deal with the labyrinth's invaders instead.

"What should I do to hand over the position of Dungeon Master?"

--Hand over?

I cannot understand Master's train of thought.
Can't humans think logically?

However, I have to answer Master's questions.
Because I am a thing that obeys Master.

"That's impossible. Only death will vacate the position of Dungeon Master."

Master frowns to hear my answer.
I heard him muttering "Very inflexible", in a low voice.

Handing over the position of Dungeon Master which is said to holds the almighty power equaling Gods, even if it's restricted inside the dungeon, is what surely is beyond expectations.


Master disappeared from the Master's Room.


He disappeared from the dungeon.

Where? Why? How?

I couldn't feel any reaction of magic power.
I'm confident that I absolutely wouldn't overlook the usage of teleportation of space magic which requires vast amount of magic power.




Master won't reply even after I called him with voice, called him with message boards inside the labyrinth, and called him with thought wave.

It's not like he's been annihilated, leaving a vacant post behind, yet my Master has disappeared.

I'll let the monsters outside the labyrinth to search--No.

I must prioritize Master's orders.
Letting the monsters go outside is impossible.

What should I do. I have to search for Master. Where's Master. What should I do. Master, Master, Master.

It seems I've hanged because my thought was going around in circles.
I might have self-destruct if I didn't reset the safety circuit of Dungeon Core.

It has been 1000 hours since Master's disappearance.
Since he's added monsters and traps on the subsystem, explorers can't get to here.

According to the log, the unit led by a long-earkin woman had invaded the lower layer nearby many times, but they were caught in the traps installed by Master and forced to retreat.

--I was protected by Master.

I feel a certain bond in my heart from that fact.

--That's right.

If Master won't come back, I'll go look for him myself.
With my right as Dungeon Master, I create a homonculus for exploration and transcript my thought onto it.

"--My body is heavy."
"You're just not familiar with muscles. It should feel lighter soon."

The path is open inside the dungeon, so the homonculus's current state is transmitted to me.

"Go. Core Two."
"Okay, Original."

I send the probe homonculus--Core Two to the entrance of the labyrinth.
With the search power of Core Two, it should find the lost kid Master who's wandering around aimlessly outside the labyrinth immediately.

In order to perform maintenance on my thought circuit, I entered into suspend mode.
I decided to dream about my reunion with Master inside the thing called sleep by people.

--Master, please come back soon.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-17

15-17. Celebration


Satou's here. Parting with close friends is hard--that is something of the past, now it doesn't feel like we're apart since we can communicate anytime with SNS (Social Networking Service). But in a parallel world where there's a few ways to communicate--.


Lady Ringrande's desperate scream is echoing in the boss room.

Light falling from heaven is wrapping the hero.
The hero who seems exhausted is looking at the source of the light and saying something.

I couldn't grasp it well due to the glittering light around him, but the term [Parion] was certainly in his words.

The light disappears before long, silence rules the room.

"It was from God Parion. They'll pick me tomorrow morning y'see."

Looks like the hero is going back to his original world.

The one who breaks the funeral-like mood is Arisa.

"Let's have a celebration! After all the hard works defeating the demon lords, we have to have a super special feast!"
"Alright, it's a party!"
"Lemme take care of eating the food!"

Rusus and Fifi joined Arisa's suggestion the foremost.

"Un, let's cook the Saga cow meat roll and fried rice that Hayato likes."
"Let's bring out the special brandy too."

Miss Wiyaryi and Priestess Loreiya continued with cheerful voices too.
Lady Ringrande and Princess Maryest seemed to brood over it, but they don't seem to object the celebration itself.

『Dungeon Master cannot leave the Labyrinth.』

When we were leaving the labyrinth, I was pulled back to the <<Dungeon Master Room>> along with that message.

『Master! Did something happen?』
"It's nothing. I'm returning soon, so you can go back to the inn ahead."
『Okay! If there's anything troubling you, call Arisa-chan anytime 'kay!』

I told Arisa that through World Phone.

『Dungeon Master is forbidden from leaving the Labyrinth.』

The owner of that voice seems to be the Dungeon Core.

"What should I do to hand over the position of Dungeon Master?"
"That's impossible. Only death will vacate the position of Dungeon Master."

I see, very inflexible.


"What's wrong, Satou."
"Nothing, only stopping by for a bit."

Hikaru and Shizuka were surprised to see me suddenly returning to the solitary island palace.

Looks like I can go out without problem with Unit Arrangement.
The [Dungeon Core] probably has the power to call me back only inside the labyrinth.

"Oh right, Tifa-chan from Echigoya called for you."
"Thanks, I'll go see her for a bit."

I enter the permanent gate and show up at Echigoya Firm.
Of course I didn't forget to change my appearance into Kuro.

"Kuro-sama, welcome back."
"I'm back."

Tifaliza who was doing paperworks stood and welcomed me.
She hit the bell that connects to the Manager room and then the manager rushed into the room accompanied with sounds of footsteps that weren't fit for a lady.

"Welcome back!"
"I'm back Manager. Your hair is disheveled you know."

I fix her slightly disheveled hair with my fingers.

