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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 450

450 Trickless Trap


Kanedor's rant resounded in the plain. Yet nobody moved.
They couldn't comprehend what just happened, pausing their thought process.
It must be a huge shock. They lost a quarter of their forces in an instant just as they charged out.

"It must have been some sort of magical trap! We've still got plenty of men on our side! Crush them with sheer number! I'll pay the one who killed Lolengus thrice as much! Go get his head right this instant!"

A rustle broke out with that. Assertive men stepped forward one by one.

"Hyu! Kanedor-san's way generous! Traps like must have taken a lot of prep time for one activation. There should be no second time. Which means! I'm gonna take that prize!"

"You! Hold that thought! That reward is mine! I ain't gonna lose!"

"Hiihiihii! Allow me to snatch it while you guys are busy fighting."

"Don't be a fool! First place is mine! I ain't losing to you mooks!"

Soldiers of all types ran up while yelling all of those.

Good looking short haired audacious flashy man.
Good looking long haired ponytailed blond man.
A good looking glasses man with an eerie laugh.
A somber good looking macho old man.

"What the... does this world have nothing but good looking men? What's the insinuation here..."

My face is at best plain looking. Black haired, black eyes, typical Japanese face. World apart from the people of this world.
The group ignored me as they made their way to Lolengus.
These seemingly good looking-only fifty people under Kanedor went straight for Lolengus while ignoring me.
Wonder if this is a form of bullying to the plain looking Japanese faced me? Almost felt like it.

I focused back as the group approached me. Entering Accelerated State.
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(Good looking men are winners in life... they all should die... Ha!? No no, I might end up killing them by accident if I kept that thought.)

They have nothing to do with the fact that I got reincarnated in this world only to lead a horrible life.
Whether my life is wining, losing or another interpretation, my grudge bears no meaning to them. It'd be misplaced.

I only need to do what need to be done here. That's it. I rethink my mindset.
A good whack for Kanedor, that's all I want by the end.
Lending my power to Sir Lolengus in the process is acceptable.
I'm just gonna make myself scarce once it's over. Gotta run away to avoid getting detained.

(Run away when I did nothing wrong... Sigh...)

I undid Acceleration as I sighed.
And sure enough, the group of good looking men got done in just like the other folk before them.
Can anyone blame me for feeling refreshed from watching them getting blown away in the air while screaming like pigs?

"What the, what in the world is going on heeeeeere!?"

Despite staying in the far back, Kanedor must have seen their fate. All the bold soldiers suddenly flew in the air when they got close to me.

Kanedor's side has stopped moving altogether now. Stepping forward will end up with you getting blown away. The soldiers must have inferred that.
Kanedor kept wailing about paying them more. Yet these soldiers wouldn't move an inch despite the constant yells.
What good is money if they end up getting sent flying by a mysterious force?
The soldiers Kanedor gathered here won't move for money. Ironic. Guess it's not enough to overcome the fear?
The sight of the blown people not even twitching must compel them to imagine their death. Step forward, get sent flying, and die. There's no way humans can leap in at this without hesitation.

"I shall take the stage. All I need to do is to end that hooded man's life, don't I. He must be the main source of this trap. Kanedor-san. I will have five times my pay if I beat him. Is that satisfactory?"

One of the two people standing by Kanedor spoke thus.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 182

Lizard's Tail


After parting ways with the trio idiots, we smoothly advanced through floor 6, 7 and 8.
Yet since I'm mapping up the floors as we go, it's taken us quite a long time. It's also draining our stamina heavily.
But it's much less mentally draining compared to when we were with those trio.

"Kajikawa-san, let's just head straight for the next floor when we find the right path this time..."

"Hikaru, you're too obsessed with mapping."

"...I have no excuse."

I mean you know, don't you feel murky when you keep going without checking out all available areas in roguelike or dungeon RPGs?
You might even miss out on chests, items, sub events, you'd feel bad about it so I just couldn't help myself I'm sorry, forgive me, don't leave me here, seriously sorry.
Reina frowned as she looked at a pocket watch the director apparently gave her. Please don't make that face.

"It's six in the evening now cause we kept going all over the place. We gotta get back."

"It's already so late huh... I wanted to reach floor 10 by today but I guess we should head back when we find an Escape Portal."

"Un. All the detours took a lot of time but we also obtained plenty of items thanks to that. It's not a bad result for our first day."

"...Sorry, really. Next time, I'll prioritize going forward. Now then, what do you like for today's dinner?"

"I'm fine with anything as long as it's Hikaru's cooking."

I'm happy to hear that but that's the toughest possible reply to that question.
Throw me a request or two once in a while will you?

"Oh me, I want meat dishes!"

Um yeah, we usually never not have meat, so that doesn't really help.
Seemingly thanks to being far away from port towns, there's not a lot of seafood here, it's mainly meat instead. Just gotta hope it digests nicely in the stomach.

We used the Escape Portal and left the dungeon.
Then we dropped by the dungeon entrance's receptionist before going back.

"Thank you for your hard work. Your safe return fills me with joy."

"Thank you. Each floor was bigger than we originally thought, it took quite some time to clear."

"Ahaha, that's a natural reaction of this dungeon's first timers. I will update your ranking, excuse me as I check how far you have gone to... Oooh!?? Your party has reached floor 8 on your first campaign!"

Did she use an Appraisal Skill to check on that stuff or something.
What's even the Ranking for? This feels more and more like a roguelike.

"It took you around 9 hours 20 minutes to reach floor 8. That's an average speed of around one hour for each floor, that's really fast! Your current ranking is 24. Please do your best on your next campaign."

"Thank you again. We'll take our leave now."
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We walked off, and then just as we reached the midway point between the dungeon and the industrial town, Menu displayed a screen out of nowhere.
Hm? Menu-san, what's up?

<<Emergency  Recommending immediate traversal to industrial town, Julian's Workshop.>>

Emergency? ...Did Julian blow something up again or something?

<<Julian has been attacked by outsiders, his life is in mortal danger. He has an extremely high chance of dying without an immediate urgent care.>>

My head went blank as a chill ran down my spine, by the time I noticed I had already flying at full speed toward Julian's Workshop with Mana Flight.


"W-what's the matter!?"

Alma and Reina shouted something right as I flew but I didn't have time to answer them. Sorry.
Quick, quickly! To Julian's workshop!

Blast it, I'm flying at my highest speed yet it feels so slow.
Faster, I gotta go faster! Explosively raising Mana Flight speed using energy reinforcement--

ZUBYUN! The scenery blended in as that unfamiliar sound reached my ears.
The instant trees and buildings came into my view, they moved far behind me. No wait, it's me who's moving.

Ah, wait, powered up too much! It's too fast I can't tell which direction I'm flying.
Menu-san, am I going in the right direction!? Is this right!?

<<This trajectory is correctly in Julian's Workshop direction. Estimated time of arrival, one second.>>

One second uh



Impacts on my left shoulder and right hand. Alongside two yelps.
Looks like I bumped into some people.

Aaaah! I went and did it!
Who did I crash into!? Are they Combat job or Production job, they might have a chance if they were Combatants, but production Job people with their Status may not...

<<There is no issue. Confirming them as Julian's Workshop's assailants. They are relatively high leveled Combatants, as such the crash only resulted in their fainting.>>

Ah, that's good then.
...I'll tie these two up, have a 'talk' about this whole situation and tow them over to the guards later.

I went in the workshop and couldn't find Julian.
Is he further inside? I turned my sight at a door to the back room and saw dark red liquid seeping out below it on the floor--

I kicked the door open and went in to find Julian with bent legs and missing arms.
Roasted remains of charred arms could be found next to him. Did they slice his arms and burn them down with magic.
The stumps where they're cut are still bleeding even now. He's gonna die of blood loss at this rate.


I reflexively shouted at this disastrous scene but there was no reply. He must have fainted from the bleeding.
For now I should treat him with Life force Control and stop the bleeding... Damn, these arms must be cut with a blade of some sort. How could anyone be so cruel.

"Dammit, it won't stop, why won't the blood stop!"

I focused my life force to heal Julian's arms, but the flesh and bones would only keep swelling up while the blood wouldn't stop.
I imaged wrapping the stumps with skin but it just wouldn't work. If only the cut arms were still intact, I could have them reattached!

Thinking back, I've never attempted to heal a wound this grievous before. Maybe Lifeforce Control isn't enough for something this serious?
Can't Julian be saved anymore...?

"Aaaaaaah!! Get healed! Get healed! Get healed dangit!"

I brushed aside the worst case scenario in my mind and poured in all the life force I had into Julian.
I no longer cared how and in what way should the wound be healed, I just put in every life force I had while using Julian's gene as a blueprint!

As my HP almost reached rock bottom, I timidly looked at Julian.

His arms have been regenerated like they were always there, his broken legs are no longer bent unnaturally as well.

Checking his Status, the only abnormality is his State: Anemia with everything else looking normal.
Looks like his life is no longer in danger.

...O, oh. This is kinda unexpected.
I had never tested the limit of healing by Lifeforce Control but who could've imagined it can even restore limb loss. What is this, lizard's tail?
...Don't tell me, it can actually heal any wound as long as the target is still alive.

