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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 15-16

15-16. Hero VS Demon Lord (3)


Satou's here. I sometime see the argument, [Is human right necessary for villains] made in various media. I think there are mixed views about this particular topic, but I believe a lesson that incites "doing crimes is not worth it" thought is needed at least.

"Acha~ This is it huh."

The weaselkin demon lord's expression stiffened for an instant, but then he went back to his usual jestful behavior.
I put a marker on the weasel demon lord during this chance.

"Rat fatty, looks like this is the end for us-chan eh."


The ratkin demon lord in the corner of the room weakly replied the weasel demon lord.
He's pining his nose, it doesn't look like he's going to make a move.
His health point is running out too, he looks like he'll die if left alone.

"Sorry but, make it as painless as possible 'k?"

The weasel demon lord claps his own neck and turn a miserable face at me.

Strange. He's acting quite gallant--.

I see the other hand of the weasel demon lord who's in front of the Dungeon Core moving restlessly on the opposite side.

--Yup, that's that huh.

"I forbid the use of Dungeon Core."

Weasel demon lord's fingers on the control board of the Dungeon Core stop moving.

"Oh no."

Purple light flow on the weasel demon lord's body--.

"I forbid the use of Unique Skills."
"Bit too late, see."

--A missile-like thing appeared between me and the weasel demon lord.

The Crisis Perception made an intense reaction, I used Ground Shrink and touched the missile, putting it away into my Storage.
Its AR reading, [USA-made ICBM], was shown for an instant before it disappeared.

The modern weapons summon the rat demon lord used was this guy's power huh.

"Rat fatty!"


The rat demon lord who should have been half-dead roared.
The rat demon lord who's wearing a hero costume that looks like a creature with a medal on its forehead tears his own chest from both sides.


"Rat demon lord! I forbid the use of Unique Skills."

I used [Geass] on the rat demon lord while putting up Flexible Shields in front of me.

At the next moment, a cone-shaped radial heat ray burns down the <<Dungeon Master Room>>.

It's about as strong as the forbidden spell of fire magic that Arisa uses, <<White Inferno>>, or perhaps even more.

After shooting that, the rat demon lord fell down and began to convulse.
Apparently, he used the last of his power for that attack.

"As expected of Rat Fatty! Even that abnormal shouldn't be unscathed after getting that kind of attack--there's no corpse?"
"I forbid you to act."

I bound the weasel demon lord from acting before his question was answered.

"J-just how--"
"No need for you to know."

I also bound the rat demon lord and heal him enough to not die.

"What are you going to do?"
"I can overlook your life at least if you quit being a demon lord and Dungeon Master."

I'll let him live as a normal person and atone for his sins.

"You serious?"

The weasel demon lord looks surprised to hear my answer.

"Yea, I promise."

After I said that, weasel demon lord began to laugh out loud.

After laughing for a while, his face suddenly turns serious--.

"Aren't ya so sweet eh? I-chan feel like vomiting."

--So he spat out.

"By any chance, did you hear our-chan circumstances from the emperor?"


"Huh? The things about us being bound by the emperor's geass, forced to become demon lords, and put to the depth of the labyrinth to become decoys for the hero, see?"

I see, the mastermind is the weasel emperor huh.

"Don't tell me, you were saying you wanted to help us without knowing that?"

I nod at the weasel demon lord.

"Uwaah, way too soft, I can't understand."

His face warped as if saying, "He's beyond help", his dark eyes look down on me.

"Just saying, I-chan is a scoundrel eh?"

I know that.

"I even like being a Dun Mas. Dun Mas is nice y'know. Toying with people's life brutally and cruelly, snatching people's dignity in cold blood erotically, and playing around crushing people's sense."

Pictures that match the weasel demon lord's words are floating around him.
There are many acts of barbarity so bad I want to look away.

A rare feeling of anger to punish the weasel demon lord wells up within me.

"You want to save the life of someone who's done atrocities that would have been left in history if we were in the former world? Or are you someone who's against death penalty?"

However, my mind which was blinded by anger notified me of something wrong.

"You should kill villains when you get the chance eh? I mean--"

--That's it! The pictures.

He shouldn't have been able to display them if he couldn't use the Dungeon Core.
My Geass isn't working on him, or perhaps it's been canceled along the way--.