"Kuro-sama, I have a report for you."

Tifaliza whose voice was subtly mixed with thorns called out.
After letting the Manager who seemed feverish to sit on a chair, I listen to Tifaliza's report.

"I believe you already know, but we've got a report from Lily-sama in Duchy Capital that two demon lords have been defeated in the Weasel Empire."
"Yes, the ratkin demon lord was defeated by the hero party, and the weaselkin demon lord was done in by our girls."

Tifaliza froze for an instant after hearing my reply.

"It was not by, Kuro-sama?"
"Yea, that's right."

Tifaliza seems to think about something.

"That's a spectacular feat! Since the dawn of history, there has never been a case where a demon lord is not defeated by hero-sama or the dragons."

Manager entered the conversation in her place.

"Were they defeated by the dragons before the era of Saga Empire?"
"There is a few records about the appearances of demon lords before that, but according to Earl Muno's research, many of them fought against the apostle of gods who descended."


"The apostles didn't defeat them?"
"Sealing the demon lords was the limit of what can be done at the time, less than 20 percents written in the ancient documents pertain the demon lords' defeat."

It seems apostles aren't that strong.
Perhaps, the Gods besides the Dragon God and the Demon God are weak.

"Come to think of it, you're quite well versed in the topic."
"Yes, many documents from Earl Muno had arrived at the Duchy House, so I read them with the permission of Mito-sama."

Manager told me so enthusiastically that if she were to have a tail, it would be buzzing around lively.
She looked like she really wanted to be praised, so I teased her a bit by saying, "Very diligent" and clapped her shoulder.
I almost patted her head like with the girls, but it would be rude to do that to a woman of blooming age.

For some reason, Manager looked a bit regretful.

"Kuro-sama, did your companions acquire the title of hero?"

Hearing a problematic remark from Tifaliza, I reflexively turn to her and urge her to continue.

Even after subjugating a demon lord, none of the girls besides Pochi gets the hero title.

"It seems that the Miko of Parion Temple has received an oracle about the appearance of a new hero...."
"It's probably not about us."

Pochi got her hero title a while back, and that title had changed to [True Hero] now.

I ask Tifaliza to notify me if she has new information, and then I go to the inn in Dejima Island through the solitary island palace.
I was a bit wary, but I didn't get pulled back to the labyrinth in Dejima Island.

"Well then, cheers for the demon lord's subjugation!"

Seals of various famous liquors are opened, I put remembrance dishes of [This World] that the hero's followers told me.
There's a lot of meat dishes, probably because the hero likes them.

I've banned the girls from drinking alcohol, so they're mainly eating the dishes.

Lulu and I helped prepared the feast at first, but after the banquet was underway, the brownies dispatched from the solitary island palace, and gorgeous sexy maids from Saga Empire took over the cooking and the preparation.

"Satou! You drink too!"
"Yes, of course."

The hero who appeared with a sake bottle in one hand pour it in my cup.
I also pour the Dragon Spring Liquor on my table to his cup.

"This great me wouldn't have won against the demon lord if you, Princess Arisa, and the others weren't there. My gratitude for your help."
"Please, we just helped a little. Hero-sama splendidly defeated the demon lord himself."

In fact, the manufactured demon lords was stronger than the original rat demon lord.
The rat demon lord's personality didn't seem to be suited for combat after all.

"No, none of us could have imagined that there were two demon lords lurking in that labyrinth. If Princess Arisa didn't shout in a thundering voice when Satou disappeared, I might have lost my composure shamefully."
"I'm sorry for making you worry."

I had told Arisa and Liza beforehand that I was going to invade the Dungeon Master room so they didn't panic and continued eliminating small fries in the boss room.

For some reason, Hero's face is close.
Asides from liking young girls, his sexual orientation should be normal.

"Thank you Satou, no, Hero Nanashi."

Hero whispered on my ear.
Huh? There shouldn't be any factor that could expose me though?

"What are you talking about?"
"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone since it seems you're hiding it. To begin with, from such a hopeless situation with having two demon lords and one being a Dungeon Master, I can't think of any other guy who could drive the demon lord away from the boss room and deprive the right of Dungeon Master."

Looks like he didn't think that the demon lord left voluntarily.

"Moreover, you're unscathed until the end."

--Come to think of it.

"Satou, I'm leaving my friends in your care after I've gone back to Japan."
"What do you mean?"

I know that he's going back to Japan and all, but what's that got to do with me taking care of his followers I wonder.
The followers who participated in the demon lord subjugation will be famous in Saga Empire and their country right?

"According to Nono, the center of Saga Empire is getting suspicious lately."
"Are they going to cause war?"
"Yeah, radical opinions like 'destroy the Weasel Empire' have begun to appear even from moderate noble factions lately."

Perhaps Saga Empire also knew about the Weasel Empire's science?

"Take them under your protection if they're getting recruited into conflicts between people."
"Yes, please leave it to me. I'll shelter them in a safe place that can't be interfered by the people above ground."

Aside from Tama, it's impossible for anyone to stealthily invade the solitary island palace, and even Tama can't do it without me noticing.

