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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-17

15-17. Celebration


Satou's here. Parting with close friends is hard--that is something of the past, now it doesn't feel like we're apart since we can communicate anytime with SNS (Social Networking Service). But in a parallel world where there's a few ways to communicate--.


Lady Ringrande's desperate scream is echoing in the boss room.

Light falling from heaven is wrapping the hero.
The hero who seems exhausted is looking at the source of the light and saying something.

I couldn't grasp it well due to the glittering light around him, but the term [Parion] was certainly in his words.

The light disappears before long, silence rules the room.

"It was from God Parion. They'll pick me tomorrow morning y'see."

Looks like the hero is going back to his original world.

The one who breaks the funeral-like mood is Arisa.

"Let's have a celebration! After all the hard works defeating the demon lords, we have to have a super special feast!"
"Alright, it's a party!"
"Lemme take care of eating the food!"

Rusus and Fifi joined Arisa's suggestion the foremost.

"Un, let's cook the Saga cow meat roll and fried rice that Hayato likes."
"Let's bring out the special brandy too."

Miss Wiyaryi and Priestess Loreiya continued with cheerful voices too.
Lady Ringrande and Princess Maryest seemed to brood over it, but they don't seem to object the celebration itself.

『Dungeon Master cannot leave the Labyrinth.』

When we were leaving the labyrinth, I was pulled back to the <<Dungeon Master Room>> along with that message.

『Master! Did something happen?』
"It's nothing. I'm returning soon, so you can go back to the inn ahead."
『Okay! If there's anything troubling you, call Arisa-chan anytime 'kay!』

I told Arisa that through World Phone.

『Dungeon Master is forbidden from leaving the Labyrinth.』

The owner of that voice seems to be the Dungeon Core.

"What should I do to hand over the position of Dungeon Master?"
"That's impossible. Only death will vacate the position of Dungeon Master."

I see, very inflexible.


"What's wrong, Satou."
"Nothing, only stopping by for a bit."

Hikaru and Shizuka were surprised to see me suddenly returning to the solitary island palace.

Looks like I can go out without problem with Unit Arrangement.
The [Dungeon Core] probably has the power to call me back only inside the labyrinth.

"Oh right, Tifa-chan from Echigoya called for you."
"Thanks, I'll go see her for a bit."

I enter the permanent gate and show up at Echigoya Firm.
Of course I didn't forget to change my appearance into Kuro.

"Kuro-sama, welcome back."
"I'm back."

Tifaliza who was doing paperworks stood and welcomed me.
She hit the bell that connects to the Manager room and then the manager rushed into the room accompanied with sounds of footsteps that weren't fit for a lady.

"Welcome back!"
"I'm back Manager. Your hair is disheveled you know."

I fix her slightly disheveled hair with my fingers.

"Kuro-sama, I have a report for you."

Tifaliza whose voice was subtly mixed with thorns called out.
After letting the Manager who seemed feverish to sit on a chair, I listen to Tifaliza's report.

"I believe you already know, but we've got a report from Lily-sama in Duchy Capital that two demon lords have been defeated in the Weasel Empire."
"Yes, the ratkin demon lord was defeated by the hero party, and the weaselkin demon lord was done in by our girls."

Tifaliza froze for an instant after hearing my reply.

"It was not by, Kuro-sama?"
"Yea, that's right."

Tifaliza seems to think about something.

"That's a spectacular feat! Since the dawn of history, there has never been a case where a demon lord is not defeated by hero-sama or the dragons."

Manager entered the conversation in her place.

"Were they defeated by the dragons before the era of Saga Empire?"
"There is a few records about the appearances of demon lords before that, but according to Earl Muno's research, many of them fought against the apostle of gods who descended."


"The apostles didn't defeat them?"
"Sealing the demon lords was the limit of what can be done at the time, less than 20 percents written in the ancient documents pertain the demon lords' defeat."

It seems apostles aren't that strong.
Perhaps, the Gods besides the Dragon God and the Demon God are weak.

"Come to think of it, you're quite well versed in the topic."
"Yes, many documents from Earl Muno had arrived at the Duchy House, so I read them with the permission of Mito-sama."