<<Regenerating loss limbs is possible by way of superlative healing potions, elixirs, or high level healing magic. Treatment by way of Kajikawa Hikaru's Lifeforce Control references 'unscathed healthy body gene' as a blueprint which likely affords similar results.>>

I don't really understand that explanation though! So like, in short, any wound can be healed as long I've got HP left huh.
At any rate, I'm just glad Julian got out with his life and arms... Really, I'm so glad.

"Mu, mwu... Fuaa... Fuu... Oho, my customer? Good morning. Why are you here?"

Julian woke up with a yawn and greeted me nonchalantly like usual.
He's looking blankly at me like he was never at the death's door just earlier.

"Morning. You almost lost your life, how are you feeling now?"

"Umumu? Well, aside from a slight dizziness, I don't feel bad... Wait, arms! My arms! ...Huh? They're here? ...Ah, apologies. I must have overslept and had a nightmare."

Julian moved his arms around to check their state.
That's no nightmare, it's reality. I mean, those cinders over there are your arms.

Now then, thankfully we pulled through this emergency.
Next up, I'll go and untie the assailants outside and ask what circumstance led to this.
...Depending on their answers, they might regret ever being born dangit.

"Umu, it appears I am feeling anemic. Perhaps I should get something energizing to feast on... Oho, there is this savory aroma of roast meat I have been smelling, have you perhaps brought me food?"

That's the smell of your roasted arms!
You'll make me lose appetite for meat for dinner today, quit it!






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 449

449 By the Book


There's nothing easier than to smash them altogether. But I'm not doing that.
Instead I'm poking these soldiers on the forehead one by one while strongly having the image, 'This won't kill them' in my mind. Also I hit the armor.
As for the reason I went all this trouble.

(No telling what'll happen if I don't hit the armor. They might break a bone, heck that'll have been a preferable outcome.)

With that consideration in mind, I poked at the first to the fourth row of soldiers.
I don't miss any thanks to their neat formation. Entering Acceleration before they could scatter made it easy.
Once I was done, I went back to my original spot and undid Acceleration to check the result first.

Screaming and groaning started resounding in this open plain right after.

"Gubyofo!" "Gabeha!" "Gedohyuu!" "Beromee!" "Apepoo!"
"Gufu!" "Geeeeee!" "Arororororo!" "Nyanjabefo!" "Donaigerebo!"

What came after hundreds of screams were the sounds of thud, crash, bam and bang as the blown away soldiers hit the ground.
Afterward, silence returned. Kanedor's soldiers stopped their advance at this sudden mysterious inexplicable phenomenon.

Everybody besides me has stopped moving. Yes, that includes Sir Lolengus's side.
I'm sure nobody predicted this. If I had to say.

(If all of Kanedor's soldiers were evil men, I would have no reservation to turn this plain into hell.)
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This place would turn into a storm of slaughter, destruction, annihilation.
I love musou games. But I'll take a rain check on doing that in real life. I'm not a homicidal maniac.
Games are games. This is reality. The world I live in now.
The value of life may be diminished in this world. But that's a problem of mind set. Individuals can still believe that 'life is precious'.
The life of a single person is insignificant to the world, no matter which world. Earth follows this too.
If the me who should still live on earth dies, nothing will have changed to the earth itself.
Really, it's the same here and there even with different bases. I finally get it now.

(Guess humans are the same everywhere. They exist in this world too. I'm sure they exist in any world too... These humans.)

If earth exists, and this world too, I imagine there's plenty of parallel worlds out there.
I even saw an existence that could be called a 'god'. Can you really say that other gods don't exist?
It might just be a delusion of mine, but I'm convinced.

(Let's quit thinking this whole universe stuff and focus on what's in front of me.)

I shooed away all these grand questions I wouldn't have an answer to anyway and turned my sight at the group ahead, still stopped dead at their tracks.

"What the hell is going on!? Move, you bastards! I paid for you fools, make it worth!"

Kanedor's voice echoed in the quiet plain.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 181

Deja Vu Treasure Chest


"There are four High Goblins, they're like upgraded Hob Goblins, and four Werewolves. Alma, exterminate those High Goblins. Reina, try taking on a Werewolf. These three will deal with the rest."

"Got it."


"O-oy oy! How could you make Alma-chan fight all four!? And letting that child fight a werewolf, are you insane?!"

"Heck, why aren't you fighting!?"

"Well, I'd like to let these young 'uns soak in valuable experience. It's a piece of cake for them even without my intervention anyway."

"There ain't no way! High Goblin and Werewolf are Rank C-D monsters!"

"Fighting together as a party is one thing, but putting one against many is suicidal! You're out of your mind!"


"Ah, a Werewolf is coming this way. So yeah, you three, give it your all."

"""No, you fight too dammittt!!"""

So we entered the area with eight lurking magic beasts, and we took charge of half of those beasts yet these trio started complaining.
What are they dissatisfied about. I mean, even Radia-kun beat a beast over Lv30 at Monster Swamp despite being a Lv15 himself. How can they not deal with magic beasts on their level.

<<...It's common sense to fight equal level magic beast in a group. Kajikawa Hikaru's way of doing things is generally seen as an absurd coercive action, therefore their assessment is reasonable.>>


"Hikaru, I took care of all High Goblins."

"That was fast. Well done."

"Wha, eh, y, you beat them already!? But how...!?"

She lopped the heads of those High Goblins in one fell swoop using 'Ocean Blade' it seems.
I mean, she used that to eliminate ten wolf magic beasts in one go at Monster Prairie back then. This must have been easy peasy.

"I've done my part too~."

"Nice job, Reina. Oy, these girls have finished their quota."

"And why aren't you fighting again! What, are you a leech!"

"No way in hell can we defeat three Werewolves at once! Lend us a hand!"

Ah geez, they just won't shut up.
No choice, I'll beat one and let them do the rest.

"Hey, watch out! Oy, two of them are heading your way!"

But two Werewolves came by instead. Hey, young men, do this right, won't you. I'm a young man too, or rather a reserve old man.

"Hikaru, those three are just going to keep making a racket at this rate, why don't you help them?"

"Haa, sheesh, guess I gotta."

"P-please don't make it too nasty if you can help it."

"I won't. That time with the tiger belly was an accident, okay?"

"What are you leisurely chatting around for! Get away, now!"


Not sure what was the big idea, two werewolves came straight for me.
Maybe they thought me slacking off must mean I'm the weakest and easiest prey.

I grabbed the neck of the lunging Werewolves with a hand each and lifted them up.

『Guru!? Gu, gububu...!!』


They're groaning painfully gasping for breath.
I don't want to make them suffer too much, let's end this quick.
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I smashed the Werewolves' heads onto one another. They went straight to the afterlife. RIP.
Don't need to bother with Mana or Energy Control to deal with Lv20s magic beasts now. And it was so scary during Daijel's Stampede too.


"N-no way, he grabbed them by the neck and bumped 'em..."

"What about your weapon!? Don't you have one!?"

"What are you talking about, didn't you see those nice werewolf skulls doing the good work."

"Nobody calls those weapons!"

"Forget about me, watch your back."


"Eh? U-uwaaaaa!"

These trio shouldn't have the margin to quip at me yet they just kept going at it, of course they'd get jumped.
...Really, these three.



Then came out of nowhere behind the werewolf who were going behind the trio.
As if waiting for this chance all this time, Hiyoko stabbed the Werewolf's back with Extended Mana Claw before slicing it in half.
Hiyoko had been camouflaging as a chick until it attacked, so the Werewolf never noticed.
Heck, had no idea Hiyoko can already beat upper level 20 magic beasts... This child's growth rate is scarily fast.

"A, a chicken...!? That tamed beast collar, is it yours?"

"Yeah, it is. You did well Hiyoko."


"...Our group defeated all the magic beasts in the end."

"You guys should have been able to handle that, it's because you're all so preoccupied trying to impress Alma. You'd better off returning at the next portal. I'll be frank with you, the road ahead is too dangerous for you, you'll only tire us out at best."


"...Sorry Alma-chan, forget helping you, we got in your way instead..."

The three got dejected again. The fact that they are capable of introspection points that they're not bad guys. All the bravado they put this time must have hindered them showing off their real ability.
Well, I guess anybody has a period where things just don't go their way. I mean in Japan I'm always... I don't wanna remember let's drop this hahahaha.

"...You guys may be inexperienced now, but I'm sure you can get stronger if you put in the effort. I'm still a greenhorn myself so I don't want to sound self-righteous, but it's better to focus on gradual improvements rather than desperately trying to overreach yourselves. Please don't feel down and keep doing your best."


"You're so kind to such worthless men like us...!"

"A-Alma-chan! We'll definitely get even stronger! And once I am, please go out with--"
"I won't."

"No hesitation!?"

Alma cheered up the three dejected men. Seriously angel.
But she flat out refused the advance. Merciless.
...Well, these guys' Skills seem to be developed enough, they might become prominent adventurers for real if they actually try. Maybe.`

The Escape Portal came into view.
Our group is going to the next floor, while the trio are returning.
Honestly, it's for the best for each of us, I'm just glad they're willing to.

"Oh? There's two treasure chests next to the portal."

"Then let's split them up. One for each group."

"Eh? N-no, we'll pass. We weren't of any use..."

"Then return it double once you've gotten stronger. It doesn't feel right to monopolize both chests."

No denying that it's probably not gonna be useful anyway.
Now then, wonder what's inside?