"It's damn reassuring when you're the one saying that!"

Once the load on his shoulders got off, he drank the sake cup while looking relieved.

"If you have something this great me need to do, say it. I can give you Arondight if you want."

He stares at me after saying that.
I'll take advantage of this opportunity since I do have something to ask of him.

"Then, could you mail these once you're back at your original world?"
"Yes, it may not be the same world as mine, but I'd like to inform my family about my well-being."

I hand over a bundle of letters addressed to my family, friends and my co-workers including Mr. Overweight.
There are also letters from Hikaru and Arisa inside.

"Yea, I've got it. This great me will deliver it personally, be at peace."
"I'm counting on you."

I feel relieved since the hero accepted my request and hit his chest.
There's a high chance that Arisa's letter is mischievous, but Hero should be able to properly send it.

"Hayato, can I have a minute?"

Lady Ringrande who looked somehow coquettish appeared with a wine cup in one hand.
The green silk dress she's wearing has an extremely adult-like cut, and she's scattering pheromones everywhere.

The black knights who are in casual wears have been stealing glances at her since a while ago.

"Satou, I'm borrowing Hayato."
"Yes, please take your time."

I saw Hero and Lady Ringrande off while feeling like a guardian.

"I-isn't this the NTR flag?"
"What are you going on about."

I lightly whack Arisa's head.
It's extremely normal to wish for the last memory when you're parting forever with your loved one.

I pray in my heart for Lady Ringrande's desire to be fulfilled.

"Looks like it's time."

The hero who's in a suit that wouldn't look strange in earth mutters.
His trusted sword, Arondight, is being hugged by Lady Ringrande.

"Mary, thank you for always supporting me ever since I was summoned in Saga Empire."
"Hayato, my hero-sama."

After hugging Hayato, Princess Maryest kisses him on the cheek.
Come to think of it, the hero's first person pronoun has changed from [Ore-sama] to [Ore].

"Seina, it's all thanks to you that I was able to stand up again after the complete destruction by that yellow bastard."
"Ehen, come here again if you want another slaps on the cheek."

Miss Seina who's enduring to cry musters her courage and hugs Hero.

And then, Loreiya, Rusus, Fifi, Miss Wiyaryi, and Nono said their farewells one by one, lastly it was Lady Ringrande's turn.

"Rin, you were a stinking shitty noble when we first met--"

Oy, oy, Hero, what are you saying.

"--But now you're someone irreplaceable who understands me most. Reconcile with your little sister okay."
"Hayato, hayatohayatohayato."

Lady Ringrande hugs him tightly while sobbing.
Looks like she can't put it into words well.

"Arisa, are you fine without saying farewell?"
"Yes, I've said my farewell yesterday."

Arisa replied so when I checked on her.

And then, light falls from the sky.

"It seems there's a time limit for God Parion connecting worlds. I have to go now."

Hero's body floats and then it's begun to disappear.
Someone called "Hayato", and then the hero's followers start to call his name one after another.

We keep looking up at the sky where the hero who kept waving until the end has disappeared to.

"Satou, are you drinking?!"
"Yes, I'm drinking. However, it seems Lady Ringrande has already drunk a bit too much."

After seeing the hero off, I was invited to the meeting to remember him with his followers, but for some reason, I got to accompany Lady Ringrande drunken rambles after the meeting was over.

The drunken Lady Ringrande has been complaining with her arm around my neck since awhile ago.
I think it's problematic for a lady of a duchy house to drink liquor straight from the bottle.

"Honestly, even though a daring woman who would even jump off a cliff approached him, that blockhead didn't even give me a kiss!"
"Hayato-sama is a gentleman with superior ethics after all."

It seems Lady Ringrande met a honorable defeat at her approach yesterday.

"Good grief, a man should become a beast sometimes!"
"That's right, yielding oneself to passion is needed once in a while."

After replying positively, Lady Ringrande became quiet.
Looks like she drank herself to sleep.

I asked the the girls who were peeking at the door like a totem pole to put her in a bed.

"Fumu, this is unexpected."
"About the letters?"

I assent to Arisa who sits beside me, and drink the fruit water that Lulu brought.

The letters with markers are on the marker column in the Menu.
Their current location is [N-World Line, Planet Earth, Japan]. By the way, the N part is a number with astronomical value.
Hero Hayato's name remains below the letter.

It appears Unique Skill works across worlds.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-16

15-16. Hero VS Demon Lord (3)


Satou's here. I sometime see the argument, [Is human right necessary for villains] made in various media. I think there are mixed views about this particular topic, but I believe a lesson that incites "doing crimes is not worth it" thought is needed at least.

"Acha~ This is it huh."

The weaselkin demon lord's expression stiffened for an instant, but then he went back to his usual jestful behavior.
I put a marker on the weasel demon lord during this chance.

"Rat fatty, looks like this is the end for us-chan eh."


The ratkin demon lord in the corner of the room weakly replied the weasel demon lord.
He's pining his nose, it doesn't look like he's going to make a move.
His health point is running out too, he looks like he'll die if left alone.

"Sorry but, make it as painless as possible 'k?"