Manager told me so enthusiastically that if she were to have a tail, it would be buzzing around lively.
She looked like she really wanted to be praised, so I teased her a bit by saying, "Very diligent" and clapped her shoulder.
I almost patted her head like with the girls, but it would be rude to do that to a woman of blooming age.

For some reason, Manager looked a bit regretful.

"Kuro-sama, did your companions acquire the title of hero?"

Hearing a problematic remark from Tifaliza, I reflexively turn to her and urge her to continue.

Even after subjugating a demon lord, none of the girls besides Pochi gets the hero title.

"It seems that the Miko of Parion Temple has received an oracle about the appearance of a new hero...."
"It's probably not about us."

Pochi got her hero title a while back, and that title had changed to [True Hero] now.

I ask Tifaliza to notify me if she has new information, and then I go to the inn in Dejima Island through the solitary island palace.
I was a bit wary, but I didn't get pulled back to the labyrinth in Dejima Island.

"Well then, cheers for the demon lord's subjugation!"

Seals of various famous liquors are opened, I put remembrance dishes of [This World] that the hero's followers told me.
There's a lot of meat dishes, probably because the hero likes them.

I've banned the girls from drinking alcohol, so they're mainly eating the dishes.

Lulu and I helped prepared the feast at first, but after the banquet was underway, the brownies dispatched from the solitary island palace, and gorgeous sexy maids from Saga Empire took over the cooking and the preparation.

"Satou! You drink too!"
"Yes, of course."

The hero who appeared with a sake bottle in one hand pour it in my cup.
I also pour the Dragon Spring Liquor on my table to his cup.

"This great me wouldn't have won against the demon lord if you, Princess Arisa, and the others weren't there. My gratitude for your help."
"Please, we just helped a little. Hero-sama splendidly defeated the demon lord himself."

In fact, the manufactured demon lords was stronger than the original rat demon lord.
The rat demon lord's personality didn't seem to be suited for combat after all.

"No, none of us could have imagined that there were two demon lords lurking in that labyrinth. If Princess Arisa didn't shout in a thundering voice when Satou disappeared, I might have lost my composure shamefully."
"I'm sorry for making you worry."

I had told Arisa and Liza beforehand that I was going to invade the Dungeon Master room so they didn't panic and continued eliminating small fries in the boss room.

For some reason, Hero's face is close.
Asides from liking young girls, his sexual orientation should be normal.

"Thank you Satou, no, Hero Nanashi."

Hero whispered on my ear.
Huh? There shouldn't be any factor that could expose me though?

"What are you talking about?"
"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone since it seems you're hiding it. To begin with, from such a hopeless situation with having two demon lords and one being a Dungeon Master, I can't think of any other guy who could drive the demon lord away from the boss room and deprive the right of Dungeon Master."

Looks like he didn't think that the demon lord left voluntarily.

"Moreover, you're unscathed until the end."

--Come to think of it.

"Satou, I'm leaving my friends in your care after I've gone back to Japan."
"What do you mean?"

I know that he's going back to Japan and all, but what's that got to do with me taking care of his followers I wonder.
The followers who participated in the demon lord subjugation will be famous in Saga Empire and their country right?

"According to Nono, the center of Saga Empire is getting suspicious lately."
"Are they going to cause war?"
"Yeah, radical opinions like 'destroy the Weasel Empire' have begun to appear even from moderate noble factions lately."

Perhaps Saga Empire also knew about the Weasel Empire's science?

"Take them under your protection if they're getting recruited into conflicts between people."
"Yes, please leave it to me. I'll shelter them in a safe place that can't be interfered by the people above ground."

Aside from Tama, it's impossible for anyone to stealthily invade the solitary island palace, and even Tama can't do it without me noticing.

"It's damn reassuring when you're the one saying that!"

Once the load on his shoulders got off, he drank the sake cup while looking relieved.

"If you have something this great me need to do, say it. I can give you Arondight if you want."

He stares at me after saying that.
I'll take advantage of this opportunity since I do have something to ask of him.