"Ooh!? Isn't this a mithril sword!"

"Whoaa! We've never gotten a sword this incredible before!"

The trio acquired a Mithril Sword (ATK+200), quite a valuable loot.
Looks like our chest won't be a disappointment then. Let me see--.


"...Huh, what is this? It's a pouch full of nut-looking thingy?"

"Small walnut-like nuts?"

Deja vu, it's a deja vu!
Why do all the chests I opened always have stuff like seeds or nuts inside anyway!?
N-no wait, there's the case with vanilla seed, these nuts might turn out good too--.

"Oy, what's up, why aren't you moving?"

"I-if you're disappointed with that, we don't mind swapping this sword and--."

"No, this one's fine, in fact, this one is better."

"Eh? R-really...?"

"Kajikawa-san, what are those nuts? Are they edible?"

"Are they used in stuff like ice cream making for the aroma?"

"That's neither right or wrong. It'll take some time till it's ripe, but with this I can make that. I'm honestly happy. Super happy. About as happy as finding vanilla, fufufu hahaha."

"That laugh sounds so creepy you know!?"

"Will it let you make more tasty stuff?"

"Yeah, just you wait."

I ended up laughing weirdly from sheer happiness.
This will likely take half a year from start to finish, gotta start collecting the other ingredients. Can't wait.
...I get that we'd be better off taking the mithril sword monetary-wise, I really do.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 448

448 Is Cursing Contest Fun?


Around 1000 organized troops stand ahead of me. It's like walls of men. They're in a close formation.
Meanwhile our side only has 300. And they've formed, I suppose what you could call a defensive formation. Spread out to protect Sir Lolengus.

Our opponent, Kanedor stands far behind these opposing walls of flesh. Their sheer number can easily swallow ours. Must be the reason for his confidence. There's only two soldiers protecting him.

"I see you have finally decided to die. You must be shaking in your boots witnessing the sheer forces under my command, aren't you? Huh? Lolengus the poor?"

What's weird is how Kanedor's voice could be heard from so far away like he was using a megaphone.
Responding to that, Sir Lolengus's voice also resounded in the plain loudly.

"Naturally I have obtained the 'power' to pummel you for good. Did you truly believe I would have baited your here without a plan?"

This is apparently the effect of a magic device. Cheers to magic. You can replace science with magic and anything goes huh.

(But magic can do even more amazing stuff, guess magic is superior then?)

Both of them were eager to disparage one another. They kept at it for a while before a declaration was made for real.

"Diet member of Federation, Kanedor! We have proof of your wrongdoings! I exercise my right as a chairman to issue an emergency directive! You are hereby punished! Capital punishment for your felony!"

"Hmph! Who cares about that bullcrap! Once you're dead, this country is as good as mine! Hey Lolengus? Are you trying to get a laugh out of me? Me, punished? Oy oy, on what ground you even got to spout that crap? With that puny force of yours?"

"Yes, with this. And your statement has made light to yet another crime. Treason. You wish to kill me? Do you even have the backbone to?"
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Sir Lolengus glanced at me and nodded.
With that signal, I walked up and stopped in front of Kanedor soldiers' wall of flesh.
It's right in the middle between two sides. I'm standing alone in there.

"...Hm? Hm? What's the deal with that guy? What an eyesore. Hmph! Doesn't matter. You guys ready!? Bring them hell! Charge!"

I focused on straight ahead as letting these soldiers scatter in all directions would be a pain.
My opponents have lined themselves up real nice, might as well clean them all up before their formation breaks apart.
Once I entered Accelerated State, the enemy soldiers stopped moving, frozen in their ready-to-rush-out poses.

(Now then, I can't just act haphazardly here. It'd result in 'total destruction'... Wanna avoid that.)

There must be hired hands in there. Or those who have joined Kanedor's side to keep on living as that side is guaranteed victory.
That's no reason to die. Not in this dirty filthy war.
Some must have family waiting at home. Although there are definitely some people who just want to rampage around raising violence under Kanedor as well.
Also, the federation would experience an upheaval if it lost a huge amount of manpower here.
All those concerns float around me. They have absolutely nothing to do with me, but I guess this is what you call empathy.

(Can't exactly distinguish which is which nor do I have time. Then I should just make sure I don't kill any.)

I'm running the cogs in my head hard. But I can't seem to get a lightbulb moment.
As expected of my dull brain. There's no way it could come up with a plan that makes everything work out in one fell swoop.

(Then should I do it bit by bit while watching the results by entering and exiting Acceleration?)

Looks like there's only one annoying way to go about this.
I'm neither a wise man or a sage, it's vexing how nonexistent my brainpower is.

(Can't say how it'll go, just gotta give it a try.)

Thus I have this stage all to myself. The start of a theatrics of overwhelming.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 180

Idiot Trio


"Alma-chan! Want me to carry your thing!?"

"No thanks, I can carry them myself."

"Alma-chan, aren't your shoulders stiff? Want me to massage them?"

"They're not... Don't touch me."

"Alma-chan, please, please go out with me--"

...Hello there. So, we helped a party that was in danger from a magic beast attack while we were dungeon delving.
It's a group of three men around their twenties. One of them took a direct hit and lost their party balance as a result, situation was critical.
As we rushed in, Alma went first and used her finisher to kill the magic beast in one hit. The trio fell for Alma after witnessing that, they kept trying to make a move on her.
...I get how you feel as she saved me once too, but don't you think you guys are acting over-familiar?

A red short haired man who got hit by the magic beast, Fujilance, a spearsman.
The perverted blue haired man who tried to massage Alma, Tserenk, a mage.
And lastly, a blond swordsman as well as this party's leader, Leonight.
Their hairs are so colorful, reminding me of those three girls from back then. Also like, traffic light?

"Ow ow, the wound that magic beast inflicted on me is hurting. Alma-chan, won't you lend me your shoulder?"

"You can ask your friends."

"Dangit, quit trying to cuddle up to her in the confusion!"

"You already chugged a potion earlier! Here, have my shoulder, back off of Alma-chan!"

"Alma-san, you're so popular."

"I'm not happy about this."

"She looks troubled by those three's advance, are you fine with that? Kajikawa-san."


"Uwaa, someone's in a super foul mood..."

Didn't intend to reply with a cold tone due to irritation. Sorry Reina.
I get it's because these three's behavior towards Alma, but I don't understand why it makes me feel this irritated.

"Hikaru, is the portal still far?"

For some reason, Alma took my arm as she got away from the three men. She even looks afraid of them.
...Guess it's only natural to get scared when multiple older men are persistently making a move on you.
But taking the arm of a reserve old man that is me as an escape plan seems kinda circular.

"It's close by. We plan to keep going, what about you guys?"

"Of course we're going too! And you, get your arm off Alma-chan!"

"Swap! Swap with me this instant, you old man!"

"Alma-chan! Forget that old man, take my arm instead! Here!"

"...You guys are so rude to the leader of a party that saved your skin."


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Wonderful one hit!
The idiot trio fainted in agony at Alma's merciless word. I'm saying this for your own good, just go home already.
Also, keep saying old man all you want, but you'll be pretty much me in five year time.

"The default level is 20 for magic beasts on floor 5 and below. Seeing as you guys were having a hard time against a beast over Lv30, I'm guessing you're around later Lv20s, no? Can you guys deal with series of battles versus Lv20 beasts? Heck, you might get swarmed."

"Uu... N-no, we'll be fine! We've beaten plenty of upper Lv20 beasts already!"

"Just a reminder, if you plan to go on, you're responsible for your own safety. So let me ask again, are you sure you'll be fine?"

"O-ou! Men don't do backsies! We're gonna protect Alma-chan!"

"...I see. Just take care now."

I've nothing but concern. Are they really gonna be alright.
Heck, are they even aware what they're spouting, telling the one who easily beat the magic beast they had a hard time with, 'We'll protect you!'. There should be a limit to stupidity.
But well, you dungeon delve at your own risk, if they're bent on going, then I have no right to stop them.

From Floor 5 onward, the floor's topography changed from caves to a forest full of vegetation.
It kinda looks like the Monster Forest, Guruoz. The magic beasts here feel way stronger than Guruoz though.

"Ooh, the greenery is so soothing on the eyes. Could this be a healing floor?"

"There's plenty of magic beasts to go around with all the greenery though. There seem to be a lot more of them than earlier floors too, they'll gang up on you if you press on carelessly."

"...Turned out it's a heallish floor instead."

Was Reina trying to make a joke. Kinda forcing it me think.

"Lots of traps hidden between the vegetation too, what a poor taste. Like say, there's an animal trail on this grassy path, but take this trail and a trap will--"

"Uwaaaa!? W-what!?"

"W-what have you done, Flan!"

...Just when I was giving the explanation, the redhead, Fujilance fell for the trap that hangs him upside down.
The outlook isn't promising. Wish they'd just go home.

"I-I was gonna fetch that tasty looking fruit when this trap by my foot sprung up and..."

"You dumbass! That's what you get for being careless!"

"Kajikawa-san, is that fruit edible?"

"It's poisonous, absolutely don't put that in your mouth. You'll get an upset tummy."

"Freaking A! They got me good!"

...My poor aching head.
Are we gonna have to constantly see these skits from now on? Sounds super tiring.