The weasel demon lord claps his own neck and turn a miserable face at me.

Strange. He's acting quite gallant--.

I see the other hand of the weasel demon lord who's in front of the Dungeon Core moving restlessly on the opposite side.

--Yup, that's that huh.

"I forbid the use of Dungeon Core."

Weasel demon lord's fingers on the control board of the Dungeon Core stop moving.

"Oh no."

Purple light flow on the weasel demon lord's body--.

"I forbid the use of Unique Skills."
"Bit too late, see."

--A missile-like thing appeared between me and the weasel demon lord.

The Crisis Perception made an intense reaction, I used Ground Shrink and touched the missile, putting it away into my Storage.
Its AR reading, [USA-made ICBM], was shown for an instant before it disappeared.

The modern weapons summon the rat demon lord used was this guy's power huh.

"Rat fatty!"


The rat demon lord who should have been half-dead roared.
The rat demon lord who's wearing a hero costume that looks like a creature with a medal on its forehead tears his own chest from both sides.


"Rat demon lord! I forbid the use of Unique Skills."

I used [Geass] on the rat demon lord while putting up Flexible Shields in front of me.

At the next moment, a cone-shaped radial heat ray burns down the <<Dungeon Master Room>>.

It's about as strong as the forbidden spell of fire magic that Arisa uses, <<White Inferno>>, or perhaps even more.

After shooting that, the rat demon lord fell down and began to convulse.
Apparently, he used the last of his power for that attack.

"As expected of Rat Fatty! Even that abnormal shouldn't be unscathed after getting that kind of attack--there's no corpse?"
"I forbid you to act."

I bound the weasel demon lord from acting before his question was answered.

"J-just how--"
"No need for you to know."

I also bound the rat demon lord and heal him enough to not die.

"What are you going to do?"
"I can overlook your life at least if you quit being a demon lord and Dungeon Master."

I'll let him live as a normal person and atone for his sins.

"You serious?"

The weasel demon lord looks surprised to hear my answer.

"Yea, I promise."

After I said that, weasel demon lord began to laugh out loud.

After laughing for a while, his face suddenly turns serious--.

"Aren't ya so sweet eh? I-chan feel like vomiting."

--So he spat out.

"By any chance, did you hear our-chan circumstances from the emperor?"


"Huh? The things about us being bound by the emperor's geass, forced to become demon lords, and put to the depth of the labyrinth to become decoys for the hero, see?"

I see, the mastermind is the weasel emperor huh.

"Don't tell me, you were saying you wanted to help us without knowing that?"

I nod at the weasel demon lord.

"Uwaah, way too soft, I can't understand."

His face warped as if saying, "He's beyond help", his dark eyes look down on me.

"Just saying, I-chan is a scoundrel eh?"

I know that.

"I even like being a Dun Mas. Dun Mas is nice y'know. Toying with people's life brutally and cruelly, snatching people's dignity in cold blood erotically, and playing around crushing people's sense."

Pictures that match the weasel demon lord's words are floating around him.
There are many acts of barbarity so bad I want to look away.

A rare feeling of anger to punish the weasel demon lord wells up within me.

"You want to save the life of someone who's done atrocities that would have been left in history if we were in the former world? Or are you someone who's against death penalty?"

However, my mind which was blinded by anger notified me of something wrong.

"You should kill villains when you get the chance eh? I mean--"

--That's it! The pictures.

He shouldn't have been able to display them if he couldn't use the Dungeon Core.
My Geass isn't working on him, or perhaps it's been canceled along the way--.


I was thrown into the air of the lava room at the same time the demon lord spoke.
The room is still under the effect of <<Neutral Magic>>, so I can't use magic or skill that uses magic power.

Pulled by the gravity, I'm falling headlong toward the magma.

"Bye bye by~"

The weasel demon lord's laughter echo in the dungeon.

--Unfortunately for him, only this much can't be considered an adverse situation.

I kicked and sent a big rock I took out from my Storage flying and pierced it with my hand in mid-air.


Ignoring the shocked Dungeon Master, I invade the Dungeon Master again.
He had left behind a trail for me to re-invade due to him uselessly laughing.

"Oy oy, what the heck! What the hell are you!"

The demon lord who operated the Dungeon Core turned his head at me in surprise.

"Are you God or something!"

Since I don't know how the weasel demon lord canceled my Geass, I open the entrance to the sub-space labyrinth and throw him there.
For now, my priority is separating him away from the Dungeon Core.

The rat demon lord's geass doesn't seem to have been canceled, so I leave him behind and enter the sub-space labyrinth.

"dIE, eH!"

Lines of modern weapons open fire at me all at once.

The bullets scooped out the walls and broke the stalagmites, the cannonballs made holes on the ground while scattering dust and roaring sounds.
Numerous warhead missiles created blooming explosions, huge ballistic missiles blew away the labyrinth's floor and walls.

"sTiLl, aliVE eH!"

The weasel demon lord is in a dangerous state. He's becoming gigantic while his body is burbling.

"I forbid the use of Unique Skills!"
"USeless, uselESS, eH!"

