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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-SS

15-SS. The Melancholy of Dungeon Core


The new master is a strange human.

He tried to get out of the dungeon even though he's a Dungeon Master.

『Dungeon Master cannot leave the Labyrinth.』

After displaying that message, I activated the emergency Master summoning function to pull Master back to Master's room.

"It's nothing. I'm returning soon, so you can go back to the inn ahead."

The new master is talking with no one, there's some strange person among humans.

"How do I get out of the labyrinth?"

Master asked the question to me, the Dungeon Core.

Why is he trying to go outside when this place is the safest.


"Dungeon Master is forbidden from leaving the Labyrinth."

When I replied so, Master folds his arms and becomes lost in thought.
Rather than thinking so hard about such an obvious thing, I wish Master comes up with one or two traps to deal with the labyrinth's invaders instead.

"What should I do to hand over the position of Dungeon Master?"

--Hand over?

I cannot understand Master's train of thought.
Can't humans think logically?

However, I have to answer Master's questions.
Because I am a thing that obeys Master.

"That's impossible. Only death will vacate the position of Dungeon Master."

Master frowns to hear my answer.
I heard him muttering "Very inflexible", in a low voice.

Handing over the position of Dungeon Master which is said to holds the almighty power equaling Gods, even if it's restricted inside the dungeon, is what surely is beyond expectations.


Master disappeared from the Master's Room.


He disappeared from the dungeon.

Where? Why? How?

I couldn't feel any reaction of magic power.
I'm confident that I absolutely wouldn't overlook the usage of teleportation of space magic which requires vast amount of magic power.




Master won't reply even after I called him with voice, called him with message boards inside the labyrinth, and called him with thought wave.

It's not like he's been annihilated, leaving a vacant post behind, yet my Master has disappeared.

I'll let the monsters outside the labyrinth to search--No.

I must prioritize Master's orders.
Letting the monsters go outside is impossible.

What should I do. I have to search for Master. Where's Master. What should I do. Master, Master, Master.

It seems I've hanged because my thought was going around in circles.
I might have self-destruct if I didn't reset the safety circuit of Dungeon Core.

It has been 1000 hours since Master's disappearance.
Since he's added monsters and traps on the subsystem, explorers can't get to here.

According to the log, the unit led by a long-earkin woman had invaded the lower layer nearby many times, but they were caught in the traps installed by Master and forced to retreat.

--I was protected by Master.

I feel a certain bond in my heart from that fact.

--That's right.

If Master won't come back, I'll go look for him myself.
With my right as Dungeon Master, I create a homonculus for exploration and transcript my thought onto it.

"--My body is heavy."
"You're just not familiar with muscles. It should feel lighter soon."

The path is open inside the dungeon, so the homonculus's current state is transmitted to me.

"Go. Core Two."
"Okay, Original."

I send the probe homonculus--Core Two to the entrance of the labyrinth.
With the search power of Core Two, it should find the lost kid Master who's wandering around aimlessly outside the labyrinth immediately.

In order to perform maintenance on my thought circuit, I entered into suspend mode.
I decided to dream about my reunion with Master inside the thing called sleep by people.

--Master, please come back soon.

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