"I don't mind if you guys tag along, but please don't act on your own. You might fall for traps like Fujilance."

"Oooh! Alma-chan called me by my name! Scores!"

"Dangit! You cheeky little!"

"Alma-chan, say my name too--"

"Take it seriously."

"""We're sorry..."""

As the three got heated up just from having one of them called by name, Alma reproached them with a very cold tone and glare.
She's kind enough to actually respond instead of just outright ignoring them. The trio seemed to feel bad about it and apologized.
Hope they learn from it and be more careful now. Heck, why're these older guys more trouble than then two younger girls here.

Thanks to the idiot trio behaving afterward, we advanced smoothly and stopped in front of a biggish room.
I sensed several readings from Mana and Life Force Sense. Magic beasts are lurking inside.

"There are magic beasts lying in ambush inside this room... Eight of them, that's a lot."

"S-shouldn't we take a detour? Eight is way too many."

"We've gone through all other available rooms. No way to keep going if we don't pass this one."

"F-for real..."

Why're you guys even here if this much scares you.
...We really should force them to leave through a portal when we find one.
Now then, honestly, either Alma or me could easily take on this room alone but we can't be the only group doing all the fighting now, can we.
I'll leave one or two to these trio and take care of the rest. Sheesh.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 179

Dungeon Delving Starts


Two days after our visit to Julian's Workshop, we're delving in the aforementioned dungeon.
Trying to explore a dungeon alone is tough for me so I had to enlist Alma, Reina (and Hiyoko)'s help.

"Are you sure you're fine with taking on a dungeon, just for my weapon? I mean I'm glad to have you all with me."

"...Hikaru you're too reserved when it comes to personal matters. You should rely more on your friends."

"My new equipment comes from magic beasts Kajikawa-san and Alma-san beat, so now it's my turn to give back to you."


I feel bad making them do heavy labor for my own problem even if we're in the same party.
And these two readily agreed without showing the slightest reluctance, they're such good girls. I'll make them ice cream when we're back to show my appreciation... Vanilla seeds, hope I could get another bagful again.

We spent yesterday to prepare for this.
The upper floors are apparently structured like Daijel's dungeon, but the deeper you go down the more radical the environmental changes be, and the deadlier the laid out traps become.
The magic beasts inside also get stronger following the floor progression, conquering this dungeon won't be a walk in the park.
We bought stuff like equipment to handle rapid changes in temperature, potions to cure abnormal status and such.
Our financial has taken a beating from it and we're already spending tons on equipment... I'm hoping for a big return from the dungeon beasts materials and drop items.

So yeah today is the day. I mean wait.
Unlike Daijel's super minor dungeon, there's lots of stalls and a receptionist desk set up around the entrance.
Do we have to go through formality every time we wanna enter? What a pain.

"Um, we'd like to delve in the dungeon."

"Welcome. Parties who wish to apply for dungeon exploration may write their party name over here before they could enter. Please be aware that those below Rank E cannot enter the floors below Floor 5. It's dangerous."

"How strong are the magic beasts beyond Floor 5?"

"There will be magic beasts over level 20 from Floor 5 downward, level 30-40 from Floor 10 downward, and around level 40-50 by the lowest floor, 15. Please make sure you don't push yourselves."

"Loud and clear, thank you."

After giving the receptionist a listen, it's time for the dungeon delving for real.
Normally, you'd want to ask her more about stuff pertaining the dungeon like the environmental changes, but I didn't.
At the end of the day, we have to figure out ourselves how to handle those.
...I'm kinda regretting not asking though.

I see plenty of other parties going in as well.
All of them put on this puzzled look before glaring at me when they saw us. But why.

"Oy oy, ya really gonna bring just those two young girls inside? I dunno about that, man."

"It's not just us. We have a mascot too."


"Yeah, that changes zilch..."

A young man from another party gave me a warning. He face palmed when I introduced Hiyoko.
Hiyoko has a promising career ahead though. No really, evolving just after three leveling sessions shows how quick the growth rate is.
Also, these two girls are seriously strong. The black haired one in particular, her base level is way over yours, man.

After finishing all the procedures, we stepped on Floor 1. There's only shabby traps and weak magic beasts here. But we'd be in a world of pain if we let our guard down all the same.

"This is the first time I've been inside a dungeon, it's surprisingly bright, so easy to walk around in."

"This light can't possibly be natural no matter how you look at it. Who made it anyway."

"Maybe like, the god."

"Might be."

Wonder if these dungeons have a roguelike system too.
It's surreal imagining these gods setting up stuff like item drop rate and the likes. I've never seen them though.
...I've never met the gods in this (world) and my (earth), wonder if they really exist?  Not like I don't believe it, but I dunno. They're like ghosts.
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"Today is only a trial run. Let's not think about getting to the deepest floor and learn how this dungeon works for now."

"This whole thing's our leader idea, and he doesn't sound enthusiastic. I mean, I get that it's better to be safe than sorry though."

"How far should we go on the first day?"

"I'd like to aim for floor 10, but if stuff like environmental changes prove too tough, we should head back early."

"We must be careful on traps and such too. Upper floors aren't too bad, but they get more dangerous the lower down you go."

"That sounds scary in a different way from magic beast territories. Gotta pay attention...  Ah, a treasure chest! Fuwa, I've never seen such a classic looking treasure chest like the one you see in picture books in real life!"

Oh, finding a chest on floor 1, good outlook.
But it'd be a shame if another party's taken the content or--!?

"Reina!! Get away now!"



The chest opened by itself just as Reina was going to.
Revealing sharp fangs and venomous purple tongue stretching out.

<<Magic Beast: Common Mimic Lv15. A magic beast that mimics treasure chests and predate on those who get close. Its mobility is limited, however it exhibits explosive forces when it feeds.>>

I got no time to read all that! In short, this thing's a mimic, right!
I pulled Reina away from danger using Remote Mana Control.
Then I kicked the mouth closed mimic with all my might.


The mimic got blown away and kept rebounding between the floor and ceiling without letting a scream.
Crack, bang, crackle the chest got broken off every time it bounced, it was no longer chest shaped by the time it stopped.
O, ou. I thought it was gonna go like a soccer ball, got this shocking scene instead.

"H-hiiy...! W-what was, that just now...!?"

"It's a Mimic, a magic beast that camouflages itself as a treasure chest and eats people who try to open it. You'd end up falling into that kinda traps if you get careless, take care now."


"...This dungeon has a trap like that on floor 1 already..."

It came as a shock to me too. Isn't this dungeon too hostile to beginners?
We should check stuff like this with mana control first before proceeding from now on.

Despite the slight trouble, we pulled ourselves together and made a good progress afterward.
I've asked Menu to immediately display a warning screen if we come across another dangerous trap, we should avoid fatal traps now.

We pushed through floor 2 and 3, and while the magic beasts were slightly stronger than the ones in Daijel's, they were kind lacking too.
You'd see Lv20 beasts by floor 3 in Daijel's, while those levels of magic beasts only started showing up now that we got close to floor 5.

"I'm reading multiple human-like reactions, fighting a biggish magic beast in an open space ahead."

"Maybe they're from another party?"

"...Are they doing okay?"

"Who knows? I think they're fine, but the beast they're fighting is a tad stronger than the outlined guide. Think this one's around Lv30."

"Beasts on floor 5 should only be around Level 20s. They sure ran into one that's leap and bound stronger."

<<Magic beasts that are normally on several floors below can occasionally spawn on upper floors. They are known as Surprise Monsters to dungeon delvers. There are two choices when you run into one, either run away immediately or regard it as a boss monster and fight.>>

Hmm, the fighting party has three people on the upper half of Level 20s.
They should do just fine as long as they stay on their toes... Ah, one of them got seriously injured, lost a lot of HP.
Things gonna get dicey for them.

"Sorry, looks like they're not gonna make it, we should go save them."

"My oh my, guess we better hurry."

Now then, will we make it in time.
Dear me, and we really don't have time to baby another party too. So busy~.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 447

447 Pushed On


Am I really fine with letting this exact chain of events be repeated over and over again?

"What are you exactly...? This result makes me think twice about asking your help. Did you cut this? With your wooden sword. Is that it?"

The chairman asked like he was looking at a monster.
He's wary of me for slicing with wood.

"It's my total defeat... I could not perceive you moving at all. It was as if you vanished. And then my sword was cut."

Chief warrior kept me in his line of sight as he muttered that.
I don't derive enjoyment being stared at by men. So I told them.

"I'm not your enemy, can you drop the glaring business? So, have you thought up a way to use me?"

Dunno when, but he's absolutely gonna clash with Kanedor one of these days.
Thus I await chairman's decision on my assignment.

"How many people can you take on? How strong can they be?"

"Wha? That ain't gonna matter one bit... Ah."

I wasn't trying to boast my strength. I just know that numbers mean nothing before this power.
And I blurted that out of my own mouth. Raising a flag in the process.

"Then I shall leave everything in your hands. The match is on. With you on our side, our victory is assured."

(Oy, no way, there's no way. Dammit, what a huge pain! Hold it!)

I asked in a panic.

"What do you mean by on!? And what do you mean everything?! Tell me you're joking!"
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Sir Lolengus grinned as he spoke.