Unaffected by my Geass, the weasel demon lord brought up anti-aircraft cannons and main tanks around him, and let out rain of bullets and shells at me.
I mow down the modern weapons with a shot of [Laser].


Looks like he used too much Unique Skills, the weasel demon lord lost all its sense and went completely mad.

At the same time, his skills, titles and Unique Skills are now displayed on the AR readings.
Apparently, the concealment is gone when he went mad.
Weasel demon lord's Unique Skills are [Goods Summoning], [Freewheeling], and [Power that Brings Misdeeds].

That second skill probably neutralized my Geass.

I wanted to remove the [God's Fragment] with the power of demon lord Shizuka who's under my protection and let him live the rest of his life as a criminal, but that doesn't seem to be possible.
Since he's unaffected by my Geass, I can't guarantee the safety of demon lord Shizuka.

I don't want to do a hypocrisy that would endanger my friends.


Combat helicopters and VTOL fighters appear on the spacious floor that has lost its walls and ceiling.


He even brought up an Aegis warship an an aircraft carrier.

Although, there's no way the weasel demon lord would be fine after using that much Unique Skills power.
The demon lord's body is split, and then dark purple light leak out of the fissure.

I ignore all those military forces and jump near the weasel demon lord's foot with Ground Shrink.
Tremendous offensive attacked me, but everything happened behind.


The blade of the holy sword Excalibur shined dazzlingly after I recited the scripture.
With just a slight swing, the demon lord split in two, and the blue light overflowing from the holy sword evaporated the demon lord.

『That was cheating eh』
『How terrible』
『Poor I-chan』

I swing the Divine Sword at the [God's Fragments] that appeared on the place where the demon lord was, eliminating them all at once.
The dark purple particles are absorbed into the Divine Sword.

Still, considering the weasel demon lord was unaffected by my Geass, I should take his story about getting bound by the weasel emperor's Geass with a grain of salt.


The labyrinth was shaking when I got back from the sub-space labyrinth.
I check the control board of the nearby Dungeon Core.

>Title [Dungeon Master] Acquired.

Geh, you'd become a Dungeon Master just by touching it.

I can't acknowledge it, but I have to investigate things first right now.

"It's set to do Stampede?"

On top of having the recurrence speed of monsters inside the labyrinth set to maximum, it's set to do Stampede that will go toward the surface once the monsters reach a certain number.

Furthermore looking at the log, all of the magic power has been concentrated to make the volcano erupt.
If this keeps up, the monster Stampede and the eruption won't only swallow the labyrinth island, many people in Dejima island will also fall victim.

"Tsk, it's locked."

What's the point of having a password lock.

15 seconds until the monster Stampede, 20 seconds until the eruption.

『Hikaru! Give me a hand.』

I asked help from Hikaru who was standing by in the solitary island palace.

"Kept you waiting."
"There's no time. I'll say it briefly. Stop the volcano eruption for a bit! 30 seconds is fine."

I actually wanted Arisa to help instead, but she must be exhausted from the fight with demon lord earlier, so I didn't want to strain her.

I move the monsters that were going to Stampede into the sub-space labyrinth.
As a Dungeon Master, this place is my home ground, and the labyrinth monsters are my units.
Therefore, there is no problem in moving the monsters with Unit Arrangement.

There were just a bit too many, it was bothersome.

"Thanks for waiting, Hikaru."

I clap the shoulder of Hikaru who's blocking the volcano's mouth with force magic.
It was just a few seconds, but there would have been victims in the labyrinth island if Hikaru didn't come.

"Keep blocking it for a little longer."
"Eh, wait!"

I jumped into the magma, and spread mesh-shaped [Magic Hand] and put all the lava it touch into my Storage.
It was a bit hot, but the heat only burned my clothes.

"You're being rash again. Arisa would scold you if she heard it you know?"
"I'll let myself be scolded if that happens."

And, at the solitary island palace--.

"Satou-san, I've finished moving the Unique Skills."
"Thank you Shizuka."
"Hikaru, take care of the rest."
"Un, I got it."

I entrusted the former rat demon lord to Hikaru, and transplanted the [God's Fragments] he had to the [Armored Rat] and [Glutton Weasel] monsters I created with the power of [Dungeon Master].
Naturally, the monsters couldn't hold the [God's Fragment] and turned into demon lords. The rat demon lord had four god's fragments, so I pushed two on each one by force.
Of course, I made the demon lords' levels to be higher than the levels they had when we fought them.

I put both in a guardian room inside the labyrinth and then send them one by one to the room where the hero party are.
Of course, I've already told Arisa about it beforehand using [Telephone].


I saw Rusus and Fifi cutting the Armored Rat demon lord's legs, snatching away its mobility.
Apparently, the hero party is fighting the Armored Rat demon lord while Liza and the others are up against the Glutton Weasel demon lord.

The Armored Rat demon lord's body is wrapped in dark purple light.

"I won't let you!"

Miss Wiyaryi hit the demon lord with her arrow, creating a large explosion.
It looks like someone shared the equipment for Mia to her.

"<<Shining Strike Rush>>"

Multiplied with the effect of the Unique Skill, [Strongest Lance (Nothing cannot be Penetrated)], the blow pierced through the demon lord's purple defensive wall, sinking deep into its body.