I was thrown into the air of the lava room at the same time the demon lord spoke.
The room is still under the effect of <<Neutral Magic>>, so I can't use magic or skill that uses magic power.

Pulled by the gravity, I'm falling headlong toward the magma.

"Bye bye by~"

The weasel demon lord's laughter echo in the dungeon.

--Unfortunately for him, only this much can't be considered an adverse situation.

I kicked and sent a big rock I took out from my Storage flying and pierced it with my hand in mid-air.


Ignoring the shocked Dungeon Master, I invade the Dungeon Master again.
He had left behind a trail for me to re-invade due to him uselessly laughing.

"Oy oy, what the heck! What the hell are you!"

The demon lord who operated the Dungeon Core turned his head at me in surprise.

"Are you God or something!"

Since I don't know how the weasel demon lord canceled my Geass, I open the entrance to the sub-space labyrinth and throw him there.
For now, my priority is separating him away from the Dungeon Core.

The rat demon lord's geass doesn't seem to have been canceled, so I leave him behind and enter the sub-space labyrinth.

"dIE, eH!"

Lines of modern weapons open fire at me all at once.

The bullets scooped out the walls and broke the stalagmites, the cannonballs made holes on the ground while scattering dust and roaring sounds.
Numerous warhead missiles created blooming explosions, huge ballistic missiles blew away the labyrinth's floor and walls.

"sTiLl, aliVE eH!"

The weasel demon lord is in a dangerous state. He's becoming gigantic while his body is burbling.

"I forbid the use of Unique Skills!"
"USeless, uselESS, eH!"

Unaffected by my Geass, the weasel demon lord brought up anti-aircraft cannons and main tanks around him, and let out rain of bullets and shells at me.
I mow down the modern weapons with a shot of [Laser].


Looks like he used too much Unique Skills, the weasel demon lord lost all its sense and went completely mad.

At the same time, his skills, titles and Unique Skills are now displayed on the AR readings.
Apparently, the concealment is gone when he went mad.
Weasel demon lord's Unique Skills are [Goods Summoning], [Freewheeling], and [Power that Brings Misdeeds].

That second skill probably neutralized my Geass.

I wanted to remove the [God's Fragment] with the power of demon lord Shizuka who's under my protection and let him live the rest of his life as a criminal, but that doesn't seem to be possible.
Since he's unaffected by my Geass, I can't guarantee the safety of demon lord Shizuka.

I don't want to do a hypocrisy that would endanger my friends.


Combat helicopters and VTOL fighters appear on the spacious floor that has lost its walls and ceiling.


He even brought up an Aegis warship an an aircraft carrier.

Although, there's no way the weasel demon lord would be fine after using that much Unique Skills power.
The demon lord's body is split, and then dark purple light leak out of the fissure.

I ignore all those military forces and jump near the weasel demon lord's foot with Ground Shrink.
Tremendous offensive attacked me, but everything happened behind.


The blade of the holy sword Excalibur shined dazzlingly after I recited the scripture.
With just a slight swing, the demon lord split in two, and the blue light overflowing from the holy sword evaporated the demon lord.

『That was cheating eh』
『How terrible』
『Poor I-chan』

I swing the Divine Sword at the [God's Fragments] that appeared on the place where the demon lord was, eliminating them all at once.
The dark purple particles are absorbed into the Divine Sword.

Still, considering the weasel demon lord was unaffected by my Geass, I should take his story about getting bound by the weasel emperor's Geass with a grain of salt.


The labyrinth was shaking when I got back from the sub-space labyrinth.
I check the control board of the nearby Dungeon Core.

>Title [Dungeon Master] Acquired.

Geh, you'd become a Dungeon Master just by touching it.

I can't acknowledge it, but I have to investigate things first right now.

"It's set to do Stampede?"

On top of having the recurrence speed of monsters inside the labyrinth set to maximum, it's set to do Stampede that will go toward the surface once the monsters reach a certain number.

Furthermore looking at the log, all of the magic power has been concentrated to make the volcano erupt.
If this keeps up, the monster Stampede and the eruption won't only swallow the labyrinth island, many people in Dejima island will also fall victim.

"Tsk, it's locked."

What's the point of having a password lock.