"Numbers are meaningless before you no matter how many mercenaries they amassed, am I wrong? Then I'd like to minimize casualty on our side. I will leave everything in your capable hands. I'm convinced after seeing that sliced wooden sword. It is indeed true that no adversary can possibly stand up against your power."

Chairman picked up the wooden sword and stared at the cross section while unabashedly shoved all his problem on me.

"Weren't there going to be two famous Epithet Holders among them? You sure?"

I kept hounding him. Even knowing it was in vain.
Chief warrior answered.

"I'll be frank with you. None of those said mercenaries can replicate what you did. No, nobody can. Haha, you really get to see many sights with age."

I cursed my mouth for slipping that out. But the way this chairman orchestrated this irked me so I told him.

"I've changed my mind. I want compensation. Ten platinum coins. No bargaining. I'll take your request if you can pay."

"Mumu!? ...Very well. Understood. It will take some time but we shall have it prepared."

"Ah, pay in full okay. Don't try to weasel your way out. Once everything is over, get the gold ready asap."

Chairman affirmed with a bitter look. He must be aware that his defeat is guaranteed without me.
He ceded to my demand without a fuss. Proof of his eagerness to recruit me.
Asking money right after saying I didn't need one. It's only human to have a change of heart sometimes.
Or maybe chairman is afraid of poking the beehive any more.

(Well, I don't know the market price for a mercenary. I just named that price at random.)

My lack of common sense hit again here. No point in questioning that now though.

"We shall send an envoy. Everything will end by tomorrow afternoon. Kanedor is looking down on me. He will definitely bite back. We will settle this in the plain next to the city!"

No time like present, Sir Lolengus was looking eager.

"What!? Tomorrow!? Are you even prepared? Sure you've thought this through?"

My repose ended in vain.

"We have finished the preparations to start a war. All that's left is to wait. Well our defeat was all but ensured even if we initiated it. We had to rein it in quietly. But there's no need to endure it anymore now that you're here."

Chief warrior looked spirited up as he answered me.
It's clear there's no stopping them now. Thus I gave up.

(Knew it'd turn this way... Of course. Guess I just gotta accept it?)

My willpower was getting gradually sapped. I even started entertaining the idea of just accepting the 'Unrest' in me, would make things easier.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 178

Stop It No More


"Once this drill spear is lodged in a target, the load on your hands becomes way too much. If your Attributes' too low, your spear arm's gonna get twisted up real bad, this stuff is more damaging to the wielder than the target."

"Umumu, I suppose I cannot just copy mining magic tool. And yet, the spear shaft cannot be made any heavier than that."

"This chainsaw-like sword's gonna break off in no time if you don't thicken the bladed part. I get that it's a way to raise power outside Mana Blade though."

"Thicken the blades you say! Umu, I shall test it at once!"

Hi hello there, I'm currently brainstorming with Julian on points that can be improved with his creations.
I'm not actually thrilled to use these ominous weapons, but I mean there's a first to everything after all, I've got no choice here hahahaha.

"...The two of them are having the time of their life."

"...At the end of the day, they're birds of the same feather after all."


I can feel gazes staring holes on my back, but these weird weapons are simply men's romance.
Might be a bit hard to understand for girls. No need to either way.
I don't get woman's fashion either.

I tried a variety of other weapons as well, and either I'm just imagining it or there's several weapons that look like the stuff I reproduced using Mana Control here and there.
Might be just a coincidence in search of an effective way to increase damage though.

"What is this stake-like weapon?"

"Umu, that uses a similar principle with Explosion Buster, in fact I made that one earlier. Through the use of a fire mana ore-powered explosion engine, this weapon strikes a pile out! I call it--"

"It's a Pile Bunker! You even went and made this thing!?"

"Umu, indeed, it's Pile Bunker! ...Oho?"

Julian looks puzzled after I blurted out the name before him.

"H-how do you know about this weapon's name? I was under the impression that nobody else besides me should know."

"E-err, you know, it's from a diary, left behind by a past hero? I took a glance of something like that and saw a weapon that looked like this."

I spouted random lie to gloss it over.
...But that was a bad move.

"My goodness!? To think that there was another relic akin to our family heirloom, Hero's Notes, somewhere out there!"

Hero's Notes? Heirloom?
...Wait a minute, I've got a bad feeling about this.
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"You mean something like a notebook left by a past hero?"

"Umu! I've nothing to hide, most of my artistic weaponry were made by referencing blueprints left by this past hero!"

"Blueprints... Eh, you're saying a hero came up with all these weapons?"

"Yes. I took the liberty of secretly reading our family heirloom the Hero's Notes before I came of age. The moment these weapons and the new potentials they carry beyond Skills caught my eyes, I felt my sense of value changing forever. It was such a refreshingly novel shocking jolt!"

"Can you show me those notes?"

"Do you mind transcripts? The original is my family heirloom, as I've chosen not to inherit the household I bear no right to it."

Household huh. He gave up a duchy house and went on to open a weapon store didn't he? Wonder what his parents think about this.
Oh, I thought the transcripts were gonna be some loose papers, he made a nice binder out of them. Lemme see.


T h i s i s h o r r i b l e

U, uwaa, uwaaaa....
...Yup. The weapon blueprints themselves are all well thought out. The internal structures and mechanisms are so well made you wouldn't think this was penned by an amateur, a craftsman could make these drawings into reality with some adjustments.
But the comments on these weapons written in Japanese are way too much. What, what do you mean Heavenpiercing Drill. What, what even is a Godslaying Chainshaw.
This is, you know. Notebook from a dark history.

"They have words written in the hero's native language I cannot decipher, yet such roadblock is not enough to dispel the sheer wonderfulness of it all! My only wish is to meet him in person..."

Stop it. No more.
These notes are unlikely written with serious thoughts, but more like a form of escapism in between the constant days of battles this hero had to endure.
A dark history notebook written as a pastime gets turned into a family heirloom of a noble house, hell. What is this, a public execution. Shame play?
The person in question likely wants nothing more than to burn the thing down without even sparing a look...

Heck, thanks to these notes, the life of a young man, Julian strayed away from his noble lineage path.
Who's the stupid hero who left this thing! Err, the author is 'Souma Ryuta'. Julian's future is going astray thanks to you. Heck it already is.

"I see, perhaps the reason you have such a good compatibility with my weapons is because you have partial knowledge on hero-designed weapons! Truly the whim of fate works in mysterious ways! Fuhaha."


...Well, guess it's okay since he looks happy about it.

"Fufufu, I give you my thanks for your enriching opinions. It has been quite a productive moment for me. I shall adopt this result into my weapon creation endeavor from now on!"

"...You're welcome."

"...By the way, I need to consult something pertaining the creation of your order, True Explosion Buster, do you have a moment?"

Julian's expression clouded a bit as he brought it up... Did the hero think that name up too.
What's wrong, did he hit a snag or something?

"I was planning to use materials from a powerful magic beast for the hammer head, however, I am unable to find one sturdy enough to withstand repeated explosions on the town's market. Body parts of a Rank A magic beast or over that at the very least would be desirable..."

"Hm? Isn't this town an industrial town, you should find one if you look harder."

"Regarding that, I take it you're aware that demons in many places have been becoming more active carrying out destructive acts due to the birth of Demon King? Most high ranking materials have been bought en masse by the military in order to cope with that. Only materials from Rank B-C or lower beasts are left in all the stores I visited. They thankfully didn't bought up all the mithril and adamantite here seeing as those are the lifeline of this industrial town."

"...Are you for real."

I tried using Map Screen to find materials usable for the hammer head and found no hit.
What do, compromising here and using a lesser material is just gonna result in a soon to be broken hammer, yet other towns probably face similar shortages.
Should I use materials from Monster Mountains' beasts? But our current party can only deal with lesser Rank A beasts at best, and I don't want to push ourselves too hard.
What do really... Hm? What's up Menu-san?

<<Recommending conquering a dungeon adjacent to this Industrial Town.>>

Eh? But why?

<<Reward Items from dungeon conquests occasionally include materials usable in equipment production. The items are chosen at random as such it's not a guarantee, however it is currently the safest and quickest option available.>>

I see. Right, I've heard about the existence of a conquered dungeon near this town.
It's not a bad idea to try delving in one, might as well go for it.

<<However, one may encounter a magic beast at upper Lv50 on the lowest floor of this dungeon, preparation is in order.>>

I think I can handle upper Lv50 just fine. Can always run at worst.
Welp, guess we're going dungeon delving in a few days. Not gonna go straight for the lowest floor on day one though.
...Hope I could get my hands on vanilla seeds again.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 446

446 Shouldn't Be Cut, Can't Have Been Cut


I slowly walk up. All while observing chief warrior's stance. The way he's holding his sword is exquisite. You can tell he's honed it to perfection over many years.

I strike the wooden sword he's holding with mine.
But there was no feedback. It did hit. I didn't miss.
Yet there's no force transferred to me. I know this sensation.

(Oh man... These are wooden swords right? They may have an iron core inside but another wooden sword shouldn't have been able to cut it.)

My eyes popped open at this new surprise. Chief warrior's wooden sword has been sliced in two.
The blade of these wooden swords are not dull. Yet there's no way they could have cut anything.
But apparently Accelerated State made it possible. I was initially only planning to hit his sword with mine and make chief warrior drop his.
Not at all to cut it. I mean, they're wood. Didn't think it could cut. It's only normal, common sense, law of nature.