"<<PLAY>> Tunas! <<SING>> Arondight!"

The hero's holy armor flashed blue light, and the holy sword explosively shined inside the demon lord's body.

"Break, demon lord! <<Shining Strike Break>>!"

With a spirited cry, the hero cuts the demon lord using his whole body to spring up.
The holy sword that comes out above is then swung down, creating a pentagram on its track.

The hero who landed with his back facing the demon lord swung his holy sword to clean the blood and put it back into its sheath.

"Here they come!"

Princess Maryest points at two floating purple light that appeared from the demon lord's body.

"""Divine Gift Talisman! 『Seal』 the evils!"""

The hero's followers pushed out the [Divine Gift Talisman] at the demon lord and shouted.
The purple lights are wrapped in blue crystals and then absorbed into the big Talisman that Princess Maryest has.

I see, so every generation of hero handled the [Fragments] with that huh.

"Mary! I'll leave the rest to you. I'll go help Sato's companions--"

The hero jammed his words when he turned around.

"Big win~?"
"Victory nanodesu!"
"It was easier than I expected."

It was probably because he saw me taking photo of the girls, who took victory poses on top of the Glutton Weasel demon lord's body, with a Japanese-style cell phone camera.
Of course the [God's Fragments] were disposed of by my Divine Sword.

Without yielding to the awkward silence, I step toward the hero after coughing once.

"Hayato-sama, congratulations for your success on subjugating the demon lord."
"Ye-yeah, thank you...."

I'm sorry for Hayato who seemed unsatisfied, but for now, let's celebrate the victory together.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-15

15-15. Hero VS Demon Lord (2)


Satou's here. I like protagonists who appears when the going gets tough, but I end up distrusting them if they always appear at the most ideal time. It must be just because they're loved by the goddess of fortune right?

"Fuuh, this is the last one."
"Still, for it to be only breakable by the Dragon Spear or Master's fist, a shield created by these Fake Cores would be quite strong don't you think."

Arisa spoke of her impression as we destroyed the last Fake Core.

"Pochi can easily break it with her fingers nodesuyo?"

Tama and Pochi picked the fake core's fragments on the ground and showed Arisa its brittleness.

"Master, we've collected several Golem Souls and a Golem Heart from the guardians earlier."
"Thank you Liza."

Liza collected softball-sized magic cores and an item specific to this labyrinth.
I put the loot into the Storage.

There were some movements on the map I had put on display at the smallest size.
Looks like the hero party has arrived at the demon lord's room.

"Master, this is bad! Teleport and Clairvoyance have been blocked."
"--You're right. It seems the labyrinth's wall is preventing it since teleporting by sight is still possible."
"Item Box, 『Open』--Looks like this one is usable."

It appears we can't get out using teleport.
Looking at the Menu, moving with [Unit Movement] is still possible.

Monsters were gathering in the room where the hero is fighting the demon lord while I was checking things.

"I'm worried about hero and the others. Let's quickly aid them."

After telling that, I head back to the relay base with the girls.
In order to increase our speed, Arisa and Mia who can't use Flickering Movement are being carried by Liza and Nana, and Lulu whose Flickering Movement skill level is low is being carried by me.

Thanks to using Flickering Movement and Ground Shrink alternatively, we arrived at the column-shaped magma room next to the relay base in only several minutes.
Lady Karina was slightly late, but she caught up somehow.

I recover the girls' magic power using [Magic Power Transfer] while they're having some drinks and light meals.

"Masfhew (Master)~?"

Her words were hard to understand since there was a beef jerky in her mouth.

"That looks like an enemy."

The space where Tama was pointing at warped, and a brown greater demon appeared blocking the narrow passage.

"As decreed by my master, Brown Fifth--"

Without listening to the end, Liza's Dragon Spear pierced through the greater demon's magic core.
The greater demon tried to bear hug Liza as its last useless struggle, but that never came to fruition.

"Aku Soku Zan~?" <TLN: Aku=evil, Soku=immediate, Zan=Slay.>
"Judgment, nanodesu!"

Tama and Pochi swallowed their beef jerkies and delivered the finishing blow to the greater demon.


Lulu's new accelerated cannon shot out, and blew off the upper half of a greater demon that was appearing on the wall beyond the passage.

"Cleaning up the rest."

Arisa's space magic turned the rest of the demon's body into dust along with the surrounding wall.

"Our turn will come, so I tell Mia."
"Everyone is too strong desuwa."

Mia, Nana and Lady Karina who didn't have any turn complained.

During that relaxed atmosphere, suddenly there's sounds of dropping stones and something falling into water.

"This time they're destroying our footholds huh--"

The footholds around us have begun to fall, the room becomes a <<Neutral Magic>> room where magic and skills that use magic power can't be used.

"Don't worry be happy~?"
"Good grief, if it weren't us, we'd have been wiped out long time ago."

The vanguard group sink their toes into the wall and forcibly hang onto it.
I secure the powerless rear guard girls by the same combination of movements I used earlier.

We forcefully enter the tunnel and resume moving.