"Then, could you mail these once you're back at your original world?"
"Yes, it may not be the same world as mine, but I'd like to inform my family about my well-being."

I hand over a bundle of letters addressed to my family, friends and my co-workers including Mr. Overweight.
There are also letters from Hikaru and Arisa inside.

"Yea, I've got it. This great me will deliver it personally, be at peace."
"I'm counting on you."

I feel relieved since the hero accepted my request and hit his chest.
There's a high chance that Arisa's letter is mischievous, but Hero should be able to properly send it.

"Hayato, can I have a minute?"

Lady Ringrande who looked somehow coquettish appeared with a wine cup in one hand.
The green silk dress she's wearing has an extremely adult-like cut, and she's scattering pheromones everywhere.

The black knights who are in casual wears have been stealing glances at her since a while ago.

"Satou, I'm borrowing Hayato."
"Yes, please take your time."

I saw Hero and Lady Ringrande off while feeling like a guardian.

"I-isn't this the NTR flag?"
"What are you going on about."

I lightly whack Arisa's head.
It's extremely normal to wish for the last memory when you're parting forever with your loved one.

I pray in my heart for Lady Ringrande's desire to be fulfilled.

"Looks like it's time."

The hero who's in a suit that wouldn't look strange in earth mutters.
His trusted sword, Arondight, is being hugged by Lady Ringrande.

"Mary, thank you for always supporting me ever since I was summoned in Saga Empire."
"Hayato, my hero-sama."

After hugging Hayato, Princess Maryest kisses him on the cheek.
Come to think of it, the hero's first person pronoun has changed from [Ore-sama] to [Ore].

"Seina, it's all thanks to you that I was able to stand up again after the complete destruction by that yellow bastard."
"Ehen, come here again if you want another slaps on the cheek."

Miss Seina who's enduring to cry musters her courage and hugs Hero.

And then, Loreiya, Rusus, Fifi, Miss Wiyaryi, and Nono said their farewells one by one, lastly it was Lady Ringrande's turn.

"Rin, you were a stinking shitty noble when we first met--"

Oy, oy, Hero, what are you saying.

"--But now you're someone irreplaceable who understands me most. Reconcile with your little sister okay."
"Hayato, hayatohayatohayato."

Lady Ringrande hugs him tightly while sobbing.
Looks like she can't put it into words well.

"Arisa, are you fine without saying farewell?"
"Yes, I've said my farewell yesterday."

Arisa replied so when I checked on her.

And then, light falls from the sky.

"It seems there's a time limit for God Parion connecting worlds. I have to go now."

Hero's body floats and then it's begun to disappear.
Someone called "Hayato", and then the hero's followers start to call his name one after another.

We keep looking up at the sky where the hero who kept waving until the end has disappeared to.

"Satou, are you drinking?!"
"Yes, I'm drinking. However, it seems Lady Ringrande has already drunk a bit too much."

After seeing the hero off, I was invited to the meeting to remember him with his followers, but for some reason, I got to accompany Lady Ringrande drunken rambles after the meeting was over.

The drunken Lady Ringrande has been complaining with her arm around my neck since awhile ago.
I think it's problematic for a lady of a duchy house to drink liquor straight from the bottle.

"Honestly, even though a daring woman who would even jump off a cliff approached him, that blockhead didn't even give me a kiss!"
"Hayato-sama is a gentleman with superior ethics after all."

It seems Lady Ringrande met a honorable defeat at her approach yesterday.

"Good grief, a man should become a beast sometimes!"
"That's right, yielding oneself to passion is needed once in a while."

After replying positively, Lady Ringrande became quiet.
Looks like she drank herself to sleep.

I asked the the girls who were peeking at the door like a totem pole to put her in a bed.

"Fumu, this is unexpected."
"About the letters?"

I assent to Arisa who sits beside me, and drink the fruit water that Lulu brought.

The letters with markers are on the marker column in the Menu.
Their current location is [N-World Line, Planet Earth, Japan]. By the way, the N part is a number with astronomical value.
Hero Hayato's name remains below the letter.

It appears Unique Skill works across worlds.

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