(And yet this power of mine just ignored that entirely...)

No use crying over spilled milk. So I reconsidered.
I did tell them about service.
Therefore, the chairman must think of this as part of the show.
I'm the only person fighting this guy here, he should connect the dots.
I'm sure he'll be fine with just results.

(But just to be safe, I'll strike a pose like I just swung a sword before undoing Acceleration. That should help make it easy to understand.)

Some people sometimes won't believe. They can't accept reality.
Neither the chairman or chief warrior seem to be that type, but there's no harm in showing them this pose to ease them.
Would smooth over this conversation and help them understand what happens.
Even if they don't perceive the process that nets the end result. And so I undid Acceleration.

"Guga!" chief warrior suddenly groaned as he let go of his wooden sword.
Looks like the impact generated by the sword getting cut was quite huge, it hurt his hands.
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(Ah, like always, I've no clue how to regulate this power. His hands, looks painful.)

I could tell he's exerting his entire body. Chief warrior keeps staring at his trembling hands in front of his chest.
On the other hand, seeing that the chairman was surprised at first then he let out a 'wha?' and put on a dumbfounded look when he saw the sliced wooden sword.

Then both of them turned to look at me and popped their eyes wide open.
Seeing me with this pose must be unbelievable to them.
I slowly relaxed my stance and spoke.

"You said you wanted to see my power, yeah? Is this good enough?"

They were apparently so in shock they never gave me a reply even after a minute.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 177

Side Story - Pickiness


This chapter is told from the green haired boy, Radiasta's perspective.

...I'm hungry.
It's only been a few days since we parted ways but I'm already craving for Kajikawa-san's home cooking, I'm so pathetic.
His food was all foreign to me yet every single one was weirdly calming to the mind. Wonder if that's what they call mother's cooking... His is definitely nothing like my mom's though.


"Shuddup! I just wanna go home and eat, get off my back dammit!"

I drove off an attacking chicken beast as I ran for the town, but my body feels heavy from hunger.
Weird. It was surging with power even with a bit of Kajikawa-san's food.
...Might be cause I've been grabbing random food lately. Probably lacking nutrition.

I finally reached Lv19 during today's hunting. Finally, after taking on so many magic beasts around my level or over for several days.
My level shot up from 15 to 18 after beating that frog magic beast at the swamp during the orphanage incident, but there's no way I can do that regularly, gotta knock on it little by little.
Then, eventually, I'll...

It's not like I never considered joining Kajikawa-san's party.
But I'm sure they wouldn't want to let someone who had a selfish goal join them, and I didn't want to trouble them so I decided to leave and resumed my solo run.
...No, that's not it. I just knew staying there would make it feel too comfortable to leave.
Kajikawa-san's cooking, Alma-neechan's kindness and reliability, and the fun I have with Reina is just too comforting.

I must never forget, my adventuring day is a means to an end, I must not be content with it.
...No matter how fun, I have a goal I need to accomplish. Don't get swayed, me.

Haa, what should I have for dinner today... Kajikawa-san mentioned something about nutritional balance, ya mean I can't just gorge myself on vegetables, meat and bread?
He specifically told me to eat tomatoes every day but I don't like tomatoes...
Gotta save for my equipment and consumables, guess I'll just grab stuff at random and cook something myself again today.

Kajikawa-san's group left me with several recipes but I couldn't even make half of those. Ain't nobody can make food without Skills though, this is normal.
Heck, I think I did great for being able to make half. Simple stuff like sprinkling cut leeks, sesame oil and sauce on top of a bowl of arorice.
...It's weird how tasty that is despite barely passing as cooking. That man's incredible.

The recipe says putting butter instead of leeks is good too, but I can't imagine something that oily be tasty.
No, gotta take the plunge. None of the recipes he left me tasted bad, so this one should do okay too.
Okay yeah, today I'm going with butter, sauced aro rice with sliced raw veggie and grilled salted meat--

Grab, I could feel my hand grabbing someone else's hand as I reached for the butter.
Oh crap, got lost in thought, didn't pay attention.

"Ah, sorry. I was spacing out and..."

"...You, I recall you're Radiasta, the top ranker of Pea Green area. A combatant buying butter for cooking huh, very versatile of you."

I looked at the owner of the hand I grabbed, red hair of a fierce god, I mean no, a beauty with a stupidly scary gaze.

Wait ain't she guildmaster!?


"Why did you scream the moment you saw my face. Is there something stuck on it?"

"G-g-guildmast! S-sorry, I'm sorry! That wasn't on purpose!"

"I'm not mad or anything though..."

That was a shock! I thought my heart would burst open! Like boom! Coulda sworn I heard that from my heart!
Who coulda thought the hand going for butter was guildmaster's... Does she cook for herself usually?

"...So, you cook. To be honest, that's surprising."

"I usually order deliveries. This is a ration for a long excursion. It should last in a preservation magic bag after all, I'm here to purchase nourishing food."

"Long excursion, to where?"

"The next continent over, for a little bit of dragon slaying."

"...Say what?"

"I'm joking. I'm just filing a complaint, don't worry about it."

I dunno what you talking about though. What is this person going on about?

"...Mwu? You've leveled up a bunch I see, it hasn't even been half a month since the fest. Remarkable growth."

"...Appraisal Skill?"

"No, I can tell from your face, air around you and also by observing the way you carry yourself and breathing."

"No way!? Ain't no way you can see any differences from that stuff!"

"Not quite. Once you've watched great many adventurers over many years, you get to notice the slightest bit of changes."
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So she's like a pro of human observation? ...that sounds kinda wrong.
Uh, hey you're close, your face's too close! What!? What did I do!?

"Your leveling is going well yet you have this lonesome look on your face. I understand you've been running solo thus far, is it getting too tough?"

"That's not, true."

"It's safer and easier when you're in a party. Haven't you applied for one? I believe you can quickly find a party with your current level."

"I like being alone for the freedom it brings. Having to constantly fret over relationship between people feels choking to me."

It's a lie.

I'm lonely. How could I not.

I have been running by myself without joining a party once ever since I left my home.
When I first tried to cull magic beasts and stepped inside a magic beast territory, I unluckily found myself surrounded by a herd of goblins I thought I was gonna die.
Just when I got used to hunting magic beasts a bit, I participated in a Stampede defense and a Werewolf made me into a human shield, I got even more traumatized of magic beasts.
The wound on my mind was more severe than on my body and just when I finally pulled myself together and resumed culling magic beasts in the Monster Prairie, I noticed most adventurers were in parties.

I can't say I'm not envious of them.
It's far more fun when you're with companions, and safer too.
But I plan to quit being an adventurer one day. Otherwise, I can't accomplish my goal.
I don't want to abandon a party I joined for my own selfish desire.

I'm not like that guy.

"...I won't force you if that's what you want, just don't overdo it."


"Also, don't be picky. Put more vegetables in your basket. Like tomatoes and the likes."


I'm tellin' ya, I don't like tomatoes.
What, are both Kajikawa-san and guildmast tomato lovers? Can't believe anyone likes those sour soft oozing stuff...

But that dish that uses a lot of tomato, omurice or something? I don't know if I was just imagining it but my body felt really good the day after I had that.
It got heavier again since I started cooking for myself again. Maybe I'm really lacking nutrition.

...I should trick myself into thinking it's good and give it a try.
They say tomatoes go well with cheese... Really.

Ah, didn't realize guildmaster'd gone off somewhere.
She mentioned something about going to another continent to file a complaint, wonder where?





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 445

445 Mock Combat


We're at the mansion's backyard now. Standing in front of me, I guess you could say, a refined and gallant macho old man? He's holding a wooden sword in one hand.
The wooden sword seems to have an iron core inside, the weight is about the same as the real thing. You can tell the strength of Sir Lolengus's soldiers from this alone.

(Course you're gonna become all brawly if you train with this thing every day.)

"Must I go all out against this youngster? Are you sure, sir?"

"Yeah, or else we cannot prove the veracity of what's written on my daughter's letter. Show  no mercy, go all out from the beginning."

(What? What are these two old men spouting all of a sudden? Seriously? I just met him you know, why'd you tell someone who looks this strong, probably actually strong too, to go all out like he's out crushing a bug?)

I almost blurted out, are you sure you're not the villain here?
Now that I've come this far, I'm absolutely sure there's no way out of this. I'm bitterly aware.

"Are you both ready? ...Begin!"

The refined old man lunged at incredible speed not a moment later. I mean, the chief warrior old man.
He has no opening as he swings his sword down from overhead. He got in front of me with the sword already aloft.
A calculated quick draw and a swing with swiftness. But it never reached me.

"!? To think you dodged my first strike... I did not hold back too."

Of course I dodged it by entering Acceleration. Taking that strike head on would have hurt real bad for sure.
I mean the sword was aimed straight at the crown of my head. My skull's gonna split open if that hits. This chief warrior guy is seriously going for my life.

"Didn't you only want to see my strength a bit!? I'd have died if that wooden sword hit me you know?!"

"Hahaha! Indeed. My bad. But this country is in a precarious state right now. You must excuse me this much for hearing they intend to recruit someone of unknown background like you."
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The chief warrior laughed loudly. Chairman followed.