We advance through the bewildering changing passages with the optimum route, heading to the boss room where the hero party is.
The incorrigible [Dungeon Master] kept trying to hinder us, but we easily cleared them all, continuing to advance the passages.

It feels like I'm hearing the Dungeon Master grinding his teeth, but I must be just imagining things.

Nana who acts as the vanguard gives her report the moment we entered the last passage before the boss room.

"Master, there's a crowd of monsters to the front so I tell."
"Liza, Pochi, take care of the front. Tama, support them."
"Yes, nanodesu."
"Aye aye sir~"

I received Arisa from Liza and gave them the instructions to eliminate the monsters.

It's a crowd of monsters with levels ranging from 30 to 50.
Every monster has troublesome abilities like paralysis and petrification, but as long as the girls are protected by my support magic, there is no problem even if their opponent is a greater demon.

I can't say that it's perfect though since there's a lot of abnormal demon lords.


Tama and Pochi shouted from beyond the howling monsters and bloody smell.
Looks like they've arrived at the boss room.

"Good, hero and the others are safe."

I grasp the situation while feeling relieved.

We're at the entrance of the hall where the hero and the others are fighting, it's an elevated ground where Princess Maryest, Priestess Loreiya, critically injured black knights and several members of the entourage who have fallen unconscious are located.
The black knights are fighting the monsters, piling up the bodies even while being mortally wounded.
Monster corpses and critically injured black knights are all over the slope to the hall too.
It's probably thanks to Priestess Loreiya's magic that they haven't died.

Those girls are collapsed on the ground due to the unusual [Overdose] state from overusing magic recovery potion.
Apparently, they're already at their limit just as we arrived.

In the back of the undulated hall, the hero and the demon lord is fighting, the hero is supported by Lady Ringrande the [Sky-tearing Witch] and Miss Wiyaryi the archer, while the demon lord is helped by two greater demons.
The children-like lesser demons split from the greater demons are hindering them.

And, Rusus and Fifi are being chased by three greater demons on a do-or-die marathon in the center of the hall.
I never thought that I would see a real-life spectacle of an MMO raid war.

There are flying monsters up in the air of the hall, attacking when they find a chance.

After confirming the situation in 0.1 second, I gave the green light to the girls.

"Demons! Jump in like insects if you do not fear your ruin, so I announce."

With Nana's ranged provocation which somehow felt chuunibyou-ish, five greater demons turned their attentions toward Nana and came attacking in.
Together with the flying monster and the children-like lesser demons.

"Like moths to flames! Three consecutive Blue Inferno, for all!"

The blue flames released by Arisa burned down the demons and the flying monsters in the room.
The roaring sounds are slightly painful on the ears.

Arisa didn't have enough magic power to consecutively shoot three Blue Inferno magic, so she drank a high magic recovery potion after every shot.
Her magic power should be replenished during the magic's casting time.

Rusus and Fifi are screaming behind a rock, but they're fine since they're protected by my space magic there.

The cloud of dust from the explosion is coming to this high ground so I blow it away with [Blow] magic.

"No fair nodesu! Pochi also wants to have a part nodesu!"
"You two, don't let your guard down."

After Liza reproved them, greater demons who used their friends as shield showed up beyond the white cloud. The one they used as shield lost all its health point and disappeared into dust.
Only two have survived.

"Nn, Tempest."

The gold-colored artificial spirit Garuda who's floating behind Mia shot out golden feathers clad in lightning.
The barrage of golden feathers blow the two greater demons to the ceiling, making a violent whirlpool that looks like cloud of blood, cutting up the greater demons.

"Pochi, Tama, let's back up with Magic Edge Cannon."
"Roger nanodesu."

Liza is using Magic Spear Douma, while Tama and Pochi are using their True Silver magic swords to shoot a barrage of Magic Edge Cannon.
It doesn't look like they're serious, the power seems a bit weak.

Lulu is cleaning up the small fries who escaped Arisa's attack with a sub-machine gun-type magic gun.

I walk to Priestess Loreiya and Princess Maryest while watching over the girls.

"I'm glad that you two are safe."
"Satou-san, thank you for your help."
"Did that little princess Arisa just use the magic that only exist in legend?"
"Yes, she did. She got a bit of help from an Artifact however."

I'm sorry for Arisa, but since Princess Maryest's reaction was a bit extreme, I made up some story a bit.

"More importantly, please use this. It's a recovery item I got from the queen of the fairy."
"Sir Pendragon, right now we can't--"
"Please don't worry."

I stopped Princess Maryest who was about to say their [Overdose] states, let her grasp a crystal pendant and pushed its tip.
Of course, since it's merely an accessory, I use [Magic Power Transfer] right at that timing to recover her magic power.
I do the same with Priestess Loreiya and the preparation here is complete.

I head to Hero Hayato to help him.

After rescuing Lady Ringrande from an Emerald Golem that appeared out of nowhere, I stand beside the hero who's fighting the demon lord.

"I've kept you waiting, Hayato-sama."
"Is that you Satou, thanks for coming."