15 seconds until the monster Stampede, 20 seconds until the eruption.

『Hikaru! Give me a hand.』

I asked help from Hikaru who was standing by in the solitary island palace.

"Kept you waiting."
"There's no time. I'll say it briefly. Stop the volcano eruption for a bit! 30 seconds is fine."

I actually wanted Arisa to help instead, but she must be exhausted from the fight with demon lord earlier, so I didn't want to strain her.

I move the monsters that were going to Stampede into the sub-space labyrinth.
As a Dungeon Master, this place is my home ground, and the labyrinth monsters are my units.
Therefore, there is no problem in moving the monsters with Unit Arrangement.

There were just a bit too many, it was bothersome.

"Thanks for waiting, Hikaru."

I clap the shoulder of Hikaru who's blocking the volcano's mouth with force magic.
It was just a few seconds, but there would have been victims in the labyrinth island if Hikaru didn't come.

"Keep blocking it for a little longer."
"Eh, wait!"

I jumped into the magma, and spread mesh-shaped [Magic Hand] and put all the lava it touch into my Storage.
It was a bit hot, but the heat only burned my clothes.

"You're being rash again. Arisa would scold you if she heard it you know?"
"I'll let myself be scolded if that happens."

And, at the solitary island palace--.

"Satou-san, I've finished moving the Unique Skills."
"Thank you Shizuka."
"Hikaru, take care of the rest."
"Un, I got it."

I entrusted the former rat demon lord to Hikaru, and transplanted the [God's Fragments] he had to the [Armored Rat] and [Glutton Weasel] monsters I created with the power of [Dungeon Master].
Naturally, the monsters couldn't hold the [God's Fragment] and turned into demon lords. The rat demon lord had four god's fragments, so I pushed two on each one by force.
Of course, I made the demon lords' levels to be higher than the levels they had when we fought them.

I put both in a guardian room inside the labyrinth and then send them one by one to the room where the hero party are.
Of course, I've already told Arisa about it beforehand using [Telephone].


I saw Rusus and Fifi cutting the Armored Rat demon lord's legs, snatching away its mobility.
Apparently, the hero party is fighting the Armored Rat demon lord while Liza and the others are up against the Glutton Weasel demon lord.

The Armored Rat demon lord's body is wrapped in dark purple light.

"I won't let you!"

Miss Wiyaryi hit the demon lord with her arrow, creating a large explosion.
It looks like someone shared the equipment for Mia to her.

"<<Shining Strike Rush>>"

Multiplied with the effect of the Unique Skill, [Strongest Lance (Nothing cannot be Penetrated)], the blow pierced through the demon lord's purple defensive wall, sinking deep into its body.

"<<PLAY>> Tunas! <<SING>> Arondight!"

The hero's holy armor flashed blue light, and the holy sword explosively shined inside the demon lord's body.

"Break, demon lord! <<Shining Strike Break>>!"

With a spirited cry, the hero cuts the demon lord using his whole body to spring up.
The holy sword that comes out above is then swung down, creating a pentagram on its track.

The hero who landed with his back facing the demon lord swung his holy sword to clean the blood and put it back into its sheath.

"Here they come!"

Princess Maryest points at two floating purple light that appeared from the demon lord's body.

"""Divine Gift Talisman! 『Seal』 the evils!"""

The hero's followers pushed out the [Divine Gift Talisman] at the demon lord and shouted.
The purple lights are wrapped in blue crystals and then absorbed into the big Talisman that Princess Maryest has.

I see, so every generation of hero handled the [Fragments] with that huh.

"Mary! I'll leave the rest to you. I'll go help Sato's companions--"

The hero jammed his words when he turned around.

"Big win~?"
"Victory nanodesu!"
"It was easier than I expected."

It was probably because he saw me taking photo of the girls, who took victory poses on top of the Glutton Weasel demon lord's body, with a Japanese-style cell phone camera.
Of course the [God's Fragments] were disposed of by my Divine Sword.

Without yielding to the awkward silence, I step toward the hero after coughing once.

"Hayato-sama, congratulations for your success on subjugating the demon lord."
"Ye-yeah, thank you...."

I'm sorry for Hayato who seemed unsatisfied, but for now, let's celebrate the victory together.

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