"It's true that you have saved my daughter, but that's an entirely separate matter. If you were done in by my chief warrior just like that, I would refrain seeking your assistance. As such, this is a test. I'm serious. I cannot let that Kanedor take over this country. That man is a pig that sows disasters. Testing your strength is a necessary step to formulate the plan to eradicate him. Forgive me. Worry not. We will treat you if you get injured. Letting my daughter's savior to his death would leave a bad taste."

I now get that this chairman guy is a scumbag. But that's motivated by his desire to protect this country.
He's resolved to use anything and everything, even his daughter's benefactor.
He'll struggle till the very end. Even in a losing battle with no chance of victory.
This chairman guy must be fully prepared to take Kanedor down if nothing else.
Unwilling to give up, stubborn, a bit scheming, with nerves of steel. Looks like Sir Lolengus's quite the caliber of a man.

"Okay, I see now. Yup, I understand your reasoning. I like it. I'll show you what you wanna see. Think of it as a service."

I got a bit offended by his murder attempt.
It would have turned into a big problem if it weren't me.

"Now then, time to test how far a wooden sword can fly. Moment of truth."

I entered Accelerated State.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 176

Julian's Weapon Artisan Workshop


We went to report the completion of culling and gathering commissions with the guild receptionist, Furoina-san.
Apparently you could hand over the magic beast bodies to the guild carver service as long as they're still fresh so we did.
A bit more expensive than town's carvers, but way more convenient.

"I can't believe you finished multiple gathering commissions in just one day. Normally, even one commission done each day is a good pace."

"Oh it wasn't hard work at all as we only needed to bring them to the guild's carvers after all. It's mostly all thanks to our party's girls and their excellence. It makes things so easy, really."

"...So you say, but your Kill Log has more beasts than those two."

"No really, even the ogre we defeated today was a cinch thanks to these two doing their best. It was a close call for me yesterday."

I tried to divert the topic away from me while boasting about the girls.
Ah, I can feel their gazes prickling my back. I should keep my mouth shut.

"I also have this weapon to thank for. It could hold its own against an ogre, really handy to have."

"A weapon? That looks like a steel hammer... Ex-plo-sion Bus-ter? ...Fatigue must be catching up to me, the appraised name came out weird."

"Ah, please don't say that name out loud. It's really embarrassing."

"That naming sense and unusual design, don't tell me that weapon is made by Julian Workshop? ...Hard to believe anyone would want a weapon there."

Is Julian relatively famous or something? No considering her reaction, it's probably more infamous.

"The mechanism and name are one thing yes, but it's actually quite powerful when you get used to it."

"Every single person who trialed his weapons was all 'I don't wanna touch them anymore', they're all known to be dangerous and difficult to handle... Well, you're plenty weird yourself as well, I suppose your wavelengths match."

Phrasing! Don't you think that's too rude?!
Well I mean, I do admit I'm weird. But getting told that by somebody else is a bit...

"Everybody refers to that workshop as a 'Pastime hobby of a former noble kid'. If only he had achievements to speak of, but that's a pipe dream with those curios for weapons."

"Former, noble? Eh, Julian is a nobleman? I mean, he has no house name or anything."

My Status only showed him as Julian.
Heck, the man's already a riot as is, adding former noble as his trait is packing in too much.

"Apparently he was originally the heir to a Duke House in Firie Kingdom, but after such and such, he cast away his lineage and went independent."

"...Maybe he lost interest in territorial management and got disinherited after he went crazy into making weird weapons."

"That's almost certainly the case. Initially he was selling proper weapons when he first arrived at this town, but it seems the man has been holing up inside his workshop as of late, it's not clear if his business is doing well. I'm wondering if his financial is alright."

It's not.
If I didn't pay for my order, that guy would have gone bankrupt I bet.
...Guess I'll go see him, gotta hand over the rest of the payment anyway.

A small weapon store at the outskirt of the town. You could see a hastily repaired hole on the roof.
There's a signboard with needlessly beautifully written words 'Julian Weapon Artisan Workshop'. No mistake about it, we're here.
He got blown away from this place to near the guild huh... Can't believe he survived.
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Inside the store, around half of the displayed goods are ordinary weapons of good quality.
Blacksmith Lv6 is said to be halfway to veteran level, considering Julian's age, he's among the more capable bunch.

...The problem is the goods displayed at store front, they almost have a sinister aura around them.
This place is way out already, so why make it harder with such a questionable show window.
A sword that has a chainsaw as a blade, and a drill-like, no it's literally a drill as the tip of a spear.
There's many other too, it's a parade of curios. All of them are like halfway between torture apparatuses and civil engineering tools.

Forget about trying to run a business, of course everybody is staying as far away as possible from this place.
I'm sure there would be one or two people who dropped by out of curiosity, but none would come back again once they tried and found themselves getting swung around by the weapons instead. This store is checkmated.

Well anyway, let's just go and pay Julian.

"Ah, sorry! I'm still repairing my workshop! Currently I can't accept order... My Customer!! You've comeeeeeee!!"

"Shaddup! Can you not yell every single time!"

"Fuhaha! No need to be shy! I get you, I really doooooo!!"

"What is!"

"...So noisy."

"...The store's creaking because of Julian-san's voice, is this place safe?"

Julian's eyes sparkled as he shouted loudly when he saw me. Alma's right, noisy.

"I'm here to pay you the rest of my order. But man, this store's deserted huh."

"Well yeah! With those weapons I put by window, nobody expecting normalcy is gonna come here, naturally!"

"If you get it, put half of these weapons here there instead. Aren't these ones just good old normal weapons."

"Non. I'm sure you're aware I am more than capable of creating and selling ordinary weapons. However, it's not like they have to be made by me, yes?"

How is that okay. Didn't you almost go bankrupt. Making weapons you can sell should be in order first.

"Great many craftsmen in this town possess incredible talents. Even difficult to process materials get made into exquisitely refined forms. I respect them from the bottom of my heart!"

"You're pretty good yourself, aren't you. These are all nice weapons, considering your age, you'd get to be a respectable blacksmith eventually if you just keep at it."

"Fuhaha! I appreciate your word of commendation! However, respect them I may be, never did once I envy them."

Don't just randomly switch to serious mode, it's scary.

"Your Skill Level increases the more equipment you make. The higher your Skill Level, the more difficult material you can process, the better equipment you can make. You then repeat this process endlessly. Of course, that in itself is wonderful. It's truly worthy of respect."

"If you get it then--"

"I know. Yet, that wonderful way of doing things is not quite what I have in mind. As they are contained within the framework of Blacksmith or Sewing Skills."

Julian interrupted me before resuming his speech.
I'd like to get my business here done, but I'd be lying if I said his story didn't pique my interest a tad.

"Skills support you in a half automated way to make equipment and tools. You simply cannot fail if you entrust your body to Skills. But that results in the lack of individuality."

"Individuality huh. From what I saw in many stores, goods made by multiple craftsmen seem different enough."

"Yes but it's all constrained by what can be made by Skills... I want to break free from the limits of 'Skills' and bring forth a new possibility!"

"You mean like those incomprehensible weapons... Weapons? By the window?"

"Indeed! Then again, combatants with average stats can't bring out the full potential of those high powered weapons while those with high enough Attributes can just order sufficiently powerful normal weapons made with high class materials."

"That's no good..."

"To be frank, all the failures almost broke me. So I detonated Explosion Buster out of desperation and the rest was history."

Wait, you telling me that was almost suicidal?!
Everything he does is weird... I'm not one to talk though.

"Well, I ended up meeting my first customer in the truest sense thanks to that! It's not an exaggeration to say that Explosion Buster was a success--"
"It is, dumbass."

"Fuhaha! ...By the way, seeing that you're here and all. May I interest you into testing out my creations?"

That's a turnaround alright! Heck, didn't you tell me they're all questionable!
...But, it's true that those weapons seem interesting to me.
No harm in trying, just a little testing here and there.

"Ah, Kajikawa-san looks totally onboard."

"...Hikaru, don't go too wild okay."


I can feel the stabbing gazes from two girls + one chick behind me.
Give me some slack, just for a little bit.
Now then, which one to test first fufufufufu.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 444

444 Presented Facts


"It is with great shame I wish to ask you a favor. Would you give me the time of the day?"

Thus Sir Lolengus asked while I was enjoying a fragrant after meal tea.

"May ask you to lend me your strength? I am aware how shameless it is asking my daughter's savior this. However, loathe I must admit, my soldiers simply cannot oppose the forces our enemy has amassed. They have thrice our number. He has even hired a couple of mercenaries renowned for their strength. We have confirmed two Epithet Holders among their ranks which would put our chance of victory to nil."

I was surprised here. I thought someone in the position of a chairman would have hired all those famous people as well.

(Oh right, Linda's bodyguard betrayed them for money too. I see, the situation is critical indeed.)

Just as I had predicted, this country has mostly long been under Kanedor's control through the power of money.
And this chairman has virtually no power for trying to rule this country the honest way.
The nucleus of this country has been stripped bare through the power of money. Sir Lolengus has already lost the battle of spending, lacking the funds to hire more soldiers or mercenaries.

"I likely cannot prepare the money required to sway you over. But I promise you here and now that I will pay however amount you ask at the dawn of that man's death."