The hero has wounds all over his body, so I sprinkle mid magic potion to heal his external wounds.
I used recovery magic at the same time since the effect would be too weak otherwise.

"Allow me to help."

After telling so, I draw the fairy sword and stand beside him.
My level is public ally 50 so there should be no problem in joining this fight.

Moreover, there is something that I must do on the front line.

"I won't let Satou to steal all the spotlight."

Lady Ringrande takes up her [Lightning Great Sword] and stands on the opposite side.

Miss Wiyaryi is standing-by behind.
Looks like she's focused to be the support.

"Don't die."
"Yes, of course."

Like a willow, I parry all the attacks of the demon lord who came attacking on all fours like a mad beast, and prepare the backhands when the hero attacks.
The demon lord's movement is agile and tricky, so it's quite difficult not to overdo it.

"Satou! Don't steep in too far ahead! The demon lord attack can scoop your meat even if it misses y'know!"
"Yes, Hayato-sama."

I kept close to the demon lord since there was a little something I needed to do, but since the hero warned, I took some distance away.
I should make it in time from here if I'm just ready with Ground Shrink.

"F-fast! Leaving Hayato and the demon lord aside, I can't believe Satou can also move as fast...."

Since Lady Ringrande was very surprised, I move as if I evade the demon lord's attacks by accident while consciously keeping my speed at the level of an ordinary person.
It seemed difficult at a glance, but it's actually quite easy thanks to [Foresight: Antipersonnel Battle] skill.

Of course Lady Ringrande isn't only watching without doing anything.
She hindered the demon lord's movement using quickly chanted [Explosions] at good timings.

"Thank you for waiting!"
"Don't forget about me too."

Rusus and Fifi also participate to cut up the demon lord.
Unlike Lady Ringrande, the two who are pure warriors seem to be able to catch up to the demon lord's agile movement.

"Hook, line, and sinker~?"
"Chop chop nanodesu."

Starting with the beastkin girls, the girls gleefully exterminate the monsters who rushed inside the hall at the entrance.
It seems the Dungeon Master has ran out of bullets, there's no strong monster to be found anywhere.

"Satou, behind you!"
"Thank you, Wiyaryi-san."

I cut up the Dust Golem that appeared behind me using the fairy sword reinforced with Magic Edge.
The magic core that fell from the crumbling golem revives into an Ash Mud Golem.

It's probably a harassment from the Dungeon Master.

"Tsk, don't get in my way!"

The hero seems to be piling up stresses from this harassment.
Let's curtail it at the source.

"Tama, please collect the magic core."
"Nin nin~?"

When I muttered in whisper, a pink ninja that appeared from the shadow made a hand signal for, "Roger", and disappeared into the shadow.
Further, a Tama doll takes Tama's place fighting the monsters.


I heard Tama's small voice from the shadow.

"Thanks, that really helps."

I said my thanks at the shadow, and then Tama's presence vanished after leaving a bashful voice.
The real body changed place with the doll and resumed the battle with the other girls.

"Looks like the small fry has stopped appearing."
"Even Dungeon Master's assistance is probably not inexhaustible."

I replied Lady Ringrande's muttering while dodging the demon lord's claw.

"Alright! The 『Transformation』 ended. Rin, Satou, let's press on him!"

Checking the hero's words, I see that the purple light that had been emitting from the demon lord since a while ago has disappeared.


I wanted to persuade the demon lord if he could talk, but it seems he has lost his ego already.

Lady Ringrande erases the lightning balls that appeared around the demon lord with [Break Magic].
She's pretty great considering the demon lord's level is higher.

"Then, please excuse me for this--Magic Edge Rush (Vorpal Lance)."

Imitating Pochi's finisher, I perform a charging stabbing attack.
The fairy sword would break if I did it seriously, so I curb the power to be at the same as level 50 Pochi.


I break the thick magic barrier that the demon lord created.
Stopping just before I hit the main body.

"Twin Sword Dance!"
"Great Sword Cut!"

Rusus and Fifi who showed up by slipping in hit the demon lord with two contrasting techniques.
The finishers cut up the demon lord's body that's been stripped off its magic defense.


The nimble Rusus was able to dodge the demon lord's counterattack, but Fifi who stiffened after using the technique got hit and fell to the ground.
Her health point decreased greatly, but it was still just a normal serious injury.

"This is the end, demon lord!"

Hero's holy sword, Arondight bursts out with intense blue light.


The hero's finisher on the demon lord--.

"Fuuh, that was way too close, I thought I-chan would die." <TLN: He said 'Ore-chan'. Ore is a masculine form of 'I'.>

A weaselkin with purple body hair said with a jest while looking over the small ratkin demon lord on the ground.

His voice is trembling contrary to his tone.
This place is the <<Dungeon Master Room>> located in a different map than the one I was in just now.

"--Yeah, I was worried that you wouldn't come to help."

The weaselkin turned around in shock to hear my voice.

"Hello, nice to meet you, Dungeon Master-dono, or perhaps--"

He saved the demon lord at the last minute, it was worth it waiting on the front line.

"--I should call you Weaselkin Demon Lord?"

Toward the last demon lord prophesied in the oracle, I asked.

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