Sir Lolengus probably doesn't really believe in my power. Yet, he's drowning so bad he'd grasp at anything, even straw.
Also, Linda absolutely wrote something about me in her letter.
After all, there's no way a lone man can overturn the difference in their forces, yet Sir Lolengus is compelled enough to make this desperate plea. Naturally, this means he must have gotten his information from Linda's letter. I have never used my power in this guy's presence.

"What do you say? Will you consider my request? Oh and of course I won't drive you out even if you decline. You may make yourself at home here at this mansion during your stay in federation. That's the least I can do for my daughter's savior."
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Considering the federation's critical situation, I won't be surprised if the height of [Lolengus VS Kanedor] takes place tomorrow.
Either that, or the enemy will surround this mansion before crushing it whole.
Sir Lolengus's defeat, aka his death, is imminent.

(Or would be if I wasn't here.)

"Fine by me. I was thinking of giving this Kanedor guy a good whack on his face myself. I don't need money. Instead, I ask you to keep everything about me in secrecy. Don't tell anyone. I don't want to become famous. If people know about my appearances or traits, there will be sparks coming my way. I don't want that. I wanna avoid and hide from that."

"...Aye, very well. I swear by my name, I shall keep matters about you in secrecy. You have my gratitude... Also, I'd like to ascertain how strong you are. My daughter has written about you in her letter, but none of her stories sounds believable. I wish to see it myself. What do you say? Will you show me?"

I have two objectives in this country, deliver the letters and get a punch on Kanedor.
Just when I started making good progress on those objectives, this event hit me.
What a pain, I really can't see the end of this story development.

"Can I ask you to have a mock battle with my veteran top warrior?"

(There it is! I knew it'd come to this! Yup! I'm so done with templates!)





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 175

Evolution and Another Evolution of Sort


"Alma! Knock the ogre off its feet with Spirit Magic and get ready to use your finisher! Reina hide in the shadow and let out only your arms to throw shurikens at the ogre's face when it starts attacking!"


"Hiyoko, you stay away and stay alert for another beast! A graze from that thing would kill you dead!"


Hello there, after fulfilling our quota, we looked around and finally found an ogre.
This is only my second time fighting this beast, but man these ogres sure are strong. They pack way too much punches.
But it's far easier when it's not holding a weapon and in a one-against-many like this.



I'm using the explosomething exploding great hammer I had bought as a compensation for breaking it, and it's been surprisingly effective.
It can ignore inertia and swing from unexpected angles, on top of making my attacks unpredictable, I can also make the engine repeatedly explode to increase attack power.
It'd also give me the upper hands if I lock weapons, honestly this thing is so highly usable in practice you wouldn't think it was a damaged prototype.


The ogre seemingly believed a close quarter combat was a bad idea and leaped away from us, I threw the hammer at it.
The trajectory is so straight dodging that should be a child's play. In fact, the ogre dodged.



My hammer which should have missed its target changed trajectory and hit the ogre's back head.
I used remote mana control to explode the engine and changed its direction mid-air. No matter how high your DEF is, that hit should crack its head.

While it was flinching, Alma unleashed her 'Finisher'.


An attack that fully specializes in speed, so fast it's imperceptible.
The kinetic energy it produces is powerful enough to easily deal a killing blow to magic beasts over Rank B.
There's no concrete number shown on her Status, but I believe its total ATK should go over 1500.
4-5 times her base attributes, just ridiculous.

DOSH her sword pierced deeply into the ogre's chest.
It's a fatal blow no matter how you look at it. The match would have been over if the enemy was a human.
But you can't make light of magic beast's vitality. Even that Jet Boar, a magic beast much lower ranked than this ogre, didn't die when a sword stabbed its head.

"Alma! That thing's not dead yet!"

『Gubu...!! ...Gaa!!』


The ogre swung its arms high in an attempt to crush Alma, uncaring of the sword in its chest.
Its face is warped in anger and pain, full of killing intent towards Alma.

"I won't let you!"


Reina let out her arms to throw a shuriken into the ogre's opened mouth.
Despite the perfect ambush, the ogre immediately closed its mouth and caught the shuriken with it. Thing's pretty dexterous.
Then it munched on the shuriken like it was a rice cracker. Reina can't enlarge the shuriken now.
But, that moment bought more than enough time.

"Burner Blade!"

『Guba!? Gugugugaaaaaaaaa!!』

A white flame erupted out of the sword lodged in the ogre.
A super high temperature flame is boiling the ogre from within. Not even Jet Boar could survive this.

『Gwugigigigigagwuu!! Gaaaaaaaa!!!』


But it's not enough.
It's not enough firepower to kill the ogre.
The thing won't go down despite the fatal blow and boiling organs.
It swung down the arms it had raised high right at Alma.

"Not on my watch, dang you!!"


I closed in rapidly with Mana Flight and blocked the down swinging arms.
I had reflexively strengthened my whole body with energy, but I can't maintain this for long against this tremendous strength.
The ogre's HP is gradually decreasing from the flame burning it alive, can I last until it reaches zero!?

"Alma!! Raise the output more!"

"...Hikaru, please forgive me... It's probably going to hurt a lot, sorry."

"...Come again?"

Eh, wait Alma-san? What? What are you planning? What's with that apologetic look on your--

"Lightning Blade!!"

The flame vanished from Alma's sword, replaced with purple lightning running throughout the ogre and the one interlocked with its arms, me.



"Hikaru, sorry, I'm sorry! Bear with it for a little bit more!"

<<Magic Sword Lv4 [Lightning Blade]: An ability that clads the blade in lightning dealing additional damage to those it touches. Electricity runs through the target as long as they are in contact, depriving them control of their body. However, the MP consumption per second is far severer than Burner Blade and Storm Blade.>>

I see! Don't have to worry about counterattack with this ability if the target can't move!
Heck, why didn't you use this from the start! It hurts! It hurts super bad! Could have used this move before I caught this ogre's arms!

『Agagagagabugababababaaaa... Gabo...』

"Higigigigigagagagaa!! A-Almaa!! It's dead! The ogre is dead! Stop, seriously stoppp!"


I finally got off the electric hell once the ogre was foaming on its mouth and confirmed dead.
Ababababa...!! W-well, Alma's not wrong.
I don't get damaged as long as I have my HP buffer. So I'd be fine even in an extreme case of having a sword run through me.
But, I still get to feel pain when it's lightning element.

Huh, Alma? You're activating Lightning Blade again, what are you!

"...Hikaru, I'm sorry. I'll go through the same pain, so please forgive me."

"Wait, stop! Staaaahp! It's fine! I'm completely swell, don't do that!"
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I desperately plead to Alma and stopped her as she tearfully attempted to hurt herself with Lightning Blade.
I'm telling you I'll be fine as long as I have HP! You'd get charred badly if you're hit by that super high voltage electricity!
This girl sure can take the wildest action when she broods over things too deeply.
...Well, I understand the guilt when I did a similar thing to her back then though.

"Well uh, all is well as long as we're all safe and sound."


"I'm fine, I'm fine, cheer up. We just beat a formidable foe and all, it's time to celebrate... Huh? Alma, isn't your sword glowing?"


Alma's sword, [Ogre-eating Shark Fang Sword] is letting out a faint glow if you look closely.
That's, not a a Magic Sword Skill. What?

<<This sword is evolving as it has cleared the condition to kill a certain number of magic beasts and a specific magic beast [Ogre].>>

Evolving? Ah, right, equipment made from Unique Monsters can evolve or something.
Wait huh, its form is changing, is it gonna be alright?

"I-it's like a clay made of light changing shape!"

"...Pretty. I've never seen anything like this."

After letting out an intense light, the sword turned into a beautiful single edged lustrous black sword in Alma's hand.

<<[Lv2 Dragon-eating Black Sword] ATK+580 INT+300. Effective on targets that possess Dragon Skills. Its Self-Repair function has been reinforced, allowing fully restoration from a broken blade over a period of time.>>

It turns super strong! What? Are all evolving unique equipment get this much stronger when they evolved?
It's gotten wider and longer too, won't that be harder to wield with the shift in the center of gravity?

"Amazing... It's bigger and yet the weight feels exactly the same. Rather, it feels better in my hands than ever."

"Since it was called Ogre-eating Shark Fang Sword, I guess the condition for its evolution had always been defeating an ogre... Hm? Which means the next evolution needs..."

"What's wrong?"

"Uh, well, Menu Display shows that sword's name as Dragon-eating Black Sword... So I'm thinking maybe it's gonna need a dragon defeated for its next evolution...?"

"A-a dragon!? That's way over the top!"

"...High hurdle."

It's evolving is nice and all, but the next one is gonna be super rough.
Using that Black Dragon from Monster Prairie as a frame of reference, there's no way we can beat a dragon even after getting ten more levels.
...Well, guess there's no need to rush. If ten levels aren't enough, then we can get 20, 30 more first.
The goal is to one day eat a dragon anyway. Gonna take a stab at it little by little.


Oh, Hiyoko's back. Hope it didn't get attacked by another magic beast--
...Huh? Isn't your fur a different color now? From white to brown? Is it dirt?

<<Hiyoko defeated a magic beast while it was away, reaching Level 10 and evolved from Meadow Cock to Bronze Cock.>>

I missed Hiyoko's moment of growth yet again.
I'm begging you please let me be there when you do. It just doesn't feel right being kept in the dark like this, you know.






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